Saturday Bo Staff, and Striking… Getting back, High Box, Thai 4 count, and New Drill

2 hours of training today. Today was the first day back in 2 weeks for martial arts training. I am still coughing and have congestion in my nose. But I need to get back to it. I have been worried I have lost a lot of my skills while waiting. I know it is stupid to worry about that but I do worry.

Bo Staff – High Box

We started out with Bo staff training. Our usual instructors were not there today, so our friend and junior instructor J won that position by default. Kinda like in the military if your immediate commanders/superiors all die, the next in line gets put into the position of power. He did a fantastic job, and we just worked on the high box routine for staves, with mid-line grip. Our little group kinda stumbled across the flow that worked best for us. Having a mid-line grip meant we had to get offline, or move well to get away from the incoming strike.

Striking – 4 count, and New Drill

So Striking/ Muay Thai class was just going to be open mat. Where we could just work on our skills. This was due to our Kru’s not being in. One was sick and one was out of town. So our team mate A came up with things we could work on. She was awesome and had us working on Thai 4 counts, and a new drill.

Warm Up:

  1. We warmed up with jump rope
  2. We continued warm up with range management to round house kicks to torso

Thai 4 counts:

  1. right round house, hook, cross, left round house
  2. left round house, cross, hook, right round house
  3. right round house, hook, cross, right round house
  4. left round house, cross, hook, left round house

New Drill:

  1. rear round house kick
  2. rear knee
  3. rear round house kick
  4. hook
  5. cross
  6. left elbow
  7. right elbow
  8. hook
  9. cross
  10. left round house kick
  11. left knee
  12. left round house kick
  13. hook
  14. cross
  15. left elbow
  16. right elbow
  17. hook
  18. cross
  19. Lather Rinse and Repeat for 1.5 minutes then switch up and hold pads for your partner.

That new drill was awesome. I had a few breathing problems/coughing during the practice. I can’t wait till I can get rid of all of this congestion and it does not hold me back.

I also was so excited about getting back into training that I was forcing my strikes and kicks. My partner said that they know I know the strikes and kicks, I just need to relax. Because you see when you relax the strikes are harder. My body knows what to do. I am just so excited/nervous about being away for so long. I was in my own head, and I was forcing it.

When I force the strikes, I end up not having the proper flow and it makes my moves more choppy. I need to just relax and let it go. I need to get back into my grove. I need to get out of my head, and let my body do what it knows.

I am a little disappointed about my performance today. I am frustrated I have a cough still and congestion which is messing with my cardio. However, it is far better than it was even 4 days ago.

I am happy I got into the gym, and started training again. I was so happy to see my friends and team mates. I can’t wait to get back into the gym again.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are having a great weekend. If you are in the states, I hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend.


Thursday Muay Thai and Kali… Boxing/Feeding, Double Ordabis, Finding my niche?

2 hours of Muay Thai and Kali training. In Muay Thai this month we are working on our boxing. In kali we were doing double stick , ordabis, and Saint Rafael.

Today was a mixed bag for me. I felt good boxing, and am working on my cross still. I got a compliment on my bob and weave. Conversely for Kali, I was frustrated… I kept making mistakes.

Muay Thai – Boxing/Feeding

In Muay Thai we are starting on focusing our boxing. We started with the Trigg 10.

Trigg 10: (this is a boxing drill that the feeder counts out the number and you execute the corresponding strike. Example: Feeder says 3 and you perform Jab Jab Jab.)

  1. Jab
  2. Jab Jab
  3. Jab Jab Jab
  4. Cross
  5. Cross Cross
  6. Cross Cross Cross
  7. Jab Cross
  8. Cross Jab
  9. Jab Jab Cross
  10. Cross Cross Jab

Now feeding is just as much a skill as knowing and executing the strikes. When you have a good feeder you look like a million bucks. They make you look good and can prevent injury. When a feeder is new and does not know how to provide the correct resistance with the pads you can hurt yourself. For instance when punching at a focus mitt. If the feeder does not respond with the correct force, you can hyper extend your elbow. I have had feeders that are new and go home with sore elbows. I have since learned that if a feeder is new and does not know how to feed. Even with coaching them on how, I will save myself and just not throw the punches in there with a lot of force. Better to work on form and not on speed and strength in those instances.

