Tuesday Muay Thai and Kali…on the mend, been about a week

Its been about a week. I first started having symptoms Wednesday night of last week. I did not go to Muay Thai and Kali yesterday/Tuesday. I am still coughing, but last night I slept much better, and had a stretch of night where I was not hacking and coughing up a lung. Pseudophedrine makes my skin feel weird. I have not had a fever in about 2 days now, my ear still feels weird, and has some popping sounds.

So yeah did not go to Muay Thai or Kali yesterday. I still feel really run down, and under the weather. But I feel less like I am dying and more like I have a horrible cold. I believe I am on the mend. Still on my antibiotics, and hoping that by Saturday I will feel loads better.

I have been doing no workouts at all, and to be honest for Thursday 5/9/2019- Monday 5/13/2019, I did not have the ability to do more than just lay there like a lump on a log and try to live. I am now thinking more about and am more concerned about my workouts and my loss of progress. So this seems a good thing? The rational part of my brain says its ok, you will get back into it. The irrational part says… oh my gosh, look how much down time you have had. You are going to lose all of your progress and become a giant rolly polly.

I hope your week is going well. I don’t know how I will feel tomorrow, and if I will be able to do any kinda cardio at all without hacking. I will take tomorrow as it comes.

My friends and team mates from Muay Thai and Kali sent me well wishes and a picture. =) That made me smile. I miss them and they seem to miss me. Whoda thunk it.

Thanks for reading, I am going to go sucks down some more water.

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