Training Martial Arts 01/11/2021: Training after care? How to take care of your body.

Unfortunately there is no easy replacements for your worn out body parts. We can’t go get new limbs, and parts when we wear out our current parts. So much like a vehicle you have to take care of your beautiful bio machine with a tune up.

Let me back up a bit. If you are just working out 1 to 2 times a week, you won’t need to invest in a lot of this. You probably can get away with just stretching, hydrating, showering, and getting a good snack in.

However, if you are working out 5 to 6 days week. Training on an intensive schedule, training for a competition, doing HIIT workouts, training in a striking martial art, and or just breaking your body down on the regular, then you will want to start some or all of these after care activities.

What is after care?
It is the care you take after your workouts to promote, improve, and help healing along. It is preventative measures, to help prevent bad injuries, and it helps reduce pain, help flexibility, and increase performance.

What should you do?
There are several articles out there that tell you to:
1) Hydrate – drink water, coffee, does not count – drink at least 3 liters of water a day. I try for a gallon a day.
2) Stretch – stretch, before and after workouts. Before just a little, after when you are warm go through the motions and just cool it down.
3) Fuel your body – snack after a workout so that you body has something to add to that furnace you started.
4) Sleep – One of the most elusive things for me admittedly. However, so important for your body to heal.

Yes those are all valid, and necessary. However, after a certain point in your training you will have to go further to keep your body running. These things are all the things I have had to integrate into my routines. Also know if you are just starting to work these in, you don’t have to do all at once. It can be daunting to have to add so many new things at once.

Here are the things you should add if you are training hard, training for a marathon, training for a fight, you name it. Here are the things I have added and have worked for me.

(all items below are pictured above and labled)

  1. Rolling With Foam Roller – Helps smooth out your fascia or the connective tissue that stretches through and over your muscles.
    • If you don’t roll, you can get adhesions of the facia to the muscle tissue. Injury, inactivity, or over use/repetitive movement, can cause these adhesions. Points of pain and inflammation, trigger points,, knots, and tightness.
    • When you do roll it can improve your performance. Reduces muscle soreness, tightness, and improves joint mobility
  2. Rolling out shins and muscles with Tiger Tail
    • Just like the foam roller above, it is used for massage of the muscles. This helps our performance.
    • For us in Martial Arts, particularly striking forms, we in Muay Thai use it to roll our shins. We kick bags, people, and dummies all the time. When we do we get bruises and bone bruises. These can make our shins feel like a key or bumpy. It can also making it painful when kicking. So we roll our shins with the tiger tail. It is not fun. It hurts a great deal, but the benefits out weight the negatives.
    • Benefits: Helps dissipate bruising faster. Helps flatting the calcium deposits in your shins that are accumulated to help heal the micro fractures. Helps with bone density, and eventually helps lessen the pain of kicking another persons shin. Note: I said lessen not make it go away entirely.
    • web sites to help you roll with your tiger tail
  3. Hypervolt (this was a costly investment, but was a birthday gift, that both H and I now get benefits off of)
    • Hypervolt is like a massage therapist in your own hands.
    • It increases blood flow to your muscles. Which helps healing and increased mobility and joint movement.
    • It does not require a professional to use it.
    • It can get into hard to reach areas, and pin point knots and adhesions that are hard to reach with just a flat foam roller. It has different attachments that allows you to put pressure in areas you need it most.
    • Keep it off of joints and bones. You only want to use it in/on the muscle.
  4. Lacrosse Ball
  5. Heating Pad
  6. Ice Pack
    • Just like heating it can greatly reduce the D.O.M.S. More importantly it constricts blood vessels and can reduce inflammation.
    • Alternately if you can afford it a cryo chamber session will greatly reduce inflammation and aids in healing and recovery. But the Ice Pack is an alternative. Especially during this pandemic.
    • Often times athletes alternate heating and cooling for therapy.

Do I do these every day? Nope not even. I do try to roll once a day. I try to get hypervolted three times a week. It has really helped. I can see recovery times dropping to a day instead of two or three days.

It was recommended more urgently by my coaches and trainers, to me to do when I started training for Muay Thai camp. Because that was 6 days a week of intense training, and breaking down of your body.

Monday 01/11/2021: 1 mile Run, Weight lifting, #shefit30 challenge

Workout: 1 hour and 20 minutes – 1.5 mile run, weightlifting, and #Shefit30 Challenge done

I was interrupted in my workout and family needed my help. So I did not get my HIIT training in today.

Some days it’s better to just get in what you can.

My daughter also wanted to “help” me so when I was doing wall sits she decided to help and sit on my lap. Lol

The Shefit30 challenge word/s of the day are: F.L.E.X.M.Y.G.U.N.S. I did this set x3.

Workout/training for today
1.5 mile run

Weight lifting:
1) 1 min kettle bell swings x 3 sets
2) front raise to lateral raise x3 sets of 10
3) kneeling snow angels 3x sets of 10
4) 1 minute Kettle bell figure 8’s x3 sets

Shefit30 challenge: this set x3 wot 10 second rest between sets

F) 1 minute wall sit
L) 15 mule kicks
E) 15 push-ups
X) 20 double leg slaloms

M) 30 plank jacks
Y) 75 flutter kicks – head and shoulders off the ground, 25 small 1 foot of the ground, 50 large flutter kicks

G) 15 burpees
U) 30 bicycle crunches
N) 15 jump lunges
S) 30 second fast feet (I get about 75 to 8 toe taps)

Tuesday 01/12/2021: # 1 today. #shefit30 challenge

Words for today was W.H.I.T.E.W.H.I.T.E.G.O.

I did it only 1 time today. It was all I could squeeze in. I was up at 4 am to work, and I have to clean the house and teach the kiddos today before I train tonight in Muay Thai.

Shefit30 challenge:
W) 15 Superman’s + a push-up
H) 10 tricep dips
I) 25 standing oblique crunches
T) 25 hip dips
E) 15 push-ups

W) 15 Superman’s + a push-up
H) 10 tricep dips
I) 25 standing oblique crunches
T) 25 hip dips
E) 15 push-ups

G) 15 burpees
O) 30 sit-ups

Wednesday 01/13/2021: 45 minutes- 1 mile run and #shefit30 challenge

Word/s of the day is B.L.A.C.K.I.S.B.A.C.K. I did this set x2 after my mile run.

The day started off not the best. Had to put my foot down and let people in my orbit know I will not be disrespected and talked down to. Gotta teach the kids at an early age that what they say and how they say it matters.

I did my best to push through. I am glad I shaved 15 seconds off my run time today. I just ran at a steady state so I was surprised to see the time.

