Workout/Martial Arts 04/06/2020: Really Struggling, Need to refocus and get back on track.

Wear your masks

Hello everyone, I hope you all are staying safe and sane. This week I got back into training after a back injury. I started out slowly, and just did not pick up the pace this week. I only got two days of workout in. I feel disheartened that I only got 2 workouts in. I wanted to do more.

I try to be positive in this blog and instead of whine and complain, come up with ways to combat common issues. This pandemic has not been common. I have been trying to be upbeat, but I am just not having that kind of week this week.

I have been focused on something other than family and my training, and I think it is showing. I have been desperately trying to make as many masks as I can for people. I am giving them away for free, and I have only so much time in the day. I am getting wrapped up in the fact that there is such need and I can only produce so much at a time.

I am getting requests for masks as fast as I can make them. I have outfitted my area of my bakery I work in. I want to make enough to give to the doctors and nurses in our area as well. The need in the community is so great that I am feeling like I am not producing enough. In 4 days I make 50 masks. All of them have been donated and given away to people.

Anyway enough of that… most of you come here for recipes and my training information. So here are the two… *shakes my head*… that I did this week. I am going to make an effort to manage my time better. Normally I do really well with that. I think the anxiety and desperate need of everyone is getting to me, so it is messing up my ability to manage.

Monday 04/06/2020: 1 hour – 1 mile run, and Calisthenics

Workout #1 7:00 am: I went for a run and did calisthenics. Met a hippity hopity friend on the trail. It was beautiful outside. It’s was so nice to have time to myself. This was the only alone time I have had in a week.

I listened to my doc and my body and did not run the hills. Doc said avoid running an incline on treadmill or hills. So I walked the incline on the hills and kept running. So it was a light 1 mile jog/run.

Then I did 5 sets of each exercise in a superset with 15 sec rest between sets.

15 squats
10 push ups
10 crunches (modified from sit ups for my back)
10 plank ups

For a total of 75 squats, 50 push ups, 50 crunches, 50 plank ups

I will be training Muay Thai later on today. (That was the hope, it did not happen. I got caught up making masks.)

Thursday 04/09/2020: 1 hour – 1 mile run, Muay Thai

Workout: 1 hour- 1 mile run then Muay Thai training.

Muay Thai-

Trigg 10 drill +

  1. When the combo ends on a jab feeder feeds a jab back and you have to counter.
    A. Perry
    B. Slip
    C. Lateral back
    D. Catch
  2. When combo cross you have to counter a lead hook coming from the feeder.
    A. Bob and weave return a gut shot
    B. High elbow cover
    C. High elbow cover stepping in to elbow

Slip drill-
slipping a jab and a cross that the feeder fed you.

Bob and weave drill-
Throw a cross, then a hook, bob and weave throw a hook, cross and bob and weave.

I need to work on my slips just shadow boxing them. I need to keep focusing on returning my hand back to my face after every punch.

It was a great workout though. Was supper happy that an Ajarn who saw my post gave it a thumbs up and said that these were good drills and a great workout.

Anyway that was my week of working out. Very short, but intend on fixing that this week. I need to make my stuff a priority. Even if there is great need in the world, I kneed to remind myself I cannot make everything for everyone. I know what I am doing is like a drop in the ocean, but I hope it helps. My husband says that if I help just one person it was worth it. I am going to try to hold onto that. Happy Easter everyone. If you don’t celebrate have a great Sunday and I hope you and your family stay safe.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to comment, reach out and say something. This is the way we connect right now online. =) If you want to see more and hear more from me subscribe.

Workout/Martial Arts 03/23/2020: We exert so much energy into fear of failure.

This week in keeping up the workouts and martial arts has been surreal, and just as crazy. I have come up against some other hurdles to keeping my schedule. I am so tired of this pandemic messing up my routine.

What you may ask can be causing you to have troubles getting your booty into gear?

