Workout/Martial Arts 05/04/2020: At Home Workout I Am Loving, and Seeing Results

This week was blissfully quietly busy, uneventful (wait except for when our router died and we had no internet for all of 4 hours… the apocalypse is far less bearable without it. Also H can’t work from home without an internet connection so we fixed that fast.), and wonderful. I don’t know about everyone out there reading this, but this last 6 weeks has been a roller coaster, of emotions, anxiety, and uncertainty for me.

However, even if we are stuck at home I still have my goals and dreams. I had to change how I was getting there, but that is normal in life. You will run in to an obstacle and have to figure out how to adapt or stop. I don’t want to stop, I refuse to stop, so I adapt.

I hope you are all doing well. Anyway today is mothers day and I did my final workout of the week today. H has made breakfast, lunch, and is now making dinner. I have not had to set foot in the kitchen at all today. Happy Mother’s day to those of you out there that are mothers, mother figures, dads who are dad and mom, and any other type of mom forms.

I got 5 days of workouts in this week… some days it felt like an achievement to get out of bed and get everything else done. I am loving doing a calisthenic workout based on a word of the day. I got the idea from the SheFit challenge. I made my own graphic to do my own words.

Try it out if you want.

Here are my workouts for the week:

Monday 05/04/2020: 37 minute workout SheFit Challenge Day 29 one day left

Workout #1: I plan on doing some Muay Thai Training later… we will see if I can convince H to help me out.

I felt good today, Yay!

Only two more days in the #Shefit30 Challenge. It is Day 29! The words for today were E.N.D. and S.T.R.O.N.G. 👑 Shefit

I did this in a super set. Both words at the same time, with only a 30 second rest between each set. I did each set x 3 today.

E. 15 Push-Ups
N. 15 Jump Lunges
D. 30 Sec. Plank

S. 30 Sec. Fast Feet
T. 20 Hip Dips
R. 30 Crunches
O. 30 Sit-Ups
N. 15 Jump Lunges
G. 15 Burpees

Workout #2: 30 minutes – 1 mile run, and Muay Thai training.

After my run which was beautiful, I worked the bag today. Sadly I could not convince H to train with me today. Also I saw flowers I don’t know what they are, but I love them.

I focused on Jab, Cross, Hook combo, with knees on the bag burn outs. My goal was to move with the bag and avoid it. Trying to work slips, bob and weaves in, and getting out of striking range.

Tuesday 05/05/2020: 30 minute workout SheFit Challenge Day 30 last day of challenge

dead tired on the mat

I did not win anything during the challenge, but I did find a workout system that is loads of fun, and puts a lot of variety into my workouts.

Today is it. The last day of #SHEFIT30 CHALLENGE, its DAY 30! The words are O.W.N. T.H.E. C.R.O.W.N. 👑

I had an early morning. Today was working at the bakery day. So that means I get up at 4, and have to be in. I did not sleep well last night because a family member was up with GI problems last night. So I was exhausted when I got home. Fed the family lunch and then passed out. I powered through this workout and after I got going I had loads of fun.

I did it in a superset. All three words at once, then gave myself a 30 second rest between sets. Completing each set x 3

O. 30 Sit-Ups
W. 15 Supermans
N. 15 Jump Lunges
T. 20 Hip Dips
H. 10 Tricep Dips
E. 15 Push-Ups
C. 20 High Knees
R. 30 Crunches
O. 30 Sit. Ups
W. 15 Supermans
N. 15 Jump Lunges
What was your victory today? What did you push through and get done?

Also H says he can see changes in my body… woot!

Thursday 05/07/2020: 1 hour calisthenics workout and Muay Thai Training

Workout: 1 hour workout and Muay Thai conditioning

Really tired today. Woke up at 4 am went to work at the bakery today and with the events that happened today I did not get a nap in. So really had to push myself to get this workout in. But I am really happy I did. Wore one of my favorite shirts that says, “Fight like a Grrrl”.