Shefit30 challenge– x2 with what I added

B ) 20 squat jumps
L) 15 mule kicks
A) 30 star jumps
C) 40 high knees
K) 20 Russian twists with kettle bell
I) 25 standing crunches each side
S) 30 seconds fast feet
B ) 20 squat jumps
A) 30 star jumps
C) 40 high knees
K) 20 Russian twists with kettle bell

Thursday 01/14/2021: 2 x training sessions

Workout: # 1 #shefit30 challenge took about 40 minutes

The word for day 11 of this challenge was H.A.V.E.V.A.L.O.R. I did this x3 sets.

Have you ever done an angry workout? Yeah I have too. I was able to work off some of my frustration and anger.

I was able to get through it without any interruptions as well. I love my kids and love being a mom. They know they messed up when I get home from work and they were bickering. I get up at 4 am to work. I separated them and told them the behavior I expect from them and told them I needed to be left alone, unless some one is broken, bleed, or something is burning, don’t bother me.

Hate star jumps still, and mule kicks are getting bigger yay!

Shefit challenge day 11: whole set x3 with my additions

H) 15 tricep dips
A) 30 star jumps
V) 20 donkey kicks each side
E) 15 push-ups- every two I did glute activation with tow straight leg kick backs
V) 20 donkey kicks each side
A) 30 star jumps
L) 15 mule kicks
O) 30 sits ups with 20 lb kettle bell press
R) 20 pike crunches, 20 frog crunches

Training: workout # 2-1 hour of Muay Thai Training

Today we were working on distance management, long guarding, shielding kicks. I am going to have to roll my shins tonight. But I was doing better keeping my shield tight on my off side South Paw.

He’s kicks were hurting him more than me this time! Progress!!! Yay!

The long guard is an art itself you have to protect your face, be able to peak through and keep your glove/fist in the opponents face! Then they can’t or won’t see what you do to them next!

I was tired on this workout. It’s the second one today. I did not get a nap today but I worked through it and it was not too bad. Aside from some upfront fatigue I leaned into my training. It was fun.

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for a great class.

Training: double kick drills, jab body cross head cross flurries, and jumping jacks for active recovery between rounds

1) Lear teep , lead kick, rear teep, rear kick
2) held pads for H

3) Lead shield, lead teep, hop lead kick, cross, hook, rear knee, rear kick
4) held pads for H

5) rear shield, rear kick, hop rear kick, hook, cross, lead kick, long guard out
6) held pads for H

7) Lead cross shield, step into cross, body hook, head hook, cross, lead kick
8 ) held pads for H

9) Jab, lead elbow, lead upward knee, rear elbow, fence tie up, run 6 knees into opponent’s gut, push off and teep for good measure
10) held pads for H

Friday 01/15/2021: #shefit30 challenge day 12

Friday’s are my rest days so I did just one round of day 12’s words of the day. Still so sweaty after just one round.

Words were F.O.C.U.S.A.H.E.A.D. I did one round of this.

Shefit30 challenge: with things I added to it

F) 1 minute wall sit
O) 30 sit-up’s with weight kettlebell press at the top
C) 40 high knees
U) 60 bicycle crunches
S) 30 seconds fast feet
A) 30 star jumps
H) 15 tricep dips
E) 15 push-ups after every two I did a glute activation leg raise twice
A) 30 star jumps
D) 1 minute plank

Saturday 01/16/2021: 2 x training sessions

Training: workout # 1 – 2 hours of training Staff/Kali and Muay Thai

Woot today was a great day of training. I felt like I was actually making progress today or at least showing it. My work in South paw my off hand is showing. Yay! I added a video of my south paw cut step.

We worked in Kali/staff class, and my shoulders tired. Whew! I added a video of some of the forms we used when warming up.

Muay Thai: jumping jacks, elbow flurries, double kicks for active recovery

1) jab, cross, lead downward diagonal elbow, jab, cross, rear downward diagonal elbow
2) held pads for H

3) jab, lead horizontal elbow, lead knee, lead kick
4) held pads for H

5) fake the jab, cross, rear side in elbow, rear knee, rear kick
6) held pads for H

7)jab, cross, hook, chain horizontal elbow, rear spinning back elbow, lead spinning back elbow, lead downward diagonal elbow
8 ) held pads for H

9) Teep, lead kick, cross, hook, elbow, tie up, run knees
10) held pads for H

Extra curricular:
6 x 3 minute rounds of sparring

Workout: # 2 – #shefit30 challenge day 13 done

I had 2 + hours of martial arts training today Muay Thai and Kali today. I was pooped when I got home.

I did this days challenge x 1 set. The word of the day was, U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E.G.I.R.L.S.

Shefit30 challenge: and what I added to the workout

U) 60 bicycle crunches
L) 15 mule kicks
T) 30 hip dips each side
I) 25 standing crunches each side
M) 30 plank jacks
A) 30 star jumps
T) 30 hip dips each side
E) 15 push-ups with glute activation leg raises after every two push ups
G) 15 burpees
I) 25 standing crunches each side
R) 30 fast pike crunches
L)15 mule kicks
S) 30 seconds fast feet

What do you do for recovery? What are you going to add to your routine? Remember you don’t have to do all of them at once or at all. See what works for you. But recovery is an important part of training. Arguably it is one of the most important parts of training.

Now I need to go and roll… I skipped it right after my workout to work on this post. =) There are always excuses, just make sure you do what is right for you.

Thank you all for reading. If you liked what you read please let me know and hit the like button. Subscribe if you want to see more of my adventures. If you want to drop a comment, or just say hi, please feel free.

Don’t photo edit, just go get it!

NOTE: it occured to me that I should say this… I have not been paid to say anything about these products. This is just stuff I have bought with my own money and what I use for myself.

Workout/Martial Arts 04/20/2020: Started a challenge in the middle, but maybe I will win a free sports bra

Hello everyone. I started this blog to track my progress, document my journey, share some of my favorite healthy recipes, and share my love for not only my workouts but my main Martial Arts (Muay Thai, and Kali). I still use my blog for that. I also originally started the blog for just me. If other people read it that was fantastic, but really I wanted to have a place to put all my thoughts, and my journey.

However, with this pandemic, and being an essential worker has changed things, and the way I view this blog. While I have to leave the house to go to work, and to do supply runs. I feel isolated. (everything is quick, don’t linger, don’t touch what you aren’t getting, don’t socialize, and an air of anxiety) I think we all feel this when we are out getting essentials. So writing this blog has taken on a new role for me. I feel like I connect with some people around the world. I have readers from all over the world. I am amazed when I look at the statistics and see some from almost every continent, countries big and small, and even people in my own backyard.

So while you may be silent, or you may ask questions. I still feel like this world is connected. That being said if you want to just say hi even, please feel free to. I will respond as soon as I see it.