  1. Weather– its been alternately cold and rainy to 80 degree F days here. On the rainy days I have to wait till there is a break in the weather to go out.
  2. Husband, and children – various needs of my family, and making me tired and just want to be lazy.
  3. Missing my gym/classes being scheduled so I just show up and we work. I miss my gym Muay Thai and Kali classes. I could just show up and do my workout. Even if I was having a shitty day, by the time I got there I was there. Might as well just do it. Even if I was tired and not feeling it.
  4. Husband deciding not to go do a workout with you, makes it harder to make (at least for me) myself get my booty in gear.

Tuesday 03/24/2020: 1 hour – 1 mile run, Muay Thai

Workout: 1 hour of Interval run, and Muay Thai training.

I am not feeling it today. I made myself get up and go do the workout. But PMS is rearing it’s ugly head. Kids have been on my last nerve, fussing at me about just anything.

We worked on:

1) Jab, cross , lead hook, uppercut, cut stem knee.
2) Jab, jab, cross, long lead hook, rear kick
3) Jab, cross, rear upper cut, lead uppercut
4) Jab, cross, lead hook, rear uppercut

I did not want to do it but I did it. I am tired and been up since 3:30 am and had to go to work at the Bakery. But there you go. Sometimes I just do what I can and that has to be enough.

Thursday 03/26/2020: 1 hour and 20 mins – 1 mile run, Muay Thai

Workout: 1 hour and 20 minutes. We did an interval run 2 min run / 1 min walk. Took the kids to run with us.

Then practiced Muay Thai.

1) jab, cross, lead hook, upper cut, upper cut
2) jab, cross, lead head hook, rear body hook
3) jab, cross, uppercut, lead knee
4) jab, cross, lead head hook, rear body hook, c step out to rear knee
5) elbows and knee burn out

Whew I am tired.

Saturday 03/28/2020: 40 min – 1 mile run, Quad Band Workout

Workout: 40 minute workout 1 mile run and glute band workout.

I took advantage of the lull in the weather to go run it was beautiful. Not many people out.

Then I did a glute band workout:

All of these can be done without a glute band but the glute band makes it more challenging.
I did 4 exercises trying to get 15 reps each set and a total of 3 sets per exercise. I did it in a superset so no rest between each exercise doing all 4 before a 30 second rest.

1) single leg dead lifts 15 each leg: 15L,15R 15L,15R 15L,15R

2) on elbow plank kick backs 15 each leg: 15L,15R 10L,10R 10L,10R

3) fire hydrants 15 each leg: 15L,15R 15L,15R 15L,15R

4) donkey kicks 15 each leg: 15L,15R 15L,15R 10L,10R

Whew! I am tired. H did not want to come with so I did it on my own.

“She is poise she is grace” she so red in the face after workout. That is a sexay look.

So there you have it. I only got 3 workout days in. I was lazy on some days. Other days the weather was not working with me. Then family was wearing me out. I hate to have excuses, but that is what happened.

“We exert so much energy into fear of failure and then beating ourselves up when it happens that we have no energy left to be resilient. “

The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action by Christian Moore

This quote rang true for me. I compare, and chastise myself when I don’t add up.

I need to have the ability to see where I am at and to forgive myself if I fail or fall back. Sigh, I just want to keep up my training.

I am so happy that we did our level 1 test in Muay Thai before this. We, me, my husband, teammate, were talking about it. If I had to try to keep up our conditioning during this time it would be near impossible.

Anyway thanks for reading. Please keep safe. Keep disinfecting yourself and your family. Please feel free to subscribe, and comment if you want.

Workout/Martial Arts 03/16/2020: Working Out My Routine in This Pandemic

Everyone has been effected by this pandemic. Gyms are closed, schools are closed, people are working from home if they are lucky. Workers who are essential to the survival of the community are still out there working. One of my jobs is at a bakery. We are there, and I try to help others where I can. This is scary and I am starting to get overloaded with all the articles and media input on this pandemic.

The one thing that helps me, is to have a workout routine and goals. It helps me relieve stress, anxiety, and gets me thinking about something else. I made a commitment to myself years ago that I would stay on this journey no matter what. I have gotten through two medical scares. One was a kidney stone, and the other was a doozy uterine cancer. I can get through this.

