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Workout/Martial Arts 07/20/2020: Injury is Inevitable in Martial Arts

Some will disagree, however, injury is inevitable in martial arts.

1) You may get hurt accidentally, a new practitioner is less controlled than a person who has suddied a while, so injury is more likely. It is commonly said in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that the most dangerous person on the mat, in the dojo, or in the gym is the white belt/novice.

2) You may get hurt strengthening, often times in Muay Thai you will get hurt when strengthening and growing. Think small bone fractures that are incurred when shielding, kicking, any time a bone hits another bone, or hard surface. It is breaking slightly and remottling, and growing stronger.

3) You may get hurt by making a mistake, because you will make mistakes. You can count on that.

4) Sometimes you get hurt even though you do everthing right, just because some one esle did everything right faster than you.

Either through intention or accident you will get hurt. You can’t venture into the study of martial arts with the intention of never getting hurt. However, you can forget like I did that it is a part of my growth. Tuesday I took a huge hit, I was holding pads for a flying knee and I was thrown across the mat. I have mentioned I have scoliosis and try not to let it stop me from doing the things I love. I was hurt a little, not life threatening, but enough to shake me and my resolve. I felt sorry for myself, and had a lapse of understanding this very principle. I got into my own head. I started over thinking things. If I want to continue to do this art, I have to take the lumps, hits, pains, and keep going.

I woke up on Wednesday sore and stiff, and decided to take the day to heal instead of going on my usual run/workout, I rested, and went to my chiropractor to get popped back into place. I was sore afterward, but felt good. In retrospect I lost that vision… and that is going to happen in my training. I just have to get back up and go do it again.

Getting out of my own head again:

H and I got to have a nice movie night and watched The Forbiden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Li. One of my favorite quotes and there were many quotes I loved… was…

“Learn the form, but seek the formless. Hear the soundless. Learn it all, then forget it all. Learn The Way, then find your own way.

The Silent Monk in the movie The Forbiden Kingdom:

I have been working on agility and getting out of my own head, trusting in my form, and what I have learned. This was great. Yes it is a silly movie but who says we cannot take and learn something from silly movies. My last post was about that very same thing. Only this time I was in my own head after the training. I was upset that I had fallen down, and hit the mat hard. But I needed to get over it.

I can be upset about it, and just quit. Sure I won’t be injured in Muay Thai/Weight Lifting/Running any more. However, if I miss a step in the house and land improperly I can damage my back to the point my scoliosis reacts and then I have 3 to 6 months of recover as well. Alternately, I can accept it is a possibility and do what I have been doing, which is deal with the injury and train around it. Sometimes our brains can be so mean and annoying. But I am strong and will bounce back.

Monday 07/20/2020: 1 hour- 1.5 mile run, 20 minute calisthenics, 10 min core workout

I dreamt I had done my work out and woke up disappointed it was not done yet. But then I went out to get it done.

1.5 mile run it was already hot out at 7:45 am

Calisthenics workout: word of the day is BRING IT thank you Harun Sagat-Cdo Raja for the word. Words done in a superset x3

B ) 20 Squat Jumps
R) 30 Crunches
I) 25 standing Knees Crunches
N) 15 Jump Lunges
G) 15 Burpees

I) 25 standing Knee Crunches
T) 20 Hip Dips – 20x each side

Core: Dana Linn Baileys 10 minute core workout – 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest between
1) hollow body
2) hollow body reverse crunch
3) v Sit bicycles
4) Star Crunches
5) right side plank dips
6) left side plank dips
7) high plank opposite side knee to elbow
8 ) v Sit leg circles
9) heal touches
10) explosive crunches

Woot done!

Tuesday 07/21/2020: 1 hour of Muay Thai Training

Today I was working on my flow and, not overthinking my striking combos. I focused on keeping the motion going. It doesn’t matter if the shots are slow just keep the motion going. Going slow is fine so long as you are smoothing out your strikes. Your goal in smoothing out is…other than to look like a freaking love child of Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa, is to hide your next strike.

Keeping the flow going lets you maintain your rhythm, and body mechanics. I need to incorporate more shadow boxing of jab/cross/hook/cross and jab/cross/uppercut/uppercut. Those moves have you shift weight a lot so that you move and flow. I know I know… I hear the voices of all my Muay Thai trainers, you must shadow box more. I know! So I am going to make a concerted effort to do so.

What makes shadow boxing so hard for me? Can you guess? Yup over thinking. I keep thinking of the combos I should do, and oh I should not do that combo over and over again. Being a Type A personality is rough sometimes.

I did turn off my brain in one of the combos today and successfully flowed through the drill. I had less pauses, save for the ones that are necessary like when you do a switch kick and or switch knee. Really anything with your lead leg. Ok enough waxing on.

Thank you Khun Kru Krysta πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ for a great class.

Training: we always start with jumping rope, today we alternated between skip knees, Jumping Jacks, and Squat Jumps for active rest.

