Weight lifting workout for the week of 4/29/2019

35 minute workout. This week and last have been a bit stressful, and I can certainly feel it in my workouts. Less energy etc.

On to the workout and less of my jabbering.


15 minute run  –

  1. 3 minute warm up walk
  2. 6 minute HIIT run, Run at Sprint 1 minute, then Run at regular pace 1 minute
  3. 3 minute Steady state run
  4. 2 minute cool down walk

Weight Lifting:

  1. Squat and press 20 lb dumbells in each hand, reps- 10, 10, 10
  2. Squat and side step resistance band reps- 10 left 10 right, 10 left 10 right, 10 left 10 right
  3. Leg kick back with resistance band reps- 10, 10, 10
  4. Squat stand and kick back leg reps- 20, 20, 20
  5. Plank with hip dips reps – 20, 20, 20

That is all. I will be doing this Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Thanks for reading.


Weight lifting workout for the week of 4/22/2019…Brain willing Body trailing

39 minute workout today is done. This will be the workout I will do for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today my brain was willing, wanting to get my routine workout in, but my body was feeling tired. You know that feeling when you are doing your workout and your muscles feel low in energy. For me I think it was just lack of sleep that is really messing with me. I ate fine today.

Workout: 39 minutes

15 minute steady state run. (Body/Muscles are tired, so did not want to over do it with a HIIT) (note: weights are for my information do the weights you can lift safely)

24 minute weight lifting done in a super set:

Skull crushers 30lbs reps – 12, 12, 12
Hip thrusters 30 lbs reps – 15, 15, 15

Tripod tricep row 30 lbs per left and right arm reps – 12, 12, 12
Pile crunches reps – 12, 12, 10

Olympic barbell squat 115 lbs reps – 8, 8, 8

It was tiring to, but I got through it. My brain was happy and willing to do the workout, but my body was tired and not all together there.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. I have to go to work soon.

Weight lifting workout for the week of 4/15/2019… Making yourself workout

38 minute workout. I am sure you all have had one of those days where lethargy is tugging really hard at you. That was my day. I had to build up the will power to get my go-er going. But today I did my workout, even though I just wanted a nap or to just goof off. Enough chattering here it is.

Workout: 38 minutes

15 minute HIIT run.

  1. 2 minute warm up
  2. 1 minute run at fast pace
  3. 1 minute run at regular pace (active recovery)
  4. 1 minute run at fast pace
  5. 1 minute run at regular pace (active recovery)
  6. 1 minute walk (dead tired at this point)
  7. 1 minute run a regular pace (not recovering but resetting to do last half of run)
  8. 1 minute run at fast pace
  9. 1 minute run at regular pace (active recovery)
  10. 1 minute run at fast pace
  11. 1 minute run at regular pace (active recovery)
  12. 3 minute cool down

23 minute Weight lifting done in a super set. (super set, means do two exercise reps back to back, with a small 30 second rest between next two sets of reps)

(note: the weights are for my information, do the weights you can comfortably do, and can do the forms correctly with.)

  1. Squat to shoulder press with dumbbell (20 lbs each shoulder for 40 lbs total) reps – 10, 10, 10
  2. Bulgarian Split Squats reps – 12, 12, 12
  3. Reverse Lunge with dumbbell bicep curl (10 lbs each arm for 20 lbs total) (note: each set of two lunges right and left equals 1 rep) reps 10, 10, 10
  4. Burpees with knee to elbow reps – 8, 8, 8

So that is it. Since I did not want to do a workout today. I wanted to do a quick one. I did a super set, and I made myself do burpees. While they are not the most fun thing to do, they are very effective. Want quick workouts you have to work it hard for the time you are doing it. That will teach me to want to slack off.

Unless I have a serious medical reason not to do a workout, I try to make sure to stick to my schedule. Just not wanting to do a workout is not good enough reason for me.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day, and now I must go to work.

Weight lifting workout for 4/8/2019… squeezing it in

I completed a 1 hour workout today. Today is one of those days that are hard. Wake up at 5 am, work at first job, keep working then have to work till about 11 pm tonight. So getting my workout in today, is a squeeze. But I guess that is good, cause I did not have time to rest to much between sets. This makes me have to stick to schedule pretty closely.

On to the workout:

  1. 10 minute run on the treadmill

13 minute HIIT leg workout ( 3 sets of each, 40 seconds each set, 20 seconds rest between sets)

  1. Ice skater lunges
  2. Reverse Lunge to high knee
  3. Single leg box squats
  4. Criss cross squat

Barbell Weight lifting set I used my Olympic barbell set. Base bar weighs 45 lbs.

  1. Dead lifts reps 45 lbs 12, 95 lbs 8, 8, 8
  2. Good mornings reps 45 lbs 12, 65 lbs 10, 10, 10
  3. Shoulder squats reps 65 lbs 12, 115 lbs 8, 8, 8

Now I need to get my butt to work, and get the rest of my day and last part of my day going.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!