Done in a superset, each superset done x 3

1) 10 Tricep Dips
2) 30 Sit Ups
3) 20 hip dips each side
4) 30 inclined pull ups
5) 45 seconds lift legs and arms off mat and hold
6) 20 Side Hops
7) 20 Push Up then lift opposite leg and arm

10 minutes of jump rope

3 minutes rapid kick on heavy bag left leg ( goal is speed and accuracy not power)

3 minutes rapid kick on heavy bag right leg
( goal is speed and accuracy not power)

Friday 05/08/2020: 38 minutes – Run and Calisthenics

Workout: 38 minutes- 13 minute 1 mile run and 25 minute calisthenics workout


I myself am actually seeing some results. Like I actually see them! Woot! It’s nice to start seeing them again. Also got my run in before this freak cold front and possible snow storm in May happening tonight through this weekend.

I chose the word ZOMBIE for my workout today. Will add the alphabet workout list I made in comments.

Do these exercises as a superset. I did the whole word x 3.

Z) 15 Diamond Pushups

O) 30 Sit Ups

M) 30 Plank Jacks

B )20 Squat Jumps

I) 25 Standing Knee Crunches

E) 15 Push Ups

I love that I am seeing results, and that run felt good and faster. Part of my brain says it’s the clothing but. I am trying to ignore that small voice. I am going to try to enjoy this feeling.

Sunday 05/10/2020: 1 hour 30 minute calisthenics and Muay Thai training

Workout: 1 hour and 30 minute- 28 minutes calisthenics and 1 hour of Muay Thai training

Mother’s Day workout was fantastic.

The word I picked out today was: GET BUFF

I did both of these words in a superset with only 30 seconds of rest between the set. Do each superset x3

G) 15 Burpees ( I can tell I am getting better at these I can do 10 before I gmhave to slow down woot!)
E) 15 Push Ups
T) 20 Hip Dips

B ) 20 squat jumps
U) 30 Bicycle Crunches
F) 1 min Wall Sits (gave legs 10 seconds before starting second set)
F) 1 min Wall Sits

1 hour Muay Thai training:

1) jab, cross, rear uppercut
2) jab, cross, rear uppercut, lead body hook
3) jab, cross, rear uppercut, lead body hook, cross
4) jab, cross, rear uppercut, lead body hook, rear leg kick
5) Perry incoming jab, return cross, jump offline to lead leg kick, dodging incoming hook.

It’s the little tweaks that we are working on like taking the seconds off of resetting between cross and rear uppercut that we are training. Or the making the transition smoother from cross to hop leg kick/dodge.

I am exhausted and woot!

Well that is it. That was my week of workouts. I can actually see progress… Where as before its hard to see I can see it now. Yay! I had what I thought was a normal week, but in retrospect there was a lot going on. The week was busy but it was not terrible. Not only did we need a new router, I made a lot of good food (chimichurri steak tacos, healthier mango sticky rice), and started my own yeast colony.

Tell me about your week. Let me know if you have any questions. Do you celebrate Mother’s day where you live? I think we should support and love those that take care of and love us.

Would you like a recipe for chimichurri steak tacos?

Thanks as always for reading. If you like this or other posts like this, like, comment and subscribe if you want to see more.

Martial Arts 09/03/2019: Muay Thai – Balance is king, Boxing, (High, Mid, and Low line)

Woo this month in Muay Thai we are focusing on boxing. For the more advanced students Kry Kristen is focusing on the more technical side of boxing. She mentioned when she started Muay Thai she would throw noise punches out there that did not do anything just to get to kicks, however, when she figured out how to pivot and move her feet properly to get power into her punch it changed her game entirely. Anyway this week I completed 6.75 hours of training.

Tuesday 9/03/2019 – 2 hours of training Muay Thai and Kali

Muay Thai – Boxing, Technical training, (High, Mid, and Low Line)

So I know people learn in one of 4 ways. When I was a child they tested me and found I learn all 4 ways equally. This is… wait, I just read an article stating that the learning styles are not exactly accurate… however, when I was a little girl… Hrm… that makes me sound really old. But non the less… when I was little, they tested me and I learned all 4 ways equally. What are the 4 ways you ask? (Memorization, Visual, Auditory, and Doing/manual manipulation) Apparently your preferred method of learning changes based on what you are doing. You don’t learn math just verbally, and you can’t learn language very well just by seeing pictures. So what I was going to say goes out the window.

