Saturday Striking class… tiny tweaks, clench work, lots of kicks, and cake

Drenched in Sweat

2 hours of Muay Thai practice, and I am pooped. We ended with clench work, and we were all working so hard we were all drenched in sweat. But lets start at the beginning first.

Today we made it to striking class. We focused on Muay Thai today, and had a great teacher named Dom. Both Kru Kristen, and Kru Krysta are still out at the instructor camp for Inosanto.


We started out with stations, jump rope, heavy bag teep and kick, and then shadow boxing to warm up. We then went right into Thai 4 counts. We practiced leg kicks. It has been a long time since we have worked on leg kicks and I can say I am not as good at them as I am at round house kicks. I need to work more on them. You are supposed to turn your kick so much that your knee is almost pointing at the floor, and you are supposed to sink your weight into the kick.

We then worked on sparing where we tried to get any variation of left to right kicks in. My favorite things to do is to feint a left kick then teep the person, and follow with hook and cross. Or I like to throw a cross, and leave my hand there in their face, while I get a right round house kick in. It often tricks people and they don’t see it coming, so I get a hit in. =)

Tiny Tweaks

I had the pleasure of working with Dom personally, he helped me make tiny tweaks to my cross. I need to remember to fully extend my arm, and rotate my pointer finger and middle finger knuckles down when I punch to get the full extension and straight line. I have had Kru tell me the same thing but having a person take off my glove and actually have me punch while they turn my hand was so super helpful. I am so excited to keep practicing this and hopefully make my punch much better.

Clench Work

After all this we ended with clench work, and we were all working so hard we were all drenched in sweat. We got to play around. Trying our different things with our partners, to see if we could get in, make a frame and get the upper hand. Hah! It was so much fun. One girl and I were just giggling as we grunted and tried to get into full plumb

I had a blast today at class. I finally got a tripod to put my phone in to video some of my kicks. Here is a video of me doing right round house kicks to, right hop kicks. We were working on the right hop kicks last Thursday and I still need to work on them. I need to get my knee up higher to create more momentum.

After our class I had a date with a friend that I was so looking forward to. We went to a bougie coffee shop where I got a chance to have a coffee, a piece of cake and great conversation. The cake won! I was not able to eat even half of that cake it was so big. But it was nice to have a treat after a great workout.

If you have gotten this far. Thank you for reading. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your weekend. Keep being awesome and I think its ok to have a treat once in a while.


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