1) Jab, Cross, Rear Knee, Jab, Cross, Lead Knee
2) I held pads for H

3) Jab, Cross, Hook, Rear Elbow, Lead Knee, lean out
4) I held pads for H

5) Jab, Cross, Rear Knee, Lead Elbow, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, w/ either (lean, Rear Kick, or Clench with 6 knees and a double kick- you choose based on distance you make for yourself after last Rear Knee)
6) Held for H Burn out drill

7) Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross, Lead Kick, Rear Kick Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross, Rear Kick, Rear Kick Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross, Lead Kick, Lead Kick Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross, Rear Kick, Lead Kick
8 ) I held pads for H

Then H wanted to practice flying knees. And I held pads for him. He sent me flying across the room. Physics in motion kids!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Thursday 07/23/2020: 1 hour and 10 minutes Muay Thai training.

Back up on the horse again. Getting knocked down across the mat Tuesday I listened to my body and gave it a rest on Wednesday. I went to chiropractor got put back into place and am back at the training tonight.

So getting back into getting my flow going. I tried to take the thinking out of my training tonight. We would learn the new combo I would take about three repetitions to get the body mechanics down. Then I just focused on keeping my body moving and flowing.

Four things happened when I let go:

1) I stopped thinking about every strike. So my strikes flowed together better.
2) My training partner said I got double the amount of repetitions in than I normally do.
3) I felt weird… let me try to explain. I focus so much on technique that I am very controlled in my movements. Always focusing in getting into position best for that strike. But that takes time and when working flow you will not always end up in the perfect position. So while I was flowing in my drills I felt sort of out of control, because the control I am used to is getting into position to strike the best angle and with the most power. So it felt weird, sort of out of control.
4) My form broke down. My form from what my partner said was not terrible, just not great all the time. The hope is as I get used to working flow more I will learn to reset/flow into a better position to keep my form at its best.

So yes it felt weird/off but you have to push your training to grow and I know that that off feeling is me changing how I am executing my training.
Who knew that martial arts was so cerebral? πŸ˜† I am sure all the people knew. I am just working through it.

I love the quote from Silent Monk in The Forbidden Kingdom -β€œLearn the form, but seek the formless. Hear the soundless. Learn it all, then forget it all. Learn the way, then find your own way.”

I see parallels in my training in this quote. The forms I do know well I need to flow to make them my own. I will keep learning new forms and incorporating them.

Enough of that mental gymnastics here is the training. Super fun training day thank you Khun Kru Krysta Scharlach. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ we did Overhand strikes and shovel hooks.

Training: it was an elbow centered class
1) Jab, Cross, #3 Rear Elbow, Jab, Cross, #3 Lead Elbow
2) Held for H

3) Jab, Cross, Elbow #1, Spinning Back Elbow #9, Spinning Back Elbow #9, Rear Knee
4) Held for H

5) Jab, Overhand, Shovel Hook, Overhand, Switch Kick
6) Held for H

7) Thai Lean, scoop opponents lead hand, #6 elbow, #2 elbow, Fence, Lead Knee, push off and shield kick
8 ) Held for H

Burn out
9) Jab, Cross, Hook, Rear Kick, Cross, Hook, Cross, Lean Kick
10) Held for H
11) South Paw stance – Jab, Cross, Hook, Rear Kick, Cross, Hook, Cross, Lean Kick
12) Held for H
13-14) we added a kick drill for two more rounds

Saturday 07/25/2020: 2 hours of Muay ThaI and Kali training

Whew it was a scorcher of a day today. I am exhausted. Working on my flow and movement again today. It must be true that I get far more reps in when I don’t take time to analyze my strikes and set them up. I am exhausted. πŸ™‚ great training day today. Thank you Khun Kru Krysta.

Kali –

1) high box
2) Full box
3) 3 redondo to ordebise, low backhand, high backhand

Muay Thai-

1) Jab, Cross, Lead Kick, Jab Cross Rear Kick
2) Held pads for H

3) Lead Teep, switch kick/hop kick, hook, cross, rear kick
4) Held for H

5) Jab, Cross, Rear Knee, Elbow, Elbow, Rear Knee, Rear Kick
6) Held for H

7) Rear Kick, Jab, Cross, Thadmala, tie up, six skip knees, push off and double kick
8 ) Held pads for H

Burn out:
9) Jab, Cross, Hook, Rear Kick, Cross, Hook, Lead Kick
10) Held for H
11) Held kicks for H
12) I did walking alternating kicks

Whew. I am pooped. But in a good way.

Yup! I got an injury on Tuesday, listened to my body and got the care I needed rested, and was back in the wagon. We just avoided clench work on my neck. When the elbows I was throwing was jarring my neck, I backed off the power. I let my partner know that I need to back off the power because of pain.

Your partner should respect you enough to work with you and understand when you have to avoid a certain drill or modify it for you. I try not to use that phrase (you should, they should) a lot. But this is a common courtesy. I prescribe to the working around your injury. As I mentioned before injury is unavoidable for many reasons (mistakes/acciedentally, unexperienced partners, intentional micro fractures for strengthening, you may do everything right just someone is faster than you). If you were to stop everything for every injury you may be taking have a year off of training.

Now I am not saying if you have a broken foot, run on it. When a doctor says you have to stay off of this foot, do as the doctor says. However, a broken foot does not mean you can’t bench press, you cant sit and shadow box punches, or you can do sit ups and other core exercises that don’t require your feet. This is what I mean by working around your injury. Let your injury heal, listen to your doctor, but train around it. Find something you can focus on that does not harm or hinder your healing.

I hope you have a great week ahead. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you. If you liked my blog, subscribe and like. Have a great week ahead, and I will keep working on my goals and dreams. I hope you do too. =)


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