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Guess Who is an Official Yokkao Brand Ambassador?

I did not even know how to title this, so a simple title seems best. I am amazed, I have had several brands reach out to me. Some of the brands want me to review some of their items, some of them want me to be brand ambassadors.

Some of the companies truly want honest reviews, and some don’t or have allterior motives. I have rejected some offers and obviously accepted some offers. I recently did a product review of a company that sent me a product and asked me to do an honest review. So I was happy to accept. I am always happy to look at/try something new that is sent to me and give an honest review.

Then a brand I have used, and loved for almost 2 years now reached out to me and asked me to be a brand ambassador. As a matter of fact two people contacted me personally from Yokkao.

This is a long way of me saying yay, I am a Official Yokkao Ambassador. Do you see that picture? Me?!? Why me… why ask me was my question. I am the biggest goof ball. But ask me they did. I already use their carbon fit shorts. I love the fit and their styles.

I am going to keep using their shorts and products. I love Yokkao. I love their designs. I have a new pair of Thai Shorts on the way the Angry Bunny ones. I cannot wait to get them.

I mean look at these… so flipping cute! I love them already and I have not gotten them yet.

So the good stuff is:

I have a special code that I can share with you all that will give you 10% off on your purchase. Use this code: sharpcupcake10​ at

direct link using my code

Cool beans right? I think it is really cool. When you love the brand already it is a much easier decision to work with them. At least that is the case for me.

Ohh and something really cool. A fighter I have been watching and loving for a while has just signed with Yokkao. “Our newly signed fighter Rodtang Jitmuangnon is fighting in 7 days.” If you can get a chance to watch one of his fights, please do so. He is amazing.

What would you do if a brand you loved reached out to you?

If you have what have you done? Did you end up working with them?

Let me know if you end up ordering something, and show me what you ordered so I can be excited with you.

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As always, Don’t Photo Edit, Just Go Get It!

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