Thursday Muay Thai and Kali…Conditioning Kicks, 7 Weapon Rotations

I had one of those bad days… you know the ones that are epic in their badness? I am not going to go into great detail here, but suffice to say that Company A that I purchased a good/service from, made 3 accounting errors in two days. We caught one yesterday and thought we dealt with it. We were understanding and were fine with their reversal and their apology. We wake up the next morning
to them having pushed through another duplicate payment. They tripled charged us for the same good/service. We don’t know why they did. Our credit union has a fax from Company A saying sorry we made a mistake, from yesterday. So we had to deal with that, and in the mean time even though they made a mistake we have to wait till those charges are reversed. It was not an insubstantial sum of money either. If it was I would have taken it in stride.

I digress though. It was hard to get into the head space to workout. It would not have been as much of a problem, but I had other things go wrong today. I came, I have shown up and I worked through the problems during the day and I have worked through my workout. 2 hours of Muay Thai and Kali.

Muay Thai – Conditioning Kicks

We worked on more Thai 4 counts. I worked a fantastic sweat and it was well needed. I did not realize I needed to just kick the crap out of pads today, and it was very cathartic. We then did conditioning kicks. We were supposed to do testing today, but due to the fact that one Kru was out of town, and the other got a horrible cold they postponed the testing till Tuesday. Hopefully we will do it then. I got to work with a friend that I had not seen for a while. She was impressed with the quality of my kicks. She was around when I had my horrible back injury. So she is finally getting to feel my true power in my kicks.

I need to remember to breath. I am getting gassed cause I am not breathing. That is why we make sounds, or make a chhhh sound. Where you put your teeth together and pressing your tongue to your teeth exhale.

I got to use my new gloves, and I will do a full review of them in a later post after I have had about two weeks to break them in and get a feel for them. But here is what they look like. Are they not pretty? But after my first use of them for this class. I love them.

Kali – 7 Weapon Rotation

Kali was interesting today. We had a guest instructor today, cause our Kru was out of town. He had us doing a number of things one of them is in the video below. Where we start with a cob cob, and pie pie, then high low high, and low high low.

The most interesting and hard part was when we did the full box drill but had to switch between 7 combinations of weapons and open hand. For instance we had to do the full box drill up to 20 moves:

  1. Open hand one stick
  2. 2 sticks
  3. 1 stick and one knife
  4. 2 knife
  5. Staff
  6. Double handed sword
  7. Stick/sword and shield

This was interesting, hard, and wonderful at the same time. I realize what he was going for. He wanted to get comfortable with using all of it and transitioning between the different weapons. We have done the full box drill 100 times before but we would focus on say double stick then double knife. This gave us perspective about distance management and also forced us to think through our moves, when you had a completely different weapon then the last time we drilled this.

It is 11:38 pm here, and I have to be up in the morning at 5 so I am going to stop here. I am tired, and had a rough day. But I am glad I got into the gym. I am glad I pushed through even though I just wanted to hide my head under a pillow and ignore the world.

If you have read this far, you deserve a reward. Lol…Get yourself a nice fru fru coffee, you know one of those $4 dollar ones that have some special sprinkling of spices on it. Yeah one of those, you have my permission. =)

As always let me know if you have any questions, or just want to say hi.

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