Muay Thai Seminar with Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute Day 2

Photo credit to MD Thai Boxing who took the group photo and said we could have it. This is the Day 2 of the seminar group photo.

5 hours of Muay Thai training. This was Day 2, and the final day. I cannot put into words, in a way that would do justice to how the seminar with with Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute was.

I am sore everywhere. I worked so hard and we drilled so hard, that I damn near vomited. It was fantastic. It was the hardest I have worked since I had that herniated disk in my back that was pressing on my sciatica nerve. I have been holding back just that last 10%…just cause I was/am scared of hurting myself again. However, it felt good to get in there and do it.

I am so proud of myself and my fellow student. I got a compliment from Kru Karo. I heard it by way of my Kru Krysta, that Kru Karo said, “she has great form.” Kru Krysta told me about it at lunch today. Then Kru Jason said I executed a set of knees and a drill fantastically.

As always I will try to put down what I remember, but I am pretty tired and wrecked right now. However, wrecked in a good way. =)

Kick Stance and Footwork

We started off with kick stance and of course footwork today. Because in Thai Boxing or Muay Thai, the footwork and kick stance are everything. If you are not in the right stance, it makes everything you do be it striking, or countering, or shielding that much harder.

Drill with elbow and knee

  1. Left hand reaches
  2. Right hand pushes opponents arm at elbow away from you
  3. Left hand Tachmalach #8 elbow
  4. Left hand head control
  5. Right hand bicep control
  6. Right curved knee

Clench Work

We worked on entries and how to get into a full plumb clench and how to remove a person when they have a full plumb clench on you.

Clench Counters and Entries

This is a drill we did today.

  1. Your opponent reaches out and tries to grab you in a clench with their left arm
  2. You pinch their arm with your shoulder and head
  3. Slap their arm down and out of the way
  4. You grab their neck in full clench
  5. Duck Stance
  6. Stand Tall
  7. Bracing your elbows on their collar bones


#1 Cross Face

  1. If you arms are outside their clench
  2. Push their face away with palm of your hand
  3. Swim in your arms to clench
  4. Duck stance

#2 Wedge Over and Under Prayer Hands

  1. Opponent has full plumb on you
  2. Control elbow on one side
  3. Opposite elbow you wedge over arm you don’t control, and under the arm you do control
  4. Make prayer hands under your opponents arm
  5. Drop your elbow to your hip
  6. This will get them to release their hand

#3 Spike Elbow to the Bicep

  1. Opponent has full plumb on you
  2. Control elbow on one side
  3. Opposite elbow you bring your arm over, and grab elbow you control
  4. Drop your weight and elbow to your hip
  5. This will cause the opponents arm to release from your neck
  6. Elbow your opponent and swim in for full plumb
  7. Duck Stance

#4 Pull down and Push Up

  1. Opponent has full plumb on you
  2. Control their elbows
  3. Hip in
  4. Pull down on one elbow while pushing up on the other elbow
  5. knee the thigh
  6. curve knee to body
  7. Swim in and get plumb
  8. Duck stance

I know there were two more but I can’t remember them right now.

Skip Knee #2

We worked on these and I got complimented on my form and flexibility. I am a short person and I can knee another person as high as my shoulders. It is tiring but I can do it. I have some things to work on because I am far from perfect.

To practice getting over shin blocks Ajarn Chai recommends that we curve them over a chair. This will help with our form and make us stronger.

For a burn out after drills he had us doing the following:

  1. Clench
  2. #6 elbow
  3. Off balance opponent
  4. 6 rapid skip knee #2
  5. Spin opponent out
  6. Double Kick
  7. Teep

Third Man Out

We did a really cool drill called Third Man Out. This was a 4 minute round. Where we are clenching with our partner and we have a third person with their glove on the man in the middles shoulder. We then clench and try to get the upper hand. Whistle blows and the one holding onto the back of the other takes their place, and clench spars with the third person. One person is clenching and sparing for 4 minutes total, while your opponent changes.

This may not be a great description but its the best I can do. My body is tired and ready to sleep. =)

Thai Boxing Association 4 count Left Kick to Right

We worked on a 4 count L to R. Where you either cut step to left kick, then over hand punch, body shot hook, and then right kick.

The other version was doing the same but instead of cut stepping, you take a step forward with the right leg. This is done to close the distance.

Lean Back to Avoid High Kick

We worked on a lean where if you see a head kick coming you step back with your back foot, and lean back dropping your opposite hand. The key was to make your shoulder level with the other. If you leave it out you can have your shoulder dislocated.

Drill with Lean Back

  1. Opponent throws high kick
  2. you lean back avoid kick
  3. come back with a over hand jab (like you have a jug of water and you turn your hand to empty it out)
  4. upper cut
  5. Left kick

Bleed Power off Rear kick to Your left with Counters

One of the last things we did was a drill where you bleed off the power of an incoming kick. Instead of catching it though you step off the line, then hit them with an overhand jab, and follow it with more strikes. Here is the drill.

