SHEFIT Bra Review: Are the Ladies Locked and Loaded?

This is not a sponsored review. This is just a review of a bra I tried, and hoped would finally be the answer. I bought both of these bras.

Here is a link to the website. SheFit Apparently you get a coupon for $10.00 off. That is nice.

Here is the short answer. I tried both the High Impact bra and the Medium Impact bra. I LOVE THEM!

If you don’t know, I lead an active lifestyle, I practice Muay Thai, and other martial arts, I run, I weight lift and am always doing something. I needed a good bra to keep the girls locked and loaded.

Now if you want to hear the why love them, please keep reading.

What was I looking for?

I was looking for a bra that was supportive. Yes but what does supportive mean to me? When I exercised I did not have to wear 2 to 3 at a time. I did not have pain when jumping or plyometrics. I wanted one that would fit my cup size and my band measurements. Believe it or not we women are not all made the same, and sometimes we are even half sizes, in band measurement and cup size. So this was an ongoing search for me. I assume an ongoing search for most women.

Did this bra meet the above criteria?

Yes! Yes, yes, yes… it really did.

Ok so the fabric and the manufacturing is such that it holds you tight and does not move once you are cinched in. Now this may sound band but it is not. Because of he manufacturing and the fabric I don’t feel the need for multiple bra’s.

The bra adjust in the shoulder bands, and around the under bust, or chest band. So you can adjust it to your body. It works for half sizes, quarter sizes and everything in between.

A picture of the directions on how to adjust the bra to your dimensions

For lack of better terms the mass of your breasts move with your body, not counter to your body movements.

What did I buy?

1 high impact bra, and 1 medium impact bra

For reference I am a 38 D. I chose the 1 Luxe size for both the high impact and the medium impact.

If you look closely the high impact bra has extra darts across the breast. This is added structure and form to keep everything locked down. There is a zipper cover for both the top and bottom of the bra. Great addition to the bra. Normally I see only one zipper cover on the bottom of other sports bra brands.

The high impact bra is the most supportive sports bra I have used. This bra is fantastic for running, HIIT, and any other high impact sports. This bra holds you in tight. Does not have a lot of give.

The medium impact bra does not have the extra darts/fabric across the breast. It has the same zipper covers. The support for their medium impact bra is what the competition say is the high impact.

This bra is great for running, and HIIT. The medium impact bra is great for martial arts. It has a little more give, so I feel I can move around better.

My Notes


  1. Come with their own garment washing bag. Very quick turn around. 2 business days.
  2. Packaged well.
  3. Use the same adjustment and cinching/sizing
  4. They both come with a mesh washing bag so that you can wash your bra properly in the machine without it getting damaged. The mesh bags were each different from the last one. I only bought two but both were different. So out of my sample size 100 out of 100% different.
  5. Fit true to size chart on website.
  6. Both came to me in about 2 business days, so super fast shipping.
  7. Both came with a tape measure if you have any problems with your sizing so that you can measure and send back your bra to get the correct size. If you don’t need it you can gift it to a friend to use and it has coupon for them to get some money off their first bra.
  8. Both came with a hair tie that had positive affirmations on it.

Medium Impact:

  1. The medium impact is as controlling as a high impact bra from other manufacturers like Champion.
  2. The medium impact is great for every day wear.
  3. Smoother silhouette.
  4. Buttery feel on skin.
  5. More range of movement

High Impact:

  1. High impact is fantastically built.
  2. Can be stiff at the beginning but it conforms to your body after a workout.
  3. Great for HIIT workout, for running, for high impact sports.
  4. Felt more confining which is what you need in an high impact bra, so less range of movement.

The Verdict

Would I buy this bra again? The answer is yes. A million times yes. It does everything I need it to do. Your girls will be locked and loaded, front and center. No more pain when jumping, no more errant breast flesh flying. It does what you need it to do. Nothing can hold you back from being the warrior women you are, and want to be.

Let me know if you liked this review or if you have any questions. Thank you for reading, and keep working to be the best you that you can be.

Below are some more pictures of the packing.

Progress Pictures Jan 21/2019 – Dec 11/2019

So I debated long and hard about posting this. But I told myself I would be honest and show all the progress I made. Even though when I look at the pictures all I see are the negatives.

When I see the pictures I see that areas are thicker. I am not as far along as I would like to be.

