Training Martial Arts 01/18/2021: Train around your schedule.

You know those weeks where things don’t go as planned? Well in my years on this earth I have noticed it is more common than not. So instead of letting that bump in your schedule or the change of plans mess up your entire training regiment. Just roll with it.

I hear so many women telling me that they could not do something a X time because the baby woke up early from their nap. Or that they could not get into the gym, garage or other, because a work meeting ran late. Traffic was bad and it took an extra hour to get home.

Those things all happen, but if you keep several things in mind I think you can get past it.

  1. What are you training for? Keep in mind your goals. It will help you come up with ways around your messed up schedule.
  2. Find ways to wedge in your workout. There is time in the day to do something. It may not be what you planned, but you can do a 15 minute HIIT, or even just some calisthenics at home. Push-ups, sit ups, burpees, etc. You can do that at home. You don’t need equipment for that.
  3. I give myself an incentive. It may seem silly, but I may want a new piece of equipment to workout with, a new bra or clothing for my training. I will make a commitment to meet a certain goal, like keep to my habit of a weight lifting training day for three days a week. If I can keep that commitment for X period of time I will treat myself to whatever item I had my eye on.

    And if all else fails… and it will sometimes. You cannot always get around the bumps but you can roll with them. Go to # 4 in this list. Life happens and we all need to give ourselves a break at times.
  4. Give yourself grace and understanding. You may have had a huge day, traffic may have been really backed up. You may have just finally gotten a meal in and it is already 9 pm, you have work in the morning and you really don’t have time to do your normal or scheduled workout. It is ok to be busy, sometimes to busy to get it done that day. Either reschedule to do that one workout on your normal off day, or just let your body rest. If you try to force a workout in when you don’t have time to properly prepare/stretch you risk getting hurt.

I had one of those weeks. I did not get to all of my Shefit30 challenge workouts. I missed a day of Muay Thai training. And while it sucks to miss some of my workouts, I still got others in, and I did what I could.

Monday 01/18/2021 ~ 1 hour workout, 1 mile run, 31 minute Shefit30 day 15 challenge, 24 minute weight lifting

I was feeling frumpy and dumpy. I hate when I feel this way but it happens. I just pushed through and tried to focus on my workout. My friend and fellow Muay Thai teammates said just this last week, he is impressed with how much I workout, so I tried to focus on that.

1 mile run in the cold. Was good, good time, meh weather.

#shefit30 challenge: workout words of the day were F.L.E.X.l.T.U.P. I did it x3 sets

Weight lifting: was great, super tired after the run and shefit challenge though

#shefit30 challenge: 31 min – I did the words in a superset x3 this is what I added
F) 1 min wall sit
L) 15 mule kicks
E) 15 push-ups every two I would do a glut activation two leg raises
X) 20 double leg slaloms
I) 25 standing crunches each side
T) 20 hip dips each side
U) 60 bicycle crunches
P) 20 reverse lunges with a bicep curl on each

Weightlifting: 24 min

1) kneeling snow angels – 3x sets of 15 (10lbs dumbbells )
2) lateral raise to front raise – 3x sets of 10 (10lbs dumbbells)
3) kettlebell swings – 3x 1 minute (25 lb)
4) kettlebell figure 8s- 3x 30 seconds (25lb)
5) kettlebell goblet squat and shoulder press- 3x sets of 10 (25 lb)

Tuesday 01/19/2021: # 1 #shefit30 challenge day 16

I was really tired from getting up at 4 am for work this morning. I really thought about not getting this workout in. But I decided to push through.

I have Muay Thai training later tonight.

The word for today is S.H.E.R.O.V.I.N.T.A.G.E.

S) 30 seconds Fast Feet
H) 15 tricep dips
E) 15 push-ups after every two I did a glute activation with two leg raises
R) 60 fast crunches 30 pike crunches and 30 frog crunches
O) 30 sit ups with kettlebell presses
V) 20 donkey kicks each side
I) 25 standing crunches each side
N) 15 jump lunges
T) 20 hip tips each side
A) 30 star jumps
G) 15 burpees
E) 15 push-ups after every two I did a glute activation with two leg raises

Thursday 01/21/2021: 1 hour Muay Thai training

Today was a great day of training.

We got to try out Khun Kru Krysta’s leg pad today. It was pretty cool. Thank you Khun Kru!

It was nice to get in and just work the drills and focus on improving the small things.

Training: jumping jacks, elbow flurries, and double kicks drills for active recovery

1) jab, cross, rear downward diagonal elbow, jab, cross, lead downward diagonal elbow
2) held pads for H

3) jab, lead horizontal elbow, rear knee, rear kick
4) held pads for H

5) fake the jab, cross, lead side in elbow, rear knee lead kick
6) held pads for H

7) jab, cross, lead upward elbow, spinning back rear elbow, spinning back lead elbow, get out, rear downward diagonal elbow
8 ) held van pads for H

9) lead teep, lead kick, cross, rear side in elbow, tie up and run knees
10) held pads for H

Friday 01/22/2021: 40 minutes – #shefit30 challenge day 19

I took the two days off from the challenge. Went to Muay Thai training last night, and did the challenge words R.U.S.H.M.E.G.O. x3 as a super set.

Those ladies that can pull off working out and still look good I tip my hat to you. I just don’t. This is me in my sweaty red faces glory.

Also I am trying to like burpees, but I really don’t still. 🤣

Workout: R.U.S.H.M.E.G.O. x3 as a super set
Listed below my additions to up intensity

R) 60 fast crunches 30 pike, 30 frog
U) 60 bicycle crunches
S) 30 seconds fast feet
H) 15 tricep dips
M) 30 plank jacks
E) 15 push-ups with glute activation after every two, two leg lifts
G) 15 burpees
O) 30 sit ups with 20 lb kettlebell press at the top

Saturday 01/23/2021: 1 hour and 30 minutes oh Muay Thai training

Today was a great day of training. I tried to take video, but I was a silly person and got the wrong angle on the camera, so everyone’s head is cut off.


I took pics of the new iridescent pants, some of my fellow Grrrls wanted to see them on.

It was fun today. After class we spent 30 to 40 minutes sparring. 13 x 3 minute rounds.

It’s great when you get to a point where you can see openings in your opponent’s defenses. It’s even better when you can take advantage of them and land a hit. I was able to land some hits. However, when your opponent lands hits as well it’s is still… painful physically and emotionally… I am just kidding. But I do kick myself when a hit lands.

Training: jumping rope for warm up- jumping jacks, skip knees x25 and double kicks for active recovery.

1) jab, cross, rear knee, jab, cross, lead knee
2) held pads for H

3) jab, cross, lead horizontal elbow, rear downward diagonal elbow, rear knee, rear kick
4) held pads for H

5) fake the jab, cross, rear side in elbow, rear knee, rear kick, lead kick
6) held pads for H

7) jab, hook, lead horizontal elbow, rear knee, rear kick
8 ) held pads for H

9) lead shield, lead knee, lead kick, rear shield, rear knee, rear kick
10) held pads for H

Extra credit:
13 rounds of sparring

What are you doing for training? What do you do when you have a rough day, or a busy day? How do you work around your meetings that take too long?

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Training Martial Arts 01/11/2021: Training after care? How to take care of your body.

Unfortunately there is no easy replacements for your worn out body parts. We can’t go get new limbs, and parts when we wear out our current parts. So much like a vehicle you have to take care of your beautiful bio machine with a tune up.

Let me back up a bit. If you are just working out 1 to 2 times a week, you won’t need to invest in a lot of this. You probably can get away with just stretching, hydrating, showering, and getting a good snack in.

However, if you are working out 5 to 6 days week. Training on an intensive schedule, training for a competition, doing HIIT workouts, training in a striking martial art, and or just breaking your body down on the regular, then you will want to start some or all of these after care activities.

What is after care?
It is the care you take after your workouts to promote, improve, and help healing along. It is preventative measures, to help prevent bad injuries, and it helps reduce pain, help flexibility, and increase performance.

What should you do?
There are several articles out there that tell you to:
1) Hydrate – drink water, coffee, does not count – drink at least 3 liters of water a day. I try for a gallon a day.
2) Stretch – stretch, before and after workouts. Before just a little, after when you are warm go through the motions and just cool it down.
3) Fuel your body – snack after a workout so that you body has something to add to that furnace you started.
4) Sleep – One of the most elusive things for me admittedly. However, so important for your body to heal.

Yes those are all valid, and necessary. However, after a certain point in your training you will have to go further to keep your body running. These things are all the things I have had to integrate into my routines. Also know if you are just starting to work these in, you don’t have to do all at once. It can be daunting to have to add so many new things at once.

Here are the things you should add if you are training hard, training for a marathon, training for a fight, you name it. Here are the things I have added and have worked for me.

(all items below are pictured above and labled)

  1. Rolling With Foam Roller – Helps smooth out your fascia or the connective tissue that stretches through and over your muscles.
    • If you don’t roll, you can get adhesions of the facia to the muscle tissue. Injury, inactivity, or over use/repetitive movement, can cause these adhesions. Points of pain and inflammation, trigger points,, knots, and tightness.
    • When you do roll it can improve your performance. Reduces muscle soreness, tightness, and improves joint mobility
  2. Rolling out shins and muscles with Tiger Tail
    • Just like the foam roller above, it is used for massage of the muscles. This helps our performance.
    • For us in Martial Arts, particularly striking forms, we in Muay Thai use it to roll our shins. We kick bags, people, and dummies all the time. When we do we get bruises and bone bruises. These can make our shins feel like a key or bumpy. It can also making it painful when kicking. So we roll our shins with the tiger tail. It is not fun. It hurts a great deal, but the benefits out weight the negatives.
    • Benefits: Helps dissipate bruising faster. Helps flatting the calcium deposits in your shins that are accumulated to help heal the micro fractures. Helps with bone density, and eventually helps lessen the pain of kicking another persons shin. Note: I said lessen not make it go away entirely.
    • web sites to help you roll with your tiger tail
  3. Hypervolt (this was a costly investment, but was a birthday gift, that both H and I now get benefits off of)
    • Hypervolt is like a massage therapist in your own hands.
    • It increases blood flow to your muscles. Which helps healing and increased mobility and joint movement.
    • It does not require a professional to use it.
    • It can get into hard to reach areas, and pin point knots and adhesions that are hard to reach with just a flat foam roller. It has different attachments that allows you to put pressure in areas you need it most.
    • Keep it off of joints and bones. You only want to use it in/on the muscle.
  4. Lacrosse Ball
  5. Heating Pad
  6. Ice Pack
    • Just like heating it can greatly reduce the D.O.M.S. More importantly it constricts blood vessels and can reduce inflammation.
    • Alternately if you can afford it a cryo chamber session will greatly reduce inflammation and aids in healing and recovery. But the Ice Pack is an alternative. Especially during this pandemic.
    • Often times athletes alternate heating and cooling for therapy.

Do I do these every day? Nope not even. I do try to roll once a day. I try to get hypervolted three times a week. It has really helped. I can see recovery times dropping to a day instead of two or three days.

It was recommended more urgently by my coaches and trainers, to me to do when I started training for Muay Thai camp. Because that was 6 days a week of intense training, and breaking down of your body.