However, that all being said, and my verbose description aside, for me and martial arts visual seeing it done, verbal, and writing it down is really helping me. So I am going to make another chart for boxing ranges and High/Mid/Low lines shots. Here is the chart below.

For today’s class, Kru Kristen was explaining the different areas for strikes in boxing. How if your opponent goes for the high line, you drop your level and hit say a hook to mid section of your opponent and get the mid line etc. If the go low, you guy high, or mid line. She did not want to be to esoteric but thinking of the opponents body in terms of shapes and areas in those shapes to strike are helpful she said. For me this description is very helpful. I love the thought of this. I am an artist and I think and see shapes all the time. I see the way things are made up, so thinking of my opponent in shapes and how they are made up, to see where to hit in response to something just made a light go on. (see doll above, for shapes and strike areas)


  1. 1 x 3 minute round jump rope warm up
  2. 1 x 3 minute round plus sign range management drill
  3. 1 x 3 minute round plus sign range management drill with 1/4 turns
  4. The goal of this drill is to focus on pivot, and foot placement on the punches, the head movement and the deep step, then the shoulder check to close range. You are going to be in the inner mid line with the hook before you bob and shoulder check.
  5. Jab
  6. Cross
  7. Hook
  8. Cross
  9. Bob
  10. Deep step in to right side of opponent and shoulder check
  11. Either get out, or continue to press the strikes
  12. Cross to Hook burn out drill
  13. The goal of this drill is the same, pivot, foot placement, and range management, also adding change in level of strikes.
  14. Jab
  15. Cross
  16. Hook to body
  17. Hook to head
  18. Bob
  19. Deep step in to the right side, and shoulder check
  20. Either get out, or continue to press the strikes
  21. Body hook, Head Hook, Cross burn out drill

    Windshield wiper shoulder bump drill
  22. Windshield wiper = Lead hand covers belly, rear hand covers side of face usually on lead side face. Reverse when bobbing other side, rear hand covers belly, lead hand covers face.
  23. Foot work, is female triangle, or rear step out to side of opponent.
  24. Bob with lead shoulder toward opponent doing windshield wiper
  25. Bump shoulders
  26. Bring feet back together, and hands up covering face
  27. Step with lead foot to lead foot to side of opponent
  28. Bob with rear shoulder toward opponent doing windshield wiper
  29. Bump shoulders

    Windshield wiper shoulder bump drill with hook, or uppercut
  30. Foot work, is female triangle, or rear step out to side of opponent.
  31. Bob with lead shoulder toward opponent doing windshield wiper
  32. Bump shoulders Bring, throw a hook/upper cut to opponents head (for drill shoulder so you don’t hurt your opponent)
  33. Step with lead foot to lead foot to side of opponent
  34. Bob with rear shoulder toward opponent doing windshield wiper
  35. Bump shoulders throw a hook/upper cut to opponents head (for drill shoulder so you don’t hurt your opponent)

Kali – 6 count drills

In Kali today we covered the basic 6 count drills. It was nice to work on something we have done before and we have the muscle memory for it already. Some days its nice not having to tax you brain. Muay Thai did that for us today already, so tonight was nice. I turned off my brain and just went through the movement. I tried to make my movements more smooth. Tried being the operative word there.

Wednesday 9/04/2019 – 1 hours of training Muay Thai

We worked on the same things we did yesterday, however, today we added one more drill. Also I worked with a girl who is brand new and because of that I went slower, tried to help teach her how to hold pads, and just made sure she was comfortable. While I go slower, I work on my form. Today I worked on my pivot and the escapes.