We worked on combination of throwing a double jab, responding to a strike with a backward u slip, then returning a cross, and then bobbing and weaving a cross. I got a good compliment on my bob and weave. Yay!

After that the more experienced students worked on a wall drill where we took turns punching at our fellow class mates while their back was to the wall and they had to move their heads to avoid the punches. Then we switched places. We had to move our heads and avoid the blows while our class mates punched at us. This is good for head movement and understanding how to avoid incoming strikes. This is all relatively light and we are not trying to take each others heads off with a punch.

Kali – Double Ordabis, Heaven Drill, and Saint Rafael

We worked on double stick today in Kali. There is a strike called the redondo. That is a strike that goes around the head. If it is a forehand strike then it is an Umbrella strike. If it is a back hand strike then it is a Ordabis.

Kali was a bit of a brain melt-er today. I have done these flow drills before, however, it was 4 or 5 months ago so I had to pull back in my memory banks and try to remember. However, towards the end I started to pick it up again. I took video of me doing the double ordabis with sticks pointed to heaven. Then the double ordabis flow drill with some standard strikes, and a heave 6 flow drill.

This was the Saint Rafael. I took video of it. I have not done this saint drill for months. I was pretty happy at how fast I picked it back up again. However, as you can see I am very rusty still.

Finding my niche?

So officially I have been studying and practicing Muay Thai and Kali for a year now. It seems that some people have their thing. That one thing that they are known for in the class to the team mates and to the instructors. One person say is fast, another is very agile, still the next has great kicks. I don’t feel I have a niche yet. It is kind of disappointing. I get compliments on my form, and on certain things. I have plenty to practice and fix. I have a long way to go before I am proficient in any one of these arts. However, I don’t have a niche yet. Nothing I stand out in.

I love kicks, I love teeps, I love take downs, and I love off balances. Kru Kristen says find something you love and work those all the time. I do and still have so far to go. I guess I am just feeling down about myself. I want to be good at something. Maybe one thing… right now I don’t feel like I have that niche. Will it come? Who knows? I will keep practicing and trying till I do get it, or find it.

That is all for tonight. I need to sleep. Have a good night. Thanks for reading.

Saturday Kali/Bo Staff and Striking… Bo Staff, Flow, Sore

2.5 hours of Bo Staff and Striking training today. Yeah you heard it Bo Staff training! Heck yes. I was and still am excited. We have started Bo Staff training, as an offshoot of our Kali training.

I have to say I am so pooped from class/training today, and I am going to be sore tomorrow. =)

Kali/Bo Staff

Did any of you ever want to be a Ninja Turtle when you were little? No? Maybe? Well I did. So getting to play with Bo Staves was so awesome.

We warmed up with single stick first inside the academy. We practiced (heaven watik, low strike, then high strike), (heaven redondo, low strike, high strike), (equise, low strike, high strike). This was a warm up for our Bo Staff practice.

We then went outside. Where it was sunny, but it was so so windy. It was so cold that after an hour I could not feel my fingers. I think it was about 45 degrees Fahrenheit or 7.222 degrees Celsius for those not in the states. But through all of that I had such a blast. Kru Krysta was amazing and she had her instructor Kru Mossy with her. We learned to perform the moves by pushing the top hand and pulling the bottom hand to perform a strike.

I felt clumsy and uncoordinated, but I was surprised how fast I was picking it up with a longer weapon. There are some things to think about when blocking with a longer weapon so save yourself from extra pain. Like moving your foot out from under your staff when you block so that your opponent does not slide down your staff and hit your heel. I need to remember to do my footwork. Kru Mossy hit my thigh to help me remember to do my footwork. Because we are learning a martial art that is meant to do damage, and I don’t want to learn bad habits.

