Workout/Martial Arts 05/25/2020: This world is in up upheaval, focus on what you can

Warning My Opinions Are To Follow: If you want to see just workout information scroll down to my weeks workout.

Some of my readers are not in the U.S.A. So this week may not be as big of an upheaval as it is here. We have a pandemic running rampant, we have an economy that is on the brink of tanking because we are trying to reduce the amount of people getting the virus (Flatten the curve). Many countries are in the same place as we are in that way. However, now the U.S.A. have in my opinion, rightful protests of the rampant racism and police brutality that is unfortunately so common here. My country and many of my countrymen have hit the brink. The boiling point where we don’t want this to be our normal any more.

We are tired. We have been scared of a invisible virus that has been attacking our loved ones and our families. We are faced with uncertainty. We have people in our country who are ignorant and don’t care about the well being of the nation as a whole, they just want their selfish needs met. We are still learning about this virus. On top of this all we have some police who are out of control, who think they can get away with murder, or excessive violence. We have inequality, and we are still fighting for the right to live without discrimination.

When our country was founded it was on genocide, slavery, inequality and terror. However, it was also found on hope. Hope of freedom of religion, and freedom to live the way we want to, without an oppressive government. These are the growing pains we have had, all in our short life as the U.S.A. We have had to fight to get rid of slavery, we have had to fight to give women the rights to vote, we have had to fight to give our indigenous people their land back. We have slowly fought to get away from our past. But a major change still needs to be made. We need to fight against those people who feel it is in their right to discriminate and to oppress. We need to fight corruption at every level. We have a huge uphill battle and I am already tired.

This virus has taken it out of us, but this weariness is making us move to make something better. Just today I am reading articles about people all over the world protesting about George Floyd’s unnecessary death. It amazed me to see our brothers and sisters around the world see and feel our pain, and show solidarity. We need to keep it up. We need to show people that it is not right to treat other people like this. We need to peacefully protest all acts of brutality, and systematic racism.

This my opinion and I had to get this off my chest… it has been a hell of a week for me. It has been hard to find motivation to do the things I need to do. On Friday I had to take a break, and just vegetate. I had to let myself just do nothing. During this time, this upheaval, all we can do is focus on what we can, aim for our dream/goals, and be kind to ourselves. We also need to fight where we can. So be kind to yourself, fight for what you believe in, protect the innocent, and keep striving to do your best.

Workout For The Week

Monday 05/25/2020: 55 minute – 1 mile run, 10 minutes of heavy bag work, 30 minutes calisthenics

Should have waited to run till later so many people out. But I really don’t want to run so late, my body says nooooo! So I went earlier.

Seen those shirts that say “gym hair don’t care! “ Did they mean like this? Cause this is my gym hair. Chez Drenched Mammal look is what I sport. Most of those pics of gym hair I see are so awesome then there is this. Lol

Do your workouts have you melting on the mat? Lol

Heavy bag work:
I just worked on one of the combos that we did last Saturday. Jab, Cross, Rear Kick.

WOTD: SHAKE & BAKE cutesy of my friend Carver.

Did both words as a superset, x 3 sets, only gave myself 30 seconds rest between sets.

S) 30 seconds Fast Feet
H) 10 Tricep Dips
A) 30 Star Jumps
K) 20 Russian Twists with 25 lb kettle bell
E) 15 Push Ups

B ) 30 Squat Jumps
A) 20 Plank With Elbow to Knee (changed to this exercise to get more core work in)
K) 20 Russian Twists with 25 lb kettle bell
E) 15 Push Ups

It was a hard workout on top of that as soon as I got home I did the bag workout, the started the grill. So I knew the timer was ticking. Had to get my workout done in time.

As I type this up chicken is grilling and potatoes are boiling. H is helping with the potato salad.

This was a great Memorial Day workout. Now I fill up balloons and H and I are going to have a water balloon fight with the kids before dinner. 😁😆

Monday 05/27/2020: 1 hour – 1.33 mile run and 41 minute calisthenics workout

I can’t tell you how many times some one responds in a less than favorable way when they ask about what I do for fun/in my off time.

