Workout/Martial Arts 08/10/2020:A Knee Or An Elbow Is A Conversation Ender

We started the conversation in the fight. We were talking back and forth, jabbing, responding, dodging, hooking, looking for openings. Now how do you stop that conversation. Hopefully with the least amount of damage and pain to yourself. Extra points if you end it with a surprise. Like say a surprise elbow, or knee to the face after you landed a punch to the gut.

I am still working on why my conversation looks/sounds like. However, it is good to have an ending. To know how to end the conversation. How to end the fight. So no mater what your conversation is or how your conversation goes… you can end it. Look no matter how you fight, with technical precision, with fun and feints, with aggression, or as a responder to incoming attacks. You have to be able to end it.

Elbows and knees are the sharpest tools you have on your body that will do damage. Just a glancing elbow strike will cause a cut on you face, opening up a gash that will bleed into your opponents eye. I properly placed knee will break ribs, damage internal organs, or if get them in the head fracture an orbital socket. Those are terrible injuries to take. However, these strikes can also mean lights out or even death. So when I say elbows and knees are a conversation ender that is what I mean. It is hard to continue to go on after any of those injuries. These strikes are a punctuation at the end of a sentence. Arguably by far the worst injury you could take is death. This is why so many amature fights do not allow elbows and knees. An elbow strike to the chest just at the right time can stop an opponent’s heart.

Here are some links to rules if you are interested in fighting:
(Note: this is by far not a complete list, know your fight, your level, and the rules surrounding your fight.)

IKF (International Kickboxing Federation)

Muay Thai Canada

UFC Rules

This post is late, I try to get it out Sunday or Monday, but hey life gets in the way.


Monday 08/10/2020: 1 hour and 20 minutes of run, bag work, shadow boxing, weigh lifting, and core workouts

Who looks like a goof ball? Me but I did my workout.

Run: 1 mile, It was hot and muggy outside at 7 am.

10 min Bag work: simple combos, Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Head Hook (working on changing levels, and getting full extension)

10 min Shadow Boxing: worked on flow, and swing through with kicks

30 min Weight lifting:
1) bench press 3 x sets of 10 reps
2) dead lifts 3 x sets of 6 reps
3) Goblet squats 3 x sets of 20 reps
4) Bulgarian Split Squats 35 reps each leg

Core: Dana Linn Baileys 10 minute core workout – 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest between
1) hollow body
2) hollow body reverse crunch
3) v Sit bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) right side plank dips
6) left side plank dips
7) high plank opposite side knee to elbow
8 ) v Sit leg circles
9) heel touches
10) explosive crunches

Tuesday 08/11/2020: 1 hour of Muay Thai training

I could not think of another way to spend my birthday evening than training with my Muay Thai family.

Thank you for a great class Khun Kru Krysta!

Elbows are so much fun to throw and so scary to hold pads for. It really makes you want to concentrate as hard as you can, so you don’t get hit. Elbows and knees are conversation enders. I talked about fighting being a conversation in my last blog post. Well elbows and knees tend end the back and forth conversation if they land on your target. They can be brutal and terrifying, but fun. 😊

Muay Thai:

1) Jab, Cross, Hook, Rear Kick
2) Held for H

3) Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Rear Kick
4) held pads for H

5) Jab, Cross, Hook, horizontal Elbow #1, Rear Knee
6) I held pads for H

7) Jab, Cross, Hook chain horizontal Elbow, Spinning Back Elbow #9, Spinning Back Elbow #9, Rear knee
8 ) I held for H

Thursday 08/13/2020: 1 hour and 20 minutes Muay Thai training

Elbows are so much fun. However feeding them can gets scary if the elbows slide off the pads cause the elbows and partner are sweaty.
So when you are looking for an opening and land an elbow the reason it is scary receiving or holding pads it’s, one wrong move and it’s lights out. Time to take a nap on the mat. End of your fight conversation.

Anyway lots of fun today in class thank you Khun Kru Krysta!

Training: jumping jacks in between rounds, and H and I did 30 knees when everyone is wiping down their stations

1) Cross, Hook, Cross, Lead Kick
2) Held pads for H 30 knees, I held 30 for H

3) Cross, Body Hook, Head Hook, Cross, Lead Kick
4) Held pads for H 30 knees, I held 30 for H

5) Cross, Uppercut, Cross, #3 elbow (downward diagonal- you have to cock your shoulder back to throw this), Lead Knee
6) Held pads for H 30 knees, I held 30 for H

7) Cross, Uppercut, Overhand, #3 elbow, #9 elbow (spinning back elbow), c out, #3 elbow, Rear Knee
8 ) Held pads for H 30 knees 5 Kicks each side, I held 30 and 5 each side for H

Burn out:
9) Jab, Cross, Lead Kick, Rear Kick, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Lead Knee, Rear Knee
10) I held for H

11) Held for H- Scissor Teeps, and Flying Teeps, 10 kicks each side full power
Showered and rolled out Hypervolt massaged I am pooped.

Saturday 08/15/2020: 2 hours, Kali/staff, and Muay Thai training

Whew it’s been a fun day of training, but I hit a wall hard. I felt exhausted and a lot parched. I have been up since 4 am, went into work did the work stuff/bakery fun. Got groceries for the house, came home and ate breakfast. Then it’s training time. I think I was dehydrated but I remedied that and pressed on with the training. Listen to your body people.


1) 3 x equise, low backhand high backhand
2) 3 x witik, low backhand high backhand
3) 3 x redondo, low backhand high backhand
4) Now left handed for the above three
5) block # 15 strike, with a roof black and shield

Muay Thai: jumping rope to warm up, jumping jacks between rounds
1) Jab, Cross, Elbow # 6 Side in
2) Jab, Cross, Elbow # 8 spearing Elbow

3) Jab, Cross, Elbow # 8 spearing Elbow, tie up 6x skip knee, rear double kick 4) Held for H

5) Jab, Cross, Elbow # 6 Side in, # 9 Spinning Back Elbow, Rear Kick
6) I held for H

7) Jab, Overhand, Elbow # 3 downward diagonal, # 9 Spinning Back Elbow, Rear Knee
8 )I held for H

9) Matkatune, Cross, Hook, Rear Kick Mix punches up by changing levels (High, Low, High), (High, High, High), (High, High, Low).
10) Held for H I am exhausted. The video is of the 5) round, Jab, Cross, Elbow # 6, Elbow #9, and Rear Kick.

I need to work on it more, but it’s super fun. Thank you Khun Kru Krysta! 🙏

Well that is it for the last week. It was my birthday week. I am a year older, and hopefully for all of us a year wiser. I am continuing to reach for my goals, working toward making myself better every day. I am working on my conversation in my fight. What do I want to say? How do I want to say it? I am also working on how to end my conversation, or the conversation I have.

You may never be in the ring. I may never be in the ring, but you may get into a fight/conversation one day, and you will want to end it on your terms not theirs. Elbows and knees are some of the fastest ways to end that conversation. Know your fight and know your exit strategies, and abilities.

I had a fantastic birthday surrounded by people I love and that love me. I got to be with my Muay Thai family. I got to practice the martial art I love. I hope you all have birthdays in the future that are fantastic as well.

Thanks for reading. Please comment if you feel like it. Hit the like button, and follow if you want to hear more of my adventures. Have a great week.

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