Monday 01/11/2021: 1 mile Run, Weight lifting, #shefit30 challenge

Workout: 1 hour and 20 minutes – 1.5 mile run, weightlifting, and #Shefit30 Challenge done

I was interrupted in my workout and family needed my help. So I did not get my HIIT training in today.

Some days it’s better to just get in what you can.

My daughter also wanted to “help” me so when I was doing wall sits she decided to help and sit on my lap. Lol

The Shefit30 challenge word/s of the day are: F.L.E.X.M.Y.G.U.N.S. I did this set x3.

Workout/training for today
1.5 mile run

Weight lifting:
1) 1 min kettle bell swings x 3 sets
2) front raise to lateral raise x3 sets of 10
3) kneeling snow angels 3x sets of 10
4) 1 minute Kettle bell figure 8’s x3 sets

Shefit30 challenge: this set x3 wot 10 second rest between sets

F) 1 minute wall sit
L) 15 mule kicks
E) 15 push-ups
X) 20 double leg slaloms

M) 30 plank jacks
Y) 75 flutter kicks – head and shoulders off the ground, 25 small 1 foot of the ground, 50 large flutter kicks

G) 15 burpees
U) 30 bicycle crunches
N) 15 jump lunges
S) 30 second fast feet (I get about 75 to 8 toe taps)

Tuesday 01/12/2021: # 1 today. #shefit30 challenge

Words for today was W.H.I.T.E.W.H.I.T.E.G.O.

I did it only 1 time today. It was all I could squeeze in. I was up at 4 am to work, and I have to clean the house and teach the kiddos today before I train tonight in Muay Thai.

Shefit30 challenge:
W) 15 Superman’s + a push-up
H) 10 tricep dips
I) 25 standing oblique crunches
T) 25 hip dips
E) 15 push-ups

W) 15 Superman’s + a push-up
H) 10 tricep dips
I) 25 standing oblique crunches
T) 25 hip dips
E) 15 push-ups

G) 15 burpees
O) 30 sit-ups

Wednesday 01/13/2021: 45 minutes- 1 mile run and #shefit30 challenge

Word/s of the day is B.L.A.C.K.I.S.B.A.C.K. I did this set x2 after my mile run.

The day started off not the best. Had to put my foot down and let people in my orbit know I will not be disrespected and talked down to. Gotta teach the kids at an early age that what they say and how they say it matters.

I did my best to push through. I am glad I shaved 15 seconds off my run time today. I just ran at a steady state so I was surprised to see the time.

Shefit30 challenge– x2 with what I added

B ) 20 squat jumps
L) 15 mule kicks
A) 30 star jumps
C) 40 high knees
K) 20 Russian twists with kettle bell
I) 25 standing crunches each side
S) 30 seconds fast feet
B ) 20 squat jumps
A) 30 star jumps
C) 40 high knees
K) 20 Russian twists with kettle bell

Thursday 01/14/2021: 2 x training sessions

Workout: # 1 #shefit30 challenge took about 40 minutes

The word for day 11 of this challenge was H.A.V.E.V.A.L.O.R. I did this x3 sets.

Have you ever done an angry workout? Yeah I have too. I was able to work off some of my frustration and anger.

I was able to get through it without any interruptions as well. I love my kids and love being a mom. They know they messed up when I get home from work and they were bickering. I get up at 4 am to work. I separated them and told them the behavior I expect from them and told them I needed to be left alone, unless some one is broken, bleed, or something is burning, don’t bother me.

Hate star jumps still, and mule kicks are getting bigger yay!

Shefit challenge day 11: whole set x3 with my additions

H) 15 tricep dips
A) 30 star jumps
V) 20 donkey kicks each side
E) 15 push-ups- every two I did glute activation with tow straight leg kick backs
V) 20 donkey kicks each side
A) 30 star jumps
L) 15 mule kicks
O) 30 sits ups with 20 lb kettle bell press
R) 20 pike crunches, 20 frog crunches

Training: workout # 2-1 hour of Muay Thai Training

Today we were working on distance management, long guarding, shielding kicks. I am going to have to roll my shins tonight. But I was doing better keeping my shield tight on my off side South Paw.

He’s kicks were hurting him more than me this time! Progress!!! Yay!

The long guard is an art itself you have to protect your face, be able to peak through and keep your glove/fist in the opponents face! Then they can’t or won’t see what you do to them next!

I was tired on this workout. It’s the second one today. I did not get a nap today but I worked through it and it was not too bad. Aside from some upfront fatigue I leaned into my training. It was fun.

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for a great class.

Training: double kick drills, jab body cross head cross flurries, and jumping jacks for active recovery between rounds

1) Lear teep , lead kick, rear teep, rear kick
2) held pads for H

3) Lead shield, lead teep, hop lead kick, cross, hook, rear knee, rear kick
4) held pads for H

5) rear shield, rear kick, hop rear kick, hook, cross, lead kick, long guard out
6) held pads for H

7) Lead cross shield, step into cross, body hook, head hook, cross, lead kick
8 ) held pads for H

9) Jab, lead elbow, lead upward knee, rear elbow, fence tie up, run 6 knees into opponent’s gut, push off and teep for good measure
10) held pads for H

Friday 01/15/2021: #shefit30 challenge day 12

Friday’s are my rest days so I did just one round of day 12’s words of the day. Still so sweaty after just one round.

Words were F.O.C.U.S.A.H.E.A.D. I did one round of this.

Shefit30 challenge: with things I added to it

F) 1 minute wall sit
O) 30 sit-up’s with weight kettlebell press at the top
C) 40 high knees
U) 60 bicycle crunches
S) 30 seconds fast feet
A) 30 star jumps
H) 15 tricep dips
E) 15 push-ups after every two I did a glute activation leg raise twice
A) 30 star jumps
D) 1 minute plank

Saturday 01/16/2021: 2 x training sessions

Training: workout # 1 – 2 hours of training Staff/Kali and Muay Thai

Woot today was a great day of training. I felt like I was actually making progress today or at least showing it. My work in South paw my off hand is showing. Yay! I added a video of my south paw cut step.

We worked in Kali/staff class, and my shoulders tired. Whew! I added a video of some of the forms we used when warming up.

Muay Thai: jumping jacks, elbow flurries, double kicks for active recovery

1) jab, cross, lead downward diagonal elbow, jab, cross, rear downward diagonal elbow
2) held pads for H

3) jab, lead horizontal elbow, lead knee, lead kick
4) held pads for H

5) fake the jab, cross, rear side in elbow, rear knee, rear kick
6) held pads for H

7)jab, cross, hook, chain horizontal elbow, rear spinning back elbow, lead spinning back elbow, lead downward diagonal elbow
8 ) held pads for H

9) Teep, lead kick, cross, hook, elbow, tie up, run knees
10) held pads for H

Extra curricular:
6 x 3 minute rounds of sparring

Workout: # 2 – #shefit30 challenge day 13 done

I had 2 + hours of martial arts training today Muay Thai and Kali today. I was pooped when I got home.

I did this days challenge x 1 set. The word of the day was, U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E.G.I.R.L.S.

Shefit30 challenge: and what I added to the workout

U) 60 bicycle crunches
L) 15 mule kicks
T) 30 hip dips each side
I) 25 standing crunches each side
M) 30 plank jacks
A) 30 star jumps
T) 30 hip dips each side
E) 15 push-ups with glute activation leg raises after every two push ups
G) 15 burpees
I) 25 standing crunches each side
R) 30 fast pike crunches
L)15 mule kicks
S) 30 seconds fast feet

What do you do for recovery? What are you going to add to your routine? Remember you don’t have to do all of them at once or at all. See what works for you. But recovery is an important part of training. Arguably it is one of the most important parts of training.

Now I need to go and roll… I skipped it right after my workout to work on this post. =) There are always excuses, just make sure you do what is right for you.

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Don’t photo edit, just go get it!

NOTE: it occured to me that I should say this… I have not been paid to say anything about these products. This is just stuff I have bought with my own money and what I use for myself.

Training Martial Arts 12/28/2020: New Year, New…? Don’t make resolutions make goals!

I have said it before don’t set New Year Resolutions. They often fail and fail for many reasons. Set goals!

What is a resolution?
A resolution is a statement to stop doing something. A person may say, “this year I am going to make the resolution to stop X.” (Where X = smoking, drinking, eating sugar, skipping workouts, etc). Resolutions many times are restrictions you set for yourself.

What is a goal?
A goal these tends to be a series of calculated steps designed to help you get to that goal. A resolution can help you get to your goal, it can be part of the steps involved in the process to get to a goal, but if you just set a resolution it may and often does fail.

However, if you couple resolutions with goals you have a purpose for those restrictions. Finding that purpose is important it is the key to making the changes you want to make.

I say lets do away with resolutions, and focus on objectives we can obtain.

Its important to streamline your goal process.
When things get to muddy its is easy to loose track of your goals. Here are some ways to help you streamline your goals.

  1. Make a commitment to making a change. That is the scary part… deciding to make that change. Making changes often times are not fun, hard work, may take you away from things you love already, and may completely upend your schedule. But you have to have a mindset of change, no resolution/restriction is going to do that. You have to commit to make a change in your lifestyle, and then commit to make it happen.
  2. Make micro goals for yourself. Making that big “I want to be healthier” goal is great. I am all for it, but think about the small steps or even goals you can make to get to that point. For instance lets look at the above goal, “I want to be healthier”, what does that entail for you? Do you have to stop smoking? Do you want to eat whole foods. Find the small goals or steps you would need to take to get to your larger goal. When you hit those smaller goals you will feel great and it helps to keep your momentum going. Also smaller goals make the big one seem less daunting.
  3. Document your goals. Document the steps or micro goals or sometimes you will have steps to the micro goals you set for yourself. You can then look back on your document and re-right your ship if you veer off course. Writing it down on paper may help you figure out the ‘why‘ you are doing it also.
  4. Believe in your ability to achieve your goal. A soccer player does not go after a ball to kick it into the goal if he or she is thinking, “nah, I cannot kick that into the goal.” They go at it like they know what they are doing. They run up to the ball swing their leg back and assume that all the training they have done will put their foot in the right position to kick the ball into the net. Often times athletes envision the goal. Hah see what I did there? They envision the goal, or winning that race, or even hitting that target. They envision it because they know their brain is powerful, and will help them hone all their training into the action that they want to achieve. You and your brain can do the same thing. You have to believe you can do it. You have to want to do it. You have to grasp at the goal and go for it.
  5. Find a way to measure your progress. Yeah yeah… this makes sense, and it is a way to show you that you are hopefully making positive progress toward your goal. But it can also tell you where you need to tighten down you training, eating, sleeping, etc. I say find a way because just wanting “to get healthier” is not an easy thing to measure. You might want to start taking your blood pressure to see if you can get it down. You might want to start getting cholesterol screenings. You can use a tape measure to see if you are gaining muscle or losing fat. There are many ways to measure progress, and the ways you choose will often inform your micro goals/steps. Figuring out how and what to measure can also inform your why.
  6. Figure out why you are doing it. You can set goals for yourself and still be unsure of how to get there, and or what to do. This is where reading comes in. I find reading or listening to experts as many as you can find helps. I listen to people I don’t agree with, and people I do agree with outright. I read as much as I can. So that I can find the common ground between them all. Most often there are multiple sides to every theory, but the common ground between them I feel is the truth. Figure out your why, like I said above the documenting, and figuring out how to measure your progress will help you find your why. Why do you want in this case, “to feel/get healthier“? Did you have a scare? Did someone you know/love have a scare? Are you tired of feeling lethargic? Do you want to look different? These are all possible reasons for the goal above. There are many many more possible. But knowing why will help you narrow down the topic and the goals.
  7. Finally keep going. Just keep going. It is not going to be easy all the time. The euphoria of a new shiny thing will wear off. The day where you had a shit day at work and you still have your workout left to do, when all you want to do is sit on the couch binge watch your show and eat ice cream will have you more than annoyed that you set this goal. If you fall off the proverbial wagon, get back up and get back on. Everyone does, and like I have said it takes 21 days to create a habit. Give yourself grace, understand things get in the way, but keep going. Don’t make excuses if you can say do your workout. But understand that if your train from work is stuck for 3 hours, and you still have to make dinner missing one night is not going to hurt anything.

