Wednesday Muay Thai Private class…Wai Kru, Bit, Bong, Bap/Bat

I just finished my first 2 hour private Muay Thai class. Our instructor Tony is amazing. He is a very traditional and he and his family come from Thailand. His father taught him and he teaches fighters to fight in the ring. I am honored that he was willing to teach us.

So because he is traditional we started with the Wai Kru. I have heard of it. I have seen it done, but never have I learned it myself. Every class we have we will start with the Wai Kru. It is a sign of respect for your teacher/instructor, it is used to show how flexible and where your problem areas are (in a fight people will size yo up and see where you are tight when watching you), it is a dance, and it is used to warm you up, and stretch you out. Think yoga when you think Wai Kru. It helps you work on things/areas you are tight in.

Each persons Wai Kru is different. Each one tells a story, of their respect for their parents, and their instructors. I will put a few videos below so you can see some different Wai Kru’s. Mine is going to have some of the things that my instructors have taught me and some things that I will bring to the Wai Kru that will be just mine.

Wai Kru : These are worth viewing if you are interested.

Those are just some examples of Wai Kru. There are many many different ones. Like I said they are all different.

Look how strong she looks. Also how elegant and flexible.

We then worked on three of the Thai B’s as Tony called it. They were Bit, Bong, and Bat/Bap. Bit = Closing, like closing the vertical blinds. You Bit when you pillar block. Bong is when you parry a high kick or a hit. You cover your head and hit with the other gloved hand. Bat/Bap is when you scoop the teep.

He had us doing blocks, to see how good our shields/checks, and blocks were. I got a compliment on my blocks being solid. I also got a compliment on my balance.

We did a drill where we blocked with our gloves a kick, checked/shielded a kick with our leg, then checked shielded a second kick, then returned a kick right away with our rear leg. For me an orthodox fighter that is my right leg.

We then did 3 minute conditioning rounds for 30 minutes, which was fun.

Then he had us Wai Kru again to cool down and show respect.

After all that we had to do 3 sets of 50 crunches where some on/your partner hits you in the core muscles while you do the crunches with a Thai pad.

Thai pads are these:

These are the Thai pads I own and these were the ones that hit me today. =)

Anyway that is all for today. I had a great time. I loved getting a more traditional class, and really getting a feel for the culture. I love the richness and it brings for me so much more meaning to what we do when we know the value, meaning, and reasons behind the moves.

Have a great day, and tomorrow is my regular Muay Thai class and Kali.

Thanks for reading.

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