Escapes we worked on:

  1. Lateral step in and bump with shoulder to mid section, then bump with other shoulder to create space.
  2. Boogie out ( a way to get out of the corner, or cut a corner)
  3. Quarter turned out and side shuffle out

Warm Up:

  1. Monster walks with resistance band forward and backward across the mat
  2. Side lounges across the mat with resistance band down and back across the mat
  3. Contra Lateral Movement, bear crawls, side ways across the mat and forward and backward across the mat
  4. Agility Ladder drill – Ali Shuffle x 3 minute round

Found the Agility Ladder drill on youtube so you can see it:

New combo we worked on today:

  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. Lead upper cut
  4. Cross
  5. Quarter turn and side shuffle out

Today was a good day. Kru Kristen complimented me on my form and movement. She said the more I get into boxing stance. The more I move properly. I am using my body for my strikes and moving my head. That is great news, because when I spar I tend to feel very stationary. I need to learn to move and keep my movement dynamic.

Thursday 9/05/2019 – Took today off, scoliosis was hurting me and causing headaches all day.

Friday 9/06/2019 – 1.75 hours of training Muay ThaiBalance is king, and making your Thai pretty

I love working with Tony, he has a different perspective and he has points of view I had not thought of. When you train with a instructor in Muay Thai, and you go out there in the world, you are representing your trainer/instructor. Muay Thai practitioners really believe, that you represent all of your instructors. (I to believe this, and try to show respect in all things, and only do what would make my instructors proud.) I have mentioned it before, but when you learn from a instructor, when they take you under their wing and decide to teach you, they are taking you into their family. They are taking you into their lineage.

I am lucky and honored to have Tony, Kru Kristen, and Khun Kru Krysta instructing me.

Today while we were training he talked with us about making our Thai pretty. We are representing him out there in the world and he loves it when people recognize his families art as pretty. He emphasized taking the power out of the kicks and the knees. He wants us to put them out there, make them pretty, work on our balance and then the power comes later. He really likes us to feel our bodies and how they work. You can see this in the warm ups we do. I really love the differences between my instructors. I get the best of so many worlds.

I started my workout 30 minutes before class started.


  1. 5 minutes of stretching
  2. 5 minutes walking knees across the mat
  3. 10 minutes bag work for, working on kicks, teeps to kicks, and closing the distance for knees
  4. 10 minutes of windshield wiper bump drill first on bag, then with partner

Training in class:

  1. 10 minutes of jumping rope
  2. 1 round of easy walking kicks to shields, using both orthodox and south paw stance.
    1. (He wanted us to losen up our hips, get our body moving, and feel how our hips move. Because all to often we are tight we are holding our hands up to cover our faces which is good, but then we tighten everything else.)
  3. 1 round of rear driving knees
  4. 20 push ups
  5. 1 round of pad holding for your partners rear driving knees.
    1. (Tony emphasized that the pad holders responsibility is to hold well for your partner. If they are shorter you should lower your stance and hold it lower for them. His contention is that yes a shorter person can kick higher, but that is a different motion and different kick, than say a torso kick at the shorter person level.)
  6. 20 push ups
  7. 1 round of lead teep, to switch step to lead knee.
    1. (The key here is balance. You want to be able to teep a person to stop them from coming forward, but not eject them. You then want to have your shield up for the second before you switch step into a driving knee.)
  8. 20 push ups
  9. 1 round of holding pads for your partner
    1. (The key here is that he wants the pad holder to not move back on the teep, and to get enough resistance and push back that the knee-er knee is pushed back down and then can get back into stance again. We need to be good pad holders so that our partner can work the drill correctly too. )
  10. 20 push ups
  11. 2 rounds of sets of 50 machine gun kicks.
    1. ( We worked both sides. after about the 200th kick I was gassing. He wanted the power taken out of it and for us to feel the movement and get the speed in. We ended up doing about 250 kicks per round)

Today was a great day of class. I loved it. I am glad I took the day yesterday. I could have pushed through but the way I was feeling was not conducive to a great training day. Some days I just have to take it off. I am slowly coming to grips with that.

Also today I was working on putting more weight on my back leg, and less on my front leg. I have a habit of leaning forward in my stance and that is not good. I makes me slower and less able to react quickly and reduces my power. Tony wants us to feel our bodies and how they move. I noticed my driving knees were so much more powerful when I just leaned back more on my rear leg. This was a light bulb moment for me. We are told to do just that lean back more, but it is hard to feel/see what they are talking about till you drill it out and figure it out on your own body.

