Pants that pass the THICC girl booty test…squee!

My booty, but more importantly this pattern fabric is fantastic

Did you hear that all they way over there? That squee of delight when I just tried these pants on last night. I ordered these pants to try them out, and I did a 2.5 hours of training in Muay Thai and Kali. I got them on recommendation from my trainer/coach in Muay Thai. She uses them, and I thought, hey I will give it a try.

I am always on the look out for good workout tights. I work out about 5 to 6 days a week. So I need pairs of tights that will perform, not break down after two washes, have some compression (the ugly truth is I have loose skin from losing 70 lbs), are comfortable to wear and fit over my posterior, and bonus is they have awesome patterns and styles. However, as I have children and a family I could not just buy all the things I wanted. I decided to try one pair of pants.

I will give you all the pros and cons of these pants so far as I see them. I got the Dragon Skin Next Level Leggings.


  • They don’t use the “standard” size numbering system, that was developed not taking into account different bodies of all different kinds of women. They use their own models names, and measurements. If you get your measurements and order by that, you will have a great fitting garment.
  • The stitching is strong and stands up to vigorous exercise. (Note: Thighs that rub together. )
  • The fabric feel fantastic its silky and thick, wicks sweat, and moves with your body as you do your exercise. It does not feel cheap.
  • It passed the panty test. (When standing you cannot see the panties through too shear fabric, also normal stretching and bending did not reveal any view of panties.) (I have had tights that you could read the writing on them through the pants just standing there.)
  • The pants stay up, no rolling or sliding down the body.
  • It passes the thicc booty test. (When you have a larger posterior, often times patterns will get distorted and look horrible if they are stretched over an area. It also draws attention those areas that are larger and you may not want to have attention drawn to. As you can see the stretch was perfect and did not distort the pattern. )
  • Last but not least they have fantastic customer service. (They noticed right after I ordered that they were out of the pants I ordered. I had not been to my computer so I did not see the email. In a mater of 24 hours customer service person Chloe had emailed me that they did not have my pants, and did I want to change it, or for the trouble cancel and get money toward a different order? Then in the next hour she emailed me once more that she found them in their Canadian store and was going to have the Canadian fulfillment center send them to me. Heidi was fantastic from the Canadian side as well. )


  • For me really the only con so far is that pant leg is long on me. I am a short person. 5 foot, so everything is long on me. But really its not all that much of a con. I am going to try their capri’s next. You can see them bunched up around my ankles in the pictures.

Now about packaging. Generally when I go to the store, I have been trying to use less disposable bags. So I did not think I would care about the packaging for this. However, I think they used just enough packaging to ensure that my garment got to me safely, but made the packaging meaningful. I love the little details. The purple-pink of the outer packaging, and the washing instructions on the outer brown paper bag packaging. Both are recyclable and they brought a smile to my face. The best surprise was the tag that the pants had. If you were giving this to a friend, you could address the garment to them.

” In today’s society we are programmed to see each other as competition. At Grrrl, we are changing the game. We exist to break the cycle of competition, and band together as sisters.

As our newest member for the #GRRRLARMY, your initiation consists of letting another Grrrl know something great about her, because chances are, she doesn’t see it in herself.

Flip this card over and fill in the blanks. Sometimes it’s easier to write it down and hand it over. “

Other side:

” Hey Grrrl-FRIEND! I wanted to tell you that




Don’t forget, you were born perfect. You go Grrrl!”

You can see in the pictures below if you want. There is not much more to say. I was not paid for this review. It is just how I feel about this product.

I did find on their website that I could become an ambassador for them, and they will give me credit. They gave me a link I could give you, and a 20% off coupon that you can use when you decide to order. Even if they did not have the ambassador program, I would still support this company. It is doing good things for us girls/women/ladies out there. We need to lift up and support each other.

Here is my Thinks with Spinks link for you to try, and below is the coupon code.

20% off coupon code nom1yq8d

As always thanks for reading, and let me know what you think.

Thursday Muay Thai and Kali…Elbows and Espada Y Daga

Me and my Coach

2 hours and 30 minute training tonight.

30 minute warm up of 200 kicks and 50 knees.

Some days are just mediocre. Here is what I mean. Some days are annoying I am struggling to get the new techniques or even my body to do the old techniques in the correct way. Then there are other days where it is fantastic, I am learning new things, I am buzzing along, and I am doing great while I still make mistakes I am jazzed and doing fantastic. Then the pendulum swings back and hits the middle, where I am doing the techniques I have learned already, and helping less experienced students develop their skills. Helping others is a different kind of satisfaction then beating my body into submission. I am getting some work in but nothing to write home about. Well today was one of those days.

We worked on elbows today in Muay Thai. We went through all 9 elbows. 1 = horizontal elbow, 2 = upward diagonal elbow, 3 = downward diagonal elbow, 4 = vertical up elbow, 5 = downward vertical elbow, 6 = side in elbow, 7 = side out elbow, 8 = tach malach (spelling is probably wrong) or spear elbow, and finally 9 = spinning elbow. We worked on the parry or scoop and entry with elbow. We also worked on scoop, elbow entry, and then followed up with spinning elbow. I have two videos of me doing some of those elbows.

Parry Jab to Elbow Entry
Parry a Jab, Elbow Entry, to Spinning Elbow drill

In Kali we worked on Espada Y Daga. Which translates to sword and dagger. This was fun, and surprisingly easy. I say this even though I made plenty of mistakes and needed to work on my footing. I was able to figure out how to cut my opponent and get out of the drill as well. We then got to spar afterward. Where if we had actually used real weapons I would have died many times. However, I got many good strikes in and would have been able to win a few fights. One of my friends even laid me out on they floor. We say in a knife fight the winner bleeds and the looser gushes. So if you end up in a knife fight expect to get cut. Anyway enough of my babbling. Here is a video of me doing the drill.

Espada Y Daga drill

If you made it this far, wow, I have rambled. But this is the reality of a fitness journey. Not every day is going to be sunshine and sparkles. Not every day is going to suck. Some days are going to be meh… but I have still shown up, and put my time in. These days are days when it may seem like I am not learning a lot, but it will all culminate in the end.

Thanks for reading… =) Keep up being awesome you.

Check out Grrrl clothing for workout clothes. If you use this link it gives me referrals. I have another post to talk about some tights I got from them.