Is Fabletics Fab or a Flop… Thicc girl review

(note: This is a non sponsored review, I paid for all of my clothes.)

I gave in and tried that 2 for 24$ deal I have been seeing around. Because who can pass up a two pairs of leggings for 24 dollars. Certainly not I. I basically live in my workout clothes. I work out 6 days a week. So I need to be able to cycle through the clothes. My workout clothes criteria are:

  1. It has to have great compression.
  2. It has to fit well. There is nothing more irritating than trying to complete a workout when your clothes are uncomfortable. For some people its a deal breaker, because they don’t want to be in the gym in the first place.
  3. I have to feel cute in it, or at least it has to fit and look good on me.
  4. I like interesting designs
  5. It has to pass the squat test (meaning squatting does not pull the fabric so thin that it shows the world your assets, or the cute writing on your panties.)

This is what I got and this is what I paid for it. I took advantage of the 2 leggings for 24 dollars, and they had an extra deal they were doing at the time, that applied to my order. $30 dollars I believe extra credit applied to my purchase. Which made my order for 3 things $33.90.

Order Summary
Order Total$33.90

Items Ordered

Sarah Sculptknit L/S Top - L
Name:Sarah Sculptknit L/S Top – L
Salar Statement PowerHold® 7/8 - L
Name:Salar Statement PowerHold® 7/8 – L
Salar Statement UltraCool Legging - L / Short | 25
Name:Salar Statement UltraCool Legging – L / Short | 25
Size:L / Short | 25
Color:black/black shine

Let me start with the Pros:

  1. The compression on the material is great.
  2. I love the feel of the fabric on all the items.
  3. I love the fit and feel of the Sarah Sculpt knit top. Best piece out of the lot.
  4. It passes the squat test. There is a tiny bit of panty showing, so not 100% opaque more like 98%, but it is not that much that I am concerned.
  5. Cuteness? Yes they are cute, with a better fit it would be cuter
  6. It is comfortable, I was able to do my MA workouts and Weight lifting/running workouts no problem.


  1. I would not pay, $50, and $65 dollars for the pants. I can get better from other companies like Grrrl.
  2. The leggings fit over all was accurate… however, for me it was slightly bigger, but not to be a problem. I would go down a size when if I order again.
  3. Salar Statement PowerHold® 7/8 pants were a little disappointing. I was not expecting the sides of the mesh panel not be tacked down. Because they were not sewn to the mesh they buckled at the knee, and down on the leg lower toward my ankle. They buckle in weird awkward ways, making my silhouette weird. The picture they show in on a more leggy model, but I still think that was a mistake not to sew down the sides of the mesh. You can see what I am talking about in the picture below.

So now would I buy again, for $33.90? Heck yes… that is a steal. Would I be happy paying full price? Meh no. I think there is potential in some of these outfits, leggings, shirts, etc. However, you have to be willing to try out the different fabrics and styles to see if you like them.

I was most disappointed in the way the burgundy leggings embellishment that buckled. I had high hopes for those. They are so pretty in the pictures online, but my body is not long and lean like the models they have on there.

Maybe they could use different kinds of models so that women of all types can see what the clothes will look like on them. (note: I was just perusing their website, and they do have other models. Yay! I was mistaken, and I am happy to see that they have other body types on there. )

How does Fabletics work?

Well think of it like a subscription to workout clothes. They will charge your credit card each month unless you click the skip button, or cancel before the 5th of the month. Here is the information you can get right off of their web site.

Fabletics provides a monthly membership program that grants you access to style experts and the latest athleticwear trends. To get started, simply take our Style Personality Quiz. Next, you must register and create a member account through this Site (“Account”). After you have successfully created an Account, you will have the option to select your favorite item(s) from the ‘My Outfits’ section of your Account (“Outfits”). There is no registration fee and no obligation to purchase. Our Fabletics style experts will continue to determine which athleticwear Outfits best match your workouts and style.

To become a Fabletics VIP Member, simply purchase any Fabletics item on this Site and keep the VIP Membership box checked on the checkout page to enroll (including the monthly, automatic purchase feature). As a Fabletics VIP Member, our experts will send you a customized selection of Fabletics items on the 1st day of every month. You will also receive emails, newsletters, special offers and other updates to maximize your shopping experience.

As a Fabletics VIP Member, you will be required to take action by the 5th day of every month by selecting one of the Monthly Options described below. These options can be selected through your online account or by calling customer service at 1-844-Fabletics (1-844-322-5384). You may also cancel your Fabletics VIP Membership at any time. 

If you do not select the ‘Skip This Month’ option, select an item for purchase or cancel your membership by the 5th day of the month, your credit card will be billed $49.95 for that month and you will receive a Fabletics credit that can be redeemed toward the purchase of any Fabletics item in any future month.

All items come with a 30-day return/exchange policy.

