Conditioning Day 11… Rest day, and lots of baking

Today was a rest day. It is day 11 in my 22 day Muay Thai conditioning training. I am doing this training to get me ready for Muay Thai camp put on by the WTBA (World Muay Thai Boxing). It is a great honor and very daunting to get ready for in such a short time. I meant to get some yoga in, or something, but I have been baking all day.

I am after all a Pastry Chef and some times my job takes over any of my extra free time at home. I made and decorated cake, 48 gluten free cupcakes, Prosecco raspberry coulis, vanilla/chocolate swiss meringue butter cream, and coconut pastry cream.

The pictures above are a cake I made today. I hand made all the flowers and let them dry for about a week. I made the cake, coconut pastry cream, and swiss meringue butter cream from scratch.

I was bad and did not really eat a lunch today, and boy did I feel it. I went to work and after working at my bakery job today I was ravenous.

So today was a rest day. I did nothing exercise related.

I hope you all had a great day. Keep being awesome and working to be the best you that you can be.

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