Do we have to change up our routine? Yup, but change is good for your body. Also it gets you thinking about what you can do at home. So while I am still working out my workout routine during this pandemic, I am going to keep doing what I can with my head held high. I done a lot of reading and people I believe it is going to take longer than 2 weeks of isolation for this thing to blow over.

What works for me does not always work for other people, but having a routine and goals helps me have something to shoot for.

Tentative Workout routine:

  1. Run every day that I am going to do a workout (goal is to get better at running)
  2. Martial Arts- Muay Thai and Kali practice 3 times a week
  3. Full body plyometrics, and weight lifting 2 to 3 times a week.

Monday 03/16/2020: 2 mile run, Muay Thai, and full body workout

Workout #1. 2 mile run

Workout #2. 57 minutes Full body workout. Made H do it with me too.

Love my home gym… 

Workout: Do each Workout as follows
45 second, 15 seconds rest, 4 sets each exercise

  1. Goblet squats with a 20 lb kettle bell
  2. Walking lunges
  3. Revers leg push on bench (lay face down on the bench, with bent knees, push legs up squeeze glutes and hamstrings at top)
  4. Swiss ball hamstring pulls
  5. Swiss ball pikes
  6. Wall knees Muay Thai ( thank you Silvie Von Douglas)
  7. Wall jab, cross, uppercut, elbows Muay Thai (thank you Silvie Von Douglas)
  8. Leg Circles left and right
  9. Ball reverse crunches

I will put Silvie Von Douglas video here. This is where I got the Muay Thai wall knees and wall punches and elbows idea from.

Wednesday 03/18/2020: 1.5 hours, Run, Muay Thai

1.5 hours Workout/Muay Thai training

We went for a 1 mile run, then we worked on Muay Thai for a little over an hour.

I am so lucky that H and I train together, cause we know a great number of drills. So I feel like we can keep working Muay Thai. I have been feeling sad we have not been able to go to training. I miss Muay Thai training. We will try to keep up our training while we are socially distancing ourselves during this pandemic.

We worked the:

  1. boxing 20
  2. knees
  3. some kicks
  4. I found and worked on the fact that when I throw my crosses I turn my fist first and throw it. I only do it when I do the cross on its own. I should throw it out there and then turn it at the end. When I throw a jab, cross, I don’t turn it till the end.

I think it is important to keep up our training, and It is important for people to get exercise in. I know a lot of people are at home now without anything to do. Also you have a lot more time. I believe starting to get a workout into your daily schedule, now that you don’t have to drive anywhere if you are stuck at home would be great.

I however, want to caution, if you have not been doing a lot of exercise start slowly. Start by walking daily, or running twice a week, try some yoga there are youtube videos you can watch. You don’t want to hurt yourself right now, but get up and get some exercise in.

I took video of some of our training.

Friday 03/20/2020: 2 hours, Run, Muay Thai, and Kali

Workout #1 : 1 mile run. I listened to my trainers suggestions and ran differently today. I went for a mile run, 1 min run/ 1 min walk. My overall time was much better for the mile. One of my goals for this time is to get better at running. Woot! Thanks Khun Kru Krysta for the tips and motivation.

Hoping to get some Muay Thai and Kali training in later when H is off work.

Workout #2: 1.5 Muay Thai and Kali. I love having H here to help me work on my technique. I am not in any way an expert. But I am going to keep practicing.

Keep training and working through the pandemic. Don’t give up on your dreams during this time.

I have a video I am going to put up too.

Also I love these new pants from Gymshark.

Some of my training video

Sunday 03/22/2020: 45 minutes, Run, full body workout

I could not drag husband along this time he was tired. He was working all weekend so I understand.

Workout: 45 minutes. I did an interval run like my trainer recommended 2 min run/1 min walk for a mile.

Then I did a plyometric workout:
1 min each exercise with 15 seconds rest between doing each 3 times

( Note: I did a seated or angled chin ups and pull ups because I am not strong enough yet to do them on my own. I hope to be able to do them one day. But either way it still worked my arms really well.)

