Thursday Muay Thai and Kali… Upward Knees, Knife Flow Drills, Flowery Death

2 hours of Muay Thai and Kali training. Today was a regular day, nothing remarkable about it, but I was able to get some more practice in. Its these days that sometimes we have to slog through to get to the progress we want. Its hard not to think that you might be stagnating when you have a just regular day. But I am telling myself that you don’t have to have extreme days to make progress. It was neither to hard or to easy. It was able to do all the moves, and did not get confused. Yay!

Muay Thai – Upward Knees

We worked on pummeling, 50/50 grip or half plumb. We worked on knife hand pummeling. We worked on bicep control pummeling. Then we worked on knees. Then we worked on defense with knee. Tuesday we worked on offence with knee.

Opponent enters with a jab, we parry, grab neck and shoulder, pull them into our knee, then downward diagonal elbow, to full plumb, 5 skip knees, off balance and throw the opponent, then two kicks either left or right.

Opponent throws jab, we catch jab, opponent throws cross, we parry cross, grab back of neck, and shoulder, pull them into our knee, downward diagonal elbow, to full plumb, 5 skip knees, off balance and throw opponent, then two kicks either left or right, depending on which way you throw them.

We then did pummeling drills where we off balanced our opponent and swung them around. The key to off balance and throwing your opponent is. Where their head goes their body goes. You pull their head off center line, their body is more likely to go there.

Kali – Flowery Death, Knife Flow Drills

We started with practicing our palm stick gunting drills. Then we went in to our knife drills. We worked on getting the sensitivity to the opponents moves and dealing several blows in flowing motion to one limb. In this case the arm.

For the Knife Flow Drills -we started with the pakal grip (or ice pick grip).

  • The opponent feeds a 1 (coming from right hand side of opponent at a downward diagonal angle to me), I gunting (scissor) his arm, then cut into his triceps controlling that cut arm I stab into the well of his neck.
  • The opponent feeds a two (coming from left hand side in a horizontal ark), I zone, block with the blade of my arm and the actual blade cut up, cut bicep while controlling the hand/arm with a pak (slap) and then sink the blade into the well of his neck.
  • The opponent feeds a 3 (coming from the right hand side in a horizontal ark), I zone and block with blade of my arm and blade of knife, cut bicep, while controlling the arm I just cut and sink blade into the well of opponents neck.
  • The opponent feeds a 4( coming from the left hand side of opponent in a downward diagonal angel to me), I gunting (scissor) his arm, then cut the triceps, control that arm with a pak (slap), then sink the blade into the well of his neck.

For this drill, the 1 and 3 strikes you pass the energy using gunting (scissor) and for strikes 2 and 4 you meet the force. Using the blade of your forearm and the knife you stop the force and cut the opponent in the process.

Apparently I bring the flowery death. I will make your death look pretty. Lol When we were practicing this drill, for the strikes 1 and 3 I was flourishing with my knife. Which while pretty, eats up a few extra seconds. Our guest instructor for the day wanted us to pass the energy and just cut quickly into the meat of the triceps. He said because severing the triceps will make it so your opponent cannot use that arm to do anything.

I have a 5 am wake up tomorrow, so that is all for me today. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day.

Tuesday Muay Thai and Kali…Fear of God, Knives in Hammer Lock, and Puta

2 hours of Muay Thai and Kali training. I need to work on the Fear of God , and we got to play with knives. D.O.M.S set in from yesterdays workout. My shoulders and delts are so sore.

Muay Thai – Fear of God

Today and this week we will be working on knees. We used the knee as an entry into combo drill. So catching a jab, parry a cross, post on opponents shoulder, then driving knee, to right kick, hook, cross, left kick four count. Then we did a parry jab to post on shoulder, knee, to left kick, cross, hook, to right kick four count. Below is a video of me doing this.

Kru Kristen said my form is great, now she wants to see me kick harder, kick through my opponent. She said, “you kick hard, now put the fear of God into your opponent.” Make them not want to take that hit. She went on to say there is a magnitude of difference between some one who kicks hard, and some one that you really don’t want to take the next kick from cause they scare you due to their force.

