Workout/Martial Arts 05/11/2020: Something to look forward to…

This week has been amazing and fun. Midway during the week my Muay Thai gym said that they are going to try a social distancing very small class that will be zoomed to the rest of the group. This brought with it some emotions. First worry about how it will be done, and conducted, and second excitement that something I have been loving and dedicating my life to for the last 2 + years I may be able to get back with my trainers/coaches and Muay Thai Tribe.

I was working my way through the week. Feeding the family, running the house, going to work at the bakery, and getting my workouts in. I really did not have much to look forward to this week, just the usual well usual for pandemic grind.

I am so happy to say that my gym was amazing. They limited the amount of people able to go to class to 5 only. So two instructors plus the only 5 students. We worked at stations that were 10 feet apart, and when we had to change stations we sanitized our own station before moving. We all wore masks the entire time. This is a very weird time we live in, and the training we did before is not going to be the same, and may never be the same again.

Anyway on to the week of workouts:

Monday 05/11/2020: 1 hour and 10 minutes – 1 mile run and 55 minutes calisthenics

I used three words from Patricia recommendation to create my workout today. PUMP IT UP


PUMP was from the standard list I made, and IT UP I chose out of my advanced list. I have to remake my advanced list because I made some mistakes on that image but will do that later.

I do these words as a Superset. Each superset is done x3

P) 20 Reverse Lunges each leg

U) 30 Bicycle Crunches

M) 30 Plank Jacks

P) 20 Reverse Lunges each leg

I) 45 seconds of V-Ups (I got around 12 in each time)

T) 25 per leg Standing Leg Abduction with resistance band

U) 30 Banded Kick Backs

P) 30 Straight Arm Lat Pull with resistance band

In the second set of the Banded Kick Backs the band shot out of my hand and flew across the living room I heard a squeak and after checking of my baby girl was ok could not stop laughing. It shot out like when you shoot rubber bands with your hand. But this one is long and thick. Bwahaha hahha

Anyway… it occurred to me some people may not know where to start or may have questions about workouts. Please feel free to ask me. It’s a great distraction from the stressors of the day for me. So feel free to ask.

Monday 05/13/2020: 1 hour and 10 minutes – 1 mile run and calisthenics


Ok so two things doing jumps and lunges after a run is tiring. Point number two I am terrible at the knee to elbow push ups. I will work on them, but it’s good to know what you are terrible at. I did them all, each one, even though I had to stop a few times.

My friend Laura gave me the words today. The words are NAP TIME. Bwahahah

I did the words in a supersetand each super set x3

N) 15 Jump Lunges

A) 30 Star Jumps

P) 20 reverse Lunges

T) 20 Hip Dips on each side

I) 1 minute Around The World with 25 lb Kettle Bell

M) 30 Incline Pull Ups

E) 20 Knee to Elbow Push Ups

I did it. Woot! I am tired. I finished making dinner after my workout and everyone is happy and full.

Monday 05/14/2020: 53 minutes – 1 mile run and 40 minutes calisthenics

Today’s word was cutesy of my friend Chris. A 10 letter word today. DANCE PARTY was the word. Whew what a butt kicker this was.

Both words together done as a superset. Each superset done x 3 and a 30 second break between supersets.

First word from standard exercise alphabet list and second from advanced. I shoehorned the barbell back squats in.

D) 30 seconds Plank with Shoulder Touches
A) 30 Star Jumps
N) 15 Jump Lunges
C) 20 High Knees
E) 15 Push Ups

P) 20 Reverse Lunges each leg
A) 10 Barbell Back Squats ( 135 lbs)
R) 30 Crunches
T) 20 Hip Dips
Y) 50 Flutter Kicks

I am pooped. Been awake since 4 am. I was going to take a nap but the kids were bickering. Then I drank my go juice – bcaas, that have caffeine in it. I ground out my workout even though the last set of Star Jumps were murder. I did it though.

Monday 05/16/2020: 1.5 hours of Muay Thai Training

It’s 1st day back in 8 weeks. I am so proud of the gym I call home, for how they are working to protect us, keep us safe, and keep everything clean. We had separate stations that we worked at for two rounds at a time, then we sanitized the stations we were at before we rotated. Each station was at least 10 feet apart, we all had to wear face masks, and we all practiced great social distancing. They also limited the number of people in class 5 students and 2 instructors total.

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta! Thank you Mike!

We worked on:

1) the four counts

I need to work on cross, switch kick with lead leg, return to south paw stance and throw a cross, switch kick with rear leg from south paw stance again

2) We worked on boxing

Jab, cross, hook, cross, rear kick
Jab, cross, overhand, cross, rear kick
Jab, cross, body hook, head hook, cross, rear kick
Jab, cross, uppercut, uppercut, cross, rear kick
Jab, cross, body hook, head hook, uppercut, uppercut, cross, rear kick

Then we did all the above with a switch kick or lead kick for the next round.

Last station we worked on shadow boxing and it felt good but I still need to work on my lead leg swing through to stop myself. (No ballerina turns. Lol)

I got compliments on my high kick I can kick someone my head hight repeatedly and well woot!

We worked our off side so South Paw for me and that is always mind boggling lol.

It was so much fun. I missed this. I missed my gym. I missed my Muay Thai tribe. I really needed this. I have not felt like myself in a while and this was great cause I did after so long.

Also don’t let your S.O. Take pictures of you cause they will keep taking weird pictures lol see below.

Woot…4 days of training. This week was fun and eventful. I was not expecting to get back into my martial arts gym. Its been 8 week since we saw the inside of that gym. I am so happy with how they have set it up, and we plan on staying safe and keeping things sanitary. I have something to look forward to on Saturdays now… yay!

What did you do this week? Are you able to get back to any of your old activities, even if it is set up differently? Let me know. Like and comment if you want. Subscribe if you are interested in my adventures.

As always thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great week.

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