  1. curb toe taps
  2. alternating jump lunges
  3. 1 1/2 squats with a pump in the middle
  4. seated pull ups/angled
  5. human pull overs ( anchor your arms and using your core and lats pull your straightened legs up and to your face. Think hanging leg pikes)
  6. seated chin ups/angled

That was it for this last week. I got 4 days of work out in. It is not my normal schedule and it may change again.

We have to be kind to ourselves. I have to remind myself of that. I am a get up and, go go go person. If we are not going what are we doing? Wasting time? But I know that this is new our life has changed and what we are doing has changed. I am taking into consideration when H wants to go and work out. I am working around him being home all the time. So I can’t do a loud HIIT work out at home where it may disturb him.

I have goals Running, and keep up with my Muay Thai and Kali.

Its going to be weird, its going to suck, but we are going to keep moving. Thank you for reading. I hope you have a great week. Please don’t give up on your dreams. Keep going, even if you have to change things, or post pone things. Keep dreaming and keep reaching. Stay safe, and all the love goes out to you.

Note: while I am running I am keeping social distancing. I just don’t get to near anyone and I don’t stop to talk to anyone. I just wave hi and continue on.

Workout/Martial Arts 03/09/2020: During Time of Pandemic what do I do?

So this week has been a roller coaster. I am in the U.S.A. We have been watching the CORVID 19 unfold, and the fact that it turned into a pandemic.

We watched as Italy completely shut down and quarantined the entire nation. We watched as more and more cases were found in America.

As such our work life has been upset, and changed due to the changes we have witnessed. We are lucky. My husband can work from home and do his job still. Where I am a service worker, work at a bakery and work with children. My job with children has been suspended, and my bakery work I can at least go in before the store is opened and get some work done there.

School for us has not been disrupted, because I home school my kids. I am lucky there as well because I have friends that have kids that are now staying home for 1 month because schools have been closed.

We have witnessed people freaking out, buying all the toilet paper, all the hand sanitizer, all the soap, and now food here in the USA, and around the world. I have read, and read a great deal. I have read everything I can get my hands on. I like to be informed so I can make the right decision for my family. I started preparing as soon as I saw what was happening in Asia, Iran and Italy. We have been socially distancing ourselves since Monday of last week. If I can help flatten the curve then I will do what I can.

I write all of this to say, I have stopped going to the gym, and meeting with my trainers for the time being. I miss them, and miss my training with them. However, I don’t want to be a vector and cause the spread. I don’t want my family to get it and for us to put a burden on our medical system.

I am however going to continue training, after I gathered myself and realized that we are going to be staying home.

Friday 03/13/2020: Running, Shadowboxing, and full body workout

Workout: I went for a 1.25 mile run around my neighborhood, shadow boxed, and did a 10 min…Total Body Exercise Ball Workout…( said in stadium announcers voice)

Forgot to mention it is beautiful outside.

In an effort to flatten the curve my husband and I have been avoiding social activities. That includes our gym. I miss MuayThai and Kali so much. But we are erring on the side of caution and avoiding the gym to try to do our part in the stopping of the spread of COVID 19.

With the situation the way it is I don’t want to lose the progress I have made. (Yeah my brain is going there on me.) So I have decided to get what training I can in. I ran and did a total body workout.

Swiss ball workout:
9 exercises 45 seconds each for 10 mins total

1) Swiss ball hamstring curl
2) Swiss ball push-ups
3) Swiss ball crunch
4) Swiss ball wall squat/ or just squat traditional
5) Swiss ball inner thigh squeezes
6) Swiss ball back extension
7) Swiss ball tricep push-ups
8 ) Swiss ball abductor lifts left
9) Swiss ball abductor lifts right

I will put link to where I got exercises below. It’s a Fitness Blender routine. Works your muscles out good.

I love this youtube channel. The workouts are free and something you can do at home. They have workouts with and without equipment. I am not sponsored by them. But I know my friends are wondering what they will do while we are trying to keep social isolation.