Anyway lets get back to my week of workouts. As my title states I started a challenge in the middle of the challenge. Lets see lets start from the beginning. The beginning of this week in workouts started out as a comedy of errors. Next I don’t use… wait (I have them set up)… I did not use a lot of different social medial applications. I used mainly FB, and have twitter attached to this blog (I almost never go into twitter). But other than that I just use FB and write up this blog. Well I also have a Instagram account, and it was brought to my attention (read, I actually looked at my Instagram account) that there was a challenge going on with my favorite sports bra company SheFit. The challenge is to do their workouts and if you post, #SheFit them you might be one of three winners a day that may win a bra, one of their pants or other accessories. You bet your bottom I am going to try and see if I get lucky.

If you are interested I have done a review of the SheFit bras on this blog. You can read it here.

So that is what I did for this week:

Monday 04/21/2020: 1 hour workout, and the comedy of errors that ensued

Workout: 1 hour I did the Workout Tony One of my trainers gave me. And three more exercises to round it out.

However, follow along with me as I tell you the tale of how everything was trying to get me to stop my workout or at least it felt like that.

Half way through my 10 minute jumping rope my jump rope broke. Yup. So I just held the broken end and kept going.

Then the speaker for my music ran out of battery. So I put my headphones on and kept going.

Finally as I am doing my Straight Arm Lat Pulldown with resistance band, my son noticed I was bleeding. I had blood on one hand but it was coming from the nailbed of my other hand. Bwahahah. I cleaned up and then finished my workout.

I will put my workout here:

10 minutes of jumping rope

2 minutes for each exercise, 1 minute rest between, do 3 sets of each exercise.

Do the following continuously for 2 min
1) burpee, push-up, opposite knee to elbow, push-up, opposite knee to elbow, push-up, opposite knee to elbow, push-up, opposite knee to elbow, high jump, jumping jack

2) kettle bell high pull, burpee in kettle bell (I had to modify to burpee on floor my core not strong enough to do on bell), kettle bell swing

3) high jump touch ankles, high jump touch knees, high jump touch toes

#3 is still the hardest of them all for me. I have a lot to improve on with those.


1) Banded squats x 30
2) Back Squats with Olympic barbell 95 lbs 3 sets of 10
3) Straight Arm Lat Pulldown with resistance band 3 sets of 20

Now to roll out my IT band cause it’s mad at me.

Not gonna stop for some stupid crap like blood. lol

Monday 04/23/2020: 40 minte workout, Shadow Boxing, My first Day but Day 18 of the SheFit30 workout

Workout: 40 minute

Missing my Muay Thai training so decided to do a SHEFIT workout. Part of their 30 day challenge. Today’s was A.M.B.I.T.I.ON.
3x the following:
A. 30 Star Jumps
M. 30 Plank Jacks
B. 20 Squats
I. 25 Knee Crunches
T. 20 Hip Dips
I. 25 Knee Crunches
O. 30 Sit Ups
N. 10 Jump Squats

It took about 27 minutes. I took a minute active rest (dancing) in between a full set (meaning all exercises done back to back).

Then I did 10 minutes of shadow boxing.

This was a great set! I love their bras they hold the girls and let me do all the jumping things without pain.
@SHEFIT #shefit30

Monday 04/24/2020: 35 minute workout, My second day but Day 19 of the SheFit30 workout

Workout: 35 minutes doing all exercises in a superset. I got this workout from #SHEFIT. It’s a 30 day Challenge. This is day 19, I wish I saw sooner. #SHEFIT30

I took 1 minute rest between each set.

Daily Exercise was: R.U.S.H M.E.G.O.

R. 30 Crunches
U. 30 Bicycle Crunches
S. 30 seconds Fast Feet
H. 10 Tricep Hips

M. 30 Plank Jacks
E. 15 Push Ups
G. 15 Burpees
O. 30 Sit Ups

Another fantastic workout. I normally don’t talk about the products I love. But I wanted to say I absolutely love SheFits sports bras. If you have problems with your girls during workouts this bra has been the best I have found. No more pain with my girls.

Monday 04/25/2020: 50 minute workout, My third day but Day 20 of the SheFit30 workout

50 minute workout:

Day #20 of the 30 day #shefit challenge.
I did both U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. And J.O.U.R.N.E.Y. Workouts and they kicked my behind.

3x each set. I did them all in a superset. Then had 30 seconds break in between sets.

U. 30 bicycle crunches
L. 15 mule kicks
T. 20 hip dips
I. 25 knee crunches
M. 30 sec plank jacks
A. 30 star jumps
T. 20 hip dips
E. 15 push ups

J. 50 mountain climbers
O. 30 sit ups
U. 30 bicycle crunches
R. 30 crunches
N. 15 jump lunges
E. 15 push ups
Y. 25 flutter kicks

Whew what a great work out. Thank you for posting this challenge #shefit30

Today was day 21 for Shefit30 however, its a rest day. So that is it for this week. 4 days of workouts. I have 9 days left in this challenge, and I intend to follow through with it. I hope you are all staying safe, keeping sane at home, and socially distancing yourself. Look out for those whom you love and who can’t look out for themselves.

Incidentally I suppose if you want to see what I put on my Instagram my user name is @Sharpcupcake I don’t even know if that is the right way to point some one to your Instagram account. lol

Have a great day. Thank you for reading. Please stay safe, and if you want to feel free to comment, and or subscribe.



Oh and look what just came in today. Squee!!! We have a new heavy bag and stand. I just need to get sand bags. But I can work the bag now, when my partner does not want to feed for me. More Muay Thai training. Woot!

SHEFIT Bra Review: Are the Ladies Locked and Loaded?

This is not a sponsored review. This is just a review of a bra I tried, and hoped would finally be the answer. I bought both of these bras.

Here is a link to the website. SheFit Apparently you get a coupon for $10.00 off. That is nice.

Here is the short answer. I tried both the High Impact bra and the Medium Impact bra. I LOVE THEM!

If you don’t know, I lead an active lifestyle, I practice Muay Thai, and other martial arts, I run, I weight lift and am always doing something. I needed a good bra to keep the girls locked and loaded.

Now if you want to hear the why love them, please keep reading.

What was I looking for?

I was looking for a bra that was supportive. Yes but what does supportive mean to me? When I exercised I did not have to wear 2 to 3 at a time. I did not have pain when jumping or plyometrics. I wanted one that would fit my cup size and my band measurements. Believe it or not we women are not all made the same, and sometimes we are even half sizes, in band measurement and cup size. So this was an ongoing search for me. I assume an ongoing search for most women.

Did this bra meet the above criteria?

Yes! Yes, yes, yes… it really did.

Ok so the fabric and the manufacturing is such that it holds you tight and does not move once you are cinched in. Now this may sound band but it is not. Because of he manufacturing and the fabric I don’t feel the need for multiple bra’s.