This is not a race, its is a… lets see how has everyone else I have read say it… lifestyle change, its a journey, its a marathon. I know lets say its just life with a series of steps to get you to your goal, its an adventure, it is your story that is unique to you.

Monday 12/28/2020: 35 min – 25 minute HIIT, and 10 minute core

To start out this week I started Monday with a fantastic HIIT. It’s cold outside today again. So I decided to do a plyometric HIIT workout inside. It was a great workout and kicked my butt.

Then I did a core workout to round out my morning.
HIIT: 1 minute on, 50 seconds active rest
Warm up

1) jump squats, skaters, jump rope, star jacks, jogging in place
2) repeat above

3) skiers, sumo squat jumps, high knees, pulsing squat jumps
4) repeat above

5) high knees, star jacks, skaters, jump squats, jumping jacks
6) repeat above

7) burpees, high knees, star jacks, sump squat jumps, skaters
8 ) repeat above

Cool down
Core: Dana Lynn Bailey’s 10 minute core workout.
45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest between each
1) Hollow body
2) Hollow body reverse crunches
3) Sit Bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) Side Right planks dips
6) Side Left planks dips
7) High Plank opposite Side Knee to Elbow
8 ) V Sit Leg Circles
9) Heel Touches
10) Explosive Sit Ups

Wednesday 12/30/2020: 31 minute – plyometric HIIT, and Core

Today is not a great day for me. Having some brain weasel activity making me feel bad about myself. On top of that I believe I am having my period. I say I “believe” because I have never been regular, and I had a hysterectomy due to a cancerous tumor. So no usual outward indicator. I am not sorry I don’t have shark week any more.

So fun fun, I still have my ovaries and it still have the great and wonderful hormone swings. And water retention. Meh!

Enough whinging from me. Anyway get out there and do what you can. Here is a what I did today:

Plyometric HIIT: 21 minutes

Warm up 3 min

34 seconds on 110% 31 seconds active rest (should be huffing and puffing)

1) 8 squat and jumps, skiers, 4x half turn jumps, skiers, 4x half turn jumps, 4 jacks, 4 star jumps, 4 jacks, 4 star jumps,
2) same routine above

3) 2x jacks, run, 2x jacks, run, 4x lunge sideways and tap floor, 4x jump lunge with side punches, 4x high knee and run
4) same routine as above

5) jump rope, 4x jacks, 4x star jump, 4x reach high lunge sideways low reach, 3x right reach high reach low, 2x jacks, 3x left reach high reach low, 4x high jump reach high then low right side, 4x high jump reach high then low left side, 4x sumo burpees
6) same routine as above

7) quick feet, high knee run, 4x high jump reach high then low right side, 4x high jump reach high then low left side, 4x sumo squats to basket ball shoot, 4x sumo burpees, 4x high tuck jumps
8 ) same as above

3 minute cool down and stretch

Core: Dana Lynn Bailey’s 10 minute core workout.
45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest between each
1) Hollow body
2) Hollow body reverse crunches
3) Sit Bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) Side Right planks dips
6) Side Left planks dips
7) High Plank opposite Side Knee to Elbow
8 ) V Sit Leg Circles
9) Heel Touches
10) Explosive Sit Ups

Saturday 01/02/2021: 2 mile run

I ran 2 miles today yay!

So last year I ran a total of 102 miles, that surprised me because I was not trying to get that many in, this years goals are 180 miles.

I have been a little relaxed about my training during the the holidays. I wanted to spend time with family and just enjoy the ending of this year. I normally train 5 to 6 days a week. So this week I only trained 3 days and today was just a run.

But I am back to my normal routine next week, plus a Shefit30 challenge I will be doing.

Also if you did not know I am a dork and love these leggings cause I look like an cyborg and therefore must go faster. Lol 😂

Some of my goals this year are:

  1. To add more HIIT workouts to my training. (Trying for two HIIT a week at least, with my Martial Arts/weight lifting/running its going to be a squeeze)
  2. Set new PR (personal records) for my weight lifting
  3. Run 180 miles this year (last year I ran a total of 102 and was not even keeping count)
  4. Polish off my south paw fighting so I can become a switch fighter.
  5. Obviously improve on the martial art I love Muay Thai.
  6. Keep working on my agility.

What are you goals, what is your adventure going to look like this year? What story do you want to tell, and what story do you want the people that love you to tell about you?

Thanks for reading. I am floored by all the people that are subscribing thank you. To all my followers I hope you have a happy new year and I hope that this new one is so much better than 2020. If you liked what you read please let me know and hit the like button. If you want to read more subscribe. If you want to drop a comment, or just say hi, please feel free.

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Training Martial Arts 12/21/2020: Teaching, Training, Festivities Oh My!

With the holiday comes alternate schedules. You have the choice of just sitting by the wayside and not adapting, or you can adapt and embrace the chaos that is the holidays. Okay… that might be a little dramatic, but in general that is how my holidays are.

You see I work as a pastry chef/Cake artists at a bakery. This means I have really early mornings, and sometimes have to deal with the unruly customer. On top of that I have my family, that I work very hard to make sure has a magical Holiday Season. Whatever you celebrate I am sure you have, or are that someone that tries to make the holidays great.

I knew going into the holidays, that my schedule was going to have to change. That my family was going to be asking me to join them on making merry and the frivolity of games that we love to engage in during the holidays. I also knew that the weather coming up was going to be less than perfect, sometimes outright frigid, so I was going to have to work around that too.

I also knew that my Khun Kru was going to be gone for the holidays and I was being called upon to teach the Muay Thai class this week as well.

So here are some thoughts I have and things I learned about teaching others martial arts.

What I know and some thoughts:

  1. I like to make sure I have a clear and concise lesson planned out. When new to teaching a skill winging it is never a good idea. I had been a teacher of pastry/cake decorating for 14 years so I could wing the lesson. However, even then I would always have a lesson plan to fall back on.
  2. Keeping to the traditions and ways the class is run, while subbing is a great stepping stone to succeed in teaching. Your students are accustomed to this and your transition will be easier.
  3. Know the material you are teaching. I can’t tell you how many classes I have taken, that the teacher clearly does not know what they are teaching and it can really change the way your students see you.
  4. Always encourage questions. I always encourage my students to ask me questions. It helps give an idea of areas that you may not be explaining, and or misunderstandings that your students have.
  5. When you teach another person a skill it helps you solidify your understanding of the subject. Often times to teach you have to internalize the information and then retell it in a way that makes sense to your student.
  6. Different people have different ways of learning. Some will learn visually (demo and writing it down on the board), some will learn by getting time to repeat the drill (hands on), some will learn by the information you tell them (hearing).

What I learned:

  1. Teaching other students you learn what you do know and what you don’t know.
  2. You can see your progress, that maybe you could not see before while you are drilling away.
  3. Teaching is full filling. I love teaching. I love helping people out.
  4. Getting through an active recovery not looking winded, and being able to project your voice so that you can be heard is a skill.
  5. Your students will surprise you in good ways.

Monday 12/21/2020: 55 minute workout, run, working the bag, core

Ok so my garage is unheated which means that the heavy bag sets up solid in the cold, the leather material on the outside is harder. Lol But I put in the time.

We got this new to us Thai Heavy bag so now we can also practice leg kicks as you can see below. Yay!

1 mile run

30 minutes bag work

6 minutes core:
30 seconds on 20 seconds rest
Repeat following three times

1) lat pull to leg tucks
2) 25 lb kB pike toe touches
3) bicycles
4) Superman with flutter kicks

Tuesday 12/22/2020: Training/Teaching: 1 hour of Muay Thai

Today I got a wonderful opportunity to teach the Muay Thai class. Still am amazed I know enough to teach but teach I did. H and I demoed a class we put together.

We focused on distance management today. It’s a skill we all need to work on. You use it to get into range, stay out of range, cut the angles, counter and attack.

We talked about footwork, plus sign movement, shuffle in, shuffle out, quarter turns, and the accordion effect (when you strike, shuffle in, strike, shuffle in strike, shuffle out, strike, shuffle out).

1) shadow boxing footwork, plus sign, shuffle, and quarter turns
2) jab, cross, Teep

3) jab, lead elbow # 1, rear knee, rear kick
4) do above drill south paw

5) long guard, rear elbow # 2, lead elbow # 3, body shove, rear kick
6) do above drill in South paw

7) lead Teep (stopping Teep), jab ( shuffle in), lead hook, rear knee, rear kick
8 ) do above in south paw

9) lead Teep (stopping Teep), cross, lead elbow # 1, rear elbow # 3, rear knee, rear kick
10) do the drill in south paw

Saturday 12/26/2020: 1 mile run

Good Saturday Afternoon! I just did a quick mile run. When I got up this morning it was 21 degrees out! Brrrrr! So I waited till it was about 32 to 34 degrees out. Much easier to run in warmer temperatures.

Family wants to watch movies and play games, so it’s just a shot workout/run today. The holidays only come around once a year so family time is important to me.

There was ice out, but over all it was pleasant. I dressed warmly and did not encounter many people.

Get up get out and do something!

This last week was a short week of working out. I did 3 days instead of my normal 5 to 6 days. I knew I was going to have to alter my schedule and so I am giving myself that grace of understanding. I had a great if not weird Holiday week. We spent time together as a family, and we did not get to see our friends due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We contacted our relatives long distance. But in all this we still had a great time.

I worked out when I could, I was not overly concerned about it. I have my habits down and I know I will be back at it. I mentioned in a previous post a break is not a bad thing. As long as that break is not over 2 weeks, and does not interrupt your good habits all should be well. As a matter of fact I just got my HIIT and core workout in for this Monday.

I had the honor of teaching our Muay Thai class by my Khun Kru. I learned a lot, and I loved teaching.

The schedules are still going to be a bit wonky because of the new year coming up. However, I know that this time with the family is important too.

I hope your holiday week, whatever you celebrate is wonderful. I hope you all stay warm, dry, and healthy.

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Training Martial Arts 12/14/2020: When You Fight On Your Feet Its All About Your Feet

Ever since I started training Muay Thai (wow almost 3 years ago), I would hear this quote “When you fight on your feet its all about your feet”. Getting your feet under you, learning the foot work is crucial. If we are talking about BJJ then foot work is less important, than say good hip movement, posture, grips.

