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Shiny New Product Review: Elite Sports Duffle Bag First Impressions

As promised here is my initial impressions and review of the Elite Sports Warrior Series Blue Large Duffel MMA Gear Gym Bag & Backpack. Elite Sports are a sports equipment company that supplies equipment for BJJ, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Judo. I had seen their products around but had never bought any. I was surprised when they contacted me to do a honest product review of their products.

I am always happy to try a new product that will help me with my training and in this case help me lug my gear to and from the gym.

If you would like to see the gym bag in all its glory I made a video of me pulling out all of my gear that I stuffed into the bag. I carry around a lot of gear to help me train Muay Thai and Kali.

As I am typing this today I have used this bag for 3 days of training. However, I have packed and unpacked that bag a good 20 times. Why you might ask? Because I am a huge dork or nerd you name it, and I had to re-record that video many times.

First Impressions:

  1. Holding Capacity: I was happy to be able to get all of gear in the bag. I found that it was well made. I love the quality and thickness of the zippers. When I unboxed the bag, I was impressed with quality of the fabric. It is thick and I absolutely love the color.
  2. Durability: It seems very durable and we will see as I continue to use it how well it holds up. I love the structure in the bag. The other duffel bag I had, had absolutely no structure. So this bag standing up is wonderful.
  3. Many Pockets: I was impressed with the amount of pockets in the bag. It has 8 total! I love pockets. Maybe I am a little strange but I love to be able to organize my stuff and know exactly where it is.
  4. Comfort: This bag is comfortable to wear as a backpack or as a duffel.

A few things that could be reengineered for future versions of the bag:

  1. The plastic mesh and how durable that will be. If I accidentally leave the bag in the car will it melt to my gloves on a hot day?
  2. The side pockets on the bag zip from the bottom up. I would encourage the new versions to open from the top down. This would be especially helpful when opening if you are using the bag like a backpack and having it stand up. I found my items falling out onto the floor.
  3. It might be nice to have a pocket that is a thermal pocket. So that we can put cold water bottles or snacks in.

So there you go. I love the bag. I was happy to get a chance to test it out. If you are interested in getting a bag like this of your very own… I have some links you can use down below. Helpful right? (this is their other brand)

What would you look for in a bag?

Did I miss something that you would like to see in the review?

Thank you all for coming and reading. If you liked this post please let me know and hit the like button. If you want to see more please subscribe, and if you are feeling chatty please feel free to comment. Let me know what you think, what I might have missed. Stay tuned for more adventures.

Don’t forget, Don’t Photo Edit, Just Go Get It!

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