Workout/Martial Arts 08/24/2020: Roll With The Punches

Roll with the punches. A quick Google of this gives you this definition.

“(of a boxer) move one’s body away from an opponent’s blows so as to lessen the impact.

adapt oneself to adverse circumstances.”


Upon further research the earliest quote that is cited is from the 20th century, where in 1903 The Boston Globe was talking about a boxing match. So its been around for a while, a long while like 117 year, and we use it now in the U.S.A. as a phrase that means crap happens and then we deal with it and move on.

“He repeated the blow a few seconds later and also clubbed Johnson on the cheek . . . Johnson allowed his head to roll with the punches and was not hurt. Johnson’s round.”

This post I am getting it in under the wire… as it were. Now I don’t have a set schedule, I hope/try to get it done Sunday, and at the latest Monday, but hey life gets in the way. This last week was a great example of it. Some great things happened, and then some pretty crappy things happened too.

You have to roll with the punches in life when… Having an animal that you love have an eye injury, that required a medical intervention and medication. I had an cake order to do, and standard medical appointments for the kiddos. On top of my regular work schedule and training, there was the usual household needs. It was a crazy week. The good…I also got a chance to participate in and learn from the master of Muay Thai Ajarn Chai in a Zoom seminar.

Life will throw hooks, and crosses at you and you have to adapt and keep going. I don’t do the adapting in a very pretty way all the time, but I keep going. Sometimes it is sitting and having a good ugly cry. However afterward, you have to keep on.


Monday 08/24/2020: I hour run and kettle bell workout

1 mile run today. I live with scoliosis and that means days can be a surprise as I was running my back was hurting. I pushed through the mile and walked the rest of the way.

Kettlebell workout:
1) Kettlebell Curl Squat and Press- 3x sets of 15 each side (when you only have one KB you have to alternate sides)
2) Kettlebell Halos- 3x sets of 40 ( 20 clockwise, 20 counterclockwise)
3) Kettlebell Goblet Squat- 3x sets of 20
4) Kettlebell swings- 3x sets of swings for 1 minute
5) Kettlebell Turkish Get-Ups- 15 left and 15 right side

Whew I am glad it’s done and I am glad I did it. There is a before and a couple of after shots. I am not one of those girls that can leave the workout looking like I just came out of a salon. Lol

Tuesday 08/25/2020: 1 hour 15 minutes

Today was a fun night of training. I kept my spirits up, even though I could have napped right before class because I was tired. I focused on playing and letting my body do what I have been teaching it to do. Khun Kru Krysta taught a great class again. She also put me on the spot and asked me to teach the Thai 15 count. Right after I got done with extra credit skip knees. So guess who was out of breath? Lol…But I put my big girl pants and taught that 15 count Orthodox style.

I got a nice compliment from one of my teammates he said that, “that I had a very consistent flow and pacing was very good”. He was referring to when I was showing the Thai 15 count.

Training: jump rope 3 minutes, jumping jacks between rounds for active recovery and we threw on skip knees at the end of every two rounds

1) Jab, Cross, #6 Side In Elbow
2) I held pads for H – Jab, Cross, #8 ElbowWe both did 25 skipknees #2

3) Teep, Lead Kick, Cross, Overhand, #3 Elbow, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
4) I held for HWe both did 30 skip knee #2

5) Teep, Rear Hop Kick, Hook, Cross, #8 Elbow, Tie up x 6 skip knees, spin opponent out and double kick
6) I held for H We both did 40 skip knee #2

7) Jab, Cross, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
8 ) I held for H We both did 25 skip knee #2

9) Thai 15 count – Parry the Cross, high cover the hook, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Lead Kick, Cross, Hook, Rear Knee, Rear Kick, Teep, Slip, Hook, Cross, Rear Kick
10) I held for HWe both did 25 skip knee #2

Extra training:
11) 20 each leg- round house kicks
12) 20 each leg – leg kicks

And now it’s 11 pm and I pass out. What a great ending to the day.

Wednesday 08/26/2020: 1.5 mile run, 10 minute shadow boxing

Some deep thoughts:
1) Woke up sore, and tired in my body, decided to at least run, but then brain was being mean and said, “do you think that is enough?”

2) Decided to take pics because I promised myself I would take pics during my journey and workout adventures. Brain was going to go there with the, “oh I see every flaw, you sure you wanna put that up there?”

3) In the end this is what I have come to the conclusion of. I am am athlete. I may not look like your normally portrayed athlete but I am. I just went for a run and shadow boxing. This is my body. I am improving every day. I don’t have to be negative about my own body.

At the risk of sounding like Stuart Smalley. “I am good enough. I am smart enough. And gosh darn it, people like me.”