What the rational side of me is saying there are internal changes:

1) I have increased my training since the beginning of the year.

2) My stamina has increased and my strength has increased

3) My form has improved in my martial arts

4) It looks like I have more muscle mass in my legs, more definition.

5) My abs are stronger, and I can do more sit ups than before, so I have muscle under all that ick.

6) I noticed the other days, when working out, sprawls and getting explosive exercises, that require jumping up, plyometrics are much better than before.

But here are progress pictures… as good or as bad as they are. I put them here to have a record of it.

Weight Lifting Workout from my trainer Tony 1

Today I did a weight lifting workout that my trainer for Muay Thai gave me and my team mates.

I was very taxing and he said it was going to make me sore for a few days and laughed. I accepted the challenge and did it. I also filmed it so that I could keep record of my progress.

Using weights that make it hard for you to complete 8 to 9 reps. You want to do 40 reps total for each weight.

Weight Lifting Workout:
60 second rest between each different exercise

  1. Barbell back squats 8 to 9 reps for a total of 40, 30 seconds rest between each 8 to 9
  2. Barbell bench press 8 to 9 reps for a total of 40, 30 seconds rest between.
  3. Barbell row 8 to 9 reps for a total of 40, 30 second rest between
  4. Kettle Bell swing 8 to 9 reps for a total of 40, 30 second rest between

It was hard to get a picture of me today, I felt like I looked terrible in all of them.

If I can work on my fitness, any of you can do it too. I am not the normal fitness model. I am as far from it as one could get. I just try to do my best. That is why if I can do it I truly believe you all can do it too.

Keep working on make yourself the best you that you can be. Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a great day.

Martial Arts 08/12/2019: Muay Thai is an in the pocket fight style, knees, Bo Staff

6 hours of training in 4 days – This week has been a bit different. My baby girl had an adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy surgery. So this has as you can imagine changed our schedule, and it has disrupted our training a tiny bit. She is doing well so far. It is painful but she is doing ok.

Tuesday 8/13/2019 1 hour of Muay Thai training.

This month we are working on knees in Muay Thai. Today we worked on entries with knees and following it up with elbows and off balances to kicks.

Let me start with I am exhausted, because I did not sleep. My daughter was up and down all night and so was I. I love being a mother, but it is hard some days with the lack of sleep.

So while we were training. I was pulling at my reserves… to get through. I toughed the training out, but I sure felt it.

Here are the combos we did:

Jump rope warm up

Shadowbox warm up

Pad work:

  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. Tie up/full plumb
  4. lead knee/left knee (orthodox fighter)
  5. rear elbow/right elbow
  6. square up duck stance
  7. spin off
  8. right round house kick
  9. Burn out 25 skip knee #1
  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. Tie up/full plumb
  4. rear knee/right knee (orthodox fighter)
  5. lead elbow/left elbow (orthodox fighter)
  6. square up duck stance
  7. spin off
  8. right or left round house kick
  9. Burn out 25 skip knee #2

Clench work:

  1. Partner throws a right kick
  2. you shield kick with left leg, and step into right knee partner
  3. Tie up and then run 10 knees
  4. Spin off partner
  5. Jumping Jacks burn out
  1. Partner throws a right kick
  2. you step back to avoid kick
  3. you left knee partner
  4. Tie up and run 10 knees
  5. Spin off partner
  6. Jumping jacks burn out

We then did 30 sit ups, and 10 x X Planks each side.

8/15/2019 1 hour Thursday Muay Thai Trianing – Thai Boxing is an inside the pocket fight.

Today was fantastic. We took baby girl with us to the gym… so we only stayed for the Thai boxing training we went home during Kali. It felt good today to train. My back has been giving a hard time lately… but I have been stretching and doing what I need to do. Today it felt good to train.

Warm up:

3 minute round of: walking teeps, alternating feet, you teep and put your foot down. Keeping your balance, and throwing your hand out for long guard.

45 seconds of rapid teeps burn out

Training: (Tony wanted us to focus on these skills and get them down.)

