Workout/Martial Arts 08/17/2020: The Basics Aren’t Basic They Are Foundational

Often times in our training you will see us training the basics. I Jab, with full extension and shoulder to face, and a cross with full extension and shoulder to face. Pivoting on the feet, and don’t leave your foot in the bucket. All the basics are things we work on. All things we work on all the time. No matter how long your training, there is still something you can learn about the basics. The basics are not basic they are foundational. If we did not learn how to created the letters first we would not be able to write or read. They are foundational, but they are also basic.

Some of the basic things in Muay Thai that is always said:

  1. If you are fighting standing up your foot work is most important first.
  2. Fully extend your punches, don’t short change them.
  3. Don’t leave your foot in the bucket (bring your rear foot up with you when you shift in, or when you close the distance)
  4. Rotate your hips, on hooks, upper cuts, kicks, knees, most of your power comes from there.
  5. Distance management/Knowing your distance, your range is so so important.
  6. Don’t just hit once, try to do at least three strikes, because you are not going to land all of them and if you do that is great.
  7. GET OFF THE LINE that is a big one and is going to be bolded because of how important it is. Harder to hit you, if you are not right in front of your opponent and all his tools.

This week has been interesting. It has been exciting and fun, and well not what I expected. I got to teach the Muay Thai classes this week. My instructor/trainer was out unexpectedly and she had us take over the class. It was fun, it was nerve wrecking because I did not want to show the drills wrong, it was great. I love teaching people and I love helping people learn.

Not only did I help teach I was informed by my instructor that while she was sad not to get to see me teach for the first time. It would not be the last time. As she said, “That cat is out of that bag, now, I am going to be teaching you how to teach martial arts.”

Monday 08/17/2020: 1 hour training – 1 mile run, 30 minutes weight lifting, 10 minutes shadow Boxing, 10 minutes core workout

I got a Hypervolt massage gun for my birthday because I am bad about rolling out my muscles. It came in 4 days ago and I have been using it every night on my IT band and leg muscles. I have crazy knots because read above ⬆️.

So I noticed the tightness in my legs/thighs were noticeably less. I even reduced my run time by 45 seconds and I was not trying to.

1 mile run

Weightlifting: focusing on the eccentric movement. Fast muscle contraction and slow 3 count muscle release.

1) Goblet squats 3x sets of 20
2) Bicep curls with curl bar 3x sets of 15 (eccentric muscle release focus)
3) Standing Shoulder press’s 3x sets of 15(Eccentric muscle release focus)
4) Kettle Bell Swings 3x 1 minute
5) Kettle Bell Figure 8 3x 1 minute, switch directions 30 seconds

10 minutes of Shadow Boxing

Core: Dana Linn Baileys 10 minute core workout – 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest between
1) hollow body
2) hollow body reverse crunch
3) v Sit bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) right side plank dips
6) left side plank dips
7) high plank opposite side knee to elbow
8 ) v Sit leg circles
9) heel touches
10) explosive crunches

Tuesday 08/18/2020: 1 hour Muay Thai Training

Training was interesting today. I got to be in the roll of “teacher” more like helper. But our instructor was out of class for today, and she asked H and I to help the class. She asked for us to answer questions and help the other students with the drills we did on Saturday.

I guess the biggest thing is I don’t feel like I know all that much. However, I know I have increased in rank steadily through training, and learning. So today was a big eye opener.

Today was less about me working on me, an my skills. I did work a little, but I was using my time much more bouncing from station to station, and trying to help people with things I saw that could be polished.

I had a blast doing it. I know from teaching others Cake Decorating that when you teach you can see your flaws better, you also have to internalize the lesson and regurgitate in a way your student understands. By doing that kind of regurgitation you end up learning that skill better. Makes you more cognizant of the minutia.

When I got chances to train tonight, I noticed my body mechanics was much better after observing others. I was flowing in my weight on foot transitions and doing so made my strikes smoother. That is one of the areas of my Muay Thai I am actively working on. I did not force it. I was loose. I was playing around. I was letting my body move the way I taught/trained it without thinking.

Muay Thai: jumping rope to warm up, pushups, squats, burpees for active recovery between rounds.

1) Jab, Cross, Elbow # 6 Side in
2) Jab, Cross, Elbow # 8 spearing Elbow

3) Jab, Cross, Elbow # 8 spearing Elbow, tie up 6x skip knee, rear double kick
4) Jab, Cross, Elbow # 6 Side in, # 9 Spinning Back Elbow, Rear Kick

6) Jab, Overhand, Elbow # 3 downward diagonal, # 9 Spinning Back Elbow, Rear Knee
8 ) Matkatune, Cross, Hook, Rear Kick Mix punches up by changing levels (High, Low, High), (High, High, High), (High, High, Low).