The bra adjust in the shoulder bands, and around the under bust, or chest band. So you can adjust it to your body. It works for half sizes, quarter sizes and everything in between.

A picture of the directions on how to adjust the bra to your dimensions

For lack of better terms the mass of your breasts move with your body, not counter to your body movements.

What did I buy?

1 high impact bra, and 1 medium impact bra

For reference I am a 38 D. I chose the 1 Luxe size for both the high impact and the medium impact.

If you look closely the high impact bra has extra darts across the breast. This is added structure and form to keep everything locked down. There is a zipper cover for both the top and bottom of the bra. Great addition to the bra. Normally I see only one zipper cover on the bottom of other sports bra brands.

The high impact bra is the most supportive sports bra I have used. This bra is fantastic for running, HIIT, and any other high impact sports. This bra holds you in tight. Does not have a lot of give.

The medium impact bra does not have the extra darts/fabric across the breast. It has the same zipper covers. The support for their medium impact bra is what the competition say is the high impact.

This bra is great for running, and HIIT. The medium impact bra is great for martial arts. It has a little more give, so I feel I can move around better.

My Notes


  1. Come with their own garment washing bag. Very quick turn around. 2 business days.
  2. Packaged well.
  3. Use the same adjustment and cinching/sizing
  4. They both come with a mesh washing bag so that you can wash your bra properly in the machine without it getting damaged. The mesh bags were each different from the last one. I only bought two but both were different. So out of my sample size 100 out of 100% different.
  5. Fit true to size chart on website.
  6. Both came to me in about 2 business days, so super fast shipping.
  7. Both came with a tape measure if you have any problems with your sizing so that you can measure and send back your bra to get the correct size. If you don’t need it you can gift it to a friend to use and it has coupon for them to get some money off their first bra.
  8. Both came with a hair tie that had positive affirmations on it.

Medium Impact:

  1. The medium impact is as controlling as a high impact bra from other manufacturers like Champion.
  2. The medium impact is great for every day wear.
  3. Smoother silhouette.
  4. Buttery feel on skin.
  5. More range of movement

High Impact:

  1. High impact is fantastically built.
  2. Can be stiff at the beginning but it conforms to your body after a workout.
  3. Great for HIIT workout, for running, for high impact sports.
  4. Felt more confining which is what you need in an high impact bra, so less range of movement.

The Verdict

Would I buy this bra again? The answer is yes. A million times yes. It does everything I need it to do. Your girls will be locked and loaded, front and center. No more pain when jumping, no more errant breast flesh flying. It does what you need it to do. Nothing can hold you back from being the warrior women you are, and want to be.

Let me know if you liked this review or if you have any questions. Thank you for reading, and keep working to be the best you that you can be.

Below are some more pictures of the packing.

Conditioning Day 17… 16 rounds, Savage Vag, get in and get out

4 hours of conditioning training. I did not run today. It was 96 degrees Fahrenheit or 35.56 degrees Celsius outside I was not going to run in that. It would have just sapped my energy and I would have not gotten the training rounds in that I wanted to. I don’t like running and that would have been miserable. I run as a cardio component to my workouts, but not for funsies. I tell people I am a water mammal. I used to be a competitive swimmer, and would only run for cross training.

Muay Thai camp is just around the corner. I leave on Tuesday, and it is 4 x 10 hour days of training with the best. I hope I can keep up. =) I hope my form is not crap, I know it breaks down the more tired I get. So I just have to work on making it awesome. Kru Krysta has said my knees are so much better in just a few weeks.

Per Kru Krysta I am taking tomorrow off, hitting it hard on Saturday, and then taking Sunday, and Monday off. Tuesday I will be flying.

Monday I have an appointment with my Chiropractor. One last adjustment before I go put my body through hell. I am both excited and have trepidation.

Mostly I just want to honor my instructors and make them proud. I also want to learn everything. I want to improve on my technique and I want to experience this.

Anyway enough babbling here was what I did:

  1. 1 x 3 minute round of jump rope warm up ( I did not count this in on my rounds)
  2. 1 x 3 minute round of shadow boxing ( I did not count this in on my rounds)

16 rounds of hell/heck/poopy, I am fine no really I am.

  1. 1 x 3 minute round of mixed kicking. Kicks for speed, and kicks for power. My partner and pad holder would call out 1 kick, that was for power, then he would call out 3 kicks left side, and I had to do those for speed. Taking the power out but putting speed and flow into it.
  2. 30 second rest
  3. 1 x 3 minute round of mixed kicking. Kicks for speed, and kicks for power.
  4. 30 second rest
  5. 1 x 3 minute round of mixed kicking. Kicks for speed, and kicks for power.
  6. 30 second rest
  7. 1 x 3 minute round of mixed kicking. Kicks for speed, and kicks for power.
  8. 30 second rest (Note: at this point I am gassed, that is a lot of kicks)
  1. 1 x 3 minute round of mixed kicking (speed and power), and spearing knees or knees to push back
  2. 30 seconds rest
  3. 1 x 3 minute round of mixed kicking (speed and power), and spearing knees or knees to push back
  4. 30 seconds rest
  5. 1 x 3 minute round of mixed kicking (speed and power), and spearing knees or knees to push back
  6. 30 seconds rest
  7. 1 x 3 minute round of mixed kicking (speed and power), and spearing knees or knees to push back
  8. 30 seconds rest (this is the point where you want to die, or be ded, but no sitting or laying down, must just walk it off.)
  1. 1 x 3 minute round of kicking (speed and power), Knees (spearing, push back), and tie ups with #2 knees
  2. 30 seconds rest
  3. 1 x 3 minute round of kicking (speed and power), Knees (spearing, push back), and tie ups with #2 knees
  4. 30 seconds rest
  5. 1 x 3 minute round of kicking (speed and power), Knees (spearing, push back), and tie ups with #2 knees
  6. 30 seconds rest
  7. 1 x 3 minute round of kicking (speed and power), Knees (spearing, push back), and tie ups with #2 knees
  8. 30 seconds rest (dead, just dead, but keep trying)
  1. 1 x 3 minute round of punching and elbows,( jab, cross, elbow), (jab, cross, body shot) indicated by if the focus mitt was in the air, or if he patted the belly pad.
  2. 30 second rest
  3. 1 x 3 minute round of punching and elbows,( jab, cross, elbow), (jab, cross, body shot) indicated by if the focus mitt was in the air, or if he patted the belly pad.
  4. 30 second rest
  5. 1 x 3 minute round on the heavy bag, 30 second burn out of knees and two kicks.
  6. 15 second rest
  7. 1 x 3 minute round on the heavy bag, 30 second burn out of knees and two kicks.
  8. 15 second rest (fin… for now… I stopped there, cause I had class in 20 minutes)

Thai Class – Get in and get out

Thai class we worked on more clenching, defending an elbow attack with a pillar block, then returning a punch combo, like jab to hook, or cross, jab. The deciding factor is where the elbow is coming from, and what opening you have.