Those are my thoughts for today. People if I can get up and do something so can you. Maybe not a run, but maybe only a walk. But get up and do something and tell those brain weasels to stfu. I am trying to. Lol

Thursday 08/27/2020: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Awesome day of training. I was exhausted from terrible sleep last night. But got a nap and had a great time with my Muay Thai family. We worked on elbows, Khun Kru Kryst had us get into a staggered line, and worked the fundamentals of all nine elbows. I love going over those again. I loved working out how to feed and drill the # 8 elbow after a # 3 elbow.

After class I spent ten minutes working on my knees. Trying to jump and get height and my knees higher. I practiced on H and on the teardrop heavy bag. I was able to get six inches higher with my knees just working on jumping and my body mechanics to get it up there.

Now I just have to work the bag and get the time in for practice. Then we focused on about ten minutes with me working on my ups. I am working on getting more height on my jumps. I am getting higher than was before. Because this girl can’t jump yet. But I will!

Training: jump rope 1 x 3 min roundJumping jacks between each roundWe added 25 skip knees extra credit after every two rounds.
1) Jab, Cross, # 7 Side out elbow
2) Held for H Jab, Cross, # 9 Spinning Back Elbow 25 skip knees for each of us

3) Teep, Lead Kick, Cross, Overhand, # 3 downward diagonal elbow, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
4) Held pads for H 25 skip knees for each of us

5) Teep, hop Rear Kick, Hook, Cross, # 7 Side out Elbow, tie up, 6 skip knees, spin out, double kick
6) Held pads for H 25 skip knees for each of us

7) Jab, Cross, Lead Elbow # 1, Rear Elbow # 3, Rear Knee, Rear Kick {switch Elbows # 2, # 8}
8 ) Held pads for H 25 skip knees for each of us

9) Jab, Cross, Lead Elbow # 3, Rear Elbows # 4, 5, Rear Knee, Rear Kick {switch Elbows # 1, # 6,7}
8 ) Held pads for H 25 skip knees for each of us

Skip knee training, grabbing in clench and pulling toward you as you knee. Ups training, jump, switch hip in air, knee, and land.

Saturday 08/29/2020: Muay Thai 1 hour and 15 minutes

Today I worked the drills in all south paw. I am an orthodox fighter. But learning south paw makes it so when you end up in, or land in any stance you can still fight. Knowing how to fight in south paw and orthodox stance is invaluable in that you are ready and can respond instantly and fluidly.

Training: I practiced south paw all morning. Started with Jump RopeJumping jacks in between rounds
1) Jab, Cross, Elbow 6, Elbow 7
2) Held Pads for H

3) Jab, Overhand, Rear Elbow 3, Spinning Back Lead 9 Elbow, Spinning Back Rear 9 Elbow, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
4) Held Pads for H

5) Teep, Split the Cross, return the body shot, Hook, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
6) I Trained the same combo again to get the combo solidified in south paw for me.

7) Teep, Lead Kick, Cross, Overhand, Elbow 3, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
8 ) Held pads for H

After class we worked on some switch teeps, and hop teeps. I need to work on those. Tonight I have a 3 hour Muay Thai Seminar with Ajarn Chai! Yay! Pictures of my hop Teep practice and new shirt that I love that says, “slays well with others” from Grrrl clothing.

Saturday 08/29/2020: Muay Thai Zoom Seminar 3.5 hours of training

I am exhausted. We did this seminar after our usual training today. It was amazing I learned a lot and will maybe write up more about the combos later. Thank you Ajarn Chai and all the people who set this seminar up. Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for setting this up at the gym.

What a week. It has had its ups and downs. I have worked on my ups, my jumps are getting higher. I have had to roll with the punches. My beloved fur baby’s eye is on the mend, and she is taking her medication that we have to hold down and put in her eye, in stride. I got to participate in a seminar with Ajarn Chai. Saturday I clocked nearly 5 hours of Muay Thai training. I learned a great deal in that seminar. My human babies are healthy, their well visit to the doctor went well. Everyone loved the cake I made.

Life is good. Some days/weeks/months a little turbulent but good. I know people are going through various forms of hell, and good times during this time of uncertainty. COVID19 is running a muck here in the good old U.S.A. Believe me when I say it is the idiots in charge, and idiots who follow them that are bringing the rest of us who can actually think in this country down. But we roll with the punches. We have to have hope that we will be able to make change, and things will get better.

Keep fighting for what you believe in. Keep working toward your goals whatever they are. Try not to let life get you down, and if it does take that time to grieve, or cry, or scream, then get back up and fight some more.

Thank you for reading, if you liked it feel free to comment, hit the like button so I know, and subscribe if you have not.