Thursday 08/20/2020: 1 Muay Thai Training

I got to teach in tandem with H and two of my other Muay Thai team mates. Do you say tandem with it’s more than two people? No it’s synergy, synergistic that’s the word I am looking for, we worked in synergy. Ali, Jay, H, and myself lead the class today.

I bowed everyone in. Started them off, and we got the class rolling. I was nervous but had a great time teaching. I put the fact that I am not perfect aside and tried to show the forms and drills to the best of my abilities.

You have to think about the drills and why you do them. You may know why yourself, but you have to remember that the students probably don’t, so take that into account and when teaching explain the whys not just the hows. But you also have to remember not to overload them with information because that will make it 10 x harder for them to internalize.

At some point they have to just rep it out. Mat time/repetition is the best and answer when learning a new skill. I have a lot to learn about teaching a Martial Art still but I love teaching! The basics are the foundation and you never stop learning the basics.

Training– Warm up:
1) Jump rope 1x 3 min round
2) Jab, Cross, Lead Kick, Rear Kick

Drill: these are the Thai 15 broken into digestible chunks. Jay had us doing push-ups in various forms lunges and burpees for active recovery between rounds
1) parry cross, high cover hook, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow
2) Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Lead Kick
3) Cross, Hook, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
4) Teep, Slip, Hook, Cross, Rear Kick
5) Full Thai 15 – parry cross, high cover hook, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Lead Kick, Cross, Hook, Rear Knee, Rear Kick,Teep, Slip, Hook, Cross, Rear Kick

We demonstrated the drills with a partner and then on the bags/dummies so that the students could practice safely and distantly. It was fun and I learned a lot again.

Bonus dinner pic cause yogurt, fruit and nuts nom nom nom

Saturday 08/22/2020: 2 hours of training, Kali/staff, Muay Thai, and a little bit of Silat

A fantastic day of training. Our instructor is back and I was so happy to see her. She said the cat is out of the bag now for us to help teaching and we will be teaching more, she will be teaching us how to teach. Yay! Thank you Khun Kru Krysta!

Good reports seemed to have come in for the classes we taught.

Kali – we learned some cool things. Along with the basic full box drills we do, we learned a cool hand transition above the head that I have to really work on to make smooth. And oh my shoulders are tried and sore today. We also worked on a couple of stave disarms. Our instructor says, “don’t count on getting a disarm it most likely won’t happen, but if it does that’s great.”

Muay Thai– jump rope to warm up, jumping jacks for active recovery between rounds.

1) Jab, Cross, Elbow #6 Side in, Elbow #6 Side in
2) Held pads for H

3) Lead Teep, Lead Kick, Cross,Overhand Hook, chain #3 downward diagonal elbow, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
4) Held pads for H

5) Lead Teep, Rear hop kick, Hook, Cross, #8 spearing Elbow, Tie up/clench, skip knees, spin out to double kick
6) Held pads for H

7) Thai 15 count, parry the Cross, High Elbow cover the hook, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Lead Kick, Cross, Hook, Rear Knee, Rear Kick, Lead Teep the incoming Cross, slip the incoming cross, Hook, Cross, Rear Kick
8 ) Held pads for H

Silat – We worked on a catch the kick, spike the knee, grab the ankle, rake the eye, go under opponents leg, rake the testicals, either single leg them or dump them on the ground.

Whew I am dead tired now. My shoulders are sore and after a shower and food I am ready for a nap.

I learned so much from teaching others. I learned I have so much to learn still about teaching people Martial Arts. I learned I know more than I thought I did.

I am excited about the new chapters in my training. I am excited about expanding on the basics. I am excited about learning more about the basics. I know that the basics are the foundational pieces and I will be helping others learn that. In turn I will learn how to better internalize those foundational pieces, and hopefully become a better teacher.

On the other hand I had a great time just being a student again on Saturday. There is far less stress, and I can just work on me. lol

Teaching is about your students. You have to give your students your full attention. Training is about me, I am working on my training. It will be interesting to learn how to juggle that dichotomy now in my training.

If you liked this blog or my musings hit the like button, subscribe to see more, and comment if you feel like it. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great week. Keep reaching and working for your goals.

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