Training Martial Arts 09/14/2020: What to do when you get tired.

Oh boy you will get tired in training. That is a promise. If you are doing what you are supposed to do. If you are following your trainer/instructor you will get tired.

Here are some of the things to do when you get tired. Its going to happen so being prepared is great. Note however, as much as I know this. It is still hard, some days to realize I am exhausted, and refocus my mind to follow the following. I recommend just focusing on one at a time till you can remember that one and add the next one. Trying to remember them all is going to be difficult.

Things to try:

  1. Slow the drill down and work on form.
    • when you feel yourself slipping and losing form slow it down and make pretty.
  2. Focus, and make your Muay Thai pretty
  3. When you are exhausted leveraging your muscle memory is so important.
    • When you are bone weary or that tired your body will find the most efficient way to do what you are asking it to do. Which is why it is so important to focus on technique, so that your muscle memory you are forming is the muscle memory for that technique.
    • The most efficient way most likely will be the most effective way as long as you are working on making the form perfect.
  4. You train to failure, or exhaustion because that is what is going to happen in a fight on the street or in the ring.
    • You train like this you don’t have to think when your body is put to the test. It’s just ready because you trained that way.
    • If you don’t have to think about the move you are going to do you much faster. It takes time for the information to go from your brain to your hands to punch. But if you are doing already before you can think about it, you will be faster than your opponent, and will hopefully catch them off guard or kick his butt before you get yours kicked.

You can see videos of some of my training on my instagram #sharpcupcake

Monday 09/14/2020: 1 hour, run 1.25 miles, weight lifting, and core

Woke up and was not sure about what I wanted to do for my workout or if I wanted to.

Have had some bad self image days, but trying to be more positive today.

So let’s be happy about what we do have and that we are alive.

I had a a beautiful run today. 1.25 miles.

Weight lifting workout:

1) back squats 135 lbs, 4 x sets of 10 reps

2) RDL (Romanian Dead Lift) 95 lbs, 4 x sets of 10 reps

3) Kettle Bell Swings 3 x sets for 1 min each

4) Bulgarian Split Squats 3 x sets of 15 on left and 15 on right

Dana Lin Bailey 10 min core workout.

Tuesday 09/15/2020: 1 hour of Muay Thai training

This is the look of TIRED. Lol

But I felt good and I felt like I was flowing.This was a fantastic class and I was working hard on staying loose and flowing through the drills. Thank you Khun Kru Krysta.

When you are tired you have to focus on form and executing that form as best you can. You will develop muscle memory that you can then fall back on when you reach the point of exhaustion again.

My training partner said I was loose and flowing really well today. Yay! I was exhausted and totally wanted to just gently lay in the strikes, but I dug in slowed down and made sure to work the drills as exactly as I can. I focused on keeping my hands up after my hooks, and keeping my body shifting smoothly from one position to the next. What this will do is next time I am tired in my training I won’t have to focus so hard (here’s hoping) on keeping my hands up after the hook.

It will be a muscle memory that will just kick in.

Training: jump rope for 1 round warm up, Jumping jacks, jump squats, mountain climbers, and push ups for active recovery between rounds.

1) Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Jab, Cross, Rear Hook
2) Held pads for H

3) Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Lead Kick
4) Held pads for H

5) Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Head Hook, Cross, Lead Kick
6) Held pads for H

7) Jab, Cross, Lead Uppercut, Rear Uppercut, Cross, Lead Kick
8 ) Held pads for H

9) Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Head Hook, Cross, Lead Uppercut, Rear Uppercut, Cross, Lead Kick10) Held pads for H

Bonus training:
10 rear round house kicks, 10 lead round house kicks
10 rear leg kicks, 10 lead leg kicks
Pushing knees practice

Wednesday 09/16/2020: 45 minutes 1.33 mile run, 15 minute jump rope, 10 minute core workout

I was brisk, chili and cold this morning. When I started my run it was 52 degrees F out.

Then I did 15 minutes of jumping rope. It took 20 minutes but I only counted 15 because it took a while to get pictures.

Did you know that most of the pictures you take jumping rope look like some one standing still? Bwahahah 😂🤣

Then Dana Linn Bailey’s workout gets my core on fire. Happy hump day/Wednesday! Get up and get working to your goals.

Thursday 09/17/2020: Muay Thai, 1 hour

Have you ever gone into a workout and just feel like you don’t have the energy reserves to make it through. Those are rough days. Today was that day. I could feel it. I was sluggish.

I sometimes have to use reverse psychology on myself and say “I am good”, and act like I am not tired. I don’t think it makes me any less tired but I don’t go into the training thinking I am tired. That sets up the training more on a positive note. If it helps just a fraction I am all there for it. But even when you are exhausted and weary you have to put in the time and work on the form.

I think someone might be behind me. Lol

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for a great class.

Training: I used the weighted jump rope 1.5 lbs to do warm up. I jumped about 5 to 6 minutes. Jumping jacks, jump squats, pushups, and burpees are done in between rounds for active recovery

1) Jab, Cross, Slap Hook
2) Held pads for H

3) Jab, Cross, Slapp Hook, Rear Kick
4) I held pads for H

5) Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Head Hook, Rear Kick
6) Held pads for H

7) Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Uppercut, Hook, Chain Elbow, Rear Knee
8 ) Held pads for H

9) Jab, Cross, Body Hook, Head Hook, Cross, Uppercut, Uppercut, Hook, Rear Kick
10) Held pads for H

Bonus training:
Knees after one round
10 round house kicks lead and 10 round house rear 10 lead leg kicks, 10 rear leg kicks

You can see videos of my training on my instagram #sharpcupcake, just look for this days post.

Saturday 09/19/2020: 2 hours of Kali/Staff and Muay Thai training

We worked outside in the brisk morning for staff class. I am glad I brought my jacket today. It was fun but my arms, shoulders, and forearms were tired this morning, after a long week of working out.

I however did feel like I working more on the balls of my feet during Muay Thai. I pushed through the fatigue and enjoyed working the drills. Kali we worked the 15 count staff drill and then we did the full box.

I have a video of us working the full box. You can see it on my instagram #sharpcupcake, just look for this days post.

Muay Thai we worked on the same and similar drills that we did on Thursday. So I was able to focus on form and flow. I also worked on my south paw form. Instead of staying in my comfortable orthodox stance. I worked south paw and felt a little stiff on that side so I need to work that more and get it smooth. I did not keep my foot in the bucket and I got in and out watching my range.

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for great classes.

That is it for this week. Today starts a new week and I am already on that train. I got my run and workout in today. In the end things will get tough. You will get exhausted, you will get tired. It will be hard to keep going on. But every instructor, every trainer, every coach I have every had, in elementary school through to now has said we have to keep going when we are tired.

We do our best learning when we are tired. It may not be pretty. You may hate ever minute of it. And boy do I hate it some days. But you will gain much.

Thank you all for reading. If you liked this post hit the like button, if you want to see more of my adventures subscribe, and comment if you feel moved to do so. Keep working toward your goals, and keep pushing to be the best you can be. I will. Have a great week.

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