  1. 3 minute round of straight rear kicks working on pivot but not stepping out.
  2. 10 x machine gun kicks burn out
  1. 3 minute round of straight lead leg kicks working on switch kick and pivot not a cut step kick.
  2. 10 x machine gun kicks burn out
  1. 3 minute round of, high cover of an incoming lead hook, you post at the same time, then lead switch kick
  2. 20 x machine gun kicks burn out
  1. 3 minute round of, Thai long hook. This is a wide long hook, that is meant to get in behind a persons pillar block.
  2. 45 seconds of double Thai long hooks burn out
  1. 3 minute round of
    1) lead kick, Thai long hook, rear kick, lead knee and push off, lead double kick, high cover and post an incoming hook, to a teep
  2. 20 x machine gun lead kick burn out
  1. 4 x rounds of partner back machine gun kicks. Where you hold the bag for your partner and they will machine gun kick for 30 seconds. Taking turns each time, for 4 rounds each. 2 on each side.
  2. Jump rope for 4 x 1 minute rounds
  3. 50 push ups

Tony’s training is so different from Kru Kristen’s and Khun Kru Krysta’s classes. I value all of my trainers. I love seeing the different takes on these skills, and it helps me learn this art that a love.

8/16/2019 1.5 hours Friday Muay Thai Training – Stance is so important, most people don’t focus on the importance of stance

I have mentioned Tony has his own style of Thai Boxing. If you did not know, Thai boxing is passed down through family. So if you go to one Thai gym in Thailand they will have their own style, where another gym will be different. That is what they have passed down through generations, and if you end up training there, you end up being like family. You end up learning from their traditions, and it is reflected in the Wai Kru.

I mention this because Tony’s style is what his dad taught him. When he teaches us, he is taking time out of his schedule to pass his art down. I feel so honored to have been able to learn from him, and continue to learn from him.

Training: Kicks and Elbows

Warm up:

  1. 3 x 3 minute rounds of warm up shadowboxing knees, to fist
  2. 1 minute high knees after each round


  1. 2 back to back x 3 minute rounds of 5 machine gun kicks groupings, on left and right side
  2. 20 push ups in between
  1. 2 x 3 minute rounds of rear horizontal elbow #1, to rear knee
  2. 20 push ups after each round, and then switch pads to hold for your partner
  1. 2 x 3 minute rounds of rear horizontal elbow #1, to lead horizontal elbow #2, to lead knee
  2. 20 push ups after each round, and then switch pads to hold for your partner
  1. We broke off, and did 4 rounds of just playing tag. This is where we kicked with shin guards on. This was conditioning to make us used to getting hit.
  2. We added catching the kick passing it and kicking leg
  3. We added catching kick and dumping person by stepping in and hooking opponents other foot.
  4. Then we played around light sparring
  1. Partner bag kicks x 3 rounds, Where your partner throws a kick, you throw a kick at the same area on the back and you both machine gun them, and don’t kick each other. =) This focuses on form, speed, and timing.
  2. Then we did sit ups in between

This was a fantastic class and I loved it.

8/17/2019 2.5 hours Saturday Bo staff Saint Rafael, and Striking.

Today is the end of the week workout wise for me. I am tired from yesterdays workout with Tony. My body is just tired. I am looking forward to having tomorrow off of workouts.

However, I have had a great day. We started with Bo Staff class. In class today instead of using double stick to so practice the Saint Rafael drill, we did it with staves. This poses a bit of a problem. Because the staff is a fixed stick and not two separate sticks you have to move your body in a different way to be able to complete the strikes. So while this is a drill we have done before many times. I bent my brain and made me think in a different way when the fulcrum of my stick is just center mass.

Like in any martial art, knowing your center, and the leverage you have and need to pull off a move is important. For staves I am more cognizant of the swings, range, and hand placement, because the single long stick limits mobility. As you can see in the video both my partner and I are still figuring out where and how to position the staff to get the strikes in.

Striking class

In striking class we worked on hooks, and body hooks. I got the chance to work with a brand new woman. She had never done Muay Thai before, and you could see she was nervous. I loved working with her. I saw the same fear and excitement that I had when I started. I really hope she comes back.