Then the upper ranking armband students were split off and we did clench sparring. Whew boy, I was tired. But I got some good pointers on how to deal with taller people. And at 5 foot nothing everyone is taller than I am.

Also Kru Kristen mentioned again, our motto, get in and get out, or often said you go all the way in or all the way out. If you are being aggressive say, then you may want to go all the way in. If you are defending or don’t want to get hit, you are all the way out. Don’t hang around in the middle and get hit.

Kali we worked on espada y daga, and gunting:

In Kali Kru Krysta shows us double stick, espada y daga, and just single knife. Gunting drill 1 – 5. I love kali, but at this point my brain is saying nope, you need to feed me and we need to sleep. So my partner and I just went slowly and worked the drills.

We also did 1 – 12 strikes. With the 1 – 5 gunting response added into it. So for instance your partner swings a one, you defend it, then you gunting, and finish with the 1 – 5 for every strike. This is just to get us to think along the lines of, lets just not get hit, and lets return shots.

Savage Vag

I have bought all of my Grrrl clothing I have. I am not sponsored in any way, but I love the company. For girls from strong girls, to lift us all up sot that we can all be stronger. So I saw these leggings and I loved them. They say Savage with the word VAG in bright red letters. They crack me up. They are great quality, and support this great woman run company.

The quality is great. They pass the squat test. The compression is spot on. They have awesome patterns, and I just love them. Oh also they fit a thicc booty like mine.

This is the website, and if you use this link you get 20% off your first order. I get credit for your first purchase. I have not had anyone buy anything yet, but one day I hope some one will, and that money will go right back into Grrrl and I will get new tights. That is how much I love them. I have bought 5 of their tights to date.

Ok that is all for me. At the risk of sounding like a commercial I just like to let you all know when there is a great product.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have had a great day. Keep being awesome and working to be the best you that you can be.

Tuesday Muay Thai and Kali…Shield and Kick, Kiwian, Stick as Stick vs Stick as Sword

2 hours of Muay Thai and Kali training. I am bushed. Also D.O.M.s set in from yesterdays workout. So when we warmed up for Muay Thai with jumping rope, 25 push ups, jumping rope and 25 squats I was feeling it. Today was a good day, we worked on shielding a kick to a 4 count, and we learned a new Kali move called Kawian.

Muay Thai – Shield in Kick

So some things that have been said and taught recently that sometimes I forget to put in my blog posts. Why you ask? Because when I am tired after a 2 hour training session I forget things. So before I forget.

Muay Thai, or more importantly is parent Muay Boran (a.k.a. ancient boxing) is over 1000 years old. This ancient art has so much to learn from and I am so happy to have a chance to learn.

When you are kicking with Muay Thai, it may sound good, but may not be great. You don’t have to have a fantastic sounding kick for it to be a good kick. You are supposed to be kicking through your opponent. The kick you should feel in your bones when you are feeding pads, and the kicker should be trying to kick through the person to the next person behind them.

You always want to enter on pain. When you land a solid kick, and startle your opponent. Then enter in, complete a Thai 4 count, keep attacking till they stop. If you don’t land the kick, or the blow that startles or shocks your opponent, get out of the pocket and wait till you do.

Most people will not expect you to shield a kick, then return a kick with same side you shielded. This is why we practiced it. You can see the drill on bullet number 3 below.

Anyway enough talking… here is what we were working on.


  1. Warm up, Jump rope, 25 push ups, Jump rope, 25 air squats.
  2. Shield right incoming kick with rear leg, then return a Thai 4 count right to left.
    • Thai 4 count right to left – right kick, hook, cross, left kick
  3. Pyramid kicks 1 to 5 then back down again to 1 right side
  4. Shield right incoming kick with front leg, then return a Thai 4 count with left to right.
    • Thai 4 count left to right – left kick, cross, hook, right kick
  5. Pyramid kicks 1 to 5 then back down again to 1 left side
  6. Catch kick, bleed off power, control opponents shoulder, either dump them or switch arms to deliver a spinning back elbow.

I made a video of me practicing the left shield, to left stutter step or a real short range hop kick. I am also practicing bleeding off the torso kick, and then executing the spinning back elbow.

Kali – Kiwian and Stick as Stick, vs Stick as Sword

Kali was cool and interesting. We learned a new move, and we discussed using a stick as a stick or blunt instrument, or using a stick as a sword or a sharp instrument. When using a stick as a blunt instrument you are trying to bash things, as opposed to trying to cut and cut major arteries.

So today we focused on blunt instruments. Wanting to use the stick to bash your opponent. There is a difference in intent, and how the stick is used.

Kru Kristen says, we need to know how to move and avoid getting hit by, slide stepping out, not just off the line, but back away from opponent, and then slide stepping in to return attack. This was a main theme for today and our training.


  1. High figure 8, low back hand, high back hand
  2. Low figure 8, low back hand, high backhand
  3. Advanced student drills: (we were to switch from all of these drills seamlessly)
    • Equise, low back hand high back hand
    • High Figure 8, low back hand, high back hand
    • Low figure 8, low back hand, high back hand
  4. Kiwian – is a drill where you do a vertical redondo, to downward diagonal backhand, to upward diagonal back hand, to redondo again. This move was meant to smash the head and keep doing damage
  5. Drills to push away/slide step away from incoming strike, and slide step in to return strikes.

I made a video below of me working on the Kiwian drill. I can never seem to make

I got this new rash guard, and I love it. I love octopodes and this was a must have. Its so pretty. I bought it with my own money, the company is called Break Point. I just wore it this once and the quality on it is great. I have gotten compliments so far, and I like it. I am not affiliated with them, they don’t even know me or that I am talking about them.

These arts are not with out their peril. I caught a stick to the face tonight. It was my own stick, which makes one feel like… well stupid, however, it was a rebound from a strike, my wrist was not tight enough and it rebounded right into my face. I have a small lump under my eyebrow. I may or may not bruise. It is sore to the touch, but over all seems ok. We shall see. I will keep an eye on it. =)

Well thanks for reading. Let me know if you have questions or comments. What do you like to read about? I know some of you are here for the recipes. I do have one coming. Keep being awesome and be the best you you can be.

Saturday Bo Staff, and Striking/JKD… Redondo Like a Helicopter, ABD/Atacking By Defense

2.5 hours of training Bo Staff, and Striking/JKD. Brace yourselves this ended up being long. =) Maybe grab a tea, or coffee, what ever libation you prefer, and hunker down for a read. I even drew pictures of where I was striking on a stick figure.

Today we worked on Bo Staff, and I was finally able to try out my new polypropylene bo. That sucker is heavy but great for an arm workout, and are almost indestructible.