I take these videos mainly to see what I am doing wrong, and what I need to improve. In these drills, I was not kneeing hard enough to get the distance I needed, so I was getting jammed up. I have to work on those. I also have to work on kicking significantly harder, than I do. Kru Kristen said, “give yourself the permission to kick harder. Kick through your opponent.” As a girl we are always told not to hit people and to be nice. Don’t get into scuffles. I find that this ingrained lessons make it hard sometimes for me to break out and do what I need to do. I am going to work on making my hits and kicks go through my opponent, and allowing myself to let go.

Kali – Knives in hammer lock, and puta

Kali was fun today. We have been working on the Puta Kapala a lot from different entries. Puta Kapala is the move where I twirl my opponent to the floor and knee on belly to control them. Today we did it with a knife. This is a dull or non bladed practice knife. We also worked on the hammer lock with the knife. That is where you control their arm, put it behind them, and control them with the knife in the neck and kick out the back knee.

We worked on gunting/scissor, inside gunting, and outside gunting. You can see below when I parry the strike and cut the opposite direction with the knife.

Kru Krysta had us also using pens, flash lights, and other objects to show we could do the same moves with any pen like object around us.

It is getting late and I need to sleep, so I will stop here. I had a blast in class again. I love going to train.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

Thursday Muay Thai and Kali…Working with New Students, Full Box with all the Weapons

my crazy messy self after 2 hours of workout

Today is a good day! I was energized and raring to go to class. My teachers and I too have come to value working with new students. When we started and were new they kept reiterating that the senior students (which I am considered now… that is crazy) like to help the new students. Not only does it help the new students. But it helps us older students to help teach them, and lets us go back to the basics and review things we may have not been isolating.

So today we worked on the left leg or lead leg kicks. That is teeps, leg kicks, and torso kicks or round houses. I was working with a new person, and he seems timid. He does not want to kick or hit hard, and when he gets tired his form breaks down like we all do, but his was faltering more than I expected. I kept checking in on him to see if he was okay. He said he was, and that he was just tired. Today was hard cause he would move away from the teeps, and drill kicks we were doing, so it was hard to get my reps in. But I was able to get him kicking harder toward the end. Hopefully he will see that he does not have to be so nervous in future classes. We worked on catching the kicks again, but this time putting our knee and shin across and into the torso, while clenching up and framing so that your opponent can’t do anything and in the ring the ref would have to break you up. I got dumped by the new guy by accident but he was so afraid of catching the kick that he did not have my leg right and I fell on my side and hip. I hope that my back does not scream at me tomorrow.

Kali, we worked on full box. Using double stick first, stick and knife, double knife, single knife and then stick and shield. We used all the weapons at our disposal, and each change we made to our weapons brought new interesting variables that we had to change for, or exploits we could use more for with one combination than the other. For instance with double stick we had distance and could keep people at distance. Stick and knife we had to get up closer and see where we could cut the opponent all the while keeping an eye on that stick that has more range. Which weapon we used to check and trap changed as well. With double knife, we had to aim more for areas where cutting would not only cause damage, but we had to make sure to place them so that we could control the opponents weapons. Cutting above the elbow to control one knife arm while then simultaneously coming in with another attack. All very much fun, but brain melty.

I had a great day. I loved the workout. I love Muay Thai and I am growing to love Kali as much as well. I am icing my back as I type this up. I hope you are all having a good day, and continue working out. Get up get into the things you love to do. Live and love life. If I let my physical “limitations” stop me from doing things I would just be in the house, babying my back, and afraid to hurt myself. I have scoliosis as I mentioned in my Working Out Through Herniated Disk post. Listen to your body, but don’t be afraid to get out there and do things. Believe me it takes me a minute to quick check and tell myself, that I could just lay there waiting and worrying about getting hurt, or I can just go live life, and see where I can go. How far can I get?

I went to my chiropractor yesterday, to find out my hips were out of alignment and I had a dislocated rib. I live with back, neck, and lower back pain. So small things like that don’t tend to bother me. Till they accumulate and then they bother me. =)

Well that is enough rambling from me. Thanks for reading this far. I hope you have a great rest of your day, and talk to me if you have any questions.