Also for those that don’t know what a Bo Staff is, here is Donatello from Ninja Turtles to show you. We have not learned this move yet. *joking* =)

Striking, Sore

We worked on teeps transition to Thai four counts again. We also were working on a 7 count drill as well. In this drill my partner and I were working on flow and movement. So we were moving around, getting out of the box, and out of striking range, making sure to our feet moving.

7 count drill
Left Teep
Left kick
Right Knee
Right Kick

We also worked on elbows. Working on some on both sides, but one of note is we did a front teep/left teep, left kick, left knee, jab, left elbow. In this we were working on our distance management. Where for teep we are making them move away, we then do a kick, which is long distance, then move up to knee short distance, and jab shorter distance, then elbow shortest distance.

I am super tired, and going to be sore tomorrow. I should take a bath in Epsom salts. I held pads for Kru Mossy and he hits hard as he demonstrated. I feel like I might have some bruises from holding the pads. This may sound like a complaint but it is not. He is full of wisdom and he was helping us learn more. Not only that, feeling his full force, shows me what can/may achieve if I keep working at it.

I had a wonderful time today. Learned some things on a Bo Staff, and cannot wait till the next class Bo Staff class. I worked hard in striking and got a fantastic workout in. I feel accomplished.

Thank you for reading and if you have an questions, please let me know.

Saturday Striking class… tiny tweaks, clench work, lots of kicks, and cake

Drenched in Sweat

2 hours of Muay Thai practice, and I am pooped. We ended with clench work, and we were all working so hard we were all drenched in sweat. But lets start at the beginning first.

Today we made it to striking class. We focused on Muay Thai today, and had a great teacher named Dom. Both Kru Kristen, and Kru Krysta are still out at the instructor camp for Inosanto.


We started out with stations, jump rope, heavy bag teep and kick, and then shadow boxing to warm up. We then went right into Thai 4 counts. We practiced leg kicks. It has been a long time since we have worked on leg kicks and I can say I am not as good at them as I am at round house kicks. I need to work more on them. You are supposed to turn your kick so much that your knee is almost pointing at the floor, and you are supposed to sink your weight into the kick.

We then worked on sparing where we tried to get any variation of left to right kicks in. My favorite things to do is to feint a left kick then teep the person, and follow with hook and cross. Or I like to throw a cross, and leave my hand there in their face, while I get a right round house kick in. It often tricks people and they don’t see it coming, so I get a hit in. =)

Tiny Tweaks

I had the pleasure of working with Dom personally, he helped me make tiny tweaks to my cross. I need to remember to fully extend my arm, and rotate my pointer finger and middle finger knuckles down when I punch to get the full extension and straight line. I have had Kru tell me the same thing but having a person take off my glove and actually have me punch while they turn my hand was so super helpful. I am so excited to keep practicing this and hopefully make my punch much better.

Clench Work

After all this we ended with clench work, and we were all working so hard we were all drenched in sweat. We got to play around. Trying our different things with our partners, to see if we could get in, make a frame and get the upper hand. Hah! It was so much fun. One girl and I were just giggling as we grunted and tried to get into full plumb

I had a blast today at class. I finally got a tripod to put my phone in to video some of my kicks. Here is a video of me doing right round house kicks to, right hop kicks. We were working on the right hop kicks last Thursday and I still need to work on them. I need to get my knee up higher to create more momentum.

After our class I had a date with a friend that I was so looking forward to. We went to a bougie coffee shop where I got a chance to have a coffee, a piece of cake and great conversation. The cake won! I was not able to eat even half of that cake it was so big. But it was nice to have a treat after a great workout.

If you have gotten this far. Thank you for reading. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your weekend. Keep being awesome and I think its ok to have a treat once in a while.

Saturday Striking… Thai 4 count and South Paw stance

1.5 hours of Striking class. I have had a really busy week and I really needed the sleep. I worked till late last night and was up till 12 am. So I slept in and missed Krav today. I am glad I did. My body needed the sleep.

