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Under Construction

We are under construction, and I don’t just mean me. I am constantly going to be working on making myself the best I can be. Ok as you may have seen the blog is under construction. It may take a few days for the dust to settle. But good news for you all is….I payed for a premium account.

  1. No more adds in my blog posts!
  2. I can add video directly to my posts. (I think I can at least. I will have to figure that out.)
  3. I have my very own domain. (The blog will still be called Thinks With Spinks, or some variation of it. But the new domain is )
  4. There are many other things associated with the back end of this blog that premium gives me and my not be interesting or fun for you all so I will leave those out.

How great is that? It is pretty great I think.

If there are problems/issues with the site, or things I don’t see please feel free to email me and let me know. I will work as quickly as I can around my work day, training, and family life to fix them.

Thank you for reading and listening. I guess like if you liked this post, and subscribe if you want to see my posts right away. My day to day stuff you can find @sharpcupcake on Instagram.

Stay tuned for: New meal plan recipe post, New product review post, and my usual training posts.

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