Weight Lifting Workout 12/11/2019

So changing up the workout my coach gave me. I added two things, and took out one thing.

It is one of those days I know I need to get cardio in, but I also know my body does not want to. So I just did a mile run so I could get warmed up and get some cardio in.

Perform each set with only 30 seconds rest between sets, then 1 minute rest between each different exercise.

  1. 1 mile run
  2. 40 lat pull downs. ( 50 lbs for me)
  3. Bench press with as heavy as you can go for 8 to 9 reps, x 5 sets (85 lbs for me)
  4. Back squats with as heavy as you can go for 8 to 9 reps, x 5 sets ( 135 lbs for me)
  5. Kettlebell swings 40 reps ( 25 lbs for me)

I really feel doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

So if you can get out there and get a workout in, do it, next time try to do more reps or go heavier.

Kettlebell Workout 11/13/2019

We are working on conditioning getting ready for a level 1 test at my gym. My husband and friend wanted to get more strength training in and asked me to come up with something we could do at the gym. They have kettlebells and very few weights. So I put together something that we could do there with little problem.

I personally love kettlebells for several reasons:

  1. It helps you work multiple muscles at one time saving you time. This makes your workout time shorter by half or more. When you work multiple muscles at once you don’t have to do as many isolation moves which takes a long time.
  2. Swinging the kettlebell requires strength and power to generate force. You also have to focus on your dexterity to keep from dropping or throwing the kettlebell away from you.
  3. It is a full body workout. You use your legs, hips, back, and arms to control, throw and keep from dropping that kettle bell.
  4. Easy to learn and execute if you just focus on form.

These two have never done a kettle bell workout before. So I wanted to make it easy. =)

The thing they hated the most was the bulgarian split squats the most. Then our awesome teacher Tony for Muay Thai killed us in conditioning. It was a good killing. It was hard, and I needed him to push me past my own original workout, cause I was done. So Yay!

Kettle bell workout:
Use the kettle bell weight you can swing around and control but still taxes your muscles.
This is a Super Set no rest between two exercises, one set is two exercises, repeat for three sets, 30 second rest between each set

Bulgarian Split squats 10 reps
Lunge and curl 10 to 12 reps

Bent over row 10 reps each arm
Squat and press 10 reps each arm

Around the World 1 minute 30 seconds one way 30 seconds the other way
Figure 8s 1 minute 30 seconds one way 30 seconds the other way

Kettle bell swings as many as you can do for 1 minute

I thought you guys would want to see it. So here it is. Let me know what you think. I hope you get a chance to try it.

Thanks for reading. Have a great night.