Weight Lifting workout for the week 3/25/2019…BCAA’s are missed

Today’s 45 minute workout was great but I have to say I am hurting. Per doctors orders I have stopped BCAA’s and boy can I feel it. My muscle recovery is taking an extra day and by last Friday I was pooped. After Tuesday’s test I hope to be able to take my supplements again. Doc just checking that the protein he is seeing is from BCAA’s.

This week’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday HIIT run and weight lifting workout. I did the weight lifting portion in a superset.


24 minute HIIT run 
1.5 min run, 30 sec sprint
3 min warm up
1 min cool down 

Superset (meaning you do each exercise rep set back to back with a 30 second rest between sets of exercise.)
1) Skull crushers 30 lbs reps- 10, 10, 10
2) Bulgarian Split Squats and press 12 lbs each hand

3) Lat cable pull 70lbs reps- 10, 12, 13
4) Double leg pike ups reps- 10, 12, 14

5) Dead lift 60 lbs reps- 10, 10, 10
6) Plank with hip dips reps – 30, 30, 30

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday I do my Martial Arts training, Muay Thai, Kali, Bo staff, and Krav 

Thanks for reading and have a great week! 

Weight lifting workout for week of 3/18/2019…Melting Face?

Have you ever seen those girls go to the gym wearing make up and leaving looking great still? I have… and I got to conduct an experiment today to see how much my face will melt. I accidentally forgot to take off my full face of make up before going to the gym today. So I got a chance to see if and how well my make up stood up against the onslaught of my workout today.

Let me get into my actual workout first, then we can get on to the silly stuff. Ok for this workout this week. I did a 46 minute workout. 20 minutes of HIIT Run, and 26 minute of weight lifting. I did the weight lifting workout in a super set.

Super sets are two exercises done back to back with out a rest between them. Usually using differing muscles but not always. So you do a set of lunges for example and then you do a set of push ups. You take a small break between the two groups of exercises then do a your next set of lunges and then push ups right away. The reason for doing this is it is a good way to train in Hypertrophy.

Hypertrophy is where you make your muscles fatigued and make them active rest like you do in a HIIT workout. Suffice to say you put your body in a position to build more faster. There is plenty to read on it, but you get the gist. Knowledge is power and, reading up on this will only help you get better.

I will be doing this workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will be doing Muay Thai and Kali Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Workout for 3/18/2019:

  1. HIIT run 20 minutes. 3 minute warm up, 10 minute HIIT, (sprint 1 minute, run (active rest) 1 minute), then 3 minute run, and 4 minute cool down
  2. Superset of weight lifting workout each two exercises were done together one after the other with rest only after both sets of exercises are done.
  3. Reverse Lunge and curl 12 lbs each hand reps 12, 10, 8
  4. Squat and Press 20 lbs each hand reps 12, 10, 8
  5. Tripod tricep row 30 lbs reps 10, 10, 14
  6. Hip thrustors 30 lbs reps 12, 14, 16
  7. Lat cable pull downs 70 lbs 10, 10, 8
  8. Alternating pike ups 30 seconds for three reps

Let me just say I am so amazed at how well my make up stayed on. I really thought I was going to look like a melted clown.

However as you can see my make up stayed on. Yay!

Both these were before my workout. So clearly on and not a problem.

This was after my HIIT run, and clearly I was sweating. But it stayed on.

This is after my complete workout. I have survived and I did not melt. Wow!

I used Urban Decay eye shadow primer, and eye shadow, and I have Bennifits Hello Happy foundation on. I am amazed and it all stayed on.

Thanks for reading, and have a great night. I am off to work.

Weight Lifting Workout…3/11/2019

When your son breaks out and has a horrible allergic reaction it will put a crimp in your plans. That is what happened today. I got my 17 min HIIT Run in, and he started presenting with welts and itching all over.

I stopped called the advice nurse for our pediatrician and had to administer Benadryl. We have stopped his meds for eye infection and have an appointment tomorrow for him.

Worried Mama is worried, and stressed out.

I only write this, so that you all can seen its a thing to have some one or something mess up your workout schedule. You do what you can when you can and you move on. I used to worry about it, stress about it, and get all bent out of shape cause I did not get my full workout in on top of dealing with the other stress. I have learned though that you have to take care of you and your family. It seems stupid to say this… but a person like me can get very single minded and stress over the fact that I have say a cold, or the flu, or some other thing stopped my workout.

I used to worry that missing one thing, was going to send me right back to where I started and that is just not the case. Your body is smart and missing one day is not going to through you off.

Anyway this is what I planned to do, and will do the rest of the week universe willing.


  1. HIIT run 17 minute, 3 minute warm up, 1 minute sprint, 2 minute run, lather rinse repeat, 2 minute cool down
  2. Kettle bell swings
  3. Squat and press
  4. hip thrusters weighted
  5. bulgarian split squats
  6. double leg pike
  7. planks

Anyway I did not get to the weight lifting part, but I did get my run in. I will shoot for Wednesday for weight lifting and running. I try to do Mon, Wed, Fri, weight lifting with Martial arts on Tues, Thurs, Sat.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. I am going to try and not worry now, and go to work. Leaving husband to deal with kiddos.