You cannot be a great fighter if your footwork is off, or you don’t focus on your footwork. It seems counter intuitive to you, and it may seem that 50% of the strikes come from hands and elbows in Muay Thai. However every strike starts with your footwork. You must pivot from the feet, hips, or feet and hips to throw these strikes. Yes even the elbows and the fists. Think about a hook. If you are throwing a hook with just the strength of your arm, you are not going to have a very strong hook. But if you use your hips as and entire torso you will have a possibly bone shattering hook.

When you are on your feet you have to focus on:
(these are not in any order of importance just as I thought them out)

  1. perfect your stance
  2. cut step
  3. pivot – for kicks and knees hooks etc.
  4. getting in and out of the pocket –
    • distance management
    • stepping at an angle
  5. getting off the line
  6. quarter turns
  7. shuffling in or closing the distance – getting into the pocket to get your strikes in
  8. balance

Footwork areas here:

Stance 60/40 rear lead

So what do we do with new students. We start with the footwork. We start with stance. If they are standing with their feet on a tight rope, they will be off balance and easily fall over. We ask them to change their stance that of something more like a staggered feet on a railroad track. We ask them to put their weight distribution at 60%/40%, back to front. Most of your weight on your back leg, and only 40% on your front leg. Also you should your heel off of the mat, high enough to slip a dollar bill under. Getting your stance right is critical to transfer of power, in your kicks, punches, elbows, knees, and to keeping your balance.

The cutstep is used to position the feet to throw the lead kick, lead knee, and or lead teep, when the fighter is not advancing or covering the distance to the opponent. If it they are covering distance then there may not be need of the cut step. The cutstep is often described as a v pattern where you bring the lead leg/foot back, to replace the rear leg/foot, making your lead leg/foot now your rear for the lead teep/kick.


Pivoting is crucial to help transfer power, but more so to protect your knees. If you don’t pivot properly on the balls of your feet, you can over torque your knees and cause tears. If you pivot correctly you will transfer the torque of your body, torso, and hips into the power of the kick or knee. You will also pivot, in some of your strikes with fists and elbows. Pivoting allows you to spin through in your kicks and can set you up for another strike.

Getting in and out of the pocket, is the way we describe getting out of the box/pocket area where your opponent can hit you. So when you shuffle out, or take quarter turns. If you can get a flanking position to your opponents, their tools/weapons are away from you and you are better able to get a strike in.

Get off the line

Getting off the line is when you are removing yourself right in the middle/front of your opponent. Generally you don’t want to stand right in front of your opponent and let them hit you in the face. Getting off the line when you kick them allows you to get the strike in, while dodging or avoiding their counter attack.

We take quarter turns to get a 90 degree angle toward our opponents. When we can do that we can flank our opponent. The opponent has a harder time blocking your blows, and their weapons are pointed away from you, so they have a harder time to strike you.

Shuffling in or closing the distance, is used to eat up the distance between you and your opponent. When you want to strike, and you are to far away you must be able to get into your range of your opponent.

Balance when shielding

Balance, now balance is a key component. Without balance you may be dropped, spun out, and or when you shield may just be pushed over. You must learn your balance, get your feet under you, and learn how to shield leaning in, and not lose your balance. If you kick and are off balance, you could lose your footing and fall. This I am sure you understand is not an ideal place to be in. You have to balance when kicking, when on the balls of your feet, when you take a blow, when you jump, slide, when you teep, and or are just standing there. Balance is key. I am sure you all know this, but it is important to say.

There you have it, Muay Thai, starts with the feet, cause that is how you are fighting. It may not seem like it on the surface, but your feet are your foundation. They will when properly placed will help you execute powerful kicks, powerful elbows, knees, teeps, and yes even punches. Watch a great boxer, with their footwork.

If you focus on your footwork and get it down it will help you be more agile, quick, and will save you more than anything else. We work forward, backward, side to side, and angles.

There is so much more to write about on this, but I wanted to touch on the footwork here. We fight on our feet so you must start with your footwork. Or all else will be for naught.

Monday 12/14/2020: 1 hour, HIIT workout, Arm Day, Core

Today it’s pouring rain and so very cold. So I did a 12 min HIIT workout I did in lieu of a run outside. I really wanted to run today.

Then I did arm day weight lifting workout.

Finally a 6 minute core workout to finish it off.


HIIT: 12 minutes
[6 exercises done in sets of two, 15 seconds for each exercise done in a set, 30 seconds rest after each two]
1) 15 seconds high knees
2) 15 seconds jump lunges
30 seconds rest
3) 15 seconds high knees
4)15 seconds jump lunges
30 seconds rest

5) 15 seconds mountain climbers
6) 15 seconds crab toe touches
30 seconds rest
7) 15 seconds mountain climbers
8 )15 seconds crab toe touches
30 seconds rest

9) 15 seconds push and up side planks
10) 15 plank hip rolls
30 seconds rest
11) 15 seconds push and up side planks
12) 15 plank hip rolls
30 seconds rest

Repeat the whole set above


Weight lifting: 30 seconds rest between sets
1) seated snow angels 5x sets of 10
2) front raise to lateral raise 5x sets of 10
3) clean and jerk 3x sets of 6
4) chest press to shoulder press 5x sets of 10
5) tricep tripod row 3x sets 15 each side
6) tricep extensions 3x sets of 10
7) bicep curl 3x sets of 20

Core: 6 minutes Dana Lynn Bailey’s (she kicked my butt/abs again)
3x sets of 30 seconds
1) Banded Lat Pull with Bent Knee Reverse Curl
2) Weighted toe touch crunch
3) Bicycles
4) Superman with Flutter Kicks

Tuesday 12/15/2020: 1 hour of Muay Thai

So I slept for.. really terribly last night.

So what do you do when you sleep terribly, or had a crazy hard day. How do you train?

What do I do when I am running on fumes, and I am on the mat, I focus only on form. I take the power out of my strikes. If I am going to work on form, I make it as perfect as I can.

We worked the same drills as Saturday. So I just focused on getting my cut steps in, landing after a kick in the correct stance and foot placement.

One of the sayings that I learned when I started Muay Thai is, “if you are on your feet it’s about your feet”. I don’t know who came up with it first, but khun Kru Krysta Scharlach, Kru Kristen DeBruycker, and a few other people.

I mentioned this because when fighting on your feet, vs BJJ fighting on the ground, foot work is super important. So while practicing/training in south paw I was focusing on my foot work.

This was a great day of training.

Wednesday 12/16/2020: 40 min HIIT, and leg day

Today it is snowing and freaking cold out. So I did my workout inside. A 15 minute HIIT workout and 25 minute Kettlebell quad/hamstring killer.

Get out there people, well not out (brrr it’s cold), get up and move your body!

You can fit a 15 minute HIIT into your day somewhere.

15 minute hit: 40 seconds on 20 seconds rest
1) explosive squat to calf raise
2) speed skaters
3) high knees
4) alternating toe touches
5) bicycles
45 second test between sets

Repeat this set 3 times


Kettlebell: 25 minutes

Do exercise x 5
1) 1 minute of goblet squats [do 20 if you can do more, up the weight. Do not put kb down]
1 min rest

Do these exercise sets 3 to 5 times
2) staggered stance squat 8-15 reps
3) squat rockers 8-15 reps
4) figure 8’s 8-15 reps

Thursday 12/17/2020: 1 hour of Muay Thai training

The quotes for today from Khun Kru Krysta.
“Practice makes habit”, or when you do something wrong in practice over and over again, you get “training scars”.

Practicing the drill in bad form will give you a training scar. So when you go to spar or fight you will fall back on the way you trained it.

So that is why when you are working on a new skill, or a skill you are having issues with slowing it down and working the drill with good form is the way to go.

Training is great today! I was tired, I felt like I was lumpy, and unattractive, but I worked the drills and focused on flow and form.

My clench work is getting better. There is a video of me working the clench, knee, to spin out.

1) Jab, Cross, Rear Teep, Jab, Cross, Lead Teep
2) held pads for H

3) Lead Teep, Hanuman Climbing The mountain Rear Teep (fake with lead, Teep with Rear), Rear Kick
4) held pads for H

5) Lead HCM ( fake rear, hit with lead Teep), hop lead kick, cross, hook, lead elbow, rear knee, rear kick
6) held pads for H

7) Lead Teep, Lead HCM (fake with rear, hit with lead Teep), rear hop kick, lead head hook, lead body hook, cross, double body kicK
8 ) held pads for H

9) Rear Teep, rear HCM (fake with lead, hit with rear Teep), lead kick, overhand, uppercut, # 4 elbow, tie up knees x 6, spin out, double kick
10) held pads for H

There is a short video on #sharpcupcake my instagram.

Saturday 12/19/2020: Training: 1 hour Muay Thai practice

Today was fun. We worked on a new thing I have not taken time to focus on. Following a kick spin through or a missed kick with a Teep kick/Side kick.

The videos I put below are show me working through the techniques slowly and in south paw. I will get faster later, but right now we just work the technique.

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for a fun great class.

We also scored a new to us thai heavy bag so that we can practice leg kicks at home, yay! Merry Christmas to us!

1) jab, cross, rear kick, jab, cross, lead kick
2) held pads for h

3) jab, cross, rear kick, spin through, lead side kick
4) held pads for h

5) lead Teep, jab, cross, rear leg kick that misses, to rear side kick
6) held pads for h

7) lead Teep, rear kick, hook, cross, lead kick to body, lead kick to leg
8 ) held pads for h

Think about your footwork. Drill, drill, drill your plus sign, and diagonals. If you are working the heavy bag work your footwork by shuffling back or sliding back when it comes to you, or cut around the bag with a quarter turn. You can work your footwork while watching tv, in the elevator, or even while you are out walking.

I hope you all had a great past week, and a wonderful holiday week coming up. I am changing up my training this week. I will be teaching a Muay Thai class this coming week. I am excited about that.

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Training Martial Arts 11/30/2020: Week off? What Did I Do? Detraining?

I took a week off so what did I do? How do I feel coming back, and why did I take it off. I spoke in my last post about why I took it off, but here is a short sweet answer.

I was feeling overtrained. I tend to train 5 to 6 days a week sometime twice a day. My body was breaking down and I was feeling tired, sluggish, hurting, and not at all excited about my workouts. Which is different than what I normally feel.

Did I detrain?
Yes in effect I did nothing for a week.

Did it compromise my performance?
No, not at all. Not training for a week helped my performance.

Was it hard?
Yes, everything fiber of my being and everybody says stay on course. This is all well and good till you need to veer off of course. I agree with the experts, those that are new to training must adhere and stay vigilant about their training. They are building habits and those take time to set in. But I a veteran to training and working out have been doing this for 5 years and had only taken breaks when injured or forced to. This last stint I went for about a year with no breaks.

So I had that guilt of oh man you are not working out. You are going to lose everything you worked for. But I also know I needed the break because while the tug of those guilty thoughts were there they were not nearly as strong as they normally are. They tugged at the back of my brain but then dissipated rather quickly. I also have set up my life so it is easy for me to jump into some clothing and got train. It was hard to stick to my plan of not working out but I did it. I also know you have to do absolutely nothing for several weeks for you to lose more than 50% of your training.