Workout/Martial Arts 06/08/2020: Zoom Muay Thai Seminars and New Normal Training

To say this year is not what I remotely thought it would be, would be the understatement of the year. It just seems like one thing after another.

Anyway, everything I was looking forward to for Thai Training has been canceled. We just started going back to training in the gym, with our New Normal training. You know…. training with masks, social distancing, sanitizing everything, and no partner work except for with my H.

We found out, and believe me I understand it is for the safety of me and others, but Thai Camp is canceled this year. I was so looking forward to it.

With everything that is happening this year… its for the best, and I can focus my efforts to fight for those that need help. Fight for those that need a voice.

Well this week I was able to attend for the first time ever in my training a Zoom seminar with Ajarn Chai. He was able to teach us for 3 hours Muay Thai training techniques while he was in Thailand and we were here in America. I loved it. I miss my people, but I loved seeing him and supporting him.

Monday 06/08/2020: 1 hour and 20 minutes 1 mile run, 20 minute weight lifting workout, and 45 minutes calisthenics

It was to hot to cover up my imperfections and things I hate about my body. So I am letting it all hang out.

The words I chose were K.O. GIRL for the Calisthenics workout.

1 mile run in 13:30

Weight Lifting:
1 minute Fast Feet x3
Olympic Back Squats x3 sets of 8
Bulgarian Split Squats x3 sets of 15 each leg

Calisthenics: K.O. GIRL done in a Superset x3 with a minute rest in between

K) 20 Russian Twists wit 25lb kettle bell
O) 30 Sit-Ups

G) 15 Burpees
I) 25 Standing Knee Crunches
R) 30 Crunches
L) 15 Mule Kicks each leg

It was a hot but great workout. I did not want to do it, but put away my wants knowing I needed to do this workout because it’s good for me. In the end I am happy I did. I got to use my new pants and they are freaking awesome. I support these women owned companies that build us up. I felt like a Bad A** in these pants.

Tuesday 06/09/2020: 1 hour and 15 minutes Muay Thai Training

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for another great Muay Thai class.

It was great to get into class and forget the world for a freaking hour. I was able to punch and kick the sh*t out of bags, pads, and dummies.

That BOB dummy we have now we refer to as Chuck is is very satisfying to hit in the chin over and over again. Kru complimented me on my combos on him. Target acquisition (read face) is much easier for me on a dummy with a face. I am glad Khun Kru brought him in.

Training: (Responsible Training maintaining social distancing, masks, and of course cleaning each station before rotation.)

1) Punch Ball (Target acquisition and reflex training)
{jumping Jacks clean up balls}
2) I served Punch Ball to H
{jumping Jacks clean up balls}

3) Jab, Cross, Lead Kick (if working fundamentals and you already know them work on perfecting the form)
{Jumping Jacks}
4) opposite stance (south paw for me) Jab, Cross, Lead Kick
{Jumping Jacks}

5) Jab, Hook, Lead Kick
{Jumping Jacks}
6) opposite stance (south paw for me) Jab, Hook, Lead Kick
{Jumping Jacks}

7) Jab, Cross, Hook, Lead Kick
{Jumping Jacks}
8 ) opposite stance (south paw for me) Jab, Cross, Hook, Lead Kick
{Jumping Jacks}

9) Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Lead Kick
{Jumping Jacks}
10) opposite stance (south paw for me) Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Lead Kick
{Jumping Jacks}

11) Jab, Lead Elbow, Lead Knee, Lead Kick
{Jumping Jacks}
12) opposite stance (south paw for me) Jab, Lead Elbow, Lead Knee, Lead Kick
{Jumping Jacks}

It was a great to get my body moving even though I am so sore from yesterday’s training. After we warmed up my body gave in to the training and gave me what I needed. I need to appreciate my body and how amazing it is more often.

Wednesday 06/10/2020: 1 hour and 10 minutes Muay Thai Training

Workout: 45 minute run and calisthenics workout

I am sore and really did not want to do this workout. But I did. I have many thoughts today.

1) Now is not the time to be sedentary in either you political life or physically, get up get moving a and fight for what you believe in. It is far easier to chase down the racist when you already run.
2) It is so creepy when a big utility van slows down turns around and drives slowly behind you. This happened in the middle of the day. I was in a residential neighborhood. Women should not have to live in this kind of fear.

First picture is blown out cause the Day Star was actively attacking me. But I was sweating buckets outside. Second pic better focus.

The word/workout of the day was WONDER thank you Angel.

I ran a mile in this terrible heat.

Weight lifting:
Windmills with a shoulder press- 25lb Kettle Bell x 3 sets of 10 each side

Calisthenics: 20 minutes WONDER done in a superset. 30 seconds rest between sets.