Saturday 9/07/2019 – 2 hours of training Muay Thai and Staffwaking up on the wrong side of the bed

Today was one of those days where when you wake up and all the little things that irritate you or upset you through the day add up, you wish you just had not gotten out of bed. Yeah… today was that day. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed as I heard my elders say when I was a wee little girl.

I won’t list all the things that made it bad, or annoying, or sad, just that it was, and so it colored my day. It also made me doubt myself and have to cut out of staff class just to go check that I had unplugged a waffle iron. I wanted to make sure I did not burn the house down. So I missed a good half of staff class.

I had the pleasure of working with my trainer/instructor Khun Kru Krysta and I got to see all of my Thai family and my Kali family. That was nice. I shown up, and I tried to put the work in. As my friend said to me today, “even if you only put in 25% while you are here, you are here and you tried. You did not give up when you had a bad day!” So yeah I did that.

Training today was all things we have done and have been studying. This is good. This is great, because I did not have to over think what I was doing. I could just let for the most part muscle memory take over. Even though I felt like the kicks I was putting in were terrible. I was putting them in, and correcting as I was going.

Staff – We worked on various redondos and backhands.

Striking/Muay Thai Class – we worked on catch, parry, and returning 4 counts to opponent, teeping them and then getting out.

This is a video of me working on some of the drills we did in class. As you can see I am working on my technique. I am just not 100% today.

Well I hate ending on a down note. Wait a second it is not a down note. I went to class I worked things out. I did not let the little things stop me. I might have had a moment here and there that got me down, but I worked through it.

Thank you all for reading. If you have any questions feel free to ask. My respect to you and I hope you follow your dreams to become the best you that you can be.

Thursday Muay Thai and Kali… Boxing/Feeding, Double Ordabis, Finding my niche?

2 hours of Muay Thai and Kali training. In Muay Thai this month we are working on our boxing. In kali we were doing double stick , ordabis, and Saint Rafael.

Today was a mixed bag for me. I felt good boxing, and am working on my cross still. I got a compliment on my bob and weave. Conversely for Kali, I was frustrated… I kept making mistakes.

Muay Thai – Boxing/Feeding

In Muay Thai we are starting on focusing our boxing. We started with the Trigg 10.

Trigg 10: (this is a boxing drill that the feeder counts out the number and you execute the corresponding strike. Example: Feeder says 3 and you perform Jab Jab Jab.)

  1. Jab
  2. Jab Jab
  3. Jab Jab Jab
  4. Cross
  5. Cross Cross
  6. Cross Cross Cross
  7. Jab Cross
  8. Cross Jab
  9. Jab Jab Cross
  10. Cross Cross Jab

Now feeding is just as much a skill as knowing and executing the strikes. When you have a good feeder you look like a million bucks. They make you look good and can prevent injury. When a feeder is new and does not know how to provide the correct resistance with the pads you can hurt yourself. For instance when punching at a focus mitt. If the feeder does not respond with the correct force, you can hyper extend your elbow. I have had feeders that are new and go home with sore elbows. I have since learned that if a feeder is new and does not know how to feed. Even with coaching them on how, I will save myself and just not throw the punches in there with a lot of force. Better to work on form and not on speed and strength in those instances.

We worked on combination of throwing a double jab, responding to a strike with a backward u slip, then returning a cross, and then bobbing and weaving a cross. I got a good compliment on my bob and weave. Yay!

After that the more experienced students worked on a wall drill where we took turns punching at our fellow class mates while their back was to the wall and they had to move their heads to avoid the punches. Then we switched places. We had to move our heads and avoid the blows while our class mates punched at us. This is good for head movement and understanding how to avoid incoming strikes. This is all relatively light and we are not trying to take each others heads off with a punch.

Kali – Double Ordabis, Heaven Drill, and Saint Rafael

We worked on double stick today in Kali. There is a strike called the redondo. That is a strike that goes around the head. If it is a forehand strike then it is an Umbrella strike. If it is a back hand strike then it is a Ordabis.