Today in Striking class we worked on the Thai 4 count. However, to mix it up our instructor Kru Krysta Scharlach made us do it with right lead leg. Meaning in the South Paw stance. Just like in Kali, when you have to do something on the side of your body that you don’t normally work with it melts the brain. For instance if you are right handed and you train and make yourself write with the left hand. You have to stop, slow down, and consciously force yourself to make the moves. It is weird to try to force your self and watch your partner go through the same problem. In my case it is my brain telling me to throw my hook with my right hand instead of my left hand. Doing this you will notice several things, or at least I have noticed these things for me:

  1. Your punch, in this case the hook feels less powerful, and it is because you are not rotating correctly. Your body is used to throwing the hook with the left hand and you know how to throw your body into the hook.
  2. Your brain will say to throw a hook, and you will automatically with muscle memory try to throw it with the left hand. The problem with that is the way your body is positioned you will not have the power or the torque with witch to throw it properly so it will feel off.
  3. When you start to throw the hook with your left hand, and realize you are doing it, you stop, so you see yourself and your partner make a jerking motion stopping yourself from throwing it. As your brain says “no no no use your right hand. ”
  4. Because of the jerking motion you end up doing you lose some of the flow you have.
  5. When you go back to your original stance, in my case Orthodox or left lead leg. It takes a minute for your body and brain to sink back up, but then it feels right and you can throw in your hook in a more accurate way. It makes you hyper aware of your body and its movements.

It was a great class and I had fun. We all went out as a group to get tacos at a local taco bar, and it was great fun. The waitress had to bring many carafes of water cause we were all sucking down the water after our workout. We tipped her well for being so understanding, and putting up with 12 of us thirsty people.

Keep being awesome and get out there. Move your body, and do the things you love. Thanks for reading.

P.S. I was talking with one of my friends. I wanted to let people know that I post my info on workouts, my feelings, and such about my workout journey, not to fish for accolades. I am documenting my journey. I hope it does not come across as fishing. Don’t get me wrong like anyone it feels good when people say nice things to me and an about me. But I feel like it might be helpful for people to hear/see that they are not the only one that struggles through their journey. I am not perfect, never will be, but I will try to be the best at everything I do. I try to give 110%, but there are days when I can’t. My body says no, and I am becoming better about understanding that. I am becoming stronger, faster and a little better all the time. =)

Saturday Muay Thai and Striking… entry, rhythm, and JKD (Jeet Kune Do)

I sit here writing this after a 2.5 hour training session, we also just refueled with some delicious Thai food. Because it is H’s birthday and we are celebrating. In most Asian families, long noodles are the thing to eat to ensure a long life. =)

I trained Muay Thai for one hour before our striking class. We worked on entries to get in and land our punches. We were working our range management. I am very short, 5 foot nothing, and my range is very short. In a fight I am going to get up close and personal. Where a taller 6 foot person is going to be hit me from further away. I have to get in close. There are advantages for the taller person. They can kick and hit from further out, and I have to eat a hit or kick to get into their pocket. However, the advantages for a shorter fighter are to my knowledge I have a shorter range, which is good cause I can then switch up what I am doing faster than they can. I can change my range with moving a little bit. I can cover up my actions by putting interference in their faces and then kick them without them seeing my legs move if I am executing the move correctly.

In Striking class we worked on JKD (Jeet Kune Do). ” Jeet Kune Do, “The way of the intercepting fist” in Cantonese, abbreviated JKD, is a hybrid philosophy of martial arts heavily influenced by the personal philosophy and experiences of martial artist Bruce Lee.” Wikipedia

We worked on both orthodox fighting and south paw fighting. What this means is we had to change our stances. We had to change our lead leg. Orthodox fighters have left leg forward, and south paw fighters have right leg forward. We had to faint, high, and low jabs, then work on entries into and range management to get the crosses, hooks, upper cuts, and then lead pendulum kicks a.k.a. Nao Tek.

