Workout/Martial Arts 05/04/2020: At Home Workout I Am Loving, and Seeing Results

This week was blissfully quietly busy, uneventful (wait except for when our router died and we had no internet for all of 4 hours… the apocalypse is far less bearable without it. Also H can’t work from home without an internet connection so we fixed that fast.), and wonderful. I don’t know about everyone out there reading this, but this last 6 weeks has been a roller coaster, of emotions, anxiety, and uncertainty for me.

However, even if we are stuck at home I still have my goals and dreams. I had to change how I was getting there, but that is normal in life. You will run in to an obstacle and have to figure out how to adapt or stop. I don’t want to stop, I refuse to stop, so I adapt.

I hope you are all doing well. Anyway today is mothers day and I did my final workout of the week today. H has made breakfast, lunch, and is now making dinner. I have not had to set foot in the kitchen at all today. Happy Mother’s day to those of you out there that are mothers, mother figures, dads who are dad and mom, and any other type of mom forms.

I got 5 days of workouts in this week… some days it felt like an achievement to get out of bed and get everything else done. I am loving doing a calisthenic workout based on a word of the day. I got the idea from the SheFit challenge. I made my own graphic to do my own words.

Try it out if you want.

Here are my workouts for the week:

Monday 05/04/2020: 37 minute workout SheFit Challenge Day 29 one day left

Workout #1: I plan on doing some Muay Thai Training later… we will see if I can convince H to help me out.

I felt good today, Yay!

Only two more days in the #Shefit30 Challenge. It is Day 29! The words for today were E.N.D. and S.T.R.O.N.G. 👑 Shefit

I did this in a super set. Both words at the same time, with only a 30 second rest between each set. I did each set x 3 today.

E. 15 Push-Ups
N. 15 Jump Lunges
D. 30 Sec. Plank

S. 30 Sec. Fast Feet
T. 20 Hip Dips
R. 30 Crunches
O. 30 Sit-Ups
N. 15 Jump Lunges
G. 15 Burpees

Workout #2: 30 minutes – 1 mile run, and Muay Thai training.

After my run which was beautiful, I worked the bag today. Sadly I could not convince H to train with me today. Also I saw flowers I don’t know what they are, but I love them.

I focused on Jab, Cross, Hook combo, with knees on the bag burn outs. My goal was to move with the bag and avoid it. Trying to work slips, bob and weaves in, and getting out of striking range.

Tuesday 05/05/2020: 30 minute workout SheFit Challenge Day 30 last day of challenge

dead tired on the mat

I did not win anything during the challenge, but I did find a workout system that is loads of fun, and puts a lot of variety into my workouts.

Today is it. The last day of #SHEFIT30 CHALLENGE, its DAY 30! The words are O.W.N. T.H.E. C.R.O.W.N. 👑

I had an early morning. Today was working at the bakery day. So that means I get up at 4, and have to be in. I did not sleep well last night because a family member was up with GI problems last night. So I was exhausted when I got home. Fed the family lunch and then passed out. I powered through this workout and after I got going I had loads of fun.

I did it in a superset. All three words at once, then gave myself a 30 second rest between sets. Completing each set x 3

O. 30 Sit-Ups
W. 15 Supermans
N. 15 Jump Lunges
T. 20 Hip Dips
H. 10 Tricep Dips
E. 15 Push-Ups
C. 20 High Knees
R. 30 Crunches
O. 30 Sit. Ups
W. 15 Supermans
N. 15 Jump Lunges
What was your victory today? What did you push through and get done?

Also H says he can see changes in my body… woot!

Thursday 05/07/2020: 1 hour calisthenics workout and Muay Thai Training

Workout: 1 hour workout and Muay Thai conditioning

Really tired today. Woke up at 4 am went to work at the bakery today and with the events that happened today I did not get a nap in. So really had to push myself to get this workout in. But I am really happy I did. Wore one of my favorite shirts that says, “Fight like a Grrrl”.

Done in a superset, each superset done x 3

1) 10 Tricep Dips
2) 30 Sit Ups
3) 20 hip dips each side
4) 30 inclined pull ups
5) 45 seconds lift legs and arms off mat and hold
6) 20 Side Hops
7) 20 Push Up then lift opposite leg and arm

10 minutes of jump rope

3 minutes rapid kick on heavy bag left leg ( goal is speed and accuracy not power)

3 minutes rapid kick on heavy bag right leg
( goal is speed and accuracy not power)

Friday 05/08/2020: 38 minutes – Run and Calisthenics

Workout: 38 minutes- 13 minute 1 mile run and 25 minute calisthenics workout


I myself am actually seeing some results. Like I actually see them! Woot! It’s nice to start seeing them again. Also got my run in before this freak cold front and possible snow storm in May happening tonight through this weekend.

I chose the word ZOMBIE for my workout today. Will add the alphabet workout list I made in comments.

Do these exercises as a superset. I did the whole word x 3.

Z) 15 Diamond Pushups

O) 30 Sit Ups

M) 30 Plank Jacks

B )20 Squat Jumps

I) 25 Standing Knee Crunches

E) 15 Push Ups

I love that I am seeing results, and that run felt good and faster. Part of my brain says it’s the clothing but. I am trying to ignore that small voice. I am going to try to enjoy this feeling.

Sunday 05/10/2020: 1 hour 30 minute calisthenics and Muay Thai training

Workout: 1 hour and 30 minute- 28 minutes calisthenics and 1 hour of Muay Thai training

Mother’s Day workout was fantastic.

The word I picked out today was: GET BUFF

I did both of these words in a superset with only 30 seconds of rest between the set. Do each superset x3

G) 15 Burpees ( I can tell I am getting better at these I can do 10 before I gmhave to slow down woot!)
E) 15 Push Ups
T) 20 Hip Dips

B ) 20 squat jumps
U) 30 Bicycle Crunches
F) 1 min Wall Sits (gave legs 10 seconds before starting second set)
F) 1 min Wall Sits

1 hour Muay Thai training:

1) jab, cross, rear uppercut
2) jab, cross, rear uppercut, lead body hook
3) jab, cross, rear uppercut, lead body hook, cross
4) jab, cross, rear uppercut, lead body hook, rear leg kick
5) Perry incoming jab, return cross, jump offline to lead leg kick, dodging incoming hook.

It’s the little tweaks that we are working on like taking the seconds off of resetting between cross and rear uppercut that we are training. Or the making the transition smoother from cross to hop leg kick/dodge.

I am exhausted and woot!

Well that is it. That was my week of workouts. I can actually see progress… Where as before its hard to see I can see it now. Yay! I had what I thought was a normal week, but in retrospect there was a lot going on. The week was busy but it was not terrible. Not only did we need a new router, I made a lot of good food (chimichurri steak tacos, healthier mango sticky rice), and started my own yeast colony.

Tell me about your week. Let me know if you have any questions. Do you celebrate Mother’s day where you live? I think we should support and love those that take care of and love us.

Would you like a recipe for chimichurri steak tacos?

Thanks as always for reading. If you like this or other posts like this, like, comment and subscribe if you want to see more.

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