Thursday Muay Thai and Kali…Thai Rank 1/Level 1 test and Espada Y Daga

Today was an exciting day! A welcomed exciting day because yesterday while I trained Muay Thai for about 2 hours and got good training in. I had a bad head day. I could not get out of my head yesterday so it colored my training yesterday.

I did get into the store and did some retail therapy, I got a pair of jeans that are 2 sizes smaller than the jeans I have at home. Yay for non scale victories. They are from the same manufacturer as my previous jeans… yay! But that is neither here nor there.

Today was exciting, because a friend of mine was going up for her Rank 1 test. We need to celebrate each other. I was excited for her, and was happy to give her pep talks just to stave off some of her nerves. To give you reference. I am 3rd arm band in…or orange. She went up for Student Level 1/ Rank 1. The solid blue band on the chart above. I have 4 bands between me and that test. *eye twitch* Yeah its a bit daunting but I will take each test one at a time. I may be up for testing for green arm band next month. We will see.

We got a chance to work with another person D, and learn some of the things he learned. You see he just got back from Thailand and was able to train at some 8 gyms in Bangkok and is a wealth of information. After training with him, we all stopped to support A, encourage her, and help count her kicks and knees. For this Student Level 1/Rank 1 test she had to get so many knees and kicks in during a three minute round. She had to do two, three minute rounds back to back. She did fantastic and she was awarded her blue arm band. I am so very proud for her. She did fantastically.

Here is a video of one of the rounds that she had while testing.

In Kali we worked on Espada Y Daga again. This time it was not so melty of the brain. I was able to get off the line and figure out my angles. I was able to gunting the 1-5 attacks, and deal with a dagger attacks from the other hand. Today Kali was clicking. I was getting it. My muscle memory was working. I was getting the shots in, and returning with what would be devastating blows had they been real blades.

So over all a great day. I got some clothes that fit better, and got to help support a friend for an awesome nerve wrecking Thai test. I got to practice Kali, and it did not melt my brain today. It seemed to all click. But I am prepared to run into trouble later, when we add another move and I need to wrap my brain around that move and get my body to do the thing my brain is telling it to.

If you got this far and are still reading, thank you! I hope you have an amazing rest of your day. Keep up your work, and keep trucking as we say around here. As always if you are feeling frogy drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

The Team I Love!

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