I worried about letting my Muay Thai/Kali instructor down. Because brains can come up with any reason to not do the things you need to do I have learned.

What did I do during this time?
1. Inform Your Support People: As soon as I made the decision to stop training, and give my body a break, I informed my trainer, and my H. I let my support system know that this was a premeditated and deliberate choice. This did two things, helped those that know my schedule not worry about me, and keep me on track. You know for when the nagging guilt in the back of my head says oh you should at least go for a run.

2. Stop Training Supplements: I did not take any of my training supplements at this time. I used this time to let my body reset all the way. I usually take a pre-workout that has BCAA’s and some Caffeine in it. Then after a workout I take creatine twice a week, and L-carnitine after just about every workout/training session I do.

3. Keep taking your daily vitamins: I mention above, training supplements, but don’t stop taking your daily vitamins your body still needs those.

4. Rest: You are… well I was doing this to give my body a rest. So I did just that. I tried to sleep as much as my body wanted. I did not exercise at all. I let my muscles, joints, and tendons recover.

5. Still Drink About 1 Gallon of Water a Day: Even though you are not working out, you should still try to get your 3 liters to 3.7 liters in. 3.7 liters = 1 gallon of water. Your body is made up of water and so you should be hydrating. Things/parts of your body cannot heal properly if you are not hydrated enough.

6. Eat: Eat healthy meals, and don’t restrict your diet. Ok so this is a hard one for me. My brain goes, well if you are not working out you should be eating less. And while there is a small amount of truth to that, you still have your muscles you have built to think about. So yes, you should not overeat. You should try to eat balanced meals like you normally do, but listen to your body. I try to eat healthy balanced meals and then have an after workout snack. So not having a workout I did not have those snacks. I did have some pie, and a few cookies, and everything was ok. Your body will need those building blocks to repair while you rest.

7. Read/Plan/Set New Goals: Ok this maybe just a me thing, but I read up on some new training techniques. I planned some new workouts, and I set new goals. I am at a point in training for Martial Arts that you don’t see the progress that often, so now I am making micro goals, and working towards those.

How do I feel coming back?
Oh my goodness I feel I don’t have words to tell how good it feels coming back. I got rest. I got to do things I wanted to do. I got off a schedule. But more than that I feel great in my workouts now. I don’t feel sluggish. I don’t go into it hating the idea and wondering if I should even be there. I have already seen a PR in my clean and press.

First day back I could feel my muscles firing and getting good contact/work. My D.O.M.S. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) set in but only took a day to a day and a half to recover from.

I have re-found my passion for my workouts. I have enjoyed my time in my sessions, an in my training days. I have new goals for my Martial Arts training.

I would say I have drunk the kool-aid, and I am convinced my body needed this. I can feel and see the benefits. I don’t have to wait for an injury to take time off. As a matter of fact, from my understanding you should take a break every 12 weeks. Switch it up. I used to read that and think, yah, yah, yah, blah blah. That is for you not for me, or that is a good idea, but I am different.

Now for the weeks worth of training…

Monday 11/30/2020: 1 hour- 10 minutes jump rope, 30 min bag work, legs and core

I took the holiday week off to rest, I was starting to feel overtraining setting in. H was really good about making me stick to my plan. I had doubts and worries so wanted to train, Saturday and Sunday. Then this morning he asked me to go slow and take it easy, or ease into my working out again. So this is what I did this morning.

1) Fatigue dispute adequate rest
2) Mood changes not finding joy in the activities/workouts
3) feeling like slogging through the workouts/sluggish
4) muscles/joints feeling strained and possible injuries eminent

10 minutes jump rope

30 minutes working the heavy bag

10 minutes weights
1) Bulgarian Split Squats 3x sets of 15 (L/R)
2) kettlebell goblet squats 3x sets of 15

Core: Dana Lynn Bailey’s 10 minute core workout.
45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest between each
1) Hollow body
2) Hollow body reverse crunches
3) Sit Bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) Side Right planks dips
6) Side Left planks dips
7) High Plank opposite Side Knee to Elbow
8 ) V Sit Leg Circles
9) Heel Touches
10) Explosive Sit Ups

Tuesday 12/01/2020: 1 hour of Muay Thai training

Woot today was a great day. I felt really good. I decided I am working on developing my south paw over the next few months. I am currently an orthodox fighter.

As I said yesterday I took a week off to rest. I had not taken an week break from working out for about a year. I was feeling the overtraining setting in.

So in order to keep the positive outlook now that I rested I am setting small specific goals for me to follow and work towards.

I spent all class working southpaw. I could feel my foot staying in the bucket for some of the drills. Also working south paw feels so awkward. My weight distribution is just opposite and different. Need to work on my stance and distance management in southpaw when flowing between, knees, elbows, punches, and kicks.

But if I keep this up I can be a switch fighter.

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta could not do this without you!

jab cross flurries, elbow flurries, 25 skip knees #2, and double kick x 10 between rounds for active recovery

Jump rope for warm up

1) Jab, Cross, Lead Knee, Jab, Cross, Rear Knee
2) held pads for H

3) Rear Knee, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Lead Knee
4) Held pads for H

5) Jab, Cross, Rear Elbow # 6, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
6) I trained both rounds

7) Lead Knee, Rear elbow # 8 tach malach, Lead elbow, Lead Knee, Lead Kick
8 ) I trained both of these rounds

9) Jab, Cross, Shovel Hook, chain Lead Elbow # 2, Rear Spinning Back elbow #9, Lead Spinning Back Elbow #9, get out, long guard and Teep
10) I trained both of these rounds

Wednesday 12/02/2020: 1 hour- 1 mile run, weight lifting, core workout

Today was a freaking frigid 39 degrees F outside. The run was very chilly.

But the weight lifting workout went great. It felt great. I did not feel sluggish even in the extreme cold. My garage is not heated.

I went up 10 lbs in my clean and jerk. Yay!

I finished off with a 10 minute core workout.

H has been saying I need to come up with a catch phrase. I don’t know why but here is one I came up with.

Don’t Photo Edit, Just Go Get It!

I have not photo edited any of my pictures other than cropping. But you see all of my lumps, bumps and imperfections. I am what I am.

1 mile run

Warm up

Weight Lifting:
1) Seated Snow Angels – 3x sets of 10 reps
2) Clean And Press Barbell – 3x sets of 6 reps
3) Kettlebell Swings- 3x sets of 1 minute 10 seconds rest
4) Kettle Bell High Pull- 3x sets of 1 minute w/ 10 seconds rest
5) Kettle Bell Halo- 3x sets of 1 minute w/ seconds rest
6) Kettle Bell Tricep Extension- 3x sets of 15, 10, 10
7) Bicep Curls 50 lb resistance band- 3 sets of 30, 20, 20

Warm up
1) bicycle crunches
2) butterfly crunches
3) v sit crunch hold
Cool down

Thursday 12/03/2020: 1 hour of Muay Thai training

As my Khun Kru Krysta Scharlach said it’s Punchy Punchy Kicky Kicky time. Yay! I had a great time again in class even if I was frustrated.

Working south paw, is the complete opposite of what I know how to work in Muay Thai. In theory my brain knows how and what to do it’s just getting that brain body connection to work.

Try eating food with a fork with your off hand. How awkward does that feel? Well try moving your whole body to do a chain of strikes and do it gracefully. So yeah that is what it means to work south paw for me. I am right handed so an orthodox fighter.

We worked similar drills as Tuesday. I stumbled as usual in my off stance but I feel like I am making some improvements.

It was a great day of training! Thank you Khun Kru Krysta.

Saturday 12/04/2020: 2 hours- Kali/staff and Muay Thai

Great and cold day of training! Great week of training.

We worked Kali outside it was brisk and 45 degrees out.

I have worked all southpaw all week. And while I feel like I am still trying to write with left hand. I feel clumsy and unskilled but I can see some progress. The still picture is me doing a upward rear striking knee from my south paw stance. I have elevation in the ball of my foot, rotation, and the knee is hitting the sternum on my opponent. Great hight, good form and it made good contact I was happy wit it. I am glad I could get a pic of it.

Working on my clench game, and controlling your opponent in the clench.

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for taking your time to train and coach us.


Kali– don’t know how much longer we can do outside training it’s getting cold

1) 12 count strikes with staff
2) Then Krysta created a type of running saint we were working with a staff as well.

Muay Thai– 25 skip knee 1, and 2’s, and jab cross flurries for active recovery between rounds

Jump rope for warm up
1) Jab, Cross, Lead Knee, Jab, Cross, Rear Knee
2) held pads for H

3) Jab, Cross, Rear Long Knee, Rear Kick
4) held pads for H

5) Fake The Jab, Cross, Rear Upward Knee, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee
6) I worked both of these rounds

7) Fake Jab, Fake Cross, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, tie up, 6 skip knees, push off or spin opponent out, double kick
8 ) I worked both of these rounds

9 Jab, Cross, Rear Elbow, tie up (full plumb, half, single wing) 6 skip knees, sin off double kick
10) I held pads for H

Added videos to #sharpcupcake to show- martial arts training is a lot of screwing up, repetition, and practice.

So now we are here at Monday of the next week. I got my workout done, and I was happy to do it. It felt good and I could feel the muscle activation. I wanted to give it a week and give an honest review of how it felt to take the time off and how it felt to get back.

In a nutshell it was great. I am converted. I will do it again. I hated that feeling of bleh, meh, just not happy about what I was doing. I hated feeling like no mater how much I rested I did not sleep, or get enough rest between workouts. I hated feeling like every workout was a rendition of that scene with Artax and Atreyu in the swamp of sorrows, in the movie The Neverending Story. Ok maybe that is a little dramatic, but that feeling of slogging through the swamp… not happy, and just everything was hard.

It was interesting to go through a self inflicted stay of action as it were. It is even more interesting to see the results. Higher knees in southpaw, better lifts in weight lifting, and just better feeling over all. I will take it. And all I had to do was let my body rest.

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Ladies, Gentlemen and all those in between. Don’t Photo Edit, Just Go Get It

Training Martial Arts 11/16/2020: Training Fatigue or Overtraining the Who/What/How?

I am feeling overtraining setting in. To head it off I am going to try to take advantage of the holidays and change things up a bit.

So the question you may ask about overtraining:

  1. What is overtraining?
  2. What are the signs symptoms?
  3. Who can it affect?
  4. How do you deal with it?

You are chugging along, you have been working out. You have been sticking to your training. You have made progress but you wake up and feel strange. You feel tired, restless, no amount of sleep is helping, you maybe don’t love what you are doing any more, you have hit a plateau and you are not making any progress. You are sore and its taking longer for you to heal up.

You might be experiencing overtraining or training fatigue.

What is overtraining?

Here is a definition of overtraining or training fatigue from a children’s hospital sports medicine group. You may think what does a children’s hospital know about adults? Pediatricians will see athlete’s up to 18, some even will see people up to 21… so a person can be considered a child in the medical sense and the information can still be applicable to our needs as adults.

Burnout, or overtraining syndrome, is a condition in which an athlete experiences fatigue and declining performance in sport despite continuing or increased training. Overtraining can result in mood changes, decreased motivation, frequent injuries and even infections.  Burnout is thought to be a result of the physical and emotional stress of training.,frequent%20injuries%20and%20even%20infections.