Drill with Bleed Power of Rear Kick to Your left

  1. Opponents round house kick is coming to your left hand side
  2. You step out 45 degrees with your right foot this bleeds off the power
  3. As you step off at 45 degrees you throw an over hand jab that comes down on their face from top
  4. Upper cut
  5. Double rapid torso kick
  6. Teep opponent away

We did this drill for 3 minutes to get the technique down. Each partner got a chance to work on this drill once. Then the next one, we were supposed to go as hard as we could for 3 minutes. Put the power into it. After that was a 30 second burn out drill with mackatune, Skip knees #2 for duration of time, and then double kicks right at the end.

This dam near killed me. It was great and so very hard. I did not stop I did not take a breather. I did keep going. Even though I was going a little slower than I started. We did this after nearly 5 hours of training. My muscles were screaming at me, and I was hitting a wall where I did not think I could physically pull more out of them. But I did and I did it.

I know this post was more of a list, but at this point that is all I have the juice for.

I got the best compliment from the man, the legend himself. Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute himself. He said, “You have great discipline!” Our school, really emphasizes the respect and honor you have to have for the art and the people. So we always wai when we should. He really wants to make sure that we keep the honor and the discipline in our martial arts. Throughout his seminar, he would stop other people who did not salute/bow/wai to their opponent. Ask them who their teachers were, and they and their teachers have to do 100 push ups. Because he said, “its your teachers fault to.” You wai ( means to salute, bow, with hands clasped together) before every drill with your partners, and you wai to your instructors. This shows your respect for your partner, your respect for the art of Muay Thai, and for your Kru and Ajarn (teachers, instructors).

The other honor he gave me, was he personally invited me and my fellow teammate to the Muay Thai Camp that is put on by the TBA (Thai Boxing Association). This is a 4 day camp. Where you live, think, and breath Mauy Thai. If I did this I would have to start training hard to get the endurance up. This is such an honor, because, this is normally only for instructors and students are allowed only if the instructor okay’s it and recommends it. I am not an instructor nor nowhere near one.

I have to think about this. I really want to, but I have to think about logistics and economics of it. I will have to make my decision soon, as it is in July.

Kru Krysta, one of my instructors really wants me to go too. So I have that vote already. =)

What this seminar did for me, was it made me realize how much I have learned, and do honestly know. Hearing other Kru from other schools say I have great form and execute the move properly was amazing. Such a huge boost for my feelings about adequacy in my martial arts. I let myself work at 100% which I have been afraid to do. Having Ajarn Chai compliment my work the first day and then invite us to camp was amazing.

This seminar was amazing and I really believe a pivotal point in my training so far. That is all my brain can dump out right now. I met some amazing people and I hope to see them again.

Thank you for reading. I see I have a new reader that is following this blog so welcome to you. I am still amazed that you all are reading it. Keep being awesome, and keep working on being the best you that you can be.

Workout Deviation… There’s more of hummus, than of ill humors about me.

I debated posting this to my blog. I like to be uplifting and helpful. But I like to be completely honest about my feelings, and how even though I workout 5 to 6 days a week I still have bad days.

Workout: 35 minute run and core workout

Do you ever feel like a… your a joke to others? I take pictures to keep video/picture history of my progress. But end up taking 100 pictures to just to get one I don’t hate. I have had people ideate in the past that I am vain and just want to show off. But that could not be further from the point. It often makes me feel like I should just stop sharing. Oh boy and some days I just want to delete the videos because who boy are they horrible. Or at least I think I look horrible.

I don’t know if this ill humor is cause I did not sleep well, or if I am spoiling for aunt flow’s visit. If I may adopt quote “blot of mustard, crumb of cheese, fragment of underdone potato,” there’s more of hummus than of ill humors about me. =P Well that amused me a little.

But I am having one of those days were I just did not want to do my workout because I felt like it was or I was a joke, it was not getting me anywhere, and every picture I took of me I hated.

Here was what I did if you are interested:
1) 20 minute stead state run
2) Pike crunches reps – 20, 16, 16
3) Bicycle crunches reps – 20, 20, 20
4) Dead Bugs 3 reps of 40 seconds

I workout 5 to six days a week, but these are the feelings I still deal with. I did not do the workout I had set up for my week, but I did do something, and got some core in so that is good.

I hope this does not bring you all down. Keep being awesome and striving to be a better you. Thanks for reading.

Healthy Lunch…Breezy Caprese Salad

This my take on a fast Caprese salad. I used tomatoes, cucumbers, dried basil because I forgot to get fresh basil at the store, and mozzarella pearls. For the dressing I used balsamic vinegar and a garlic olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper to taste.

This is quick, easy, healthy, and most importantly delicious.