Saturday 03/14/2020: Running, Shadowboxing, and Full Body Workout

Workout and a ridiculous picture of me. Looking like, “Are you ready to get pumped?” Bwahaha

Ran for half a mile before it started hailing on me.

Then did 3 minutes of shadow boxing.

Full body workout: (exercises that can be done without the ball I will indicate)

45 seconds each

1) Swiss ball pikes

2) Swiss ball sit ups : sit ups

3) Swiss ball rolls: plank on floor

4) Swiss ball adductor leg raises left : laying on side raise up on elbow and balance on one leg raising the other leg

5) Swiss ball adductor leg raises right : laying on side raise up on elbow and balance on one leg raising the other leg

6) Swiss ball reverse crunches with ball between feet : reverse crunches on floor (lift straightened legs and hips completely off ground and straight up

7) Swiss ball pike (raise ball with ankle and legs straight, pike up and grab ball lowering back and bring it back up again grabbing ball with legs) : do a pike on the floor by bringing straight arms and legs up and crunch touching your feet

8 ) Swiss ball hip thrusters (feet on ball thrusting hips up): hip thrusters on the floor

9) Swiss ball push ups (push ups with feet on ball): push ups on the floor

Just cause we are in a pandemic does not mean we can’t still get our bodies moving. ❤️❤️❤️

So to answer the question. During the time of pandemic what do I do? You can do so much now at home. Some of the things I will be doing are, calisthenics, weight lifting if you have the equipment at home, swiss ball workouts, shadow boxing, Kali drills, running outdoors away from the gym. You can still do so much and not be in the company of other humans.

I wrote all of this to say. I am still going to be training. I will put up what I do for training. Things will and have to change for a short time, but I will get back to my normal routine when I can. I am socially distancing myself for the good of all. I hope you all stay safe and healthy. Thank you for reading.

Weight lifting for the week of 9/23/2019… Eccentric Training

So my body has been… well I have had to navigate around my bodies issues. My scoliosis acting up, my shoulder is annoyed at me, and on top of it all I had a cold last week. It made my training almost non existent. I did two days of martial arts training out of the 6 days I had planned.

However today… today is a new day of a new week and I am doing well. So I am babying my shoulder still, my back is feeling good, and my cold is gone. I focused on eccentric training today.

There are three stages of muscle movement.
Isometric contraction – or when you muscle is activated, but it is held in the contraction, not allowed to lengthen or shorten. Example…For instance carrying a box of breakable glass. You might hold it out in front of you.
Concentric contraction – when you activate your muscle, you cause tension, and shorten your muscle. This is the most understood muscle contraction. Example…When curling a dumbbell. You are using concentric contractions to move the weight up.
Eccentric movement – it is a contraction while lengthening your muscle. This one is harder to wrap your head around. Example…when you have curled the dumbbell, and slowly lower the dumbbell back to neutral postion.

Eccentric/Negative Training – is when focus on slowing down the elongation of the muscle. When you slow down the elongation of the muscle you are slowing down the movement while keeping a contraction the muscle. This kind of training is also called negative training. The muscle has to absorb the energy.

Workout: 15 minute HIIT Run

  1. 3 minute warm up walk
  2. 2 minute run
  3. 30 second sprint
  4. 2 minute run
  5. 30 second sprint
  6. 2 minute run
  7. 30 second sprint
  8. 2 minute run
  9. 2 minute and 30 second walk

Weight Lifting: 31 minutes

  1. Reverse lunge– with two 10 lb barbell curels (focusing on the eccentric lowering of the barbell for the count of 3 seconds) x 50 lunges
  2. Bulgarian Split Squats– reps – 10, 10, 10 (making sure to focus on slowly lowering your body for a count of 3 seconds)
  3. Side lunges– x 50 lunges
  4. Flutter kicks– as many as you can do in 1 minute x 3
  5. Hip Thrusters– with a 45 lb barbell reps – 10, 10, 10 (focusing on after raising the bar and engaging the glutes, slowly lower the hips for count of 3 seconds before raising again.)