Just as described above, a overtraining is a condition that can cause a cascading effect and if left unchecked and unaddressed it can cause more issues.

What are the signs/symptoms you might be experiencing overtraining?

  1. an athletes performance declines, and or they experience fatigue – not your normal fatigue after a hard workout, your workouts you feel sluggish
  2. lack of motivation – where once you did, you do not looking forward to the exercise
  3. decrease in the enthusiasm of the sport/training – temporary loss of your love for a sport or training.
  4. recovery is taking longer – after an adequate amount of rest you
  5. emotional volatility – disproportionate emotional response, not one particular emotion. Like snapping at people, crying more often
  6. trouble sleeping – insomnia, interrupted sleep, and less restful sleep
  7. more prone to illness and injury– your immune system is taking a beating because your body is can’t recover.
  8. Lethargy and reduced sex drive – if you are exhausted, and lethargic it is reasonable to that your sex drive will be reduced.
  9. Low heart rate variability – when your resting heart rate is less quickly variable at rest can mean your nervous system is fatigued. You can learn more about HRV here.

Who can it affect?

You might think that only a olympic athlete, an athlete that trains 20 hours a week, or a professional athlete will get this. But you might be surprised to find that anyone can find themselves with the overtraining or training fatigue symptoms. This can happen to an athlete of any training level.

  1. People new to training or working out can experience this, because their threshold is lower than an athlete that has been training for a while. If they are less fit, their bodies cannot compensate as well as the well trained athlete and therefore can experience training fatigue.
  2. People who have to quickly upped their amount of training recently, and have not taken adequate rest can experience this condition.
  3. People who are experienced athletes can find themselves facing this problem when they don’t take adequate rest.
  4. I also believe that external stressors, like this Covid-19 pandemic, can also factor into the causes of possible training fatigue or overtraining. I generally take adequate days off, usually 2 to 1 day a week, however I have not been sleeping well since the pandemic hit, and due to political stimulus over the past weeks. I think my body is just tired, and needs a rest.

How do you deal with it?

Not to be flippant but, rest is the first and foremost thing you should do. The pushing through and unwillingness to acknowledge that you need rest is the reason you may be here.

If you have injuries you must address those, and tend to those as well.

The length of rest is variable per person, but generally it is agreed upon but sports doctors, and therapists that when your symptoms have gone away or are retreating you are going in the right direction. When the lethargy no mater how much rest you get is gone, when your motivated to reach your goals, when you sex drive, and your love for your sport returns are all great signs.

In the future:

Schedule in breaks.
I am bad about this. I have been training for years, without scheduling a week or two off here and there. I tend to wait till I am injured and it forces me to take the time off.

Look for signs of overtraining and Listen to your body.

Try to reduce the stressors externally in your life.
I know easier said than done, especially if a pandemic is foisted on you, and or the political landscape of the country you are in has you questioning the sanity of the politicians, and the future of your country. But I digress…

Tune in your diet. If you are not fueling your body with enough food and good enough food your body cannot recover, and rest properly.

If you don’t do these things, it will be far easier to fall back into an overtraining, training fatigue cascade of symptoms that you will have to address or run the risk of greater injury.

Monday 11/16/2020:1 hour – 1 mile run, leg and glute day, core workout

I was feeling a little sassy today, don’t know if I feel like I can pull off a crop top yet but wore it anyway.

Woke up late for me 8 am and slept great. It’s been a while since I slept like that. So I got to my workout and start of my day and week.

Leg day but had to be careful with my tweaky knee still so I focused on making sure to keep it steady, aware of placement, and movement.

1 mile run

Weight Lifting Leg and Glute day: all exercises done in a super set, 15 seconds rest between sets

1) Back Squats 3x sets of 8 reps
2) Jump Squats 3x sets of 10 reps

3) Dead Lift 3x sets of 10 reps
4) Bulgarian Split Squats 3x sets of 15 reps ( L/R)

5) resistance band Leg Adductor 3x sets 1 minute (L/R)
6) Goblet Squat 3x sets of 15 reps

7) Single Leg Dead Lift 3x sets of 1 min

Core: Dana Lynn Bailey’s 10 minute core workout.
45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest between each
1) Hollow body
2) Hollow body reverse crunches
3) Sit Bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) Side Right planks dips
6) Side Left planks dips
7) High Plank opposite Side Knee to Elbow
8 ) V Sit Leg Circles
9) Heel Touches
10) Explosive Sit Ups

Monday 11/16/2020: workout #2 – Ran another mile with H and helped him through part of my leg day.

Tuesday 11/17/2020:1 hour of Muay Thai training

A great day of training. I am as exhausted but really looked forward to training today. Consistency is the key to getting better and reaching your goals.

We worked on Teeps, knees, and 4 counts. I even dented the heavy bag with my knee.

Thanks Khun kru Krysta for the great class.

Training: jumping jacks, kicks and ladder kicks in between rounds for active recovery.

1) lead Teep, rear Teep
2) Held pads for H

3) Lead Teep, Rear Kick, Hook, Cross, lead Kick
4) Held Pads for H

5) Rear Teep, Lead Kick, Cross, Hook, Rear Kick
6) held Pads for H

7) Lead Teep, Lead Kick, Cross, Hook, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
8 ) held Pads for H

9) Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Rear Body kick, Pead leg kick
Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Rear Body Kick, Rear Leg Kick
10) Held Pads for H

Friday 11/20/2020: 47 minutes run, agility ladder, and full body weight lifting workout

We ran a mile, I decided to add some footwork agility to my workout with the ladder, then I worked in a full body weight lifting workout.

1) barbell clean and press – 3x sets of 6 reps
2) dumbbell seated snow angels – 3x sets of 10 reps
3) kettlebell swings – 3x sets of 50 seconds, 10 seconds rest
4) kettlebell high pull – 3x sets of 50 seconds, 10 seconds rest
5) kettlebell tricep overhead extension – 3x sets of 50 seconds, 10 seconds rest

It was a short quick one but I am glad I got it in. Missed Wednesday and Thursday workouts so needed to do something today. Yay!

Saturday 11/21/2020: 2 hours of training. Kali/staff and Muay Thai

Training was fun and challenging today. We were outside in uneven ground that made it challenging, but it was fun. It reminded me of Thai Camp! I miss Thai Camp this year.

When you are outside on uneven ground, you want to focus on proper form, target acquisition, and working the technique. You do this so you don’t break yourself. 😆

In a leg kick you want to sink your weight, but for the body kicks you focus on the lifting the body and getting/pivoting on the balls of your feet.

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta!

Kali: We worked on-
1) high box with the staff
2) high box with the jab/Speer with staff
3) hubud with double stick

Muay Thai: knees up a hill for active recovery
1) shadow boxing
2) shadow boxing
3) plus sign drill w/ Jab, Cross, Rear Leg Kick
4) Jab, Cross, Rear Body Kick
5) H turn to kick me
6) Jab, Cross, Switch kick to the Body or lead body kick
7) H’s turn to kick me
8 ) Jab, Cross, Leg kick, partner kick response you shield.
9) H’s turn to kick me
10) pushing knees up the hill

Extra curricular 3 x 3 minute rounds of Sparring

Overtraining is a real thing. It is something to look out for. Keep in mind it is not just fatigue after a great workout. It is the inability to recover fully after your training. You then train again while tired, and feel lethargic, sluggish, and unable to attain the goals you are going for much less the levels of training you once had experienced.

Everything feels harder, and that is no fun.

I am starting to feel these symptoms. I know my body enough that I am aware that I am feeling like I am slogging up slope, in the mud. So I am going to take advantage of the coming holidays, and take some extra time off. I am going to change up my workouts.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms you may have to stop all together. But if you catch it early then you can just schedule in more rest time and let your body catch up.

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I post some videos of my training on my instagram #sharpcupcake .

Training Martial Arts 11/09/2020: Nothing Witty Just Get Out There and Do It

Really no witty repatee today just a general you gotta get out there and do your workouts. You have to get out there and train. It does not look like this pandemic is going to end any time soon, so waiting for it to end is not a solution.

What ever you can do at home do. Run if you can, order some resistance bands they are pretty cheap, get some kettle bells, and youtube has a wealthy of information you can use. Youtube has workouts to try, yoga you can do from home.

You may not have your team sports you like to do any more, but I am sure there are drills out there that you can do. If you like soccer there are ball drills you can do at home. An agility ladder, also pretty inexpensive is great for soccer, football, tennis, Muay Thai, any sport really that has you on your feet.

Don’t be afraid to change up your workouts. If you have been doing workouts at home great. Change it up, learn a new skill. Focus on one skill you want to make better. Like say agility, or hand eye coordination.

This is my week of martial arts training, and workouts. Nothing special just me working at my training. Sometimes you just need to grind away. Results come when you consistent and intentional about your training. I put up some video on my instagram account #sharpcupcake if you are interested.

Monday 11/09/2020: 1 hour and 10 minutes – 1 mile run, weight lifting leg and butt day, core

I am smiling cause I got that workout done even though it was hard to start and I really was not looking forward to doing it this morning.

Also look at this cool shirt I made. It was inspired by a quote from my Muay Thai coach Krysta. Yay! The back side of the shirt says, “I can’t… I have Muay Thai” I made it for my training team/class mates.

So while I was not feeling like doing the workout I did it and happy I did, I wore clothes that made me feel good, and kicked this workouts butt, also my own butt.

1 mile run

Leg and Glute warm up/activation
(45 seconds on 15 seconds off)
1) lunge stand kick back
2) mini band squat walk
3) mini band kick back to side kick
4) banded hip thrusters

Weight lifting leg glute – done in a superset
1) back squats 3x sets of 8 reps
2) jump squats 3x sets of 10 reps

3) reverse extensions 3x sets of 12 reps
4) dumbbell lunges 3x sets of 12 reps

5) dead lifts 3x sets of 10 reps
6) Bulgarian split squats 3x sets of 15 reps (L/R)

7) leg abductor 1 minute each leg (L/R)
8 ) goblet squats 3x sets of 10 reps

9) 4 way mini band walks 1 minute 3x sets
10) single leg dead lift 3x sets of 20 reps

Core: Dana Lynn Bailey’s 10 minute core workout.
45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest between each
1) Hollow body
2) Hollow body reverse crunches
3) Sit Bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) Side Right planks dips
6) Side Left planks dips
7) High Plank opposite Side Knee to Elbow
8 ) V Sit Leg Circles
9) Heel Touches
10) Explosive Sit Ups

Tuesday 11/10/2020: 1 hour of Muay Thai training

So it’s been a day! Had some good things like a great compliment and happy letter to my company from a customer about my customer service.

Then I had some things that made me doubt myself that those internal voices got to me. I hate it when my brain does this.

On top of all that D.O.M.S. set in. But after I got warmed up and moving even thought I still felt sore things felt better. I just focused on fixing one thing today in training. So I could have a singular area to sick my brain on, it let me drown everything else out. I did it and had a great class. Thanks for a great class Khun Kru Krysta!

