Thai Camp… This was the best and one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Oh man where do I start? 4 days, 10 hour days of training Muay Thai. Working with the best of the best in Martial Arts. I am going to have to break these posts into digestible chunks. I just got home off my flight and am starting to decompress. I got home, showered, started a load of laundry, and took a 2 hour nap.

We did 250 rounds the entire weekend. That is not including instruction and practice. Rounds being 3 minutes with 30 second burn outs. We worked in 5 different stations. Each of the 5 stations we did 4 rounds per station, and many many laps around each station. (note: some of the rounds were 2 minutes, but you get the picture.)

The camp was all outside, in nature, no air conditioning and no gym mats. We worked on uneven ground, with pot holes, grass, gravel, dust, and dirt. We were all sweating up a storm, and we were all working our rear ends off.

This camp was put on by the WBTA (World Thai Boxing Association). It was started by the living legends themselves, Arjarn Chai (Surachai Sirisute) and Guru Dan Inosanto themselves.

It is a camp for instructors and some select students by invitation only. We go to hone our Muay Thai skills and bring them to the next level.

I was asked to come just a month before camp and had less than 4 weeks to condition up. I was honored and amazed to be asked. I was scared I would not be ready, and that I would not make it all the way through camp. I have been told there are people that did not make it and people that leave after the second day.

I knew I was going to learn so much, and that I was going to be pushed to my limits. I was going to be asked to perform like a top notch athlete or like a Thai Fighter. What I did not account for was the community, the family, the love and support that everyone gave, and shared. I now have an extended family of support and love. People that I can ask questions of and know they will help me on this journey. They will help me cultivate my skills for Muay Thai.

I cannot thank Ajarn Chai, and Guru Dan Inosanto enough for taking the first steps to bring Muay Thai and Kali to the United States. For their continuing dedication to spreading and teaching future generations about Muay Thai and Kali. For creating such a wonderful family such as the WTBA and for being so gracious to us all. I cannot thank all the Ajarns and all the instructors enough.

I have a lot of decompressing to do and a lot of notes to go through. But I will post more about my adventure, my learning, and my love for Muay Thai. I will write about all my experience at Thai Camp. Also The food is/was fantastic.

I was invited back again next year, and I can’t wait. But I need to rest now. =)

Thank you for reading, keep your hands up to protect your face, and keep being the best you that you can be. Respect to you all.

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