Krav and Striking Class…single Leg take down, elbows, and asymmetrical sparring

This 3 hour workout training time was a welcomed diversion. Had to deal with a customer who was being a racist bigot last night at work. Trying to cause trouble and get a coworker fired because of her skin color. So when it came time to hit and kick things I was ready.

In Krav we worked on our jab, cross, and hook, stepping off the line to get a rear hook in. This set us up to do a single leg take down. Putting your opponents on the ground. We also worked on the kicking from prone position then got up to combat base.

After Krav I worked on Muay Thai with my husband. We worked on hooks, horridontal elbows, to faking missing horizontal elbow to spinning back elbow. This all felt good and I am at a point that I more or less know the moves. I need to work on them but if you tell me to do a sequence of say jab, cross, right round kick and left round kick, I can do that. This is both cool and amazing cause we are working on ways to string our skills together and ways to mislead your opponents and get a hit in. When I first started out this was daunting but sparring is becoming fun.

In striking class we worked on asymmetrical sparring. This makes us work on different entries into strikes. So for instance one person gets to do only kicks and the other person Ann only do punches. You know what your opponents tools are so you can work on blocks for those but you only can use certain tools as well.

In an fight/adrenaline situation you don’t know what tools will bubble up, so training all the tools and getting proficient in them is very helpful. My Kru Kristen always says “you don’t rise to the occasion like most people think. You will fall back on your bad habbits and things you drilled the most.” So if I have a habit of dropping my hands when I am tired I will do the same in a fight where the adrenaline dumps.

Class was fantastic and wonderful, I am exhausted after 3 hours but so happy I did it.

Thanks for reading this far. Have a great weekend.


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