So yeah today has been a good day. I started today off Brazilian Jui Jistu, and then did my weight lifting workout.

If you get a chance to try it out let me know what you think. Thanks for reading. My respects to you.

Weight lifting workout for the week of 8/5/2019…back into my normal-ish routine?

Ok so Muay Thai camp is over and I am no longer doing crazy conditioning to get ready for it. So I am going back to my normal-ish routine.

I say normal ish, because we are not adding in a Wednesday Thai Boxing class, and Friday one. I have change my schedule to reflect that.

So I plan on doing this weight lifting workout at least twice this week, instead of three times this week.

Here is the workout: 50 minutes with 30 second rests between sets.

  1. 16 minute warm up run
  2. Tripod Tricep Row 35 lbs reps – 12L 12R, 12L 12R, 12L 12R
  3. Hip Thrustors 35 lb reps – 15, 15, 15
  4. Bulgarian Split Squats reps – 15L 15R, 15L 15R, 15L 15R
  5. Squat and Press 25lbs racked on each shoulder 50lbs – reps – 8, 8, 8
  6. Kettle Bell Around the World 25 lbs reps – 1 minute, 1 minute, 1 minute
  7. Kettle Bell Swings 25 lbs reps – 12, 12, 12

Thanks for reading. Keep working on being the best you can be. Respect to you and your family.

Conditioning Day 8…4 hours, First Low Energy Day Since Starting

4 hours of training today. My mile run time sucked, it was hot outside, and I did not want to do it. But I did it anyway.  I was/am really tired.

I ran the mile for warm up. It was by far my worst mile. 14 minute mile, and it was hot. 85 degrees F out is not fun to run in.

I then did 12 rounds training. 8 rounds bag work, and 4 rounds of distance management and teeping.

Conditioning Training


  1. 1 mile run
  2. 1 x 3 minute round on bag
  3. 30 second burn out Makatune, #6 elbow, and then knees till time out, then double kick.
  4. 1 x 3 minute round on bag
  5. 30 second burn out Makatune, #6 elbow, and then knees till time out, then double kick.
  6. 1 x 3 minute round on bag
  7. 30 second burn out Makatune, #6 elbow, and then knees till time out, then double kick.
  8. 1 x 3 minute round on bag
  9. 30 second burn out Makatune, #6 elbow, and then knees till time out, then double kick.
  1. 1 x 3 minute round , cross, jab, teep
  2. 15 second rest
  3. 1 x 3 minute round , cross, jab, teep
  4. 15 second rest
  5. 1 x 3 minute round , cross, jab, teep
  6. 15 second rest
  7. 1 x 3 minute round , cross, jab, teep
  8. 15 second rest
  1. 1 x 3 minute round on bag
  2. 30 second burn out Makatune, #6 elbow, and then knees till time out, then double kick.
  3. 1 x 3 minute round on bag
  4. 30 second burn out Makatune, #6 elbow, and then knees till time out, then double kick.
  5. 1 x 3 minute round on bag
  6. 30 second burn out Makatune, #6 elbow, and then knees till time out, then double kick.
  7. 1 x 3 minute round on bag
  8. 30 second burn out Makatune, #6 elbow, and then knees till time out, then double kick.

Muay Thai Class

We worked on elbows today. We did a line drill where we all line up and split up working on technique. I love doing line drills and it was perfect when we were first starting to learn new things. We have a number of new students and it is great review for us.

The drill we worked on was:

  1. L horizontal elbow
  2. R Downward Diagonal elbow
  3. Lead spinning backward upward elbow
  4. Upward elbow
  5. Spearing elbow

These were great and I felt good doing them. Kru Kristen gave me a compliment saying you have been working on these in Ajarn Chai’s seminar right? I said yes. She said, your elbows look good. Yay!

Then the newer students paired off for clench work, and we green arm bands and up, went to sparr with J. He is training for fight coming up, and I am training for Muay Thai camp.