I tell them I workout and am a Martial Arts Student/Martial Artist. Sometimes the are surprised and amazed. That’s fine. But more often or not they scoff, are surprised, and could never imagine a person that looks like me doing anything like that. I don’t have the body that is associated these activities. Some have even said “no you don’t”. It’s angering, and has happened in all areas of my life even work. Some of my coworkers have come to my defense and said they have seen my videos/photos/posts.

We all have to be better me included about our pre conceived notions about other people and what they can and can’t do based purely on looks. I also have to be better about loving myself.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

Back to my workout——————-

WOTD is FLUGELHORN cutesy of my friend Chris. Comment words below if you want to and I will add to my box o fun.

I did this word as a super set x3

F) 1 minute Wall Sit
L) 15 Banded Mule Kicks each side
U) 30 Bicycle Crunches
G) 15 Burpees
E) 15 Push Ups
H) 10 Tricep Dips
O) 30 Sit Ups
R) 30 Crunches
N) 15 Jump Lunges

Whew it was a rough workout! But it was good.

Monday 05/27/2020: 1 hour 20 minutes of Muay Thai training

I am so happy I went. This week has been rough and I had a day yesterday. Really contemplated no going but I am so happy I did. Training was fun an I really enjoyed it. I just had to get my weary butt to the gym.

I took some pictures I was pretty happy with. I just need to keep up my training. One of my friends said I “looked amazing” and another friend said they were, “impressed with my workout and training.” Yay!

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta for the great class again. We are still practicing safe training, 10 feet apart, working at stations, wiping down stations before going to a new station, wearing masks the whole time. Still limiting the amount of people in class at the same time.

We worked on:

1) Lead teep, lead kick, cross, hook, upward rear knee
{jumping jacks between active rest}
2) in opposite stance (south paw for me) Lead teep, lead kick, cross, hook, upward rear knee
{jumping jacks between active rest}

3) Rear upward knee, lead elbow, rear elbow, rear inward knee
{jumping jacks between active rest}
4) in opposite stance (south paw for me) Rear upward knee, lead elbow, rear elbow, rear inward knee
{jumping jacks between active rest}

5) Rear Kick, lead hook, rear cross, lead kick
{jumping jacks between active rest}
6) in opposite stance (south paw for me) Rear Kick, lead hook, rear cross, lead kick
{jumping jacks between active rest}

7) Rear knee, rear kick, hook, cross
{jumping jacks between active rest}
8 ) n opposite stance (south paw for me) Rear knee, rear kick, hook, cross
{jumping jacks between active rest}

9) Makatune, Cross, tach malac/inward driving elbow, 6 knees, double rear round house kick
10) In opposite stance (south paw for me), Makatune, Cross, tach malac/inward driving elbow, 6 knees, double rear round house kick

It was a great training day!

I got to wear a #BarbellsandPonytails shirt and hat, that I love that says low squats and high standards. Uplifting women who lift and just in general workout. Shirt kept me cool during training which was awesome.

If you are thinking about starting to train. Do it! Everyone has to start somewhere. ❤️ from me!

Well that is it for me. I got three workout days in. I am still working at my job. I am still taking care of my family. I am staying informed and helping where I can. I am making masks for people so that they stay safe. I am trying to spread love and not hate. I am trying to work with the system we have, but right now it feels so corrupt that I am just treading water.

Our countries management has fallen down on their duties. The powers that be are not leading like they should. The U.S.A. is boiling over in their frustration, anger, and pain. We need change, and we are the only ones that will affect change. Pray for us and with us, that we can get to that better place. There is no other way than through right now.

If you feel like it comment below. Where are you from, what do you think about what is happening in the U.S.A. ?

If you like what you read, and want to read more subscribe/follow and let me know.

This is the most political post I have put up here, on my fitness journey blog. However, these events are affecting me and will continue to affect me. I hope it helps any of you out there that might be feeling the tides of the world right now and politics around you where ever you are. Don’t give up on your goals, be kind to yourself, but do keep an eye to those tides and stay safe all of you. Whether it be from the virus, or from unrest, please stay safe.

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