Kali was a bit of a brain melt-er today. I have done these flow drills before, however, it was 4 or 5 months ago so I had to pull back in my memory banks and try to remember. However, towards the end I started to pick it up again. I took video of me doing the double ordabis with sticks pointed to heaven. Then the double ordabis flow drill with some standard strikes, and a heave 6 flow drill.

This was the Saint Rafael. I took video of it. I have not done this saint drill for months. I was pretty happy at how fast I picked it back up again. However, as you can see I am very rusty still.

Finding my niche?

So officially I have been studying and practicing Muay Thai and Kali for a year now. It seems that some people have their thing. That one thing that they are known for in the class to the team mates and to the instructors. One person say is fast, another is very agile, still the next has great kicks. I don’t feel I have a niche yet. It is kind of disappointing. I get compliments on my form, and on certain things. I have plenty to practice and fix. I have a long way to go before I am proficient in any one of these arts. However, I don’t have a niche yet. Nothing I stand out in.

I love kicks, I love teeps, I love take downs, and I love off balances. Kru Kristen says find something you love and work those all the time. I do and still have so far to go. I guess I am just feeling down about myself. I want to be good at something. Maybe one thing… right now I don’t feel like I have that niche. Will it come? Who knows? I will keep practicing and trying till I do get it, or find it.

That is all for tonight. I need to sleep. Have a good night. Thanks for reading.

2 Workouts… HIIT run, core…Muay Thai Trigg 10, Boxing 20, conditioning

So tired and dead, did not get off the floor to take photo.

I don’t often post about my Wednesday workouts. Just because they are the same as Monday or Tuesday. However today I had a great day! It kicked my butt in every way and I am going to feel it tomorrow in core, legs and arms. I am dead!

Workout #1: 42 minute HIIT run and core workout. 22 minute HIIT run. I got a twelve minute mile in woot.

V ups single leg
V ups double leg
Flutter kicks 
Kick back alternating leg

Workout #2: 1.5 hours of Muay Thai practice training. I left a puddle on the floor. We worked on the Trigg 10, and boxing 20, then did conditioning rounds. Regular conditioning rounds where we do three kicks on right three kicks on left and 4 knees then we push opponent away. After doing that a 4 times I finished off with. Two sets of 3 minute rounds. I did 56 kicks and 35 knees. I will need to get to 60 kicks and 40 knees a year from now if I want to do the Rank 1 test.

Here is a bonus video of me doing the boxing 20. When I stay more static for the first two sets my form and flow is much better. When in the last two sets I aggress I tend to square up my feet and lose my stance, and my flow gets choppier. We filmed so I can see it from an outside perspective.

So yay! Two workouts in. I am tired, and going to be sore tomorrow, but pushing now will give me results in the future.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday Mixed Striking and Krav… boxing cover and respond, double Leg take downs


Today I was feeling over all okay. Just a general feeling of meh. I got enough sleep because after work, I finished work at 10:45 pm, I passed out. I had some bad news yesterday where a friend and former coworker died this week. I have shed tears but over all… just been meh. But my workout was a blessed distraction from current emotions. Maybe not a great coping method but it was nice to make my body exhausted and focus on something else.

Three hours and 50 minutes of martial arts training. I am pooped. On Saturday we wake up early (that is 8 am to get to the gym by 10 am) and as a family take Krav Maga for an hour. Because don’t you know… that is what normal families do. Learn how to take down an assailant together. After Krav I practice Muay Thai with my husband for an hour while we wait for our Mixed Striking class. In the Mixed Striking class we can cover anything from Kali, to JKD, to Wing Chun, to Panantuken, to Silat, and Muay Thai. This class we worked on Muay Thai boxing.

One hour of Krav we worked on our boxing, and slipping. We did jab, cross, slip, cross, jab, slip drills. We did jab, cross, hook, slip drills. The goal is to get smoother in your movements and keep from getting hit. We moved into learning transitions to the double leg take down. How to shoot your leg in between your opponents leg, lift them up after bringing your other leg up, and dumping them on the ground. This is the only class that the kids and I attend together.

