Wednesday Muay Thai… open mat practice, working on my form

1.5 hours of Muay Thai practice on open mat, and just working on my form. I need to practice all I can get in, because I want to get my form and power correct. My goal for this kick is to stagger the opponent and then continue on my attack. If I can stagger my opponent then get in a hook and cross, or cross and hook, I got three shots in without taking a return shot.

This particular kick is meant to jar you, move you, and eventually I need to get enough power in it to scramble your opponents insides. There are different ways to put in your kick for your goals. For instance I can do damaging kicks to your leg (often quick successive repeat kicks to break down the muscle), however a kick to a leg you are going to try to kick out from under your opponent is more power.

Kru Kristen told me to visualize kicking through my opponent. I am trying to put more power in to my kicks. When he steps back that is cause I kicked so hard it caused him to stagger back a bit. Not every kick is there but I am trying to get there.

I worked on my punches as well. I don’t want to go back to the slapping habit, so need to keep practicing my punches.

I worked on knees, and tried flying knees… those are sad looking for me, so I need to work on those.

Anyway that is it for today. Thank you for reading, I hope your day is going well. Also 57 followers/readers wow! I never would have guessed that would happen.