W) 15 Superman
O) 30 Sit-Ups
N) 15 Jump Lunges
D) 30 second Plank with Shoulder Touches
E) 15 Push Ups
R) 30 Crunches

I feel like there is someone behind me.

Thursday 06/11/2020: 1 hour and 10 minutes Muay Thai Training

What a great class. I am exhausted and I am up way to late because I am compiling a video. I will post when it is done.We are continuing to do the social distancing, mask wearing (which gets hard when you are working out), sanitizing, being good beans training. This makes me happy.Training: Active recovery jumping jacks after every round, and after two rounds we rotated to different stations. Sanitizing our old station.

  1. Jab, Cross, Rear Knee
  2. Opposite side (south paw for me) Jab, Cross, Rear Knee.
  3. Jab, Cross, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
  4. Opposite side (south paw for me) Jab, Cross, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
  5. Jab, Cross, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Lead kick
  6. Opposite side (south paw for me) Jab, Cross, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Lead kick
  7. Jab, Cross, Hook, Lead Elbow, Lead Knee, Lead Kick
  8. Opposite side (south paw for me) Jab, Cross, Hook, Lead Elbow, Lead Knee, Lead Kick
  9. Jab, Cross, Rear elbow #3, Rear elbow #7, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
  10. Opposite side (south paw for me) Jab, Cross, Hook, Lead Elbow, Lead Knee, Lead Kick

Class was lots of fun. I feel like something might be behind me. lol Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for a great class.

Saturday 06/13/2020: 4 hours of Muay Thai training

Workout: 4 hours of Thai Training today.

1 hour at Muay Thai training with Khun Kru Krysta.

3 hours of Muay Thai training at a Zoom seminar with Ajarn Chai! Thank you Living Muay Thai for putting this on. I love my Thai Tribe. It was so informative. I took many notes I will transcribe later. I am tired now. We just finished.

I miss my people and will miss Thai camp this year. But next year!!! It was wonderful seeing Ajarn Chai again. Kap Kun Ka!

So I am late putting this blog post up. Its Monday now, and I usually have it up by Sunday. I had a great week of training. I got a good 4 hours of training in Saturday and I was exhausted at the end of the day.

I am keeping up with my training, so I can keep fighting for what I believe in.

I am learning new ways to train with the people, teachers and trainers I love.

Things have been canceled, things have changed, but we are rolling with the changes, and we are learning and adapting as we go along.

I hope that you all are doing well. Keep fighting for what you believe in. If you like this, subscribe. Comment if you want, and have a great day!

Muay Thai Seminar with Nakapan Phugephorn: The counter fighter is exquisite.

I had the incredible ability and honor to be able to go to a 2 hour Muay Thai seminar with Nakapan Phugephorn. 1/26/2020

He is a Martial Arts legend and owner of Beta Academy in Washington, DC. “Nakapan is a passionate life-long martial artist with over 20 years of experience practicing, teaching and competing in the martial arts. He began his journey in 1993, studying Shaolin Kung Fu. Mental discipline and physical conditioning gained from consistent practice later lead him to a fruitful competitive career in the traditional fighting arts and included over 50 championship titles!” (credit: description taken from advert for the Muay Thai seminar flyer on the Pure Performance Martial Arts Center.)

I love going to learn skills and techniques from different Martial Artists. You get different points of view, different ways of attacking and executing a skill, and different skills.

In this seminar I learned some techniques that I have noticed other people doing. However, I have never, been able to dissect it and figure out how to do that skill. I was so excited when we were working on them. I love learning new techniques, and attacks, counters, and shields. I also messed up a lot. I am going to have to work on them more.

Nakapan said, “counter fighting, is the highest form of fighting, it is the hardest, and it is elegant.”

He also said, “counter fighting is not just waiting for some one else to attack. It is the art of drawing your opponent out, to attack you.”

This really resonated with me. I have been training and working to make myself better. My coach Tony said a few weeks ago that he wants to work with me to start working on my reaction time, and my counter fighting. At first my brain was being mean to me, telling me that my reaction and counters are crap. But hearing Nakapan, say that it is the highest form of fighting, that it is the hardest part of fighting. It made me realize… no it made my brain realize that it is the next part of my training. I am actually moving forward in training. I am honing my skills and I am working to be a great fighter.

I was really down on myself, but I realized something. So long as I have hope, the hope of getting better, the hope of improving, and the hope of being the best I can be, I can work and keep working to do anything.

Anyway enough scribbling down my thoughts and feelings, on to the training we did yesterday.