Here are two videos of me working on the jab, cross, slip, cross, jab, slip, and jab, cross, hook, slip. If you watch these are taken after about 3 hours and 30 minutes. I am tired, and my hands are dropping, I am not guarding my face as well as I should be. These are things that I have to keep working on.

jab, cross, slip, cross, jab, slip, drill
Jab, cross, hook, slip drill

After Krav we worked for an hour on various Muay Thai techniques, including a catching a kick between your bicep and fore arm in a tight bite. You then lift the leg and push forward with so the person falls over. Also how to lean into the person and clench up, if they catch your leg.

Her is a video of me doing that to my husband.

catch a kick and drop opponent on the ground

Mixed striking class we worked for one hour and 50 minutes on boxing, cover and responding to a hit. My slips seem to be getting tighter. The movement is getting tighter. However, I am still going to the side a bit still. I need to do more of a forward head movement. Tight head movements where I get off the line are the key, so I am improving. Then we did asymmetrical sparring. Where one person does only jabs and crosses and your opponent does hooks and upper cuts. This forces us to figure out how to get into the opponents box, and get our hits in. Also allows us to know what kind of hit is coming and helps in training.

Here is a video of me working on what we learned in class. I normally cut the videos down, so that you only see one move/drill but this I left long so that you can see how we drill different drills. Again this was taken after I have been at it for over 3 hours and 20 minutes. I am tired, and have a lot to work on. What you are seeing is:
1) Parry an incoming jab, high cover, return jab at same time, cross, hook, jab.
2) High cover, cross, and high cover, jab.
3) Cover body shot, to opposite upper cut.
4) When you see us stop we are talking about what I am doing wrong, and how to fix it.

Linner (lunch-dinner) was had afterward, cause we were all pretty hungry, and now I am at home under my electric blanket typing this out. Its cold and I want to nap. =) Full hibernation is pulling at me.

Thanks for reading this far, have a great weekend. I am going to rest now. Leave a comment if you want.

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First Workout of the Year

I completed my first workout of the year. Woot!

Today I went and worked on Muay Thai for 1.5 hours. Today is New Years day and we did not have class today so we thought we would get into the gym during open mat time and get some work in. More practice makes me better.

My goal for this session is to warm up with footwork. Being able to move helps you avoid being hit. Then work on cardio/conditioning rounds that fatigue the muscle. This makes it harder to execute the exercise and creates muscle memory during fatigue and stress. The theory is your body will know what to do in auto pilot when in a fight when you are tired and stressed out. Finally I always need to practice form and execution of the moves. The more practiced and relaxed I am the harder I hit.


  • I started off with a warm up of the agility ladder for 10 minutes, and then some stretching.
  • We then worked on the boxing 20 combination.
  • I then did a set of conditioning rounds that were 3 minutes each with 30 second rest period in between them. (I am a puddle of sweat and sucking air after those.)
  • We worked on four counts, they consist of left kick/cross/hook/right kick, left kick/cross/hook/left kick, right kick/jab/cross/left kick, right kick/jab/cross/right kick.
  • I then did another set of conditioning rounds that were 2 minutes each with 30 second rest period in between them. (I was dead after that.)
  • Worked on some elbows, off balancing your opponent, and clench work.

Then it was time to go home. I needed to make new years diner for us. Can I tell you that using the vegetable spiral noodle maker after punching tells you just where your muscles  are sore and tired. I need to remember to roll out my muscles later tonight.

It’s a special time in our family. New Year we celebrate on English New Year but with Japanese food. Because you see I am haffa, or half Japanese. So we had rice, chicken, and veggies. We ended with the traditional mochi and other special sweets. The kiddos loved it and we all enjoyed our time together.

It was a great way to punch in the New Year. Keep being awesome and kick some ass everyone. Happy New Year to you all. I hope this year is filled with love and happiness for you all.

(I added a video under Moving Pixels, it is of me doing a Thai 4 count. I am still a novice and have to work on so much, so keep that in mind while watching. I have received the Orange band or third band up.)

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