Whats in my martial arts gym bag?

I have seen these go around… so I thought it would be funny to do a whats in my martial arts gym bag. So for right now this is what is in it.

I am not certain anyone really wants to see whats in my bag. But maybe there are people out there that are just curious. I will tell you what is in the bag and why its there, and what I use it for. So if you are curious here is what I got.


  1. 12 oz boxing gloves
  2. Shin Guards
  3. Kali – Escrima Sticks
  4. Blue boxing hand wraps
  5. head bands
  6. Green Muay Thai arm band
  7. KT tape
  8. Glove Dehumidifier
  9. Jump Rope
  10. Ibuprofin
  11. Namman Thai Oil
  12. Video Tripod
  13. Belly Pad

Not Pictured:

Thai shorts, water bottle, ankle brace, and mouth guard are not pictured here.

All right boxing gloves are pretty self explanatory. Mine are 12 oz gloves, and 12 to 14 oz gloves are standard for women.

Shin guards are self explanatory, they are to guard the shins in pop the leather and sparring.

Kali/Escrima Sticks used in Kali practice.

Blue boxing hand wraps for wrapping hands done for protection and wrist support.

Green Muay Thai arm band… equivalent to belt system in most martial arts.

KT tape used to stabilize joints and wrap feet.

Glove dehumidifier used to remove moisture and keep your gloves smelling fresh.

Jump rope for cardio.

Ibuprofin is self explanatory.

Namman Thai oil is used for bruises, bone bruises and muscle aches. This stuff is the best.

Phone tripod so that I can take photos.

Belly pad used to protect against torso kicks and teeps.

Anyway this is what is in my bag. =) I don’t know if it is interesting to you, but this is what I have in it for now. Thanks for reading… have a great day.


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