  1. Five count drill
    • jab, rear leg kick
    • jab, cross, lead leg kick
    • jab, cross, hook, rear leg kick
    • jab, cross, hook, cross, lead leg kick
    • jab, cross, hook, cross, body hook, rear leg kick

      Counter fighting drills
  2. Lean back from opponents jab, return an overhand cross/rear punch, lead leg four count (lead leg kick, cross, hook, rear leg kick).
  3. Perry jab from opponent, return an overhand cross/rear punch, lead leg four count (lead leg kick, cross, hook, rear leg kick).
  4. Pop down opponent jab, and return a cross right away, lead leg 4 count (lead leg kick, cross, hook, rear leg kick).
  5. Flow kick and finish with a lead leg four count (lead leg kick, cross, hook, rear leg kick)
    • you counter a inner lead leg kick from an opponent by (jumping, spinning, and landing on your lead leg away from opponents kick), and kicking simultaneously kicking the back of your opponents lead leg.
    • the more contact you allow opponent to get on your lead leg, the harder your kick to their back leg will be
  6. Square back incoming leg kick and finish with a lead leg four count (lead leg kick, cross, hook, rear leg kick)
    • lateral back lead leg as incoming leg kick comes in to avoid being kicked, don’t shift weight to the now rear leg, but return same leg you lateraled back to round house kick from a south paw stance.
  7. Teep as an opponent tries to do a rear leg kick (this is just timing, but will stop them dead in their tracks)
    • Nakapan said that a teep is the longest and fastest weapon you have, and when timed right will get to opponent before a leg kick, torso kick, or head kick can come in.
  8. Sparring using the techniques we learned

I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to learn from Nakapan, and getting to meet him. He is very sweet, answers any questions, and wants to spread the love of Muay Thai. It seems from talking with him after the seminar, that he like Ajarn Chai want to spread Muay Thai and empower people to help others learn Muay Thai.

I also met some really cool people and hope to visit their gyms as well. I love that our Martial Arts community on the whole is open and loving. We try to be inclusive and understanding of all people. We are one big tribe.

Thanks for reading. If you have questions please feel free to ask and I will try to answer. Keep working to be the best you that you can be.

Muay Thai Seminar with Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute Day 2

Photo credit to MD Thai Boxing who took the group photo and said we could have it. This is the Day 2 of the seminar group photo.

5 hours of Muay Thai training. This was Day 2, and the final day. I cannot put into words, in a way that would do justice to how the seminar with with Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute was.

I am sore everywhere. I worked so hard and we drilled so hard, that I damn near vomited. It was fantastic. It was the hardest I have worked since I had that herniated disk in my back that was pressing on my sciatica nerve. I have been holding back just that last 10%…just cause I was/am scared of hurting myself again. However, it felt good to get in there and do it.

I am so proud of myself and my fellow student. I got a compliment from Kru Karo. I heard it by way of my Kru Krysta, that Kru Karo said, “she has great form.” Kru Krysta told me about it at lunch today. Then Kru Jason said I executed a set of knees and a drill fantastically.

As always I will try to put down what I remember, but I am pretty tired and wrecked right now. However, wrecked in a good way. =)

Kick Stance and Footwork

We started off with kick stance and of course footwork today. Because in Thai Boxing or Muay Thai, the footwork and kick stance are everything. If you are not in the right stance, it makes everything you do be it striking, or countering, or shielding that much harder.

Drill with elbow and knee

  1. Left hand reaches
  2. Right hand pushes opponents arm at elbow away from you
  3. Left hand Tachmalach #8 elbow
  4. Left hand head control
  5. Right hand bicep control
  6. Right curved knee

Clench Work

We worked on entries and how to get into a full plumb clench and how to remove a person when they have a full plumb clench on you.

Clench Counters and Entries

This is a drill we did today.

  1. Your opponent reaches out and tries to grab you in a clench with their left arm
  2. You pinch their arm with your shoulder and head
  3. Slap their arm down and out of the way
  4. You grab their neck in full clench
  5. Duck Stance
  6. Stand Tall
  7. Bracing your elbows on their collar bones


#1 Cross Face

  1. If you arms are outside their clench
  2. Push their face away with palm of your hand
  3. Swim in your arms to clench
  4. Duck stance

#2 Wedge Over and Under Prayer Hands

  1. Opponent has full plumb on you
  2. Control elbow on one side
  3. Opposite elbow you wedge over arm you don’t control, and under the arm you do control
  4. Make prayer hands under your opponents arm
  5. Drop your elbow to your hip
  6. This will get them to release their hand

#3 Spike Elbow to the Bicep

  1. Opponent has full plumb on you
  2. Control elbow on one side
  3. Opposite elbow you bring your arm over, and grab elbow you control
  4. Drop your weight and elbow to your hip
  5. This will cause the opponents arm to release from your neck
  6. Elbow your opponent and swim in for full plumb
  7. Duck Stance

#4 Pull down and Push Up

  1. Opponent has full plumb on you
  2. Control their elbows
  3. Hip in
  4. Pull down on one elbow while pushing up on the other elbow
  5. knee the thigh
  6. curve knee to body
  7. Swim in and get plumb
  8. Duck stance

I know there were two more but I can’t remember them right now.