I dropped my hands a few times, and got punched cause of it. But over all I would say kept my hands up, blocking the punches coming at my face. I was able to get some torso shots in, and some kicks in. I was even able to knock his glove down and put one right in his kisser. What I did not do is shield very many kicks. I sucked at that today.

So yeah today was a… I don’t really want to do this today but I did it… kind of training day. Sparring at the end was fun and worth it. First day in the 8 so far that has been lack luster for me.

I have a early morning training day tomorrow. 6 am… weeeeee… so I am going to get to bed.

Thanks for reading. I know that not all days are going to be great, and not all days are going to be the ones that are looked forward to, and that some days are going to be meh. But I just gotta keep working at it. Have a great night/day/morning where ever you are, and keep working to be the best you that you can be.

Conditioning Day 7…Muay Thai camp, Solo Training

1.5 hours of Conditioning training. I got there at 6 am, went for a run, and then did my training. I ran a mile and then did 12 rounds. I had to stop because the gym was closing in the morning.

Listening to the advice of my trainer/teacher, Kru Krysta, I am going to be going with two different styles/pairs of running shoes to Muay Thai camp. So I went out to the outlets and got a new pair. I usually use the Nike Free Run shoes, but I got a different model as well.

She recommends having two different types of shoes so if you get blisters from one set, you have a different pair that wear differently so that you don’t have your foot rubbed the same way. So I tried the Nike Run Swift style. I must say I like them. They are light weight has great support and seems to help propel me. Different from my Nike Free Runs, that feel like almost nothing on my foot. And of course on their maiden voyage, it was raining today. So I am breaking them in for the next few weeks.

Today I did a 1 mile run. It was 13 minutes so not great but not terrible I guess. I then worked on rounds on the bag.


  1. 1 mile run
  2. 1 x 3 minute round on the bag
  3. 30 second burn out, Makatune, #6 elbow, knees till time runs out, double kick, 30 second rest
  4. 1 x 3 minute round on the bag
  5. 30 second burn out, Makatune, #6 elbow, knees till time runs out, double kick, 30 second rest
  6. 1 x 3 minute round on the bag
  7. 30 second burn out, Makatune, #6 elbow, knees till time runs out, double kick, 30 second rest
  1. Shadow boxing round 3 minutes
  2. 30 second burn out, Makatune, #6 elbow, knees till time runs out, double kick, 30 second rest
  3. Shadow boxing round 3 minutes
  4. 30 second burn out, Makatune, #6 elbow, knees till time runs out, double kick, 30 second rest
  5. Shadow boxing round 3 minutes
  6. 30 second burn out, Makatune, #6 elbow, knees till time runs out, double kick , 30 second rest
  1. 1 x 3 minute round on the bag
  2. 30 second burn out, Makatune, #6 elbow, knees till time runs out, double kick, 30 second rest
  3. 1 x 3 minute round on the bag
  4. 30 second burn out, Makatune, #6 elbow, knees till time runs out, double kick, 30 second rest
  5. 1 x 3 minute round on the bag
  6. 30 second burn out, Makatune, #6 elbow, knees till time runs out, double kick, 30 second rest
  1. Body builder 8 counts x 10

Some people wonder what I do for my supplements. I take a pre workout that has BCAA’s and enough caffeine to that of a cup of coffee. I take a post workout recovery drink that replaces the glycogen levels.

But that is day 7, and I am steadily moving along. I hope to be ready come Muay Thai camp.

Thank you for reading, keep being awesome, and keep working to be the best you that you can be.

Conditioning day 3…1 mile run and 16 rounds Muay Thai

2 hours and 45 minutes conditioning training for Muay Thai camp. Whew I had the honor to work with Kru Krysta at an empty gym today. 4th of July they have no classes so we had the gym to ourselves. Thank you One Spirit Martial Arts for letting us train.

We started out with a 1 mile run. I ran it in 12 minutes 35 seconds. I feel slow with my run. But hoping to get it at or under 12 minutes. This is a warm up.

Then we worked on 16 x 3 minute rounds.

