Conditioning Day 19…Last Hard Push, 4 Hours

4 hours of conditioning training. This was my last push before I head to Muay Thai camp. I am taking Sunday and Monday off to replenish my glycogens. Per my trainers I need to let my body rest.

Today it is 100 degrees F out. Hotter than hells porch so no run for me. But that was just as well, because I can feel my bodies exhausted.

I did 15 rounds of pad work. I did 8 rounds straight of mixed kicking (both fast flow and strength). Between each of this rounds I had a 45 second rest. Then after 8 rounds I took a round off. Then I did 4 more rounds of kicks to knees. Then three rounds of kicks to knees to elbows. After that was Striking class where we did boxing practice.

I can definitely feel my muscles are exhausted. It’s a feeling of some soreness but more of I stretch and I just feel I can’t pull that muscle far enough to get it truest stretched out. It’s not lack of motion or flexibility but more it’s just tired. My motion and flexibility is exactly the same and or better so I think it’s just exhaustion.

I have conflicting feelings about rest. On one hand I feel I need it. The logical science understanding part of my brain knows this. The Martial Artist I. Me wants to keep going to keep improving. So I am listening to those much smarter than I. I am resting for the next few days.

So that was my last hard push. I hope I am physically ready for Thai Camp. 4 x 10 hour days.

Thanks for reading and keep being the best you that you can be.

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