  • Tomatoes diced
  • cucumber diced
  • pearl mozzarella
  • balsamic
  • garlic infused olive oil you can sub regular olive oil
  • basil fresh preferably or dried
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Chop veggies to bite size
  • Toss veggies and mozzarella
  • in a separate bowl lightly mix oil, salt, pepper, and basil. Drizzle with dressing and enjoy


Calories 253, Fat 17.7 g, Fiber 3.7 g, Carbs 11.6 g, Sodium 146 mg, Protein 17.1 g

Thanks for reading this far. Let me know what you think if you get to try this.

Fitness Journey…Annual Check Up 3/19/2019, how did I do?

I got myself a treat for adulting and doing the adult thing of going to my doctor.

The dreaded annual check up. I have a fear of doctors. Bad doctors and bad bedside manner when I was very young and in and out of hospital for my uterine problems… left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Tests tests, and more tests were their go to. Also had doctors tell me at the age of 12 I would never have children. Well I hiked up my big girl panties and decided I should get in for an annual heck up.

(note: I am not a doctor and you should go see your doctor if you think something is wrong. Don’t be like me… =) )

1st Doctor visit 3/13/2019

I am happy to announce that I am healthy. Well for the most part. My High Density Lipoproteins -HDL, and Low Density Lipoprotiens -LDL’s are perfect, my blood pressure is perfect, my triglycerides are slightly elevated but doctor is not at all worried about that. I am severely Vitamin D deficient, and doc is checking into me passing protein in my urine. More to come about that.

Nurses scared me saying I needed to come in for a consult due to triglycerides, and that my vitamin D levels were slightly low. So me being me I looked up triglycerides and vitamin D deficiency on WebMD and of course I found I am dying everything from kidney failure, to Cancer. (Note: I am saying this all tongue and cheek I don’t really believe I am dying but it is common when you look up symptoms there.) The nurse got them mixed up. She mentioned fixing my diet, drinking more water and getting more exercise. After which my brain went to, ok how do I tighten my diet up more, how do I squeeze in another workout, and I am going to have to drink more than 3 liters of water a day!

My triglycerides are fine, but my vitamin D levels are dangerously low. In reality Doc wanted to talk to me about the vitamin D and get me on vitamin D supplement.

The day in a half between doctor appointments I became an “expert” as much as I could on Vitamin D, Triglycerides, and protein in urine. =) Googling everything was what I did.

Did you know that vitamin D affects more than just your bones and calcium absorbtion? I did not. Also blocks the release of parathyroid hormone that will absorb calcium in your bones and make them brittle. It helps with muscle function and growth. It aids in your immune function. Research and controversy surround vitamin D’s affect on the body. Some researchers hesitantly say that it may prevent, breast, colon, and prostate cancer. But not enough evidence to prescribe for prevention. Some research points to vitamin D preventing and treating, Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and Multiple Sclerosis. Also

Passing protein in my urine. This was the only other thing that had him concerned. So I looked that up. Most of the responses online were about kidney failure or about cancer. That did not help me at all. But you can also have this happen if you have a UTI, or stones, or a few other things.

2nd Doctor Visit for Vitamin D and protein 3/14/2019

Doctor visit went well, he has me on daily Vitamin D supplements. He is concerned about the protein in my urine. He said it might be dehydration so he had me do a test again. Doctor said everything else looks good. Nurse was mistaken. Triglycerides are fine, and he is not worried about any of my other numbers. I look healthy.

You might be wondering what a severe deficiency in vitamin D is. My score was 10, and a deficiency is 40 still. You want to shoot for a 50 to 60 point score. So I am very severely deficient. Yay me!?!

I said to my doctor I don’t know how I will add any more exercise into my life. I workout 5 to 6 days a week.

He laughed and said, “no you don’t have to do that. You do enough.”

I sighed and said thank you, cause I could not figure out how to add more to my schedule.

I got a call from the nurse saying they see protein again, and he wanted to see me. So again we go back in.

3rd Doctor Visit for protein 3/19/2019

I go in, and Doctor asks about my supplements. I said I take BCAA’s and all my other vitamins. He thinks that the protein in my urine may be from the BCAA’s. What ever supplements your body does not use will be excreted in your urine. This is natural. So he is having me not take any BCAA’s for the next week. We will test my urine to make sure that it is what is causing the protein.

He also wanted me to get an ultrasound just in case. I went today to get an renal ultrasound. Everything looks great. I do not have any kidney stones, I don’t have any cysts in my kidneys, I don’t have any fluid build up, and my kidneys look great.

Picture of my kidneys!

So now I wait to see what happens. To see if it is the BCAA’s that are adding protein in my urine. After that I don’t know what other tests we will be doing. Doctor keeps telling me that I am healthy and not to worry. He just wants to make sure its the BCAA’s

So I am healthy… for the most part. We just need to see what that protein is and where it is coming from.

On a side note:

The imaging center I went to get my ultra sound at looked and felt like a spa. I was surprised at how nice it was.

In the end on the way home. I was so happy that my test came back great, and I don’t have another kidney stone and have been stone free for 3 years. That I got myself a treat. An Oreo custard ice cream sandwich. It was so tasty.

Thanks for reading as always. Have a great day! I am off to my Martial Arts training for the night.