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Shiny New Product Review: Elite Sports Review Coming

Hello readers. I have had sports and athleisure brands reach out to me before. However, I never really new were to start. Every review I have done up till now has been for products I have bought personally. I have only supported those products who I feel are good quality and perform as advertised and needed.

So here it is… I am finally biting the bullet as it were and diving in.

The company Elite Sports, makes products for BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, and MMA has reached out and asked if I would honestly review one of their products. If you are interested in what they provide here are their two websites.

I have said yes to the duffle bag. See what I did there, yes to duffle bag not white dress… I digress. I will be using and reviewing their blue large duffle bag.

As you know I practice Muay Thai three days a week, before Covid-19 it was 5 days a week. But I have to lug all of my gear around. You know gloves, Thai pads, wraps, etc… I will do a full review. I am going to stuff it with all the my gym stuff and see how it does.

This is exciting and new for me. So stay tuned and you too can come on this adventure with me.

What products are you curious about? What would you want me to review?

Note: I will always tell you when I buy the product on my own, verses when it has been given to me by a brand.

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