Skip Knee #2

We worked on these and I got complimented on my form and flexibility. I am a short person and I can knee another person as high as my shoulders. It is tiring but I can do it. I have some things to work on because I am far from perfect.

To practice getting over shin blocks Ajarn Chai recommends that we curve them over a chair. This will help with our form and make us stronger.

For a burn out after drills he had us doing the following:

  1. Clench
  2. #6 elbow
  3. Off balance opponent
  4. 6 rapid skip knee #2
  5. Spin opponent out
  6. Double Kick
  7. Teep

Third Man Out

We did a really cool drill called Third Man Out. This was a 4 minute round. Where we are clenching with our partner and we have a third person with their glove on the man in the middles shoulder. We then clench and try to get the upper hand. Whistle blows and the one holding onto the back of the other takes their place, and clench spars with the third person. One person is clenching and sparing for 4 minutes total, while your opponent changes.

This may not be a great description but its the best I can do. My body is tired and ready to sleep. =)

Thai Boxing Association 4 count Left Kick to Right

We worked on a 4 count L to R. Where you either cut step to left kick, then over hand punch, body shot hook, and then right kick.

The other version was doing the same but instead of cut stepping, you take a step forward with the right leg. This is done to close the distance.

Lean Back to Avoid High Kick

We worked on a lean where if you see a head kick coming you step back with your back foot, and lean back dropping your opposite hand. The key was to make your shoulder level with the other. If you leave it out you can have your shoulder dislocated.

Drill with Lean Back

  1. Opponent throws high kick
  2. you lean back avoid kick
  3. come back with a over hand jab (like you have a jug of water and you turn your hand to empty it out)
  4. upper cut
  5. Left kick

Bleed Power off Rear kick to Your left with Counters

One of the last things we did was a drill where you bleed off the power of an incoming kick. Instead of catching it though you step off the line, then hit them with an overhand jab, and follow it with more strikes. Here is the drill.

Drill with Bleed Power of Rear Kick to Your left

  1. Opponents round house kick is coming to your left hand side
  2. You step out 45 degrees with your right foot this bleeds off the power
  3. As you step off at 45 degrees you throw an over hand jab that comes down on their face from top
  4. Upper cut
  5. Double rapid torso kick
  6. Teep opponent away

We did this drill for 3 minutes to get the technique down. Each partner got a chance to work on this drill once. Then the next one, we were supposed to go as hard as we could for 3 minutes. Put the power into it. After that was a 30 second burn out drill with mackatune, Skip knees #2 for duration of time, and then double kicks right at the end.

This dam near killed me. It was great and so very hard. I did not stop I did not take a breather. I did keep going. Even though I was going a little slower than I started. We did this after nearly 5 hours of training. My muscles were screaming at me, and I was hitting a wall where I did not think I could physically pull more out of them. But I did and I did it.

I know this post was more of a list, but at this point that is all I have the juice for.

I got the best compliment from the man, the legend himself. Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute himself. He said, “You have great discipline!” Our school, really emphasizes the respect and honor you have to have for the art and the people. So we always wai when we should. He really wants to make sure that we keep the honor and the discipline in our martial arts. Throughout his seminar, he would stop other people who did not salute/bow/wai to their opponent. Ask them who their teachers were, and they and their teachers have to do 100 push ups. Because he said, “its your teachers fault to.” You wai ( means to salute, bow, with hands clasped together) before every drill with your partners, and you wai to your instructors. This shows your respect for your partner, your respect for the art of Muay Thai, and for your Kru and Ajarn (teachers, instructors).

The other honor he gave me, was he personally invited me and my fellow teammate to the Muay Thai Camp that is put on by the TBA (Thai Boxing Association). This is a 4 day camp. Where you live, think, and breath Mauy Thai. If I did this I would have to start training hard to get the endurance up. This is such an honor, because, this is normally only for instructors and students are allowed only if the instructor okay’s it and recommends it. I am not an instructor nor nowhere near one.

I have to think about this. I really want to, but I have to think about logistics and economics of it. I will have to make my decision soon, as it is in July.

Kru Krysta, one of my instructors really wants me to go too. So I have that vote already. =)

What this seminar did for me, was it made me realize how much I have learned, and do honestly know. Hearing other Kru from other schools say I have great form and execute the move properly was amazing. Such a huge boost for my feelings about adequacy in my martial arts. I let myself work at 100% which I have been afraid to do. Having Ajarn Chai compliment my work the first day and then invite us to camp was amazing.