From a technique point of view, this is hard to switch up. When I an orthodox fighter has to switch up to south paw, or right lead leg. It takes all your mental acuity to just make sure your throwing a hook with the right hand and not a cross like you would with orthodox stance. We then worked on a pop the leather practice where we try to use the tools we learned in JKD to asymmetrically spar our opponent. It was a fantastic training session, and I had a great time.

I have rambled on enough. I hope you have had a great day. Talk to me if you have questions or thoughts.

Here is a video of me doing some training on the bag. I was working on some left and right kicks. As you can see I am a orthodox fighter and I have left lead leg.

Working on Muay Thai Kicks

Saturday Mixed Striking and Krav… boxing cover and respond, double Leg take downs


Today I was feeling over all okay. Just a general feeling of meh. I got enough sleep because after work, I finished work at 10:45 pm, I passed out. I had some bad news yesterday where a friend and former coworker died this week. I have shed tears but over all… just been meh. But my workout was a blessed distraction from current emotions. Maybe not a great coping method but it was nice to make my body exhausted and focus on something else.

Three hours and 50 minutes of martial arts training. I am pooped. On Saturday we wake up early (that is 8 am to get to the gym by 10 am) and as a family take Krav Maga for an hour. Because don’t you know… that is what normal families do. Learn how to take down an assailant together. After Krav I practice Muay Thai with my husband for an hour while we wait for our Mixed Striking class. In the Mixed Striking class we can cover anything from Kali, to JKD, to Wing Chun, to Panantuken, to Silat, and Muay Thai. This class we worked on Muay Thai boxing.

One hour of Krav we worked on our boxing, and slipping. We did jab, cross, slip, cross, jab, slip drills. We did jab, cross, hook, slip drills. The goal is to get smoother in your movements and keep from getting hit. We moved into learning transitions to the double leg take down. How to shoot your leg in between your opponents leg, lift them up after bringing your other leg up, and dumping them on the ground. This is the only class that the kids and I attend together.

Here are two videos of me working on the jab, cross, slip, cross, jab, slip, and jab, cross, hook, slip. If you watch these are taken after about 3 hours and 30 minutes. I am tired, and my hands are dropping, I am not guarding my face as well as I should be. These are things that I have to keep working on.

jab, cross, slip, cross, jab, slip, drill
Jab, cross, hook, slip drill

After Krav we worked for an hour on various Muay Thai techniques, including a catching a kick between your bicep and fore arm in a tight bite. You then lift the leg and push forward with so the person falls over. Also how to lean into the person and clench up, if they catch your leg.

Her is a video of me doing that to my husband.

catch a kick and drop opponent on the ground

Mixed striking class we worked for one hour and 50 minutes on boxing, cover and responding to a hit. My slips seem to be getting tighter. The movement is getting tighter. However, I am still going to the side a bit still. I need to do more of a forward head movement. Tight head movements where I get off the line are the key, so I am improving. Then we did asymmetrical sparring. Where one person does only jabs and crosses and your opponent does hooks and upper cuts. This forces us to figure out how to get into the opponents box, and get our hits in. Also allows us to know what kind of hit is coming and helps in training.

Here is a video of me working on what we learned in class. I normally cut the videos down, so that you only see one move/drill but this I left long so that you can see how we drill different drills. Again this was taken after I have been at it for over 3 hours and 20 minutes. I am tired, and have a lot to work on. What you are seeing is:
1) Parry an incoming jab, high cover, return jab at same time, cross, hook, jab.
2) High cover, cross, and high cover, jab.
3) Cover body shot, to opposite upper cut.
4) When you see us stop we are talking about what I am doing wrong, and how to fix it.

Linner (lunch-dinner) was had afterward, cause we were all pretty hungry, and now I am at home under my electric blanket typing this out. Its cold and I want to nap. =) Full hibernation is pulling at me.

Thanks for reading this far, have a great weekend. I am going to rest now. Leave a comment if you want.

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