I love working with new students, it takes a lot of patience, but is so rewarding when they have a good time. Because they don’t know the move the drills, and then they don’t know how to feed pads, it takes a bit longer and we go a great deal slower. Due to that, today was not physically draining for me. =)


  1. Feeder feeds a right hook to your head
  2. You high cover
  3. You return a cross
  4. You return a hook
  5. Jumping jacks burn out
  1. Feeder feeds a right hook to your head
  2. You high cover
  3. You return a hook
  4. You return a cross
  5. Jumping jacks burn out
  1. Feeder feeds a right body hook
  2. You cover with elbow and sideways crunch
  3. You return an rear/right upper cut
  4. You return hook
  5. You return a cross
  6. Jumping jacks burn out
  1. Feeder feeds a left body hook
  2. You cover with elbow and sideways crunch
  3. You return a lead/left upper cut
  4. You return a cross
  5. Jumping jacks burn out

After these drills we worked on drill sparring. Where we just practice the drills we worked on. Taking the power out of the sparring, but trying to land a hit. This allows us to work on timing and target acquisition, and allows your partner to work on blocking, parrying and returning strikes.

This has been an awesome week for training. Even though my baby girl had surgery and is still feeling under the weather… she is healing and I was able to get my training in.

This post consists of a week worth of martial arts training. I needed to cut back on the posts due to lack of time to get it done. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading, and keep working to be the best you that you can be.

Wed Muay Thai…intensity and focus, seeing some progress in physique

1 hour of Muay Thai training today. It was short and sweet. It was full of intensity and focus. I really enjoyed having a shorter workout. I have grown accustom the longer 2, 3 and 5 hour training days.

The gym I go to OSMA (One Spirit Martial Arts) Just added two more Muay Thai classes and I could not be happier about it. I rearranged my work schedule so that I could attend them. Does that make me weird? Maybe obsessed? I like to think it just makes me dedicated, and working to hone my skills.

For this class we started with some band work to keep our feet in line with our hips, and contralateral movement.

Contralateral movement = means moving opposite sides of the body. So moving right arm up and left leg up. Then moving left arm up and right leg up at the same time.

Not only is it great for your muscles but great for your neo cortex. Your brain, works harder when you force it to move opposite sides of your body and opposite limbs at the same time. Its like teaching your brain to pat your head and rub your tummy.

Needless to say we did those contralateral movements with these:

  1. Bear crawls across the mat
  2. Bear crawls backward
  3. Bear crawls sideways

We then worked on knees. Shadowboxing long leaning knees to 4 count.

For the drills we did a parry the jab or cross, with a post to the shoulder and knee entry. Then we followed with a 4 count.

For instance:

  1. Feeder feeds a Jab
  2. You parry Jab
  3. Check the shoulder with your left hand
  4. You return Left knee
  5. You return a cross
  6. You return a hook
  7. You return a kick feeders choice, left or right round house

We finished with:

  1. 100 knees on the bag
  2. 50 knees across the floor shadowboxing
  3. 30 sit ups
  4. 50 Russian Twists with or without the medicine ball
  5. Then stretching

This was a fantastic class. Thanks to Kru Kristen. I am so happy to have been able to take it.

Also was feeling ok about the body today. It feels like and looks like I have made some progress. Mostly just toning, but maybe just maybe I am starting to change again.

Anyway enough of my prattle. Have a great night. Thank you for reading. Keep working to be the best you can be. My respect to you and yours.

Conditioning Day 1…Opportunity of a Lifetime

2.5 hours of Conditioning, Muay Thai Training, and Kali. We are going to be changing the format of my workouts for the next 20 days.

I have been given an opportunity of a lifetime. If you have been reading I have had the awesome chance to go to a 2 day Muay Thai seminar with the father of Muay Thai in America. He brought it over in 1968. Ajarn Chai was the man that has allowed me to find and fall in love with this martial art.

Well at this seminar I was personally asked if I was going to attend the Muay Thai Camp set up and run by the WTBA (World Thai Boxing Association). The thing to remember about this is that this camp is meant for instructors. You have to be invited to the camp, and as a student you have to be advanced to be invited, and you have to be invited by an instructor and or Ajarn Chai himself. I was invited and we have moved mine and my families schedule around for me to be able to go to this event.

I have purchased my plane tickets and my entrance fee for the camp. They will be providing food for us. Kru Krysta maybe testing this camp so I get the honor to see her test for it her next level.

What this means is I have to start conditioning training. Muay Thai camp is not some leisurely camp where we get massages and sip champagne. They expect us to work and work hard.