This seminar was amazing and I really believe a pivotal point in my training so far. That is all my brain can dump out right now. I met some amazing people and I hope to see them again.

Thank you for reading. I see I have a new reader that is following this blog so welcome to you. I am still amazed that you all are reading it. Keep being awesome, and keep working on being the best you that you can be.

Muay Thai Seminar with Ajarn Chai Day 1


Day 1 of the Muay Thai Seminar by the legend Ajarn Chai. He is the head of the Thai Boxing Association, U.S.A. He brought Muay Thai to the U.S.A. in 1968. He is the father of Muay Thai in the America. I feel like there was so much information taught to us that I will never remember it all so I wanna get it written down before I forget.

Let me gush a little more, I got to meet him in person, I got to shake his hand, and he even said, “yes, good,” to when he came around to watch me practice the drills and moves. Apparently compliments are rare… he was going around correcting other people on kick stance, their body movement, and execution of the moves/drills.

I make it to Laurel, MD and grab my gear, head into the gym and set my gear down, and down my pre-workout. The gym starts filling up and we are all prepping for the seminar to start. There is a palpable excitement in the room. Its 95 degrees F/ 35 degrees C. The gym itself is a balmy 90 degrees. Then Ajarn Chai enters. We all look over, and my team and I immediately wai. We make our way over to Ajarn Chai and are introduced by Kru Krysta one of my Thai instructors.

Kru Krysta says, “hello Ajarn Chai, these are my students, T, J, J.”

We wai and bow deep and he shakes each of our hands. I fan girl a little and all I can get out are the words, “hello, Arjan Chai, so honored.” I stumble over those words. I am sure I sounded like an idiot. However, we all get about 3 minutes to stretch, and then the seminar/training begins.

Shadow Boxing

We start with shadow boxing. I am trying to remember all the things the Kru have been teaching us. How to visualize your opponent, how to follow through with kicks, and most importantly how to vocalize. I am yelling sok for elbows, tang for knees, and hwaye for kicks.

Kick Stance

Ajarn Chai then has us all line up. Counting off 1 to 4, he asked each person with number one to stand on a line, all people with the number 2 stand on a line. Lather rinse and repeat up till 4. There was a good 30 of us and we all lined up in staggering lines. He started with our stance, and moved on to making sure we all stayed in motion on the balls of our feet. I made small changes to my motion per his instructions to everyone and feel so much more at ease with the stance and more constantly on the balls of my feet. He had us moving forward and backward keeping our stance and keeping the bouncing motion. He had us moving in south paw stance, and in orthodox stance. Your kick stance is everything in Thai and it is where you will execute your moves from.

Hand placement for protection during kick stance and movement

We worked on our hand placement. We were constantly moving our hands but keeping them right under eye level. Again I made small changes to the way I kept my hands and it is a big improvement. If you are an orthodox fighter you put your right hand on your face and the left hand just slightly out and away from your face. Constantly moving them in a pulling toward your face motion circular motion. This gives you best visibility and best protection at the same time.

Rear Leg Kick to Rear Teep

The next thing we worked on was rear leg kick to rear teep. Did I mention because this day we are working in gymnasium we had to wear our running/workout shoes? So we had to do our kicks in shoes. This was interesting and some what hard. But what it did do was make us work on the balls of our feet a lot more. This is great, cause it helps for the turn over of our kicks. So we worked on rear kicks to rear teeps. This is hard to do in slow motion because we were not using pads, we had to gently lay our kicks in, and we had to figure out our distance/range management.

The major thing Ajarn Chai wanted us to add/fix/start doing was to execute a diagonal cover of our face with our rear arm, and front arm touching the elbow, as we ax down to add leverage to our kicks.

Front Leg Shield to Front Leg Teep

Ajarn Chai had us shielding with our front leg. We shielded the way our Kru teach us, with our foot flexed and not pointed. He demonstrated that if you point your foot, or if you let it be lax/lazy your shield will not shield anything. Shielding with front leg and then teeping with same leg is hard to do. If you are even a little off balance, you will fall or have to take a step back. We practiced so much I could feel the difference between when I had control and was executing it correctly and when I was off balance.

Break for lunch

We broke for an hour lunch and I had the pleasure of being able to eat with Ajarn Chai. He is a humble gracious man, and truly just amazing. If it sounds like I am just blowing him up because I am star struck. I assure you I am not. If you can ever meet the man. He is sweet and so kind. Willing to answer anyone’s questions, and gives each of his students the utmost respect.