Training: jab cross flurries, and double kicks for active recovery

1) Jab, Cross, Body kick, Jab, Cross, leg kick
2) held pads for H

3) Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Cross, Rear Body Kick
4) held pads for H

5) Jab, Cross, Overhand, Cross, Rear leg Kick
6) held pads for H

7) Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Cross, Rear Body Kick
8 ) held pads for H

9) Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Head Hook, Rear Body Kick, Rear Leg Kick
10) held pads for H

Wednesday 11/11/2020: 1 hour- 1 mile run, upper body/arm day, and core

What a great day of training. Still wrestling with feelings of self worth, but it was a great training day. And H my partner did the entire thing with me. He said he wanted to get as strong as I am. Yay!

We ran a mile in the rain, but it was a pleasant warm rain.

Shoulder arm warm up

Weight lifting workout: 15 seconds rest between sets. Focus on time and attention.
1) Seated Snow Angels 5x sets of 10 reps
2) Dumbbell Shoulder Press to Chest Press 5x sets of 10
3) Front Raise to Lateral Raise 5x sets of 10 reps
4) Bicep Curl 5x sets of 15 reps
5) Tricep Dips 5x sets of 10 reps
6) Halos 3x sets of 10 (L/R)
7) Tricep Kick Back 5x sets of 15 reps
8 ) Shoulder stabilization band exercise 3x sets of 10 (L/R)

Core: Dana Lynn Bailey’s 10 minute core workout.45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest between each
1) Hollow body
2) Hollow body reverse crunches
3) Sit Bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) Side Right planks dips
6) Side Left planks dips
7) High Plank opposite Side Knee to Elbow
8 ) V Sit Leg Circles
9) Heel Touches
10) Explosive Sit Ups

Thursday 11/12/2020: 1 hour and 10 minutes – Muay Thai training

Great day of training today. We worked the lead kicks today Tuesday we worked the rear kicks. Then I did extra curricular knees on the bag. 150 knees to be exact.

I took an ok picture (I generally hate pictures of me) and one where I show my arms. I hate my arms but one of my online friends suggested we show all our bits because beautiful is not just what we were taught is beautiful.

Beautiful is strong, smart, kind, has cellulite, anxiety, has an oval/round/square/diamond/rectangular face, has scars, is working better themselves every day, even on the days where it’s hard. Beautiful is not what the magazines tell us, it’s what we see in our friends and loved ones. I keep comparing myself to everyone else and keep coming up short. I trying to learn to love me. I am trying to see the beautiful in me. I can find it in everyone else.

Training: jab cross flurries, kicks for active recovery between rounds
1) shadow boxing Jab, Cross, Rear Kick Spin Through with Shield opposite leg
2) shadow boxing Jab, Cross, Lead Kick Spin Through with Shield opposite leg

3) Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Lead Body Kick
4) held pads for H

5) Jab, Cross, Overhand Cross, Lead Leg kick
6) held pads for H

7) Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Cross, Lead Body Kick
8 ) held pads for H

9) Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Head Hook, Cross, Lead Body Kick, Lead Leg Kick
10) held pads for H

Extra curricular:150 skip knees to the bag
Video of part of the skip knees is on my instagram #sharpcupcake

Saturday 11/14/2020: 2 hours 15 minutes – Kali/Staff class, and Muay Thai training, with 4 rounds of sparring afterward

Even though my face looks a little meh, I had a great day of training. It was very cold outside when the wind was blowing and my face was showing it. Lol

Kali/Staff training– We worked equise with low backhand high backhand, switch, and jab/stab

Then we worked western pole arm training Kevin was kind enough help us learn more about western pole arm fighting.

Muay Thai- we worked on the same drills from this week.My knee was feeling a little strained today so I worked around it. I focused on making each strike correct, taking the power out of the strikes. It is inevitable that you will get minor injuries or strains and you have to work around them.

Then I sparred with our small dedicated sparring pod to avoid COVID-19. Was thinking about not sparring due to my knee, but decided with a little nudge from my trainer Khun Kru Krysta to work on timing and go light but still participate in the sparring. It was fun and I am glad I did. I really need to work on my tells.

I will keep training and focusing on not transmitting my tells. So my opponent does not see me coming.

It is Monday, so that means I started my week of training again. We can’t control what this pandemic is doing to our world and the people around us. But we can control what we do while we are living through it.

Get out there, work on your goals and I hope you all have had a great week. I hope this new week is amazing for you all, and if you are already training, keep it up.

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Training Martial Arts 11/02/2020: Some people need the push some people you can’t force to train.

When working out with other people/friends/family etc., you have to understand what kind of person they are.

For me I like having a coach that tells me to work harder, gives me tips, and giving me encouragement is what helps me. I can work on my own, and I do, but having a coach, well coach me in that way is sometimes what I need to get over a plateau.

I work out with H, I train with H in Muay Thai and Kali. We are lucky that we can train together. I also know how he works, and me saying, “you can do it”, when he is struggling in a workout is not his jam. He needs to be able to work through it alone. Also me nagging him about doing a workout will not ever work. He has to want to do it. Where as my mind naggs me… telling me that I must get it done. I don’t rest well till I get it done.

So here are some things to think about when coaching, or helping your family/friends along in your training/workouts:

  1. Everyone is different we all react differently. Get to know the persons personality. This is what I have learned. I am sure there is a lot more to learn and study about how to help motivate your friends, but this will get you started.
    • Type A – are typically tense, hurried, maybe aggressive, and task/detail oriented.
      1. They are usually self motivated, like to have plans, self manage, and are competitive with themselves and others.
      2. Motivate – a comprehensive plan is ideal for the type A, Statistics and information are great motivators for this type of person. Keeping a journal of workouts/progress is a great motivator. Articles about workouts and reasons to do them help motivate as well.
    • Type B – are typically, friendly, talkative, have a lot of energy, and easily distracted
      1. They love being social butterflies, so things that require teamwork, and plenty of interaction. They love team sports and thrive in that kind of environment.
      2. Motivate – Group hikes, team sports like soccer, group runs, volley ball, and other group activities are a great motivator. Talk before and after workouts and try to limit talk during workouts so as not to distract.
    • Type C – are typically somber, serious, rely on data/stats and are analytical
      1. Cold hard facts are what they are looking for.
      2. Motivate – Details about why a workout is great is perfect. Articles about said workouts are great motivators. Keeping a journal of workouts/progress is a great motivator for these people.
  2. Make it collaborative, ask what each other would like to get out of it. Do this before the workout. Even if they ask you to put the workout together, make sure you have several levels of the workout that can be done, easy and harder.
  3. Limit the small talk during a workout. You are both there to work out and get stronger/faster/better. Talk before or after.
  4. Help them get over fears of the gym, or lack of knowledge.
  5. Explain what you are doing why you are doing it. This helps with number 4 as well.
  6. Lead by example, exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, share your progress
  7. Do not judge. No one likes to think they are being judged or laughed at. You are both doing this to get better.
  8. Set goals, not just numbers on the scale, but strength, movement, etc.

Monday 11/02/2020: 1 hour and 10 minutes I mile run, leg day, and core

I think I am seeing muscles in my legs! Yay!

So today was 46 degrees F/ 7.78 degrees C out when I went to run. On top of that we have crazy winds whipping up. So needless to say the run was cold.

1 mile run

Weight lifting: 50 minutes all exercises done in a superset. 30 seconds rest between a set of two workouts
1) barbell back squats 8 reps x 3 sets
jump squats 8 reps x 3 sets

2) reverse hyper on the bench 12 reps x3 sets
dumbbell lunges 12 reps x3 sets

3) Dead Lift 8 reps x 3 sets
Bulgarian split squats 15 reps x3 sets

4) banded courtesy lunge 15 reps (L/R) x 3 sets
alternating single leg dead lifts 30 reps x3 sets

5) 4 way glute band/mini band walks 1 minute x 3 sets
resistance band leg adductor 30 sec (L/R) x 3 sets

Core: Dana Lynn Bailey’s 10 minute core workout.
45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest between each
1) Hollow body
2) Hollow body reverse crunches
3) Sit Bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) Side Right planks dips
6) Side Left planks dips
7) High Plank opposite Side Knee to Elbow
8 ) V Sit Leg Circles
9) Heel Touches
10) Explosive Sit Ups

Wednesday 11/04/2020: 1 hour, 1 mile run, upper body workout, and core

I needed to burn off some anxiety and needed to take my focus off the election. Doing my workout helped. Because making sure I don’t drop the weights on my own head will get you to concentrate.

It’s was a great workout! My arms and shoulders are toast. Yay!

1 mile run

Upper Body Weightlifting
1) seated snow angels – 5 x sets of 10 reps
2) dumbbell shoulder press to chest press – 5x sets of 10 reps
3) dumbbell front raise to lateral raise – 5x sets of 10 reps
4) tricep dips – 5 x sets of 10 reps
5) shoulder stabilization resistance band – 60 each side
6) tricep kick backs- 5 x sets of 10
7) bicep curls – 5 x sets of 15
8) halos- 3 x sets of 10 (L/R)

Core: Dana Lynn Bailey’s 10 minute core workout. 45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest between each
1) Hollow body
2) Hollow body reverse crunches
3) Sit Bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) Side Right planks dips
6) Side Left planks dips
7) High Plank opposite Side Knee to Elbow
8 ) V Sit Leg Circles
9) Heel Touches
10) Explosive Sit Ups

Thursday 11/05/2020: hour of Muay Thai

Quote of the day: “Flying Elbows = Always Great” Khun Kru Krysta

Great day of training. After a crazy day that was both frustrating and tiring it was great to just focus on the training.

Still working on squaring up my hips more. Instead of blading them so much. I have so much more power in my knees and kicks when I do that. Also it is almost effortless.

Also working on flow and timing. To make things smooth like butter.

Training: jab cross flurries, elbow elbow flurries, ladder kicks, skip knees done inbetween rounds for active recovery
1) Jab, Cross, elbow # 9
2) held for H

3) Rear Knee, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Lead Knee, Lead Kick
4) held for H

5) Jab, Cross, Rear # 8 elbow, lead elbow # 1, rear Knee, Rear Kick
6) held pads for H

7) Matkatune, Cross, Body Hook, lead # 3 elbow, tie up skip knee x 6, spin off, double kick
8 ) held pads for H

9) Jab, Cross, Hook, Lead Elbow # 1, Rear Elbow # 9, Lead Elbow # 9, Rear Elbow # 3, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
10 ) held pads for H

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for a great class!

Saturday 11/07/2020: 2 hours of Kali/staff and Muay Thai

Today it is beautiful outside, and training was fun. It was made all the better when we heard news that Pennsylvania was called. The day started off as meh and we are just waiting for election results going through the motions and getting our training in. However, then the great news that Biden had the majority of of the electoral votes made my day. I felt lighter and less like I was holding my breath in anticipation.

So I got to train in my favorite martial arts while talking, joking, and discussing current events with my like minded friends. Thank you Khun Kru Krysta.

Kali – full box in a variety of combos which requires different movements, blocks, and range management
1) full box -single stick
2) full box – double stick

3) full box – double stick against single stick
4) full box – double stick against staff

video up on my instagram #sharpcupcake

Muay Thai – we worked on the Thai 15 count
I worked it in both Orthodox stance and South Paw
1) parry incoming cross, high cover the hook, Lead elbow # 1, Rear elbow # 3, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
2) held pads for H

3) Rear Knee, Lead Kick, Cross, Hook, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
4) held pads for H

5) Rear kick, Lead Teep incoming cross, Slip the incoming cross, Hook, Cross, Rear Kick
6) held pads for H

7) 15 count in full (I did both orthodox and south paw)
8 ) held pads for H Kali videos, Muay Thai video of Thai 15 count

One thing I know with H is that I cannot force them to do the workout. They have to be ready and willing to do so.