It is my understanding that the days will go something like this:

  1. Wake up and run 2 miles
  2. Train Muay Thai
  3. Eat breakfast, break
  4. Run 1 mile
  5. Train Muay Thai
  6. Eat lunch, break
  7. Train Muay Thai
  8. Eat Dinner
  9. Sleep

So I must now condition. We leave July 23, 2019. I have about 20 days to get my conditioning up. I have some concern I won’t be ready, but I am going. If I have to struggle my way through I will.

So my training schedule is changing. Instead of running and then weight lifting on Monday, Wed, and Fri. Muay Thai training on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat. I will be doing the following:

  1. Running Monday and Friday 3 miles
  2. Running 2 miles, Training Muay Thai, and Kali Tues, Thurs, and Sat.
  3. Running 2 miles, Training conditioning rounds Wed, Sat
  4. Rest day on Sunday

We will see if I need to shove in a rest day on Mon too. But for now that is the schedule. Anyone else scared that I won’t be ready? I am. But I have decided I will do what I can on such short notice and then just go and get the most out of this opportunity.

I saw some pictures from the seminar, and I just don’t under… my brain keeps saying, “look at you. What do these crazy people see. Don’t they see what I see. Basically a joke. Some one who does not belong.”

I am going to try to ignore those doubts and worries. This part of my journey is the bad part or the upside down part. The self doubt and worry are the bad parts. I am going to do what all well adjusted adults do and ignore it. =) I am going to let my brain say/think those things, then ignore it, and keep training. That is all I can do.

Enough of my thoughts out on paper, lets get to the training that happened today.

My Training:

1.5 mile run in 20 minutes.

1 hour of Muay Thai training. We worked on clenches. We worked with the less advanced students, and helped them work on some simple clenchs and ways to get out of the clench. Like the collapse of their elbow into their chest, and face push to get out of their full plumb.

The advanced students went off then and sparred with J. To get his training in before his upcoming fight. I was told that my round in the ring, was much better than any others I have had. I was more relaxed. I got a chance to use my footwork to cut the corner and get on J’s left side and land a kick. I landed many kicks, and punches. I felt great during the sparring, and compared to the 12 minutes of clench sparring we did, 3 minutes seemed like nothing now. I was tired a little but I did not feel dead.

My scale of what my body can and cannot do has been moved much further along the number line. Instead of 3 minutes feeling like I am going to die. I have felt what it feels like when I am about to lose the lunch I just ate.


In Kali we worked on Kawain, Ki Lap, Full T, and Half T. We had a number of new students and a special seminar from Dan Inosanto himself coming to this area. I need to sleep so I am going to leave it there.

So I am going to write about every day that I conditioning training up till Thai Camp. Then I will of course write about that. That is 4 days of savage and grueling Thai training.

I hope you are all having a great day. Tomorrow I am shooting for 2 miles. Stay safe, and be the best you, that you can be.

Workout Deviation… There’s more of hummus, than of ill humors about me.

I debated posting this to my blog. I like to be uplifting and helpful. But I like to be completely honest about my feelings, and how even though I workout 5 to 6 days a week I still have bad days.

Workout: 35 minute run and core workout

Do you ever feel like a… your a joke to others? I take pictures to keep video/picture history of my progress. But end up taking 100 pictures to just to get one I don’t hate. I have had people ideate in the past that I am vain and just want to show off. But that could not be further from the point. It often makes me feel like I should just stop sharing. Oh boy and some days I just want to delete the videos because who boy are they horrible. Or at least I think I look horrible.

I don’t know if this ill humor is cause I did not sleep well, or if I am spoiling for aunt flow’s visit. If I may adopt quote “blot of mustard, crumb of cheese, fragment of underdone potato,” there’s more of hummus than of ill humors about me. =P Well that amused me a little.

But I am having one of those days were I just did not want to do my workout because I felt like it was or I was a joke, it was not getting me anywhere, and every picture I took of me I hated.

Here was what I did if you are interested:
1) 20 minute stead state run
2) Pike crunches reps – 20, 16, 16
3) Bicycle crunches reps – 20, 20, 20
4) Dead Bugs 3 reps of 40 seconds

I workout 5 to six days a week, but these are the feelings I still deal with. I did not do the workout I had set up for my week, but I did do something, and got some core in so that is good.

I hope this does not bring you all down. Keep being awesome and striving to be a better you. Thanks for reading.