This is the polypropylene staff that I have and use now as a training staff. Picture credit (Cold Steel)

You can get this staff at this website. I bought this with my own money. I was not paid to review this, and as far as I know they don’t know I am even talking about their products.

I also bought the Baliki Sticks for my Kali stick training. These are also made of the polypropylene. Again they are indestructible, and some what heavy, but great for training.

I mention indestructible because, my rattan sticks I had for one year, had started to shred and fall apart. The only thing that was keeping it together was the duct tape. So yeah having tools/weapons that will not get destroyed for a billion years is so awesome.

This is the Balicki Stick. Picture credit to Cold Steel.

Ok so again I am not being paid for this review. As far as I know they don’t even know who I am, except that I have thrown money their way for their products. So I paid for this with my own money and I am happy with them. They are very sturdy and they are heavy. You can buy them here.

Over all I love them. The only thing that is a little weird is they sell them in singles instead of in pairs. So if you do double stick in Kali/Escrima you will have to buy two like I did. They only alteration I did was add some bat tape to end of the stick, where I hold it. Because when I use them bare handed I find that the tape helps me hold onto the stick when my hand gets sweaty.

I have been using these for two weeks. They had been in my living room waiting for me to use them and stop being sick. =) I borrowed my husbands before and found I liked them so I ordered them.

My criteria for equipment, is:

  1. Good quality for the cost. I don’t mind paying more for something that will last.
  2. If functions as intended.
  3. It is not stupid expensive.
  4. Durability ( I don’t want to have to buy it over and over again just cause it breaks/wears out quickly)

Anyway enough gabbing about the equipment I use. If it is helpful to you, and you are looking for training equipment please take a look at these things. =)

Bo Staff Training – Redondo like a helicopter

Today was a fun clear beautiful day. It was not to hot, and we got to work outside with our Bo Staves. We worked on 4 drills that worked the figure 8 with a low strike and high strike at the end. Then we did a redondo that looks like a helicopter.


  1. Warm up using single stick, heaven figure 8 with low strike and high strike.
  2. Upward figure 8, with low back hand strike and high back hand strike.
  3. Downward figure 8, with low back hand strike and high back hand strike.
  4. Lop sided figure 8 with low back hand strike and high back hand strike.
  5. Redondo high, low, high, with a low back hand strike and high back hand strike.

I tried to scribble out what the figure 8 strikes looked like. Its okay to laugh at my drawings. I do.

In these two figures, you can see the upward figure 8 and the downward figure 8. Husband asked why they were smiling, I said cause they were happy to help me practice. Anyway, on the upward figure 8, you aiming for the knees or inner thighs. So you are targeting 12 strike point, and a 11 strike point in an upward swing. For the downward figure 8 you are targeting a 1 strike point, and a 2 strike point in an downward. See dummy below for strikes points.

In this last figure you see the lop sided figure 8. You are targeting the 1 strike point, and the 4 strike point. These figure 8 were fun, and hard at the same time. Hefting the staff and trying to follow through in the strike is hard, when it meets a resistance and wants to just bounce back.

This is the upward figure 8, with low back hand and high back hand
This is the lop sided figure 8, with low back hand and high back hand
Redondo high, low, high, with a low back hand and high back hand

This last video is the redondo/helicopter looking swing. Swing where we go around our head hit a high point/head, then hit a low point torso, then high again head area, then low back hand and high back hand.

That is what we did in Kali, and that was just Kali. Now to the Striking class.

Striking class – ABD – Attacking by Defense

So today we worked on how to defend and react to a Jab, Cross combination. We worked on JKD or Jeet Kun Do, the martial arts created by Bruce Lee. Kru Krysta said if you get into a fight or fight in the ring, that Jab, Cross combo is going to come up, so knowing how address it, parry, block, catch and return an attack is very important. She told us her instructor called it ABD – or Attacking By Defense.

For instance if a person throws a jab at you, you can catch the punch or you can destroy their jab/hand by directing it into your elbow.

We worked on how to address, respond, and return attack when you are fighting a person who knows how to box/punch. For instance when they throw a tight Cross.

Then we worked on how to address, respond, and return an attack when you are fighting a person who is a little less knowledgeable in boxing. When they end up doing a wide cross, think John Wayne type cross you can see coming from a mile away.

Striking/JKD training we worked on Jab, Cross Defense

  1. Feeder throws a Jab
  2. You parry
  3. Feeder throws a tight cross
  4. You lean back make your shoulder tight to your face for protection and then Nao Tek their inner thigh with your lead foot, then return an cross, hook, cross, Nao Tek.
  5. Alternately you could Inside Parry, with a punch to the face, or bare handed a eye gauge, then return cross, hook, cross, Nao Tek
  6. The other alternate reaction you could is split the jab, hit simultaneously, then return a hook, cross, Nao Tek
  1. Feeder throws a Jab
  2. You parry
  3. Feeder throws a wide cross
  4. You inside wedge/post on their shoulder, return a knee to quad, step in and you are in south paw stance. Finish with an upper cut, cross, hook, and cross.

Striking was fun today. We worked on JKD, instead of Muay Thai. However, it is good to cross train. Things that are done in JKD translate to Muay Thai and vice versa.

I am not certain how much help this is to any of you, however, having this written down helps me to remember what we did, and I have a reference for the future if when I am struggling, and or when I want to remember something.

As always thank you for reading. I hope you have a great day, and hope your weekend is fantastic.

Is Fabletics Fab or a Flop… Thicc girl review

(note: This is a non sponsored review, I paid for all of my clothes.)

I gave in and tried that 2 for 24$ deal I have been seeing around. Because who can pass up a two pairs of leggings for 24 dollars. Certainly not I. I basically live in my workout clothes. I work out 6 days a week. So I need to be able to cycle through the clothes. My workout clothes criteria are:

  1. It has to have great compression.
  2. It has to fit well. There is nothing more irritating than trying to complete a workout when your clothes are uncomfortable. For some people its a deal breaker, because they don’t want to be in the gym in the first place.
  3. I have to feel cute in it, or at least it has to fit and look good on me.
  4. I like interesting designs
  5. It has to pass the squat test (meaning squatting does not pull the fabric so thin that it shows the world your assets, or the cute writing on your panties.)

This is what I got and this is what I paid for it. I took advantage of the 2 leggings for 24 dollars, and they had an extra deal they were doing at the time, that applied to my order. $30 dollars I believe extra credit applied to my purchase. Which made my order for 3 things $33.90.

