Weight lifting workout for 4/8/2019… squeezing it in

I completed a 1 hour workout today. Today is one of those days that are hard. Wake up at 5 am, work at first job, keep working then have to work till about 11 pm tonight. So getting my workout in today, is a squeeze. But I guess that is good, cause I did not have time to rest to much between sets. This makes me have to stick to schedule pretty closely.

On to the workout:

  1. 10 minute run on the treadmill

13 minute HIIT leg workout ( 3 sets of each, 40 seconds each set, 20 seconds rest between sets)

  1. Ice skater lunges
  2. Reverse Lunge to high knee
  3. Single leg box squats
  4. Criss cross squat

Barbell Weight lifting set I used my Olympic barbell set. Base bar weighs 45 lbs.

  1. Dead lifts reps 45 lbs 12, 95 lbs 8, 8, 8
  2. Good mornings reps 45 lbs 12, 65 lbs 10, 10, 10
  3. Shoulder squats reps 65 lbs 12, 115 lbs 8, 8, 8

Now I need to get my butt to work, and get the rest of my day and last part of my day going.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!