  1. We started with working the bag 4 rounds of 3 minutes. Choosing a 4 count and just working solidly through 3 minutes. 30 seconds of burn out makatune, #6 elbow, skip knees, and double kick at the end.
  2. Then I held 2 x 3 minute rounds for Kru Krysta, Makatune, Cross, Right knee, right kick, teep. 30 seconds of burn out makatune, #6 elbow, skip knees, and double kick at the end.
  3. Then she held pads/fed pads, 2 x 3 minute rounds, Makatune, Cross, Right knee, right kick, teep. 30 seconds of burn out makatune, #6 elbow, skip knees, and double kick at the end.
  4. We started with working the bag 4 rounds of 3 minutes. Choosing a 4 count and just working solidly through 3 minutes. 30 seconds of burn out makatune, #6 elbow, skip knees, and double kick at the end.
  5. Then H held 2 x 3 minute rounds for Kru Krysta, Makatune, Cross, Right knee, right kick, teep. 30 seconds of burn out makatune, #6 elbow, skip knees, and double kick at the end.
  6. Then H held pads/fed pads for me, 2 x 3 minute rounds, Makatune, Cross, Right knee, right kick, teep. 30 seconds of burn out makatune, #6 elbow, skip knees, and double kick at the end.
  7. Stretch

I did it, I made it through. I am tired and my muscles have given everything they could, however, I made it through. I worked on my form toward the end as my muscles were screaming. So I slowed down and made sure to try to make my form correct. The last round of pad work/conditioning, I fisnished strong. As Kru Krysta says, “last round, best round.”

After training, I drank my recovery drink, and we went to have lunch at Mezeh. So tasty. Look at that rainbow of food. I often eat in a more vegetarian vein, as my body responds better to that food. I have been burning about 3600 calories each day. Woot!

Yay so it was a great training day. I need to shower, and possibly soak in the tub.

Thank you for reading. 19 days left for conditioning and training before camp. Keep being the best you that you can be, and keep striving to be better.

Conditioning Day 2…Muay Thai hold 2, kick 2

1 hour and 30 minutes of conditioning training. I started with a 2 mile run. Then we worked the pads, in 3 minute rounds. I have to say conditioning after a 2 mile run is hard right now. I am hoping here in three weeks it is easier.

Each day I am going to try to make my run faster and longer. I am going to try to get rounds in on the pad or on the bag.

I rand 2 miles in 25 minutes. That makes them 12.5 minute miles. I hate running. Running is a means to an end, and it is to get my cardio up and great for running away from predators. *grins* Serpentine, serpentine!

Then we worked the pads for 1 hour and 35 minutes.

We did:

  1. 10 minute stretch
  2. 4 x 3 minute rounds of kicks to knees, not super hard warm up the joints =) (1 minute rest between each)
  3. 1 x 3 minute round hold 2, kick 2 (1 minute rest)
  4. 2 x 3 minute rounds standard conditioning rounds. 3 kicks right, 3 kicks left, 4 knees (1 minute rest between each round)
  5. 2 minute rest to talk about the clenching
  6. 3 x 3 rounds off balancing
  7. 2 minute rest
  8. 10 minute stretch

Kicking after having run 2 miles is so very hard. My legs did not want to cooperate. You will also notice I drop my hands the more tired I get. I was also “cheer leading” with my hands and some of my kicks. Lets see what else I did wrong. I was tired, my knees were crap, and I forgot to point toes, my off balances were less technique and more force. Dropping my guard was the biggest problem, but oh man is there a lot of crap to work on.

Anyhow I had a great day of training, even if my form went to crap as I got more and more tired. My partner H was making sure to call me out on my dropped guard. He was gently punching for my head every time he saw my guard drop. This is a good reminder to keep guard up and not get hit in the face.

I am exhausted, and am going to bed. We shall see if I can actually get my conditioning up, before Thai Camp. I am going regardless. I just hope not to die so fast there. So I am training.

I hope you all have a fantastic day. Thanks for reading, and keep working on being the best you that you can be.