Order Summary
Order Total$33.90

Items Ordered

Sarah Sculptknit L/S Top - L
Name:Sarah Sculptknit L/S Top – L
Salar Statement PowerHold® 7/8 - L
Name:Salar Statement PowerHold® 7/8 – L
Salar Statement UltraCool Legging - L / Short | 25
Name:Salar Statement UltraCool Legging – L / Short | 25
Size:L / Short | 25
Color:black/black shine

Let me start with the Pros:

  1. The compression on the material is great.
  2. I love the feel of the fabric on all the items.
  3. I love the fit and feel of the Sarah Sculpt knit top. Best piece out of the lot.
  4. It passes the squat test. There is a tiny bit of panty showing, so not 100% opaque more like 98%, but it is not that much that I am concerned.
  5. Cuteness? Yes they are cute, with a better fit it would be cuter
  6. It is comfortable, I was able to do my MA workouts and Weight lifting/running workouts no problem.


  1. I would not pay, $50, and $65 dollars for the pants. I can get better from other companies like Grrrl.
  2. The leggings fit over all was accurate… however, for me it was slightly bigger, but not to be a problem. I would go down a size when if I order again.
  3. Salar Statement PowerHold® 7/8 pants were a little disappointing. I was not expecting the sides of the mesh panel not be tacked down. Because they were not sewn to the mesh they buckled at the knee, and down on the leg lower toward my ankle. They buckle in weird awkward ways, making my silhouette weird. The picture they show in on a more leggy model, but I still think that was a mistake not to sew down the sides of the mesh. You can see what I am talking about in the picture below.

So now would I buy again, for $33.90? Heck yes… that is a steal. Would I be happy paying full price? Meh no. I think there is potential in some of these outfits, leggings, shirts, etc. However, you have to be willing to try out the different fabrics and styles to see if you like them.

I was most disappointed in the way the burgundy leggings embellishment that buckled. I had high hopes for those. They are so pretty in the pictures online, but my body is not long and lean like the models they have on there.

Maybe they could use different kinds of models so that women of all types can see what the clothes will look like on them. (note: I was just perusing their website, and they do have other models. Yay! I was mistaken, and I am happy to see that they have other body types on there. )

How does Fabletics work?

Well think of it like a subscription to workout clothes. They will charge your credit card each month unless you click the skip button, or cancel before the 5th of the month. Here is the information you can get right off of their web site.

Fabletics provides a monthly membership program that grants you access to style experts and the latest athleticwear trends. To get started, simply take our Style Personality Quiz. Next, you must register and create a member account through this Site (“Account”). After you have successfully created an Account, you will have the option to select your favorite item(s) from the ‘My Outfits’ section of your Account (“Outfits”). There is no registration fee and no obligation to purchase. Our Fabletics style experts will continue to determine which athleticwear Outfits best match your workouts and style.

To become a Fabletics VIP Member, simply purchase any Fabletics item on this Site and keep the VIP Membership box checked on the checkout page to enroll (including the monthly, automatic purchase feature). As a Fabletics VIP Member, our experts will send you a customized selection of Fabletics items on the 1st day of every month. You will also receive emails, newsletters, special offers and other updates to maximize your shopping experience.

As a Fabletics VIP Member, you will be required to take action by the 5th day of every month by selecting one of the Monthly Options described below. These options can be selected through your online account or by calling customer service at 1-844-Fabletics (1-844-322-5384). You may also cancel your Fabletics VIP Membership at any time. 

If you do not select the ‘Skip This Month’ option, select an item for purchase or cancel your membership by the 5th day of the month, your credit card will be billed $49.95 for that month and you will receive a Fabletics credit that can be redeemed toward the purchase of any Fabletics item in any future month.

All items come with a 30-day return/exchange policy.

As a Fabletics VIP Member, you will be able to purchase Fabletics Outfits starting at $49.95, including, but not limited to a pre-determined combination of, tops, sports bras, pants, shorts, athleticwear accessories and other items. The site also offers a range of products, including, but not limited to, tops, sports bras, shorts and more for less than $49.95. In order to bring you this fabulous pricing, we must charge a $4.95 shipping fee for all orders under $49.95, after applicable discounts. For all orders $49.95 or over, shipping is always free.

In addition, the site will occasionally collaborate with premier trendsetting partners to offer specialty items at exclusive members-only prices. In order to bring you the most fabulous fashion trends which are not offered anywhere else, these exclusive specialty items may be offered at prices above $49.95.

You will also receive emails, newsletters, special offers and other updates to maximize your shopping experience.

The website has cool looking clothes. I have not decided if I am going to continue my membership or cancel yet. However, my biggest concern was that this workout clothing was just going to be Atheliesure clothes and not something that would hold up to my sports, MA activities. I went with PowerHold fabric which is their most compression fabric, and the Ultra Cool which is mid to high compression. So for me this time it was a hit and miss type thing. Still I got a great deal for $33 dollars and I was able to sate my curiosity.

I hope this helps you decide to take the plunge or just keep ignoring those Fabletics adds we see all over the place. Fabletics was not all Fab for me, but it was not a total Flop. So I am right in the middle. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Whats in my martial arts gym bag?

I have seen these go around… so I thought it would be funny to do a whats in my martial arts gym bag. So for right now this is what is in it.

I am not certain anyone really wants to see whats in my bag. But maybe there are people out there that are just curious. I will tell you what is in the bag and why its there, and what I use it for. So if you are curious here is what I got.


  1. 12 oz boxing gloves
  2. Shin Guards
  3. Kali – Escrima Sticks
  4. Blue boxing hand wraps
  5. head bands
  6. Green Muay Thai arm band
  7. KT tape
  8. Glove Dehumidifier
  9. Jump Rope
  10. Ibuprofin
  11. Namman Thai Oil
  12. Video Tripod
  13. Belly Pad

Not Pictured:

Thai shorts, water bottle, ankle brace, and mouth guard are not pictured here.

All right boxing gloves are pretty self explanatory. Mine are 12 oz gloves, and 12 to 14 oz gloves are standard for women.

Shin guards are self explanatory, they are to guard the shins in pop the leather and sparring.

Kali/Escrima Sticks used in Kali practice.

Blue boxing hand wraps for wrapping hands done for protection and wrist support.

Green Muay Thai arm band… equivalent to belt system in most martial arts.

KT tape used to stabilize joints and wrap feet.

Glove dehumidifier used to remove moisture and keep your gloves smelling fresh.

Jump rope for cardio.

Ibuprofin is self explanatory.

Namman Thai oil is used for bruises, bone bruises and muscle aches. This stuff is the best.

Phone tripod so that I can take photos.

Belly pad used to protect against torso kicks and teeps.

Anyway this is what is in my bag. =) I don’t know if it is interesting to you, but this is what I have in it for now. Thanks for reading… have a great day.

Gymshark… Review doo doo doo doo, Gymshark!