During the seminar he talked bout respect, and how the martial arts world is growing. We are gaining so many more practitioners, but we are moving away from the respect, honor, humility, and humble beginnings we started with. He wants us all to bring that back. Respect your students, respect your masters, respect the art, and give the respect you want to receive.

Thai Lean to Teep

When we returned to the gym. I remarked that it smelled like hard work in there. We had all been sweating so much that the gymnasium had a damp, “hard work” smell to it.

We started working on an old school technique. I am not certain if it is just not used any more, or if it just fell out of favor because other things/moves give you more points in the ring. But we worked on the Thai lean to teep. It involves you holding your hands out, one arm is bent one arm is straight out. You are doing this against your partner. Your partner is doing the same thing. What this did was allow me to feel when my partner was going to move, I could then scoop his arm and elbow him, or scoop his arm and knee him, or just teep him.

Thai elbows 1-9

Ajarn Chai separated out the instructors and had them at the 4 corners of the gym. He had each set of instructors take a group of students about 8 students per group, and teach them one or two of the 9 Muay Thai elbows. He then would go around and ask each group to show him the elbows they were taught. I learned some small tweaks to make each of my elbows a little better. For instance I learned, with the tachmalach (spelling?) also know as putting the flower behind the ear. I need to lift my arm higher to get the spearing elbow to hit its target. Each of the 9 elbows I learned a little tweak to help me execute them better, faster, and with more precision.


  1. Horizontal elbow
  2. Upward Diagonal elbow
  3. Downward Diagonal elbow
  4. Upward elbow
  5. Downward Vertical
  6. Side In elbow
  7. Side Out elbow
  8. Tachmalach / putting the flower behind the ear
  9. Spinning Backward elbow

Crows Think 4 Steps Ahead

One of the side conversations he had with us was that crows think 4 steps ahead. Ajarn Chai has worked with/trained the Dallas Cowboys before. He related a story about when he was talking with the coach. The coach asked him how many steps ahead do you think. Ajarn Chai said 1 steps ahead. The coach told him as a coach he has to think 3 steps ahead to coach his team. He related that crows, those little black birds think 4 steps ahead of us. He said Martial Arts is the same way. When you are in a fight you must think ahead, if your opponent throws this, you can do this, this or this. If you opponent throws that you can do this, this, or this.

Skip Knee #2

Repping out skip knee #2 on the wall is hard. We were working on opening the hips and kneeing in, and or doing a side knee. Opening the hip when you are tired is damn near impossible. But I kept on keeping on. Putting your leg out behind you straight, opening the hip, and leaning in the knee either straight or side knee is what we worked on.

Matkatune drill

Last but not least we did some pad work. I learned a completely new to me strike called the Matkatune. This is a jab strike that you lean back/cock with your shoulder, and step forward putting the force of your shoulder into it.

Matkatune drill:

  1. Matakune
  2. Elbow #6 or Side In
  3. Rear Knee
  4. Rear Kick
  5. Left Teep

It felt so good to kick the pads. We were placing kicks and working with partners trying not to hurt them. But with pads we were able to just lay the kicks in there.

After 3 minutes of doing that drill, we had to do 30 seconds of burn out drill.

Burn out:

  1. Left #6 elbow
  2. Right #6 elbow
  3. Skip knee #2 till time ran out
  4. Then double right kick

End of Day 1

We finished out the last of our drills. All of us were dripping, and just soaked with our efforts. We all worked hard and I think learned a great deal. Ajarn Chai assembled us on the line again. He spoke to us about what we learned. He spoke about practicing what we learned.

Ajarn Chai called out at a student and asked, “Do you know what it says on your shorts?”

We are all dying laughing.

The student looked startled and worried said, “no sir, I don’t, I got them from Muay Thai Factory Sir.”

Ajarn Chai laughed and says, “I can’t say what it says on your shorts.”

The student looked worried, and we are all laughing at this students predicament.

Ajarn Chai is laughing a lot now and says, “they say #1 fighter.” (I am not certain what he said, cause his accent got thicker and he was laughing, but that was the gist)

Ajarn Chai goes on to say, “be careful where and what Thai shorts you get, cause there are some with bad words on them.”

I made it home. I got the kids dinner and I sat and ate myself. I then I just sat there, regaling my adventures to my husband. I ended up taking a bath with a bath bomb and some epsom salts. This was a first time for both of those things.

I also did the math and I drank over 5 liters of water today. I had to use the restroom very little if at all today, so it seems my body just used it, and expelled it.

Thanks for reading, I hope your weekend is going great. Keep being awesome, and keep working to be the best you can be. I have another day of this seminar and I am so excited. I am a little sore, but am going to be hurting tomorrow I can tell.