As a Fabletics VIP Member, you will be able to purchase Fabletics Outfits starting at $49.95, including, but not limited to a pre-determined combination of, tops, sports bras, pants, shorts, athleticwear accessories and other items. The site also offers a range of products, including, but not limited to, tops, sports bras, shorts and more for less than $49.95. In order to bring you this fabulous pricing, we must charge a $4.95 shipping fee for all orders under $49.95, after applicable discounts. For all orders $49.95 or over, shipping is always free.

In addition, the site will occasionally collaborate with premier trendsetting partners to offer specialty items at exclusive members-only prices. In order to bring you the most fabulous fashion trends which are not offered anywhere else, these exclusive specialty items may be offered at prices above $49.95.

You will also receive emails, newsletters, special offers and other updates to maximize your shopping experience.

The website has cool looking clothes. I have not decided if I am going to continue my membership or cancel yet. However, my biggest concern was that this workout clothing was just going to be Atheliesure clothes and not something that would hold up to my sports, MA activities. I went with PowerHold fabric which is their most compression fabric, and the Ultra Cool which is mid to high compression. So for me this time it was a hit and miss type thing. Still I got a great deal for $33 dollars and I was able to sate my curiosity.

I hope this helps you decide to take the plunge or just keep ignoring those Fabletics adds we see all over the place. Fabletics was not all Fab for me, but it was not a total Flop. So I am right in the middle. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

New Years Resolutions… Should we or Shouldn’t we?

New Years Resolutions… I say NAY. Make life changes.

I was going to do a pros and cons list, but the onion article made me laugh today and I could not do better than them.


Pretty easy to think of ways in which you suck.

Many gyms offer discounted memberships in the new year to prey on suckers like you.

Previous Guinness World Record not even that many hamburgers.

It’s never worked before, but it might work this year.


Pretty pathetic to hear someone own up to their weaknesses.

Perpetuates idea that we should always be trying to improve ourselves.

Might set unhealthy precedent of actually getting things done.

You always do this. You always say you’re going to follow through and then you go and let it slip through the cracks. You’re a joke.”

Credit The Onion

Ahem, with that said. I have done myself and seen so many of my friends make resolutions that are either really difficult or unreasonable to do. In the end it makes the resolution maker feel bad, like a failure, and if you announced it to your world in social media, now your friends and family have seen you fail.

Now what I think should be done and what I did was make life changes. I know other people have said this, and I am rehashing some of the same things. For me I decided to be come healthier. That seems nebulous and it is. I had to do research, had to figure out what I wanted to do and I tackled each thing separately. I learned it takes about 21 days or 3 weeks of consistency for a person to develop a new habit.  Know your current life requirements/funds/limitations and plan around that.

What did that mean for me? I stared four years and four months ago, with a small achievable goal. I wanted to get some sort of work out in. At this point I was not certain what I wanted to do but I knew the requirements that I had to meet to make it work for me.

Requirements at the time:

  • The kids were little, 5 and 6 years old so I needed a workout that I could do at home, with little people around.
  • I wanted something that was economical, because I was worried about failing again, and children require considerable adjustments to your budget. Youtube was my answer to that. I specifically used they are a great resource to use.
  • Exercises that did not require a great amount of equipment. Both for the amount of space I have to work in, and again, commitment. I did not know if I was going to be able to keep this up. I did not want to go and blow money on a lot of equipment.

After I had been able to keep working out two days a week up for month I decided to add two more goals. I added posting on social media so that I could keep track of my progress, and as a means of checks and balances among my friends and I. Next, I added cleaning up my lunch meals. I wanted to start eating more healthfully, and figured if I could at least start with lunch, were I am less stressed and more caffeinated, I can keep to it.

I continued to add to my life long changes. Changing up eventually every meal, changing my workouts to suit my current goals, and following my passions. I did not succeed at every change, because every person, and each individuals body is different. As much as we would love a quick fix to things we don’t like or want, we must experiment to find what works for us. I still to this day fall into this trap, of wanting a quick fix. Sometimes falling for the next fad, hoping it will get me to a life long change that I want faster.

What does life changes mean? You are going to stumble, you are going to mess up, you are going to get hurt like falling off a ladder. Ask me how I know. You have to get up, brush yourself off, when doc says its ok to get back to it, get back to working out and do what you can while you can even if you have a boot on for a broken toe that is in your foot. This is a life change, not a change for this year, or just next year. It’s a change for the better, to make you feel better, and get you closer to the bad ass that you are and want to be.

Free Youtube Workout Video Suggestions:

These things worked for me. Do your research, read, read, read. If it feels like some one is selling you something they probably are. I tend to read several articles about the same subject and take the common elements that I find in all of them, this seems the be a great way to strip out opinions and receive consistent information.

Next Blog: First workout of the year!