Sometimes for some people you can use these for motivation:

  1. comedy/laughter for motivation, “you are afraid of how swole you are going to get arn’t you?”
  2. stats and information, “you had these goals, and to reach them you need to keep up the training.”
  3. asking what is bothering them and what is stopping them
  4. just gentle reminders

Sometimes all you can do is lead by example, send gentle reminders, and be supportive.

Never ever, make fun of them, or try to guilt them. That tends to backfire and then will make your friends/family not want to workout.

I will do my workout, extend an invitation, and then if they want to they will come. I hope this helps you with your friends and family and the training that you do.

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Training Martial Arts 10/26/2020: Train Through The Holidays

It was a big holiday for us in the U.S.A. Halloween is a fun holiday normally in an non covid atmosphere for us. With dressing up, parties, and festivities.

Often times I think people who are starting out or even have been on a workout journey think they have to take off for the holidays. You don’t. I have heard my friends and fellow classmates say they can’t come train cause their friends would make fun of them for training on a holiday.

Ok so here is the thing. If you want to take off for the holiday or holidays that is all you. Do it if it makes you happy. But if you are only taking a day/week/weeks off because you are visiting family and there is no gym, or they won’t understand, or your friends are causing static, I say nay do what you want or what makes you happy.

  1. If you are just starting out, I would say don’t take the time off. Try to stick to your schedule even if you are traveling. It takes 21 days to form a habit and if you stop before then you might derail your entire process.
  2. If you are traveling and don’t have access to a gym, or your equipment at home.
    • Do research
    • Make a plan to do calisthenics wherever you are
    • Write it down, so you can access it even if you don’t have internet access
    • Explore the gym facilities where you are, in your hotel, it may surprise you.
    • Pack and bring your gym shoes/clothes/and portable tools like resistance bands.
  3. If your friends are haranguing you. Tell them that this is important to you and get them to understand that you want to do this. If they still don’t maybe reevaluate that friendship. I would want friends that are happy for me and supportive. I would want friends that are supportive and want you to be happy.
  4. Invite your family/friends to go with you, or workout with you.
  5. Wear cute/funny things for the season while you workout. It will help you still feel like you are being festive but are staying on track. What you may be asking could I wear? Santa hats, jingling bells, for us a turkey during Thanksgiving, etc. Whatever your holiday is make it fun, and stay on track.
  6. Make it a game: Finding ways to get a workout in is fun. Take walks/runs around the new neighborhood. Look at the scheduled activities if there are any, and swee where you can fit it in. If your family is going to the beach, plan to spend 15 minutes running through the tide. You can find some time anywhere. If you are traveling in a caravan/RV do a squat challenge during your travels.

You might be wondering why I am mentioning any of this. We trained Muay Thai on Halloween, in costume and it was great fun.

Monday 10/26/2020:1 hour, 1 mile run, glute activation, lower body, core workout

Woot done!

So this glute activation I have been doing lately is to address some tightness, sometimes soreness of my IT band and pain in the outer knee. Research says that when you stretch, activate abs develop your gluteus muscles all three. Everyone knows the Gluteus Maximus, but it’s the Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus that are typically underdeveloped or undertrained.

This can cause knee pain, IT band pain, affect your run, lower back, and your feet. On the other hand if you focus on working all of the these it will help the above problems. Also another perk is it makes your butt look pretty! Lol

It is probably to early to tell a difference, but I will say today I knocked 15 seconds off my run time. I was not pushing it. I was doing my steady state run just for cardio and warm up.

Workout after 1 mile run below:

8 min Glute activation– only do these exercises till you feel your glutes activate but not to failure. You want to make the mind body connection between the muscle groups.
1) Mini band glute bridge 25 reps
2) Mini band clam shell 25L 25R reps
3) Donkey Kick 15L 15R reps
4) Fire Hydrant 20L 20R reps
5) Reverse hyper – on the bench. (little hard on my back but will get better) 10 reps

20 minute lower body workout – Each set is 10 minutes long – x 2 sets… 45 seconds on 15 seconds
1) Jump Squats
2) Alternating Stepping Lunge
3) Single Leg Hip Thrusts Left (Note: if you don’t feel your glute activating during this exercise use 80/20 hip thrust instead. I did this to get a better activation.)
4) Single Leg Hip Thrust Right
5) Alternating Stiff/single Leg Deadlift
6) Standing Calf Raise
7) Speed Air Squats
8 )Alternating Side Lunges
9) Hamstring Heel Curl
10 ) Static Squat Hold

Burn Out Glute Activation 8 min
1) Straight Leg Fire Hydrant – 40 reps each side L and R – point toe down to activate gluteus medius
2) Bird Dog Slider 25 reps each side L and R – I used a sour cream lid because I don’t have a slider disk
3) Side Balance leg circles 30 seconds each side L and R
4) Side Balance leg curls 30 seconds each side L and R

Core workout 7 minute – 60 seconds each
1) Seated Ab Circles clockwise circles
2) Seated Ab Circles counter clockwise circles
3) Plank Mountain climbers 30 seconds rest
4) Marching Planks
5) Scissor Kicks
6) Starfish Crunches 30 seconds rest
7) Russian V tuck twist (these were hard for me)

Workout #2: 1 mile run, and coaching H in my morning workout

I can’t believe it! Normally my second run I am slower than my first one of the day. Today just this morning I took 15 seconds of my normal running time. Just a steady state run, I was not pushing at all.

This run with H I ran steady state again, took another 20 seconds off!!! 20 seconds off, I was not trying to run harder. I just ran. This was another steady state run.

Anyway we focused on time and attention to the eccentric motions. Glute activation, with the mind body connection. We will get H there. Also it’s great for me, we are working on making those muscles stronger. Woot! 🍑🍑🍑

Tuesday 10/27/2020: 1 hour and 15 minutes of Muay Thai training

We worked elbows today! Yay!

Also tweaking my stance just the tiniest bit changed the magnitude in power for my Teep a and kicks. I had gotten into the habit of blading my body to much. So now just working on squaring my hips toward my target.

You can see me working on my hip squaring in the video. On my instagram #sharpcupcake You can see H have to readjust the belly pad because my kicks were transferring more power through his body. That equals ouch. 😁

I had a great day at training and loved working the elbows. Thank you Khun Kru Krysta.

Training: Jump squats, jab cross blitz, elbow blitz, and kick ladders for active recovery between rounds.

1) Jab, Cross, Lead Elbow # 1, Jab, Cross, Rear Elbow # 1, Jab, Cross, Lead Elbow # 2, Jab, Cross, Rear Elbow # 2. continue through elbows 1 – 9
2) held pads for H

3) Jab, Cross, Lead Elbow # 1, Rear Elbow # 3, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
4) Held pads for H

5) Jab, Cross, Shovel Hook, Chain Lead Elbow # 2, Rear Elbow # 6, Rear Elbow # 7, get out of the pocket
6) Held pads for H

7) Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Lead Elbow # 4, Lead Elbow # 5, get out of the pocket
8) Held Pads for H

9) Jab, Cross, Hook, Lead Elbow # 1, Rear Elbow # 9, Lead Elbow # 9, Rear Elbow #3, Rear Knee, Rear Kick, block blows/get out of the pocket.
10 ) Held pads for H

Extra curricular: Worked on kicks and my stance. Squaring up my stance instead of blading my body so much.

Wednesday 10/28/2020: 1 hour – 1 mile run, 45 minute upper body weight lifting workout 🏋️‍♀️

Whew I kicked my own butt! What a great workout.

We all have things about our bodies we don’t like. I can I can name more than I have fingers for in these pictures. Hips, thighs, arms,… etc. But I am trying to rewire the way I think, the way I see things. I can see the good in everyone else. I should be able to see the good in me.

So here is a start. I love how strong I am. I love that I can ask my body to perform and it does. I am working to be the best me I can, that means mentally as well.

I also understand I will have bad days, down days, but not every day is going to be positive and upbeat. I just have to keep picking myself back up. Then I try to keep moving forward.

Training: focus on time and attention on eccentric motion. I focused on doing compound movements then doing a focused movement.

1 mile run


1) Front Raise to Lateral Raise 5x sets of 10 to 15 reps
2) Overhead Tricep Extension 5x sets of 10 reps
3) Chest Press to Shoulder Press 5x sets of 10 reps
4) Bicep Curl 40 lb w/ resistance band 5x sets of 15 reps
5) Lat Pull Down 30 lb resistance band 50 reps
6) Elbow Plank to Pushups 5x sets 6 reps
7) Halos w/ 25lb Kettlebell 3x sets of 10L 10R reps

Core: 1 minute each exercise
1) Clockwise seated ab circles
2) Counterclockwise seated ab circles
3) Drunken Mountain Climbers
30 seconds rest
4) Marching Planks
5) Scissors
6) Starfish Crunches
30 seconds rest
7) Russian V Tucks

Workout #2: 1 mile run and coaching

H through my workout this morning. Get out there and if you can find a buddy to workout with you.

We are doing upper body today. So Bi’s, Tri’s, shoulders, lats, and chest. Focus on the eccentric motion. (The elongating of muscle in tension after contraction.) We are working our muscles to failure. Doing 5 sets of a moderate weight.

Thursday 10/29/2020: 1 hour of Muay Thai training

Today was a great day. I was working on squaring up my hips and working through the drills. I am going to have to be more conscious about it till I retrain my body. I did not realize how much I was blading my body. I am glad I am working on fixing it now.

We had a skills demo, and test today. Congratulations to Kevin, Ashley, and Guy on earning new Pra Jiad (ranking armband).

Then we worked similar drills to Tuesday’s class.

I was sore from our upper body workout, but it felt good to get warmed up and working. I find I heal faster when I do.Thank you for class Khun Kru Krysta!

Saturday 10/31/2020: Happy Halloween Muay Thai training. 2 hours and 15 mins.

I made a His and Hers costume for us. His says Fairtex the brand of thai pads, and mine says Fairer Sex! Hahah. Pic included to show actual size of pads vs gigantic ones I made.

Training was great fun. 1 hour of staff class, 1 hour of Muay Thai training 15 minutes of sparring after class.

Woot! We had so much fun, and Khun Kru Krysta got video of our ridiculous costumes when we did jumping jacks.

Yay, we worked the 17 count, and some drills. It was great. Now I am pooped.

We having been training during the holidays for years. I can tell you that as an athlete in competitive sports we trained all the time rain or shine. We only took off days like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, etc. Major holidays and just the day of.

If we had to travel coaches would say, “make sure to get your calisthenics in. Don’t forget to train, and if you can get some laps in.”

I find it a challenge and make it like a game to find ways to train while I travel. I have found challenges like squat challenges that I ended up doing at some famous sites, and have pictures of. Squatting in front of a national memorial might get you looks from others, but you will have amazing memories, and have gotten a workout in. Win win!

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Have a great week.