Martial Arts 09/16/2019: Cross training – BJJ, Muay Thai, Kali Oh My

This week marks the start of my third martial arts I am going to train in. Brazilian Jui Jitsu is whats on the plate. I have some trepidation. I have scoliosis and moving my neck wrong, or wrenching my back can have unpleasant repercussions for weeks at a time. Repercussions like pain from misalignment and having to modify my movements. So its a big step. I just have to go slowly and listen to my body. With that said I am excited and looking forward to this.

Cross Training– cross training is a training technique that uses different kinds of muscles, and different parts of the body.

Cross training for instance is a swimmer training in swimming and then training in weight lifting 2 days a week. The athlete uses some of the same muscles and some separate different muscles in both training. If you just train one type of sport/muscle you run the risk of injury or lop sided muscle development.

So I will be adding another type of cross training. I will be adding grappling to my repertoire. Here is hoping it goes well.

Monday 9/16/2019 – Brazilian Jui Jitsu

First day of class for BJJ. I got to the gym, got my gi, and sat on the mat.

Let me say it was awesome. I am worried about my neck and back but I had a blast working with my friend in who I train with in Muay Thai.

I called myself a non belt, as this is my first day. So as a non belt I just listen and try to remember and execute every move as Kristen taught us.

We warmed up with active body movement that had us lifting our hips, rotating and stretching. Things I did not realize at the time we were going to do for the moves we were learning that day.

I learned the basics of triangles and thumbs up one hand lapel grab bent arm to hammer lock. I was even able to execute them.

The main thing I learned in BJJ is hips off the mat, and positioning is key to executing the moves correctly.

This martial art is different from any of the striking martial arts I do. While less energetic in the sense that nothing is coming at my head or my body, it is dynamic in the sense you feel your partners moves more than see them and react to them. You feel your partner shift weight and then you react.

In this class they focus on 1 training skill standing up and 1 training skill laying down each class. Afterwards they roll with each other to practice the things they learned.

Since I am brand new. I just worked on the drills we worked on.

It was a fantastic class and I intend on going every week at least once a week, maybe twice.

Tuesday 9/17/2019 – 2 hours of training Muay Thai and Kali

Muay Thai: Boxing and Elbows

Training: We worked on boxing with elbow entries and elbow entries after defense.

We warmed up with 100 jumping jacks, stretching, and then range management plus sign drilling.

Elbow entry after attack, or after you throw a jab and cross.

  1. Jab, cross, left horizontal elbow, to downward diagonal, boogie out, or bob and weave out

Elbow entry after attack, or after you throw a jab.

  1. Jab, slide in left Tach Malach elbow or spearing elbow, to right downward diagonal elbow, grab the neck and run the knees

Elbow entry after defense, or after you catch a jab, and scoop a cross.

  1. Parry incoming jab, scoop an incoming cross, pull opponent to you while scooping, left horizontal elbow, spinning back elbow, to reverse back elbow, to superman elbow. Then boogie out or bob and weave out.

Main points to remember when doing these:

  1. Range management – when punching you are using full extension, when elbowing slide step in, use your hip for torque to get power in. For the spinning back elbow, step to your oppoenents left hand or right hand side when throwing horizontal elbow but do not over rotate on horizontal elbow.
  2. Site your target before throwing the spinning back elbow. Like a dancer spins their head around and focuses on one area of the room.
  3. Stay all the way in, by bob and weave and cutting the corner, or stay all the way out, but booging out and getting out of the pocket.

Kali – Stick grappling

Kali we worked on stick grappling. Kumbiata switch into the crash. Then used the stick for pain compliance, to a double leg take down. We learned break knees and break ankles when you get out. Or knee separation, calf explosion, to ankle lock that breaks the ankle. Also how to leverage my shortness to break ankle. Yay!

Have you ever had a light bulb moment in your training? I have. Today was one of those days where I had that moment. We were covering one of the leg/ankle locks after you take you assailant down to the ground. This particular ankle lock/break I have a hard time when taller people, cause I am short. So no matter how much I stand up it does not work. I might get a pain compliance tap out of the person, but actually getting a break in the ankle I would not get. I just don’t have the leverage. Well I learned a ankle lock/ankle break that used leverage an a well placed foot on the assailants other leg while I stood up. This gives me great leverage.

Also I learned in a stick grappling situation, my height gives me an advantage in another area. When my opponent is trying to separate my knee, or explode my calf, or ankle lock me they are closer to me and I can hit them with my stick. Where when I do it to them, when I blade my body they can only get a small piece of my shoulder. So being short in this instance is the best.


  1. eqquise (being sure to hit with intent, or putting the stank on it ), low back hand, high back hand.
  2. Figure 8 (being sure to hit with intent), to low back hand, high back hand.
  3. eqquise, kumbiata switch, crash into the person with shoulder, grab them and control/compress arms with your body and stick. Make sure head is behind them.
  4. eqquise, kumbiata switch, crash into the person with your shoulder, start walking stick down, pain compliance on presure points on side of body, then to double leg and behind knee. Push with shoulder and dump person. Get out and hit knees and angles to shatter them then run away.
  5. Counter to the above take down, get double under hooks, square up and you can either:
    1. Snake bite the spine (pain compliance)
    2. break their poster with the stick in the middle of back. Lean forward with your head and shoulders on their chest, and just walk forward.
  6. We then played (taking time to explore what we learned and try to find the entry). We used soft sticks to kumbiata switch and tried to get your opponent on the floor. From there we we mounted and it end up in grappling.

Sometimes people get so caught up on the weapon, that it is not the answer. When grappling maybe the stick is not helping, don’t be afraid to get rid of it and refocus on opponent. Using their body to make them compliant.

What is the saying about best laid plans?

“the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”

Scottish Proverb

So this week, I missed Wednesday – Saturday Class. My husband came home from a work trip and wanted to take Wednesday off. So we did. Little did I know I would come down with the plague that my kids brought home.

So I have been convalescing nursing a cold and a slight fever. I have missed 3 days of training and am a little miffed about it. But today/Saturday I feel… I may be feeling like I am on the upswing.

Yeah best laid plans and all that. I did not want to get the rest of my team mates sick. I really was feeling dizzy and icky for three days. So its far better for me to stay home. Even if my inner 5 year old is throwing a fit cause she cannot have what she wants (which is to train martial arts) when she wants it.

Thank you for reading this sadly short blog about my two days of training. I hope you have a great day.

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