I am sorry I could not help myself. Really… baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo… now its stuck in my head, and if you want to hear it, it is here. Baby Shark  I have kids, and work with other peoples kids and so I am subject to these things. Now you are too… sorry not sorry. Bwahahah

I ordered some clothing from Gymshark, cause I wanted to know what all the hub bub was about. So many of the “influencers” are talking about it, reviewing it and giving them great reviews for the most part. I am always on the look out for good gym equipment and clothing.

This review is not sponsored at all. It is completely my opinion and I purchased these items with my own money.

Let me say first and foremost, I am very happy with the quality of the items. They are made well, and perform perfectly fine. I paired the pants and the shrug with a UnderArmour blue tank top.

I bought two items one a shrug, and a black pair of leggings.

Gymshark Geo Mesh leggings in black. Retail for $55.00. This is the Geo Mesh Leggings. I paid full price. I bought a Medium.

Gymshark Pro Perform Shrug in black. Retail for $25.00. This is the Pro Perform Shrug. I paid full price. I bought a Large.

Ok now that is out of the way, lets start with how it performed. I used both of these for Muay Thai, and Kali classes. This was two hours long. I then used another day for my HIIT run and weight lifting workout.

Pros for Geo Mesh Leggings:

  1. Very well made. No defects in the items I bought.
  2. The fabric is very nice.
  3. It feels like you are wearing nothing. The pants are so comfortable.
  4. Pretty Design
  5. Wicks away sweat
  6. Has a small pocket
  7. Great length for a short girl

Cons for Geo Mesh Leggings:

  1. Does not pass the squat test, will show underwear, slightly
  2. Not a lot of compression, I would say the compression was very light. I don’t know if that means I need to get a smaller size or its just these leggings.
  3. Fabric feels very thin. Compared to other brands, and that may lead to less compression.

Would I buy them again? No, I prefer more compression, I have HIIT workouts I do, and Muay Thai is a lot of burst activity and I like having more support.

Will I have them rotate in my gym wardrobe? Yes, they are comfortable and still function just not my favorite. I like them, but not the best in my opinion.

Pros for Pro Performance Shrug:

  1. Fit me and my larger shoulders
  2. Wicks sweat
  3. Very cute design. (Which is why I bought it)
  4. Great cover up but not to much to over heat you.

Cons for Pro Performance Shrug:

  1. Fabric was not what I was expecting. It was coarser than expected. It felt more like a wind breaker material.
  2. The arms were weirdly long.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I like the piece enough that if they had another color I would buy it again.

Will I have it rotate in my gym wardrobe? Yes, I think it is cute and it allows me to cover up, while working out.

So I wanted to see what the hype was about. I like the company, I like the clothes, are they my favorite. No but they are cute and will serve me well.

The shipping took about a week to get to me. They have to ship from over seas. It was shipped with UPS. Each item came in its own bag, and had a very nice high quality tag attached.

I may be ordering a different pair of leggings, from them. However, not this particular type.

Thanks for reading again, and have a great day.

Pants that pass the THICC girl booty test…squee!

My booty, but more importantly this pattern fabric is fantastic

Did you hear that all they way over there? That squee of delight when I just tried these pants on last night. I ordered these pants to try them out, and I did a 2.5 hours of training in Muay Thai and Kali. I got them on recommendation from my trainer/coach in Muay Thai. She uses them, and I thought, hey I will give it a try.

I am always on the look out for good workout tights. I work out about 5 to 6 days a week. So I need pairs of tights that will perform, not break down after two washes, have some compression (the ugly truth is I have loose skin from losing 70 lbs), are comfortable to wear and fit over my posterior, and bonus is they have awesome patterns and styles. However, as I have children and a family I could not just buy all the things I wanted. I decided to try one pair of pants.

I will give you all the pros and cons of these pants so far as I see them. I got the Dragon Skin Next Level Leggings.


  • They don’t use the “standard” size numbering system, that was developed not taking into account different bodies of all different kinds of women. They use their own models names, and measurements. If you get your measurements and order by that, you will have a great fitting garment.
  • The stitching is strong and stands up to vigorous exercise. (Note: Thighs that rub together. )
  • The fabric feel fantastic its silky and thick, wicks sweat, and moves with your body as you do your exercise. It does not feel cheap.
  • It passed the panty test. (When standing you cannot see the panties through too shear fabric, also normal stretching and bending did not reveal any view of panties.) (I have had tights that you could read the writing on them through the pants just standing there.)
  • The pants stay up, no rolling or sliding down the body.
  • It passes the thicc booty test. (When you have a larger posterior, often times patterns will get distorted and look horrible if they are stretched over an area. It also draws attention those areas that are larger and you may not want to have attention drawn to. As you can see the stretch was perfect and did not distort the pattern. )
  • Last but not least they have fantastic customer service. (They noticed right after I ordered that they were out of the pants I ordered. I had not been to my computer so I did not see the email. In a mater of 24 hours customer service person Chloe had emailed me that they did not have my pants, and did I want to change it, or for the trouble cancel and get money toward a different order? Then in the next hour she emailed me once more that she found them in their Canadian store and was going to have the Canadian fulfillment center send them to me. Heidi was fantastic from the Canadian side as well. )


  • For me really the only con so far is that pant leg is long on me. I am a short person. 5 foot, so everything is long on me. But really its not all that much of a con. I am going to try their capri’s next. You can see them bunched up around my ankles in the pictures.

Now about packaging. Generally when I go to the store, I have been trying to use less disposable bags. So I did not think I would care about the packaging for this. However, I think they used just enough packaging to ensure that my garment got to me safely, but made the packaging meaningful. I love the little details. The purple-pink of the outer packaging, and the washing instructions on the outer brown paper bag packaging. Both are recyclable and they brought a smile to my face. The best surprise was the tag that the pants had. If you were giving this to a friend, you could address the garment to them.

” In today’s society we are programmed to see each other as competition. At Grrrl, we are changing the game. We exist to break the cycle of competition, and band together as sisters.

As our newest member for the #GRRRLARMY, your initiation consists of letting another Grrrl know something great about her, because chances are, she doesn’t see it in herself.

Flip this card over and fill in the blanks. Sometimes it’s easier to write it down and hand it over. “

Other side:

” Hey Grrrl-FRIEND! I wanted to tell you that




Don’t forget, you were born perfect. You go Grrrl!”

You can see in the pictures below if you want. There is not much more to say. I was not paid for this review. It is just how I feel about this product.

I did find on their website that I could become an ambassador for them, and they will give me credit. They gave me a link I could give you, and a 20% off coupon that you can use when you decide to order. Even if they did not have the ambassador program, I would still support this company. It is doing good things for us girls/women/ladies out there. We need to lift up and support each other.

Here is my Thinks with Spinks link for you to try, and below is the coupon code.

20% off coupon code nom1yq8d

As always thanks for reading, and let me know what you think.